Can a Curse or Evil be Left Behind by Another Person?

In August of 2010 I had to evict my roommate… she is known for having dreams about people and the dreams come true usually bad dreams… she is of native American decent… has had several tragic happenings in her life. Anyway ever since she has been gone I have had horrible luck… could of died twice in seven months, lost two really good jobs because of the accidents, one of my dogs had to be put to sleep, lost my relationship with my daughter and broke up with my boyfriend… all of these things are linked together one way or another through each accident. Is it possible she left something evil behind, on purpose or it chose to stay or maybe has put a curse on me? Also have had two separate electrical happenings since she has gone.

Things have turned themselves on and have been thrown to the floor for no apparent reason, plus a few other little things, like stuff moving – swaying when I know it is impossible and/or there is no wind or breeze only one out of five wind chimes will make noise? I have become extremely concerned since this last accident was a lot more severe than the first. What can I do?

Asked by Sandra

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    Did you evict the lady because of her dreams, or was she doing other things that were not acceptable? Has she cursed you? It is possible, but I hope its unlikely. It sounds more to me that you have a ghost in the house causing trouble, and they can come from anywhere.

    Here’s a solution or two:

    You could burn white sage in your room to change the atmosphere. It is available at most new age stores, and many health food stores, I notice, here in Australia, and I know you can get it in America, or even on the internet.

    You could forgive the lady for the trouble she caused you. You’d be amazed how quickly energy will settle if a person is not feeding it with their anger and frustration.

    You could use this Invocation to clear your energy and the energy of your house. Read it through a couple of times to get an understanding of what you are asking for, then say it out loud .. like you really mean it .. three times. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in JC .. because I do, and it works remarkedly well.

    In the name of Jesus Christ,
    Archangel Michael,
    Remove all attachments from me,
    All negative energy forms,
    All negative thought forms,
    All heavy energy forms.
    All intruders and mischief makers,
    All astral forces and dominants,
    All small demons and large demons,
    including succubus and incubus.
    All living humans who try to steal my energy,
    Or do me any other harm,
    And all humans in Spirit
    and take them Home.
    All threads and bindings
    All cords and ties
    All chains and devices of any kind
    All curses and hexes on any level
    All karmic patterns which are self-defeating
    Return me to my perfect energy now please
    Thank you.

    Start there, and if the problems continue you can contact me through my webpages (also on this site under Friends, Victorian Paranormal Connection).

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Ama and Sandra

    Is it not possible that unless Sandra is trained in that sort of thing it can make things worse? If you have been nearly killed twice, making it worse might be a mistake.

    Surely a priest or exorcist of some sort would help?

    I think wiccan protection spells have been known to help?

    Just remember that is has no power over you. Only the power you give it by acknowledging it and fearing it, giving it energy.

  3. Hi BigJim,

    If Sandra tries to solve the problem herself, through spells and magic, she might just make it worse. Is the Invocation a spell? I suppose it could be seen that way, but we are not burning incense, tying stuff with cotton, mixing up a magic brew, or doing some of the more basic things that are entailed in rituals, or applying any measure of force to push entities away. As I have said on this site quite a few times, and multitudes of times over the past 14 years .. this ‘request’ works very well. The way attachments are removed is to change the energy structure of the person the Invocation names. It ‘lightens’ them up, fills whichever entities with lots of energy and most of them simply release themselves .. either because they are full of energy not entirely to their liking, or because they are trying to run from it. And the unintelligent connections, such as energy cords attached by people over the years, which we all have unless we learn about them, are gently disconnected .. so no, not in the past 14 years can I say this invocation has made the situation worse.

    Yes, being blessed by a priest will probably help, depending on the belief system of the priest and whether they actually believe in JC, or its just a job to them. An Exorcist .. name a really good one. I know of a few, but they are very thin on the ground, and they won’t come out for something as simple as what Sandra is describing. Their work is directed to those people who truly are in deep, deep trouble. And what they do is … well, its enough to say you don’t need to know. It is not entirely like what you might have seen on tv and the success rate is also not fantastic ..

    I have met a few people who claim to be exorcists here in Oz, and mostly they just make me laugh. They have no idea what they are dealing with, and to become a good one you have to be apprenticed to one. And its a whole different level of poison to simple ghosts and lesser troublemakers.

    I agree with your last statements .. the entities have no power over you unless you give it to them .. which you do inadvertently when you jump with fright and start expecting trouble around the corner. That’s one reason why I am on pages like this trying to educate people in what they ‘can’ do for themselves. But that’s another story ..

    Love & Peace,

  4. One possible reason for the upsurge in poltergeist activity is because, maybe, there has always been a spirit in the house which felt a strong affinity to your former tenant and is angry at you for turfing her out. I

    Another possible reason is that the former tenant has hexed you, but all you’ve said about her is that she was able to predict future events through dreams so, that in itself, does not suggest she did anything specific for evil entent.

    There is also a Chinese belief (other cultures may also believe this) that families can be cursed from one generation to the next. Bruce Lee was one such example. The family had a name for the ‘demon’ but I can’t remember what it was. Anyhoo … the belief in Bruce Lee’s case was that the eldest son of each generation was accompanied through his life by this demon, thus their lives became blighted by mis-fortune and misery. Bruce Lee (33) died mysteriously whilst filming Enter The Dragon and his son, Brandon Lee aged 28, was killed by a rubber bullet whilst filming The Crow.

    I don’t know if there is anything of similar ilk in Native American culture which might explain what has happened to you and your former roommate?

  5. If you honestly believe you are cursed aka through someone performing a magical ritual and things have become horrible for you then seek help. Take what people post here with a grain of salt. Dont try and perform a catch all cure all ritual bs people are spouting here either.

    Especially if its nearly taken your life. The main ways someone can do something of this nature to you is. They can summon something and have it torment you or try and bring you bad luck, basically giving you horrible karma.

    The main thing you need to ask yourself is if you have changed…stronger temperment, less sleep, it sounds like you are being isolated and if thats true, that is one of the first steps to possession. Just fyi I dont know your religious preference but if you have one you can have someone pray for you.

  6. Personally seek professional help someone who is a qualified demonoloigist or well versed in the paranormal. Don’t do anything drastic in either fashion, do not let yourself become isolated, be mindful of your feelings.

  7. Hi Ama

    Just an observation … do you not think it better we try to find out the root cause of the problem before suggesting mantra’s (or Invocation’s), as the last thing this poor woman needs is to anger the entity further?

    Also – Smudging the house with white sage may give a temporary solution but, based on my past experience, it is only temporary. If the entity is still p*ssed off after being cast out, it will return.

    What about burning lavender oil instead? This is more passive than white sage, as it merely stabilises both the emotional and etheric planes, neutralising disharmonic frequencies, without the confrontational aspect of sage.

    If the first possible reason I suggested earlier is the reason for all the problems, calming the spirit down may be all that is needed. Lavender may well achieve this, sending the spirit back ‘to sleep’. If, however, there is another reason behind Sandra’s predicament then, in all honestly, the problem needs to be tackled from the very root, otherwise its (at best), a wasted effort and (at worst) a very dangerous path to be walking.

    The first thing that needs to be ascertained is how and why it is there causing michief. Also, what it actually is. For example: It may be a daemon, not a ghost, in which case I doubt a priest would be able to help get shot of it anyway. However there are plenty of much older protection and casting out rituals than Christianity which would prove more affective in these kinds of situations.

    Sandra – is there any other information you could give us please?

  8. (im african american/native american descent). i think that u should understand that spirits are for real, and that you need to be careful on who you bring amongst ur home and the company u keep. yes it is possible that she could’ve dropped off some spirits. and now u are under attack. never provoke the spirits just command it to leave. try sum scriptures from the bible. hope all is well

  9. Hi AJ, and everyone,

    I agree about smudging being temporary, the invocation isn’t temporary, and I send it based on what ‘Spirit’ says of the situation, not just ‘because it might work’.

    Lavendar is gorgeous and I love it, but burning lavendar works the same way that smudging does. Temporarily changes the structure of the energy of the site/room/house, so yes, use it instead of white sage .. that smells too much like tobacco to me so I prefer the lavendar myself.

    I would like to think the lady did not leave something evil behind her. It is very easy for us to use that as an excuse, rather than looking at our own thoughts and beliefs. The Invocation is designed to remove all sorts of negativity .. and if there is anything left at the end, we deal with that in entirely different ways. And we cannot do that until Sandra answers any of our questions.

    Demons are not everywhere, but they are are becoming a really popular ‘haunting’ thanks to the movies and tv programs. If demons were as prevalent as people think they are, we’d all be in a lot more trouble.

    Love & Peace

  10. Hi Ama

    It’s just a shame that people are less educated about daemons, than they are about demons! It could save a lot of time and trouble if they could tell the difference!

    Here’s my train of thought on this issue – although, there’s not much to go on at the moment, based on the OP:

    1. The roommate has prophetic dreams – she can’t control that. It certainly doesn’t make her evil by default. Also, anyone who is ‘open’ attracts all kinds of spirit; good, bad or indifferent. That’s all a part of being psychic. Sometimes spirit just passes though and sometimes it hangs around until such time as it is asked to leave, or is ordered to leave.
    2. Quite a lot of bad luck recently bestowed upon Sandra may be just that; pure bad luck. We all have bad luck from time to time and it does generally come in waves. But is it the work of outside forces? Well usually, the answer is NO! Its just part of life’s rich tapestry. Karma, some would call it.
    3. Poltergeist activity – now, that is external. But whether a ghost/demon is responsible, or whether it’s a mischievous daemon, possibly placed there by the disgruntled roommate, remains a mystery at present.

    So, I really do think it best not to attempt anything to provoke it further, whatever it is, until its identity has been ascertained. Unfortunately only Sandra can elaborate on her post by giving more information, which will enable correct advice being given on how best to proceed.

    If, just for argument sake, Sandra’s roommate had cursed her, then the treatment required to nullify that hex has to be approached completely different from that of expelling a spirit. For example: An Exorcist representing the Christian religion is able to kick arse if the entity is born of the Monotheism belief structure, but Exorcism Rites are ineffective against entities created outside of that belief structure – such as a mischievous daemon, for example. I know this from personal experience, after a daemon decided to come and stay with us for a few months. It wasn’t evil, more like having an inquisitive child around really but, never the less; the little tinker overstepped the mark once it’d settled in. I tried the Rites first to banish it, but that failed (for the first time ever – that came as quite a surprise!). It was then I realised I would have to approach it ‘like for like’ if I wanted it to leave. That was a quite a learning curve – but then, I think the experience was ‘designed’ to be just that! As I said, the little critter wasn’t evil (daemon’s aren’t evil by definition) just a general pain in the bum. Mind you, I admit I actually do quite miss not having it around, as its antic’s did put a smile on my face on more than on occasion.

    Sorry, I digressed …….. back to Sandra …

    I personally think taking any aggressive action at this juncture would be ill-advised as, if its not tackling the problem ‘like for like’, it could instigate more trouble, rather than cure the problem. I suggested lavender oil because it is passive and not ritualistic, thereby is simply burned to calm things down and not to expel. White sage, on the other hand, is more aggressive and could be considered an ‘invitation to declare war’ by something of a negative nature.

    I also believe that the use of invocation in the wrong, or inexperienced hands, could potentially be disastrous. I know you are suggesting these things from your heart, with the very best of intentions, and I admire you for that, but quantifying your actions by stating it is “based on what ‘Spirit’ says of the situation” doesn’t wash with me. That is deferment of responsibility. I speak to Spirit too, remember?

    Sorry for coming across a bit harsh at the end, I don’t mean to seem disrespectful. I’m not! I just don’t think it wise to advise doing such things based on so little information, that’s all.


  11. Hi Alex,

    Great answer! And no I didn’t see it as harsh. We all come at things differently, and its good to discuss the differences.

    My partner just told me I sound snappy, so I apologise if I do .. its not intended. I have caught a cold from a friend. She arrived with it, and left with it .. but left a bit of herself behind .. great memories, to start with, and the sniffles and headache I chose to collect from her. LOL

    Would you like to explain to all of us the difference between daemon and demons? (Yes, I know the answer, but I talk too much on this site LOL) It is good for people to have an understanding of something they might be dealing with at some time.


    Everything is ritualistic .. just the decision to clear a house with anything becomes a ritual .. when you (me, other people) do it do you start with one room in particular .. or go from the front to the back of the house? Do you do certain gestures each time? While the energy of the lavendar, or the sage, changes the energy of the household, what you do with it also makes a difference .. and how you do it. Some cleansing recommend you start at the top of the house and work your way down .. the intention being that you are pushing negativity out .. say .. the front door as you do it. You close the door to it, room by room, as you leave each space .. so saying something isn’t ritualistic isn’t entirely true. Even simply heating the oil in a room, with the ‘intention’ that it clears the space is a ritual. Every small gesture counts (with our thoughts we create the world – Buddha).

    I agree with your point 1), and 2) .. with the comment that people do not like to be told they create their own negativity, and problems, so instead I ask them questions, and try to explain to them that we are more than capable of making our own troubles, and blaming others for them. But you have to do it kindly or they might get very angry, stop listening and not get the help they need. 3) .. poltergeist activity (as a label for the fact that stuff moves in the room, or as an entity?) .. how old is Sandra, a teenager, or menopausal, or are there teenagers in the building and the energy was drawn to Sandra’s room because of what happened there? It seems unlikely – but blaming a demon, or a daemon, in my experience, is equally unlikely – the problems are too small in comparison to what they could be – and demons really are ‘flavour of the month’ right now. And yet, they are no more prevalent than they were before, people just look for them more – or blame them more. And focusing on them draws them to us .. so its better that people are ‘not’ encouraged with the thought that was is happening is demonic related.

    In approaching your daemon ‘like to like’ what did you have to give of yourself? What did you have to give up? If you ‘meet’ something at its level, and it is not as pure/good as you, what do you lose? Spirit has been giving me the message ‘who do you become’ for the last 6 or 8 months .. who do I become when I work with them, who do I become when I communicate with lost souls, who do I become when I step into a house full of profound negativity, as I did on monday afternoon? Am I happy with the person I am now … and then? What have I lost in the all the years I have been a demonologist? I know the answers to that, do you? At the least, the Michael Invocation allows us to stand separate, and in the Light, and get our angels to do the work for us .. the work they were created to do.

    The Invocation can be thought of as a computer program. Behind each command line is a set of guidelines that the Michael angels know to their core, a set of rules on which they can act. If they need a wider field of play they come back to me with requests, quite specific ones, and I can say yes or no. It works because I ask them to act, and in doing so give them permission to do what it does .. change the energy of the person, or the building they are directed to clear. In giving the Invocation to the world, which I did over 14 years ago, I opened a path to healing for thousands of people, whether they believed in angels or Jesus Christ .. and it has worked on all sorts of entities, not just Christian created ones, but Islamic energy and elemental beings, and demonic beings etc. It worked before I believed it might, and proved itself to me, and then as the problems got bigger did the Invocation. So, the person saying it might only believe in it because they want to believe in me, and that is fine – because my belief works for both of us. And if they can’t clear the house themselves, I reach across the world and do it for them – but I have found that it is far more effective to empower a person to protect themselves, than having to constantly do it for them – and so the Invocation is out there for everyone. And the feedback is always excellent.

    I agree that an invocation of the wrong sort can stir up lots of trouble .. but that one never has. Can you trust the tried and true? Speaking of trust ….

    ‘Based on what Spirit tells me’ .. don’t you trust your guides, Alex? How do you hear them? Who told you to confront the daemon on its own level? I find my best work is done when I totally trust what ‘Spirit’, aka the Michael angels I work with, say, and act when they ask me to, and do what they suggest. They cannot demand, they can only request, but I have learned through the years that if they ‘request’ its important, its urgent, and its totally justified. And no, I wasn’t denying my responsibility when I wrote those words, I was just tired and busy, and wrote briefly. In Sandra’s case, the request was to send the Invocation. If it doesn’t work, after she reads all this discussion and has doubts in her mind and undermines herself because of them, which she also might not do, she can come back to me and I can help in other ways .. or perhaps she might ask you and you can give her something that will help, which is fine with me .. as long as she finds peace, I’ll be happy.

    So yes, sometimes I’ll do stuff you don’t like .. and sometimes you’ll do stuff I don’t like .. but what I am looking for is a peaceful outcome, and knowledge and empowerment for the people suffering from interfering entities, and a good night’s sleep for everyone. LOL

    Hmm.. another long answer .. :-)

    So I go to send this and Spirit says ‘not yet’ .. and I go back to read what you wrote and realise that I missed something …

    Remember the comment about white sage being agressive? I find it smelly, and don’t like the smell of smoke (my mother smokes), but I find it very effective. I have never sensed it as agressive, nor an invitation ‘to war’ of any kind. I would stop and look at your belief system there, because it is contrary to what I know about the sage. Remember the Buddha’s comment I quoted earlier, “with our thoughts we create the world’ .. we create our reality, and negativity entities thrive on our negative fears and beliefs. They will disempower you if they can – but then, I am sure you know that.

    Love & Peace

  12. Hi Ama

    Just a quick post this time round, as I’ve run out of time discussing daemons (LOL!) …

    have your guides told you who you are and what you represent yet? You’ll defimitely know what I’m on about if they have but, if they haven’t yet don’t worry ……. its either because you’ve not asked them, or the times not right.

    I’ll respond to your post tomorrow ………. got a disabled partner to attend to (life’s never dull)!!!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon


  13. Hi AJ,

    Years ago .. and if you want to discuss it write to me here:

    Love & Peace

  14. Hi Ama

    Here’s my reply …

    Just to clarify, I never do anything other than light the nightlight under the bowl, when burning lavender. The scent alone is calming enough.

    Many years ago, I moved into a house, which had bad entities in it. I knew nothing of protecting myself back then. Someone suggested burning White Sage. No ritual involved, no thought of using it to expel the evil in the house – just to burn it. They meant well!

    Anyhow … I did just that – and regretted it. The things in the house immediately started to psychically attack me because they considered my actions to be a threat. And quite rightly because, if I’d known how to use white sage in that way back then, I would have been a threat. Only, they didn’t know that I was clueless about all that stuff at the time. All they knew was the fact that I was actually burning white sage, which was enough to send them into a furious rage. It got so bad so quickly, I threw the white sage out onto the patio, whilst it was still burning.

    A while later, I was relaying this story to someone else and they suggested Lavender instead. Naturally, I was fearful that this would cause the same effect as the sage and took some convincing. But, things generally were getting so bad in the house during that period, I decided to at least try it. Oddly, whilst it was burning the room was peaceful ……… it was only afterwards, that the entities resumed their ‘war’ against me, just as they were doing beforehand.

    This is why I suggested Lavender because I strongly believe bad spirit do not consider it to be a threat in the same way as they consider white sage to be.

    LOL! We’re already ascertained we have very different views on poltergeists. You won’t change my view and I won’t change yours. Actually, that’s good because there may come a time when a pooling of ideas may be required in order to solve a problem. After all, the Spirit world can be testy at times – haha!

    Coincidentally, I never had, nor displayed any psychic ability during my childhood or adolescence. The first experience was when I moved into the aforementioned house. I was 21. Pretty much from day one we experienced poltergeist activity. It went on for 5 years. The day of the exorcism (the one that worked, that is), it stopped. I lived there for a further 8 years before we had to move, due to the other half’s accident (broken back). Funny though,. Since moving into our ‘musical house’ we get some poltergeist activity from time to time. But nothing like what we had in the other house.

    What did I have to give up? Give of myself? Nothing … except for a piece of my sanity, I suppose. LOL!

    Interesting ……. See my question in my previous post. It is to do with that. They’ve been trying to get you to discuss it for 6-8 months? Why have you resisted? Tut! Tut! LOL!

    If, as a last resort, I have to exorcise a spirit I use the Anglican Exorcim Rites because that is what I have been trained to do and that is what has been tried and tested. So yes, I trust it to work. However, even that has been known to fail … only the once to date …. on that pesky daemon. LOL! The plus side, I at least got to learn WHY it didn’t work.

    I trust my spirit guides as I trust God. Wholly, completely and without doubt.

    I don’t make a point of talking to them. They inform me of things on a ‘need to know’ basis. This is the arrangement I made with them years ago … after a shocking revelation. I do not want to know more than I need to. Whats the point of that? Just let me know, when I need to know it. I do test them on a regular basIs to make absolutely sure they are who they claim to be too. This is something which Jesus recommended that has always stuck in my mind. The guides prefer it as well, then they know I’m more likely to take notice of what they are saying – especially when its something really obscure or, on the face of it, downright unbeleivable!!?!

    I do not go out of my way in search of work, it always manages to find me somehow, anyway. I don’t really enjoy my work, if I’m honest. I know God dresses it up as a gift. But is it really a gift? I don’t see it as a gift. I just see it as a job. Spirit finds me a test to complete, I seek knowledge about it, complete it and then we move onto the next task. I know they’re only reminding me of how their world works, but still …
    Guess you could say I’m the psychic equivalent of Jonah ….. a tad reluctant! LOL!

    I have a lot of earthbound responsibility (disabled partner) and that takes up a lot of my time and energy. I would destroy myself if I were to be like a psychic sponge. So I ‘shut down’ unless something of importance crops up. My guides have persmission to open me up so I don’t get to miss anything of importance.

    That said, Benjaman has been filling my head for a number of weeks now. Its going straight into my subconscious. Its not like him – he’s usually so quiet. Last night he was quite agitated and kept mumbling to himself. Bad sign! When I asked what was up he said “nothing to concern yourself with at this time”. I guess the ‘need to know arrangement ‘ we have back-fired on me somewhat last night. There were a lot of Holy Spirits around too. It was like they were having a board meeting. Hmmmm … somethings up ….

    Based on what you’ve written about yourself, you seem like somewhat of a psychic sponge. Be careful not to absorb it all, all the time. You also need your energy for you to be able to repair yourself.

    Hope this has answered your questions about how I work and where I’m coming from

    How’s that cold, by the way? Hope you’re feeling better


  15. Hi AJ,

    I am doing the throat infection thing really well right now. But I am better than yesterday, I can almost talk now. LOL I haven’t even had a cold for over a year … but on to more interesting topics.

    No, I am not a psychic sponge. I am, instead, far better protected than the average bear. At times it amazes me, given the situations I have walked into unexpectedly. The worst that’s ever happened was a profound lesson in energy, when I unintentionally cleared a pub near Angel Railway Station in London, by walking through the building. I found it strange at the time, that Spirit would not allow me to do Reiki on anyone (it was a Reiki practise group in the dungeon (cellar) of the place, and not my choice of location). I realised why when I got home, and over the next hour or so got sicker and dizzier until finally I could not even lift my head off the pillow of the bed I was lying on without the world doing backflips. It took until the next morning for me to realise it wasn’t a virus, clear my energy, and return to normal within an hour of doing so. Sorting through it afterwards I realised I had been ‘slimed’ .. think of Slimer of the ghostbusters movies. Hmm.. that was back in 2003 or 4, I think. I’ve learned a lot since then.

    Nowadays I don’t pick up anything from anyone, unless I choose to. And I can switch my gifts on and off to suit myself. And my guides always ask me before they switch me ‘on’ unexpectedly. LOL Lovely bunch!

    If I had to choose between white sage and lavendar .. you said yourself, the effect of the latter is not long lasting. I gave up both and do clearances through energy now. I am sorry you had such a negative experience with the sage. I am also amazed, because I have never heard of such an experience. But then the intent of thousands of people over hundreds (or more) years has always been to repel negativity with it. What sort of entity were you dealing with? Did you find out?

    “Who do you become” .. no, they gave me that message all that time ago, and we discussed it then, and continue to, because its a ‘growing’ experience – layers upon layers of information are tied up in that concept.

    Anglican .. my grandmother decided I had to become Anglican early on. The fact that she had died 8 years before I was born didn’t stop her giving me the message during the years of my growing up, getting married, and moving to a small mining town in the middle of Australia. It was there, at 29, that I changed from Methodist to Anglican .. and it was there that she finally left me and went to heaven .. and I grieved for her as if she had only just died. So … I’m Anglican by choice. Thank you for mentioning it .. I went and found the rites. I usually use the Catholic ones.

    So that makes you a minister? or like me .. working on the outside among the heathens LOL Serious question though. And why didn’t work, if you don’t mind me asking?

    From your ‘trusting the holy spirit’ heading you sound a lot like me. Startling revelations that I won’t discuss on this site, discussions only when required .. we are not a chatty lot over here, though my guardian has a wonderful sense of humour, and Meyer does smile a lot .. you can really feel it. :-) And being able to work with them IS a gift for me .. to repay the balance .. no matter how weird or challenging it is .. is uplifting, enlightening and soothes the soul. And I don’t search out work – it also comes to me. A lady said she read my testimonials page the other day … which is odd, since I don’t have one online. She also said she couldn’t find it afterwards .. it closed unexpectedly. No problem. LOL I would like to read it myself. :-) And yes, they do talk directly to our subconscious minds .. we don’t argue so much then (they told me once LOL). And I also have my earthbound responsibilities .. my mum is disabled and lives with us. She’s lovely.

    Another question: can you define ‘holy spirits’ since you seem to separate them into another category? Spirits are people who have died and gone into heaven, for me, and ghosts are the ones who remain behind.

    And yes, there’s a lot going on .. and on a need to know basis .. sometimes its better that you don’t.

    Love & Peace

  16. So sorry to learn you’ve got a nasty throat infection, Ama. I’ll send you some extra healing, with love.

    I know this is going to sound extemely corny, but I am a ‘Minister of God’, not of man. I was trained by God. God showed me the way through his mysterious and miraculous ways. God saved me. God enlightened me. Its a very long story … but it has been published. I’m surprised you were able to find the Anglican Exorcism Rites so readily – when I was taught, the whole thing was so cloak and dagger. LOL!

    The reason those Rites did not work with the daemon is because the daemon was not created by God (unlike demons) which means daemons are not bound by, nor have to obey the Gods Covernent (of which those Rites are a part). See the difference between demon and daemon thread for more clarification ( // ).

    When I refer to Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost I am referring to that which represents Gods Light. Spirit Guides, for example. Angels are also encomposed in that. Family members who have crossed over and are with God. I use the term as an overall descriptive – an umberella from which all the represents God and is Holy stands beneith. If I want to be more specific then I would use Guardian Angel, Guide or Archangel instead.

    If its an earthbound ghost, it is not of Gods Light and therefore not Holy.

    I like to keep things as simple as possible – LOL!


  17. Hi AJ,

    I also am a Minister of God .. etc .. I said we were very similar .. only I think I work among the pagans, and you might work among the Christians? Not sure. Where is your story written? I started studying theology, with the thought of becoming a minister in the Anglican Church, but, even though they were good people, with very open minds in many cases, in the university course, the programming was still there, and I baulk at programming. Even my own. LOL But they certainly gave me a good foundation for further study .. and study I do.

    Next question: who created the daemon?

    Yes, I remember the ‘cloak and dagger’ stuff, but then we had grumpy ex-priests and ministers who opened the door, not only to the Anglican stuff, but also the Catholic. Bless their hearts – the internet is both a gift and a curse. We can all ‘use’ it.

    Your explanation for KISS .. is the same as mine. Lovely. Seems we were trained by the same ‘people’. LOL

    Love & Peace

  18. Hi Ama

    I’ve found out why Benjamin was so aggitated Thursday night and why so many Holy Angels were around. It was a bad sign, as I thought. My mum died suddenly on Sunday morning. One minute she was perfectly fine, the next – gone! Just collapsed and slipped away. No wonder Benjamin refused to tell me before hand. It was a real shock for all the family. I had to dash up to Scotland with my sister to be with Dad. Mum is also in shock and a little bewildered by it all too, but my sister and I have managed to calm her down.

    Spoken to my Grandad Salusbury (mum’s dad) for the first time since he died 20 odd years ago. That was lovely, albeit he was talking through Benjamin and not directly to me. I got an explanation as to why that was, and why my Grandad had not spoken to me before (although I have been allowed to smell him from time to time when I’m at a real low ebb). Its a bit of a wierd explanation though.

    It was lovely to feel his presence. He used to live with us and my grandad and I were really close. He loved horse racing too so, every year since his death I’ve place a bet on the Grand National in his honour. Its great that we get to chat to them still. Ah! Maybe its a ‘gift’ after all! LOL!

  19. Sorry Ama, woffled on and forgot to answer your questions:

    Daemons, I’ve been told, are created by other Gods. Gods of the Earth to be precise … whatever that means. There is a Rite to get rid of Daemon’s but I’m told its so dangerous, with such dia concequences should it go wrong, that the Rite is only known by a handful of High Priestesses, taught to them from a higher consciousnes, and has never been written down for fear of the uninitiated attempting to expel a Daemon.

    Fortunately, Daemons are rarely truly evil to the core. They work in a completely different way to Demons.

    My first post here refered to how I started working. Talk about getting a kick up the bum … had never really given God or the after-life much thought before that!

    Heres the link //

  20. Hi AJ

    I am so sorry about your mum.

    Do you want to email me privately .. you are welcome to. Click on the Victorian Paranormal Link to go to my webpages and you’ll find plenty of places to email me from.

    Yes, your mother will be confused, passing over that quickly can do that at times. You’ll find she’ll spend a lot of the next 72 hours sleeping. That’s normal. She’ll visit with family and friends, also normal. Why 72 hours (from dying) .. it takes that long for the the energy of our chakras/spirit/ego to release from the physical body. After that she’ll cross over completely.

    I know you know this already – give her lots of love, remember wonderful times and keep supporting your family. That’s a gift you can give everyone,

    Love & Peace

  21. Thanks Ama. Much appreciated.

    Whilst I was having a ‘moment’ at 1am this morning, Mum came and gave me a lovely cuddle. She’s much calmer now and getting back to her ‘bossy’ self – lol!

    I’ll email you, as I fear we’ve hijacked this thread somewhat and I don’t want to upset Caretaker. Or, I could start a bereavement thead??? That might be more useful …


  22. Hey angel,

    I wonder if we ever grow out of bossy? LOL

    Caretaker .. care to start a thread on bereavement? Might be completely off topic – not spooky, in other words … but …

    How about – if someone you have loved has passed over recently, what experiences do you think you have had of their continued existence? That can include animals.

    Love & Peace

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