What Lives in That House?

Posted on January 23, 2012

As I am writing this I am at the age of 17. I was 13-15 when the story I am about to tell took place. I have always believed in the unknown. I can see spirits and talk to them and some times I allow them to control my body. People have always looked at me like I was the odd ball out and I am in ways. My cousin how ever didn’t believe me until she witnessed my doll try to kill me.

When I was 13 my mother moved me to Fostoria from North Baltimore. I knew the minute I stepped in the house that some thing was not right. Call it a gut feeling. Well while unpacking I had noticed that my favorite school girl dolls (collectors dolls) package had been damaged. So instead of trying to fix it I just took her out of the package. Now my doll had brown eyes when I had unpacked her. The minute I set her on my book shelf her eyes turned blood red. I thought nothing of it at the time because she was so old I thought it had some thing to do with chemicals in her and the fact that she had hit oxygen from being out of the box.

My first night in the house was very eventful. See the door to the attic was in my closet and was sealed closed while I was putting my things away. When it came time for me to get ready for bed I had gone in to get my pj’s I heard a loud thud come from above me. So I looked up to see if I could see any thing and my eyes came to rest on the attic door which was now unsealed and open. Looking back at me was a pair of rose red eyes. Feeling brave I said hi to the eyes. No answer came from the eyes other than a blood curling scream. Not knowing what to do I ran out of my closet and slammed the door shut. All through the night I heard knocking on my closet door and loud banging from above me.

Strange things had been happening all through out the house during our time living there. Objects would be moved, the TV would turn on, windows would close, just small things that one wouldn’t think twice about. In my room however on certain nights violence would occur.

One night in June close to my 14th birthday I was yanked out of bed by my hair and drug under my bed. My mother was not home so me screaming did no good. When I was finally released and able to get out from under my bed I realized I had cuts all down my legs and back. The strange thing about the cuts is after a day they went away and most of them were deep and should have gotten stitches.

By this time I had not wanted to sleep in my room so I stayed with friends when ever I could. One can only stay away from home for so long though.

Well one night me and my little sister who was 6 at the time were bored and was looking for a game to play. Well we came across the families Ouija board. My mom had told me stories on how to use it so me and my sister played. We turned off the lights and lit 5 candles and set little bells around us. At first I was being silly with her and moving the triangle myself to try and scare her. I had gotten real after a while and had asked if any one was living in the attic, the piece went to “yes”. My sister thought it was me again but it was not.

When I asked if the thing living in the attic had a name it spelled out S-I-X. At first I thought its name was six till my sister asked what the six names were. The piece spelled out multiple names most I had never heard of. At this time the candles began to flicker and the bells were going nuts. I told my sister to let go of the piece when I got to the count of three. When we let go the piece began to spin in circles. The front door was opening and closing, the kitchen cabinets kept slamming. My sister just screamed and it all went silent. When we looked down at the board the piece was still moving, it had spelled out D-E-A-T-H. After that we put everything away and didn’t say a word about it. At least until my cousin came and stayed the night.

My cousin was a very big non-believer. She had always said there was a logical explanation for everything that happens. Well when she came to stay the night it was in October, we had just got done setting up Halloween decorations. She was telling us about how her friends had played with the Ouija board and how they kept moving the piece themselves. Me and my sister had begun to tell her about what had happened. She told us that we had probably just imagined it all. So that night we took the board up to my room and set up the candles and bells again.

At first when we were asking questions nothing happened. When my cousin was just about to take her hands off the piece it began to move. She said that it was me pulling on it even though my hands were relaxed. Even though no one had asked a question the piece spelled out H-E-L-L-O. At this time the candles went out and my closet door had opened. I had wanted to let go of the piece but couldn’t seem to get my hands to function. A dark growl came from my closet and the bells began to move and chime. My cousin thought I had set it all up until my school girl doll fell from the top shelf of my book shelf and began to walk towards us. She knew this doll meant a lot to me and I wouldn’t try to cause any damage to it. The doll stood closest to me and actually began to talk. It had told us that the board was not a game and that the evil in the house would kill us all. Not thinking twice I picked up the doll and threw it across the room. When it hit the wall everything stopped, my closet door shut the candles relight and the bells came to a rest. I asked my cousin if she believed now. Not being able to speak she just nodded her head.

I grabbed the doll and put it in a box I was sending to a friend who lived in Germany and put a letter that said to give the doll away and shipped it the next day. Three weeks later a random box appeared on my door step and the doll was in the box. My friend asked why my prize doll was out of my house to begin with and I couldn’t explain. Instead I started a fire in the back yard and threw the doll in it and watched it burn. Two days later the doll was sitting in my room half melted. When I had asked my mom if she put it there she said no. So I threw the doll on a train and haven’t seen it since.

We moved out of Fostoria and nothing evil has really happened to me since. I still see the occasional spirit looking for a friend but I haven’t seen the red eyes nor the doll. I fear how ever that the entity is not done haunting me and it never will be

Sent in by ashlynn shiffler, Copyright 2012

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3 Responses to “What Lives in That House?”
  1. Bernice says:

    Hi Ashlynn, I lived in an 100 yr old house when I was 14 and had a horrific experience similar to what you did and it’s something I will never forget or want to go through again. I hope you don’t either but it can and in my case did for 10 years. Be careful.

  2. Bernice says:

    Sorry what I meant by 10 yrs that evil did follow me.

  3. Alaysia says:

    Wow ashlyyn wat I would do is take a cup of water, say a prayer and then sprinkle the water all over the house but that’s good that u moved. I’m also happy that u r safe.

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