A Demon’s Name?

I have another question, it has to do with just demons.

Ok so I know how to summon demons and I know you can make deals. I just want to make it clear that the purpose of this is strictly thoughts from other people. There is one thing I kinda of understand but not fully. Now say you know a demon’s real name. I know that it gives you the upper hand in making a deal. But why, for what can be done if you know their name?

I am not trying to get rid off anything or bless anything or use any spells. I’m strictly trying to find a certain person and I have a lead on the demons name who he made a deal with. Do you think it could be done by knowing the demons name?

To make myself clear and so you don’t waste your time telling me its not worth going down that road. to me this is very important so please take this question very seriously.

Asked by Mike

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  1. Mike. if you have a friend that has made a deal it is going to take much more than knowing the demons name to get out of the deal. That is why you never ever summon them and you certainly don’t do business with them. The price of any deal with them is your soul, regardless of what the deal was and the payment is always much much greater than anything that they can offer. The only thing that I am aware of that can break the right that your feiend may have given them in the deal would be surrendering his life to Christ. A daily relationship with Him is the only sure fire deal breaker in a situation like this. Without Him and His dominion over this evil, there is no way out of the deal. They may even tell him the deal is off, but with out Christ, your friend has nothing left to bargain with because they already have his soul. Jesus is the only One who can get it back but only if it is committed to God in Jesus name first. Their only goal now is to take as many unbeliever’s souls to hell with them as they can before Christ’s return. The jig is up then. They want nothing else but condemned souls, if they already have your friend’s soul then he has absolutely nothing left that they are interested in. It is a bird in the hand kinda thing. God does want your friend’s soul and yours too. Chist has already paid off the deal when He died on the cross but your friend must seek Christ and ask Him to save him and possess him with the Holy Spirit. Now it is easy to see what getting “saved” really means. I have heard so many unbelivers say “saved from what?” now you can see what? You don’t have to make a deal with evil to be in the same situation. If you don’t choose God you are rejecting Him, if you reject Him, where does that leave you. Find a good pastor and see what he says.

  2. Hello Mike,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I am listed here under ‘Friends’, and I am a demonogist – which means I get rid of demons, I don’t talk to them, or invoke them. I have a question.

    Why are you trying to find the person? If you want to call a demon to find the person – it would be safer to call a private detective. The price of any agreement .. and asking the demon to help you is making an agreement with it .. will end up higher than any fee you have to pay a living person to do it.

    While JK is a little too religious for me, s/he’s right in the fact that demons only want our downfall, so they are not going to help you find someone unless they get something they want from the transaction, and the price could end up being twofold, without you realising what you have committed yourself to in the long run.

    Names – there is great power in names, it is like a symbol tattoo on your skin/spirit that attaches you the greater reality than the simple lives we live now. In ancient times humans were given two names, a common one (that everyone knew and used) and a secret one that truly ‘identified’ the nature of the person, not just the outer self, but the inner person as well. That is where the problem was. If someone who did not have your best interest at heart found out this name, they could use it to curse/control you .. so these ‘two’ names no longer happen as much, though people can name themselves, and its really safer that way. Where demons are concerned it is this ‘spirit’ name that people think they know, but God help you if you get it wrong.

    Please find another way to do this.

    Love & Peace

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