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Vicious Demon Exorcisms and a Coma

In 1996, which makes me 7 at the time, I was laying on my bed and witnessed a small boy who stood by my door calling me. I couldn’t hear his voice but I could see him waving me to follow him. I couldn’t move my body and couldn’t speak I was frozen. Still I didn’t feel frightened but I remember me feeling very strange, I never told anyone I had seen this and kept it to myself.

Four years later I was in my house on a Thursday afternoon, on my own doing my homework at the table, when I thought I heard a noise on my landing so I went to have a look as you do curious if someone was actually in (the noise I heard was like a dragging noise across the floor upstairs) it frightened me as it wasn’t as if it was a boiler noise and we didn’t have wooden floor so it couldn’t …

October 16th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Four Negative Energies

March 1st, 2010 by Caretaker 

Compassion Can Be Dangerous

I have written on this site before of my own experience with my Father’s spirit. Since I had my encounter, I have been collecting the paranormal experiences of family and friends in an effort to try to gain a better insight into my own experience. Sadly some are not as positive as my own. The following is an account of my friend Adele’s terrifying experience.

After the break up of her marriage she found a lovely three bedroom flat to rent. It was over the top of a corner shop and very close to the children’s school. The shop keeper who was also the landlord had painstakingly restored all the period features and it really was a beautiful place. She felt she had really landed on her feet and was looking forward to a fresh start.

Within a few weeks of moving in she began to hear the soft pad of a young child’s footsteps running up and down the …

December 29th, 2009 by Caretaker 

The Demon Side of my Brother

In the summer of 2005, when I was 9 years old, I was playing on the beach in Oregon with my brother, Thomas. He was almost 7 years old at the time. I was building sand castles and he was trying to find sea-shells. He ran up to me, showing me the cool shells. He wanted me to know if they were good enough. I asked him what they had to be good enough for. He said he was going to do something with them later. I told him they were really cool. And with that, he walked back to where he was finding shells and kept looking. And I went back to building sand castles.

Later that day, our mom and dad had told us that it was time for us to get back in the car to go to the motel we were going to be staying at. Once we got in the car, I looked over at …

December 20th, 2009 by Caretaker