What Is Wrong With Me?

Posted on January 23, 2012

My story begins when I was around 18. I had my first baby born and me and the father were having problems. We were always arguing and I ended up living with my older brother and his family in his home with my baby. To this day I don’t know where my daughter’s father is, he just left me and the baby alone and left. Out of no where I don’t know why I used to hear voices and see things I couldn’t explain. My mom said it might have been my nerves because when I was living with the father and my baby someone tried to brake into our home and I got very scared. So my mom said it has to be all in my head. Well anyways it all started with that.

I started getting worse to the pint where I would be throwing up and and started screaming that I could see things and hear things. My dad decided to take me to the hospital and from there they took me to this place that was a psychiatric hospital. The doctors said that I was crazy and that I had lost my mind. I remember I would be there always crying wondering why these things were happening to me. They would give me strong medicine to calm me down.

What I wonder is why when this happened to me, I was always terrified of my father. I would scream to him saying he was the devil and he wanted to hurt us. After some time I got better and I got my life again and grew up with my baby. Now I am 25 and my daughter is 7. But I had this encounter again. When my father came back from Mexico, everyday he would fight with my mom telling her that why she cheated on him. But my mother never did such thing because we were with her at all times. This was everyday that he would argue with her. he would spy on her at work and get mad at her if she talked to any guy.

At one point my mom got very sick to her stomach and ended up in the hospital. The doctor said something in her liver was wrong and it was caused by stress but of course my father didn’t believe what the doctors said. For about a week he stopped his fighting but as soon as my mom was better he started again.

About a month later I suffered this encounter again. I was at Wal-Mart with my sister, my daughter and her friends. When all of a sudden I threw my phone on the ground and I started feeling scared and heard those strange voices again. I remember holding on to my sister telling her to help me because everyone in the store wanted to hurt me.

Then I remember clearly that a man came to me and told me don’t be scared Jesus is here with you and he loves you. I am not lieing about this my sister is the one who even told me about this man coming up to me and telling me that Jesus is with me and he loves and he will protect me. What made me think was that how can it be that at the same time this was happening to me that man was at the same time and in the same place as I was.

The police came and the head manager told my sister that she has suffered from this herself. It has something to do with your nerves. They took me out of the Wal-Mart store and I told the police how my father has treated my mom and that he had a gun in the house which got us more scared. Everything I said was true but of course they weren’t going to believe me. I kept telling them again that my dad was the devil and he wanted to hurt us. It’s weird though that whenever my mom walks in the room it smells like roses but wen my dad walked in the room there was a cold strong wind. It’s been about 5 months that my dad stopped with his nonsense but recently he began again.

My dad dresses up mostly in black and likes to smoke a lot. He likes skulls and has them everywhere. Sometimes Me my mom and my sister believe that he has a pact with the devil but we shiver at even thinking about that. I am really scared about all of this and I just hope I don’t go through this again. But yet I still wonder why I go through with this and why am I always against my dad?

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7 Responses to “What Is Wrong With Me?”
  1. BigJim13 says:

    It’s called Post Natal Depression and Post Traumatic stress disorder.
    Panic attacks and hallucinations like that are common with those things. Nothing supernatural about that I’m afraid. People think PTSD is only for Soldiers coming back from war but it’s not.
    It can be caused by anything, having a baby at 18 and having a paranoid dad will probably do it as well.
    Try therapy.

    Loads of people have daddy issues It’s nothing supernatural. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

    As for the “pact with the devil” stuff. That’s just obscene. I wear black, smoke too much and like skulls. It’s just a style and a personality. Being a darker person does not make you Satan. Just like being happy and content with your life does not mean your best pals with Jesus.
    Your dad has a paranoid and controlling personality by the sounds of it. Most probably because he loves you all very much and is scared of losing you. Everyone gets a bit clingy with the people we love, some people take it too far.

    • lizzet says:

      Thank you for your confirmation I see where your coming from. Yet when my dad isn’t in the room with is or is out of the house there is an amount of peace in the ambience, but when he comes back there’s no more tranquility and he brings with him a sttrong wind making it cold. Many people have noticed that especially my mom’s friend. She said that when he arrived at there party all of a sudden there was a strong wind that blurred up and there was no wind before. The same happened a few days at my brothers barbecue when my dad arrived there was a strong wind and again it felt cold. Is this just a coincidence?

  2. jeffb1 says:

    I’ve seen a little of this before. I have two sons. Each time shortly after birth, my wife was depressed. I realize that now is more than a few years since your health has suffered. I don’t know how you carried such a great responsibility, especially when considering your boyfriend simply abandoned you and the baby.

    I don’t clearly see any connection between your baby and your father. I’m guessing that your father’s behavior is only remotely related to your baby. It could be more about some issues you’ve had with your father in years long since passed.

    I’m guessing that your father loves you deeply, but he may be harboring some thoughts about how you effectively wounded your future. Their are always consequences for our actions. I’m sure he has issues of his own.

    You obviously are not giving yourself enough credit. You are still raising your child. That is quite a bit more than many other irresponsible parents do for their children. I’m not throwing stones at anyone. These things happen all the time… it is nothing new.

    I don’t think you’ve done anything to get personal treatment from the devil. Tell your child that you love her at least once a day. Encourage her, and listen. Many people don’t listen well, and they frequently talk too much. Everyone needs to be heard. Everyone.

  3. Stephie says:

    I agree with Bigjim that you maybe suffering some post natal depression, which is causing all you have been going through. Although you’re Father on the other hand is giving off negative energy and could have negative spirits attached to him. It does happen and happens a lot. A Dr. Could help you with anti-psychotic drugs and therapy. As far as you’re Dad goes. Try your best to stay out of his way. Negativity can and Will make you physically sick to the point of being hospitalized. Please seek medical and spiritual help asap. Take Care and God Bless!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey…jesus is alway the right path to choose just prey and trust in him who loves u…..and everythng will be fine. Jesus he’s always there to help u out cuz he loves you….if ur dad’s da devil then prey for him. Everythng will be just fine.

  5. Alaysia says:

    I would b scared too if that was my dad. And that’s weird.

  6. Kathy says:

    Actually. I think you are having the post partum depression more as a result of the negativity from your father. Definitely get help. Anti depression mess will help. As far as your father goes, try lighting white candles throughout your home. They “send out” positive energy. Say a blessing or prayer as you light each candle and ask God to bless you house and all who are in it. If this causes your dads behavior to worsen then you have a real problem on your hands. I am very intuitive and don’t have a good feeling about him. Let me know how it goes.

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