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Vicious Demon Exorcisms and a Coma

Posted on October 16, 2010

In 1996, which makes me 7 at the time, I was laying on my bed and witnessed a small boy who stood by my door calling me. I couldn’t hear his voice but I could see him waving me to follow him. I couldn’t move my body and couldn’t speak I was frozen. Still I didn’t feel frightened but I remember me feeling very strange, I never told anyone I had seen this and kept it to myself.

Four years later I was in my house on a Thursday afternoon, on my own doing my homework at the table, when I thought I heard a noise on my landing so I went to have a look as you do curious if someone was actually in (the noise I heard was like a dragging noise across the floor upstairs) it frightened me as it wasn’t as if it was a boiler noise and we didn’t have wooden floor so it couldn’t have been floor boards, it sounded so real. After about 10 minutes of waiting at the bottom of the stairs listening I went into the kitchen to get a drink and my kettle turned on the switch was down and it was boiling. I went to turn the kettle off at the plug and the plug wasn’t even in the socket. I remember running out of the house and sitting on the steps outside my house in the freezing cold rain until my mum came home, I remember her pulling up in the car and literally having to pick me up. I was soaked through but my body was boiling and my pupils were massive at this point something had taken over my body. I remember wanting to scream and tell my mum what had happened but I couldn’t. I just sat there and stared into thin air.

At this time my mum started to get really worried and called a doctor to come out and see me but the doctor said no and told my mum it wasn’t an emergency and she was to bring me down the next day. As the next day arrived after a very restless sleep my mum took me to the doctors. I was waiting for almost an hour but I don’t remember getting there my mum told me I was sitting there staring at a woman and also when her name was called to go see a doctor I didn’t take my eyes off her and stood up in an odd fashion and went to follow her.

Finally I was called and went into Dr. Howard’s room. My doctor took one look at me and refused to see me and advised me to go see someone who was more experienced in that area.

After dozens of treatments and exorcisms my family had given up and decided to lock me in my bedroom as they thought if I was in there I couldn’t pass on my problem. I remember my mum sitting by my door crying to me and telling me stories of how she’s gonna find a way of making me better and that even if it was to take over her to let me free she would do it.

One year on things had gotten to the point where my mum and dad were effected by my illness. They couldn’t sleep due to my insomnia. They were arguing due to me being locked away and my mum had also started seeing things. In the end my dad moved out and my mum moved her sister Maria in. My aunty suggested that my mum went and speak to a lady whom she knew. She knew all there was to know about exorcism’s demons the lot.

So yet again my mum went to get me help from this woman. She went to her house and the lady called Gabrielle Winters asked my mum if she was open to her performing an exorcism on me and if my mum would be able to stay away at this time. My mum was wary at this point because she had never left me before but it was my mums last resort and if it would help me she would do it.

The next day at 6:47 pm my mum dropped me off at the house. Gabrielle sat me down brushed my hair out of my face and started reciting me a script she had written. I remember seeing the curtains move and felt like I could hear violent whispers in my ears. As Gabrielle’s voice became louder the whispers turned into screeching and as she stopped speaking. A loud bang and dragging noise upstairs just like the noise I heard when I was 10 then I fell to the ground and passed out. From here on I don’t remember anything and I am now going on what I was told.

Gabrielle rang my mum and told her to come to the house urgently. My mum panicked and came straight away. She arrived and there were police and ambulances everywhere. Gabrielle had been arrested and I was being taken into the ambulance. The paramedic told my mum my heart was very weak and I had to be taken into the hospital, she came with me to the hospital and waited for hours then the paramedic had came out of the room and confirmed I was in a coma.

Three years had passed and on the 7th September an amazing thing happened, I started moving my hands and then opened my eyes the doctors was so confused as to what had put me in the coma in the first place but was also very shocked that I had came out of the coma the way I had. I opened my eyes and spoke to my mum straight away as if I had never had anything wrong with me.

Two years later I was back to my normal self and hadn’t had anything happen to me and was a happy 19 year old. I would like to thank my mum for never giving up on me and also for my dad who even though he gave up he was always breaking his heart and wanted his little girl back and not forgetting Gabriella Winters who brought me back to life and freed me from a vicious demon and risked her life to help me RIP Gabriella and I couldn’t thank you enough.

Sent in by Lauren, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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15 Responses to “Vicious Demon Exorcisms and a Coma”
  1. Rosie says:

    It is a very good story. I am glad your life is finally back to normal although you were in a coma for 3 years.

    I fee very bad for Gabrielle since she did help you and brought you back, but she had to go to jail. How is she doing now?

  2. Anonymous says:

    was there a ghost?

  3. sharayah says:

    god bless you.am i right is she dead and do you know what she die from?

  4. ghost in the machine says:

    I hate to ask this since you have shared so much already, are there anymore details to your story. There are many gaps my head is trying to fill and everything you talked about goes against everything I have ever known and experienced with cases of posseession. So I would like to find out more. Thank you.

  5. AnNa bites back says:

    wow what a story.i cannot believe you went through all that just by seeing something.thats crazy.im glad your doing better.being in a coma for that long did you feel different after getting out?thanks for the story.

  6. Teri says:

    I agree with ghost in the machine. I almost don’t believe this as there is so much missing. I understand you say don’t remember some but the other things are unusual.

  7. Vicxxx says:

    Great story ….. I even get freaked out reading these sort of things . U must be an extremley strong person to be able to get through this…..I personally think i would have a heart attack if i was in ure situation… Personally I have never actually had bad experiences with any form of the para-normal but have seen a clervoyant. This lady came to my house, and saw me and 2 of my friends @ seperate times. I didnt understand everything she was saying , but quite alot has since come to light and turned out to be true etc.She also told me that by the time I am her age I will be doing what she is doing as she could see that I was very much so open and “available” to do this…what ever that means ….. Since that day when she visited, My house has felt different , cant explain but I just dont feel 100% comfertable… Does anyone know if it is a possibility for the clervoyent to have “left” any spirits here with me so to speak ???

  8. Anonymous says:

    what did the demon want maybe a lonely soul that couldnt let antone go even its victims im glad you stayed so strong and good luck for the future.

  9. theexorcist says:

    you stayed so strong the demon was probably a lost and lonelly soul that would not want to lose anyone it knew even its victims i pray everyday that bad spirits never enter my house also i have never touched a ouija board and from comments never want to i know about there dangers and that you have to keep the portal stable or demons find there way into the material world.

    • eric says:

      The demon still remains all you have done is paralyzed it temporarily beware when he awakes things will be quick and painful no rest for the demons ill prey for you

  10. Vero says:

    You said she died but why did she go to jail

  11. the evil demonizer says:

    i have not been throught the same but i know from certain that demons can kill you plus you are very lucky to be alive bless your almighty soul and bless god

  12. PJ says:

    Don’t ya just love the armchair experts who think you’re lying? :)

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