Burning Hands and Feet Supernatural or Medical?

Periodically, my hands and feet start to ‘burn up’. I would say this happens approximately seven to eight times in a given week. Sometimes it happens a few times in one day, then maybe there will be a few days when it doesn’t happen at all. It is not connected to a specific time of day. This has been going on for a month.

Firstly, my hands and feet become extremely hot very quickly, for no apparent reason. Others will testify that it is as if they are ‘on fire’. I then get sharp stabbing pains in my hands and feet. With the hands, this is the center of palms, the place which tends to be the focal point where most of my healing energy is sent to others. In my feet, the sharp pains on the left foot tend to be just under the ankle (front), whereas the right foot, is in the center of the soul (pretty close to the stomach area – reflexology.) This can last from a few minutes to up to an hour. On a really ‘bad’ day, bruises will also appear where the stabbing pains were. These bruises are quick to disappear again, though. Within a couple of hours usually.

I have noticed that this has coincided with the feeling of ‘many hands’ being placed all over my head (except face). A bit like it feels when you’re being blessed, only more intense. It feels like a bandage of warmth wrapping itself around my head.

Anyone any ideas? I’d welcome some theories.


Asked by A. J. Ryder

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  1. Okay before I say anything, I’M NOT AN EXPERT.
    It may be considering it leaves pysical evidence, but I would check with someone, like a doctor, before wondering about the paranormal.
    Hopefully Ama answers, she seems like an expert.

  2. A. J., I cannot speak to a paranormal aspect. I can throw out a couple of medical questions. Are you a diabetic? I am and at my hands and feet burn, though not as intensely as you described. I am embarrassed to say I’m not sure if you are male or female, nor do I know how old you are. If you are a female, are you old enough to be going through the change of life? I am almost 50 and those awful hot flashes have arrived in my life. Have you recently started any new medications? Added any new foods, vitamins, or supplements to your diet?

  3. Hi AJ,

    Have you had this checked out medically? My mother has nerve damage in various locations in her back and gets exactly the same symptoms you describe here – including the heat we can all feel.

    And who are you letting put their hands in your energy if its causing you pain? That would be a signal to me to not allow it.

    Cherry – I agree about the menopause symptoms .. the hot flushes were a real .. experience. :-) Particularly at 36C (97F) while driving a taxi. I was hotter than my car. LOL

    Eru, I am no expert, but thank you for the compliment. :-)

    Wishing everyone a lovely day,
    Love & Peace

  4. Hi guys – thanks for responding

    I’m female – 44. My dad is diabetic (type2). When last checked I was diabetic free … not to say that hasn’t changed since, though .. I am not on any medication. No change in diet.

    Can’t think of anything else that might have changed?? Unless its early simptoms of ‘the change’?? LOL

  5. Hi AJ,

    Have you had your spine x-rayed for deterioration of the discs, or the soft matter in the spaces between the discs? That can cause all sorts of different problems.

    Love & Peace

  6. one question might be, what type of healing are you talking about when you say the focal point of your healing energy? Where did you get this “healing energy”? If God uses His power through you in the name of Jesus it may be a medical problem. If your healing energy is coming from somewhere besides God then you may have a spiritual issue. Only God has the power to heal but the demonic have the power to mimic healing or to deceive someone into thinking that they have the ability to heal or be healed. What you have explained is certainly a favorite torment that the demonic seem to be able to inflict on the living. Try calling out to Jesus when it happens or pray to God to stop it in Jesus name and if it is spiritusl it will go away. Try this and let us know.

  7. Hi Ama

    You’re message hadn’t appeared when I first replied, otherwise I would’ve given more info.

    Does your mum have any other symptons – neck pain? dizziness? coordination problems? headaches? This might help to rule out or consider further, that route of origin.

    It’s not causing me undue pain, parse, its just … well … odd! I’m not sure that the head thing is actually spirit hands either, just feels similar, so I described that sensation to give a comparison.

    It all started a few days before mums death so, symptons in relation to stress have been ruled out.

    I don’t seem to be having any other menopausal symptons at the moment – all seems quite normal in that ‘department’. Can’t rule it out though.

    Oh! One odd thing – on holiday, whilst I was having one of these ‘moments’, Dad suddenly piped up and proclaimed that his hands and feet had suddenly become really hot. I hadn’t even mentioned any of my symptons to him so, when he said it he had no idea I was getting the heat at the same time too. I just replied with a dismissive, “Yeah! Mine are too. Maybe its the walk we had earlier – got the blood pumping!” (Mind you, that was 3 hours earlier, so I doubt it.) I did find that wierd though – us both getting these symptons at the same time. Maybe it’s some kind of strange bug that I’ve passed around??

  8. Hi JK

    Firstly, I would like to assure you that I have more Faith in God than you will probably ever imagine possible.

    Regards your questons on healing hands – this is a gift from God, most certainly. But mainly, I only use this to help my paralysed other-half get some relief from his constant pain, but only at his request for it.

    Very occasionally, I will do some hands-on healing for close friends/family in need, again, if they request it. But I certainly do not offer ‘my services’ out lightly as I think that hands-on should never replace conventional medicine.

    Alas, some people have been known to rely on spiritual healing instead of medical healing in the hope it will prevail, where the medical profession can not. This is not the case, in my view, rather hands-on healing merely helps short-term, by offering some comfort and relief, and should only ever be used in conjunction with the medical profession, if applicable.

    Rant over! I’ll get off my soapbox now – LOL!

    From your comment, do you think demon’s are most likely responsible? (I ruled out Stigmata as a possible cause straight away, as soon as it started happening. Too many inconsistances.) Please can you elaborate? I’d be interested to hear your views.


  9. Hi AJ,

    She has x-rays, and ultrasounds? and doctor’s reports and all the other stuff of modern technology that says she has prolapsed and herniated discs in her spine, at various locations .. and then you add in arthritis. The base of the spine injuries causes the feet and legs reactions, the between the shoulders injuries causes the hands stuff.

    Is your dad empathic? He could have been ‘sharing’ your experience? Did your mum used to have those reactions? And yes, possibly it was a virus.

    Being me, I like to remove the ‘ordinary’ from the equation, before looking at the extraordinary.

    Wishing you a great day,
    Love & peace

  10. Well, taking into consideration about the symptoms you mentioned, it may very well be a neurological disorder or a natural biological occurrence. I’m also not an expert, but I suggest you have it checked by a physician.

    I too experience burning sensation in my hands and feet, and when I do, they start to sweat, but there are no pain or anything. Even during winter, all the people around me are shivering in the cold while I keep sweating profusely, and when I open up my coat steam comes literally out! I often fog my glasses too, which is annoying. I had my physician checked it and he said it’s a genetic thing that I inherited from my father.

    I’m not sure if this sort of thing can be attained through training, but there was recently a study about Tibetan Monks who can make their body temperature rise at will. And that they can stand minus zero temperatures for long periods without wearing thick garments, but they were only able to achieve this feat through training.

  11. Hi Ama

    Like you, I prefer to try to find a logical, probable and ordinary explanation first and only when all logical explanations have been exhausted, do I start looking at the illogical, improbably or extraordinary ones – lol! That�s what keeps us sane, I think??? LOL!

    My mum had extremely bad atheritus, particularly in the wrists and hands, knees and back. She also suffered from Lupus which was the main cause of her atheritus.

    I’m not sure if my dad is empathic, but I know I have those tendencies.

    A couple of nights before mums death, I woke up with a start at 5am, convinced I was dying. Once I’d calmed myself down I fell back to sleep, only to wake again 30 minutes later with the same feeling. There was intense pain in my upper right chest area. Again, once I’d calmed myself down, I fell back to sleep. This was the night after I’d had all the holy angels visiting me.

    (the end of the post … it was a long one – haha! ) The burning etc started the next day.

    This could be one of three possible explanations:
    1. I did have some kind of seizure in the night and the resulting burning/stabbing could be something to do with that.
    2. I had picked up on some health issue with my mum, maybe even subconsciously knew she was about to depart from this world so was taking some of the pain from here
    3. Something completely different and unconnected.


  12. Hi Buddy

    I don’t sweat, like you do – in fact, when it happens I find it makes me feel strangely calm!!

    Is it some form of Raynards you’re suffering from, do you know?

    Interesting info about the Tibetan Monks. Never heard of that …. off to google it now.


  13. Hi Buddy,

    Have you had your thyroid checked recently? That’s one reason why people overheat.

    Love & Peace

  14. Hi AJ,

    The doctor should be able to check 1. No 2 doesn’t surprise me at all. I tend to know when my daughter is at her most stressed .. and I am watching my mother at the moment .. and 3 .. yep.

    Have you had a physical checkup with the doctor since the sensations started? No harm is closing that door .. and waiting to see what happens with the rest.

    Love & Peace
    Ama (of the cold hands and feet LOL)

  15. Yes, I do feel very calm when my hands and feet start to feel like burning. But I don’t feel like having super powers and stuff like that though.

    About the thyroid, now that you mentioned it, my father got diagnosed with a thyroid rhinitis before. Well, I guess I better have that one checked as well.

  16. Hi Ama et all

    Maybe the Caretaker should rename this “The medical Thread” – LOL!

    Had a variety of tests done, but the doc seems purplexed at the mo. Awaiting results. But he doesn’t think I was having some kind of seizure … “sounds like indigestion!” was his response. LOL!

    However, as if on que, the burning and ‘bandage-head’ symdrome (LOL) seems to have subsided, after 40 days of flaming appendages – haha! Still get the odd mild stabbing sensation in the palms, but the feet don’t seem to be affected anymore. Certainly nothing anywhere near like it was.

    Mind you, Lupus can go like this …… and its only during an active period that it can be tested positive. If it is that, it should come up in one of the tests.


  17. Hmm… AJ, how can indigestion make your hands hot?

    Praying you don’t have lupus!

    Love & Peace

  18. Hi Ama

    Thanks for the prayers and yes, I know, the Doc’s synopsis did seem a little … well … disjointed? But he thinks the two things are most likely unconnected, its just coincidence that the hot hands and feet swiftly followed the pain in the chest. Or, in other words, the symptoms combined didn’t register as any specific medical ailment that he could think of and, as my blood pressure and heart seemed within the normal perameters, he didn’t think there was much to worry about regards the pain in the upper right chest.

    Still awaiting the results for the rest …….. the good old NHS don’t rush themselves!


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