Vanquishing Evil Spirits

Posted on November 10, 2009

This was originally a post but I figured there is a lot of useful information in this post that a lot of people could use. So here it is. My life story. This is a true story.

Listen, all of you, DO NOT USE THE OUIJA BOARD. They are pure evil. I used to use them all the time in high school, they always told me of future events such as my aunt dieing, my high school crush asking me out etc. etc. all of which came true at the exact moment they stated it would. Ever since I started using the Ouija board I have woken up in cold sweats, my bed would begin shaking violently with me in it even breathe on occasion, I also had countless close brushes with death, and quite often I would wake up in the middle of the night with something trying to possess me, I could feel my entire body go numb and I knew what words to say but the �thing� would grip my vocal cords before I could. The only thing that was left was to beg God for intervention my praying in my mind. Every time this happened I would and every time out I would suddenly scream the words �IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST GET OUT OF HERE� and the spirit would let go of me. I wanted nothing more than for the spirit to be gone for good.

I prayed every day for it to go away until one night I had a dream. In the dream a Christian told me that I had to prove that I wasn�t afraid of the spirit and that I trusted God completely to protect me from all dangers both physical and supernatural. After that dream I began mocking the spirit, (wrong thing to do) I pissed it off on a number of occasions, it would slam things around but would never do anything to me directly. And finally that one night came.

I was lying in bed when suddenly I had a strong urge to pray, and so I did, I prayed about everything I could think of but mostly I just worshipped the Lord, as I did I felt this righteous power grow inside of me I have never felt anything like it before or since then but it was true power. At the same time I could feel an evil ferocity coming from outside my bedroom I cannot explain what this feels like other than pure hate. I knew what I had to do with the lights off to prove that I was not afraid I boldly walked out into the hallway where that demon sat. I could feel it as if it were taunting me. I switched from prayer to just pure worship of the Almighty God keeping my eyes open the whole time. When I first stepped out into the hallway it was pitch dark I couldn�t see a thing. As I worshiped the hallway went from pitch black to completely visible. I felt the power of God rushing into my head and bursting out of my stomach. Ever since that night I have never had an encounter with the dark side again. All of my spiritual experiences have been enlightening and encouraging since that day.

I am telling you people stay away from those Ouija boards they are cursed objects. And if you have messed with a Ouija board and regret doing so then the only one you can trust is Jesus Christ. Believe me I used to practice Wicca until Christ showed me a better way. He is the only one who can fix your past mistakes. Everyone I know that dabbled in the occult and has refused to embrace Christ are still having problems with unwelcome visitors. While those who have embraced Christ have no more troubles with sinister paranormal.

I cannot stress this enough. Do not be afraid and if you are make sure the spirit knows that you know that you are backed by something that the spirit could never hope to overcome. Something like the Creator of the Universe. Remember evil spirits cannot harm you unless you believe they can. I have not had a problem with an evil entity since the incident about 3 years ago. Yes I have come across them but only by me entering their dwelling place (usually someone’s home). They tend to mind their P’s and Q’s when I’m around. I am not saying that any one person is the divine bringer demon banishment. Anyone and everyone can give an evil spirit the boot. What I am saying is that evil spirits know when some one contains the knowledge that can defeat them. That person can be you. You must have faith in God though. You must trust him with your life and without question. Like it says in Hosea 6:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

I hope my advice helps someone. There are some wicked creatures out there and no one deserves to become a victim of one.

Sent in by Zachary, Copyright 2009

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91 Responses to “Vanquishing Evil Spirits”
  1. Coyote says:

    I’ve used Ouija boards a number of times. They’re really just pieces of wood (or cheaper materials). It’s not the Ouija board that actually does anything, it’s the intent of the people using it.

    In any case, such unfocused attempts to “contact the beyond.” (ha ha!) tend to result in:

    NOTE: This comment has been published as its own entry to read it in its entirety go to //

  2. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Zachary,, that was an excellent post!!! we have talked a lot about the Q.board on here, and most agree with you.. stay away from them……. you may want to look at some of the older posts on them,, very interesting reading.. i also dabbled with the board as a teen, and it brought me many years of pain…..

    my story is long, and in many pieces, i have posted a very stories here, and have commented a lot….. i totally agree with you,,,, prayer, God, having faith,, its all a part of surviving the turmoil of evil….

    if you dont mind,, could you say a prayer for me?? i need all of the support i can muster at this point…

    you will notice as you post on this site,, the people are most wonderful, and supportive!!! thank you Hun,, and God Bless,,,ktm

  3. Zachary says:

    I’d hate to break it to you Coyote. But spirits are real and so is God. Go ahead and laugh I really don’t care.

  4. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Zachary,, i guess everyone has an opinion,, dont take it personally hun!!! i loved your post, and im sure many others will also, and they will be able to relate to it….

    Coyote,, it is very rude to laugh at someones story!!! it takes a lot of guts to come here and pour your heart out!!!

    God Bless us all,, ktm

  5. lonergrllove says:

    zachary, i sort of agree wit coyote but only on a certain extent,
    i dnt’t think dat ouija boards r evil i think dat the people who talk thru it sn’t the best of people.
    people who use the ouija board need 2 be careful, they can be veryy dangerous,
    i think dat people,wen u use the ouija board dn’t do it alone!!!!
    and i prefer u kno who u r talkin’ 2 b-4 u b-friend them or wateva.
    kno dat no matta wat material they r they can be serious weapons and can harm u
    pretty good 4 a 12yr.old huh?
    i kno i is good lyk dat!!
    good advice zach but u should loosen up alittle (no offence)
    luv alwayz, lonergrllove

  6. K.C says:

    I dunno man. I dont really think the boards are as bad as everyone makes them out to be i wont lie. Im not saying what you went through is fake or anything but ive played the board a lot and everything is fine. . . .just saying i definetly agree with the first comment there

  7. Jk says:


    Right on Brother. Jesus is Life and until you know Him you will not experience Life the way it was meant to be. The devil is not going around calling attention to himself, he is a deciever, evil beyond our comprehension. He lulls people to sleep and before they know it he has them. All he wants to do is create the slightest doubt in people’s minds that God is not real or that He will allow everyone into Heaven. All evil wants to do is confuse and misinform as many peple as they can until they die and it is too late to discover true life, eternal life with Him. It is real my friends, whether you have the gift of seeing or not a war is raging inside of us and just one demension away that will soon reach us. Get on the right side now. Stop riding the fence because too late may come for you sooner than you think. There is life after death but it is not what TAPS is talking to every Wednesday night. Everyone is destined to eternal life, soyou only have two choices and one of them is a bad choice.

  8. Tony L says:

    I don’t believe its the board itself that has the power, but the power you give to a wayward spirit by opening up, A few words spoken by a mortal like ourselves, lets be for real, try doing that on your cat. He wont even raise an eyebrow. Its the opening of yourself that brings about unwanted results.

  9. DarStarr says:

    Tony L.
    I believe to a point you are very right.
    I also believe that it depends on the people using it. That they have to have some sort of connection. When a group of us tried the board – years ago, we tried several different combinations of people and no results, but when myself and my ex’s brother sat down, this thing flew around the board immediately. There were several times we had to catch up to the panchet.

  10. Ash says:

    i will agree with Tony L. But i also think that it depends on people using the board, if there are a strong beliver in ghost and spirits that board might actully work for them and I also think that bored it self is not evil, but its better not to use it.

  11. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    the board is like anything else,, just like having a seance…. it could be a board, candles, many things… if the intent is there, it will happen.. if we go conjuring something up,, we will probably get something….. thats the word,,, ( something) could be good, could be bad….i watch these shows,, and really,,, with all of the bad spirits out there, why arent these guys taking them home with them??? i mean,, it is entertainment!!! all of the provoking they do… i dont think they realize, how dangerous that can be….its not hard to conjur up a demon.. many do it by accident…..or just being silly..

    i also agree, that some of us are more suseptable to the paranormal… i found this out as a young child, when i had no clue what it was all about.. i thought everyone felt and heard the things i did.. i thought it was normal.. untill i got older…..

    great posting guys,,,,,,, ktm

  12. Zachary says:

    I agree with you jk. The ouija board is a tool for demonic spirits to come into our lives. Sometimes they come to torment us, sometimes to decieve us but one thing is constant. They always come to destroy.

    The only way to get rid of them is to have Christ in you, the hope of Glory.

  13. Ian says:

    I agree with pretty much everyone here. Christians rarely have major personal problems with evil spirits (but there are some that do, of course), mainly because they do not open themselves up to evil. Whether it is a ouija board, candles, ghost hunting, or whatever, it is the act of inviting spirits which causes the problems rather than the method.
    I completely agree that praying to God and allowing Jesus completely into your life is by far the most effective way of dealing with any evil in your life. For those that are sceptical – why not give it a try? What’s the worst that could happen?
    Take care all. :)

  14. lizard says:

    hey man, i think the board is not a bad device. not good either. kind of grey to be honest. to use the board i think we need to be clear on who we want to contact. and cleanse ourselves and prepare before we do. if we just shoot out into the dark we are just asking for trouble. Regarding Jesus. i’m glad it worked for you, your faith must be really strong. congrats on ridding yourself of such a presence.

  15. Zachary says:

    Lizard, I did not rid myself of any presence. I opened myself up to a power much stronger and I simply asked God to make good on his promise and HE did. It was Jesus that spirit feared NOT me. Evil spirits mind there p’s and q’s when I enter houses where they live not because of who I am or anything of my own power but it’s because of the one that dwells in me which is the Holy Spirit. They know that if the owner of the house wants them gone then all they have to do is tell me and God WILL answer my prayer.

  16. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Zach, and Ian,, very good posts, and so true…. We cant do this on our own,, God does work through us… God has been with me every step of the way!!! thats why i am a survivor… i now have some new health issues, and really not afraid at all.. and this could be a matter of life or death.. just waiting for results… i feel so at peace!!!! God is trully protecting me, and keeping me calm…

    God is good, God is great,, let us thank him….. amen


  17. Maliha says:

    Hi! I need a little help. I have some crazy feelings which i need to share. I think you are the person with whom I can share. Please reply me. Please reply i need help. I am getting crazy with these feelings.

  18. Zachary says:

    Maliha, what’s the matter?

  19. V DOTS HOT says:

    im not saying ouija boards are good. but why are you saing you “used to practice the wiccian religion and then christ showed me the way” Dont you know that the cathlioc religion and christian religion is based on the wiccian religion? Your a little dillusional dont you think? wician religion is based on nature and love and and spirits and gods… yet it is also based on many things we now use in modern religion. look it up.

  20. Zachary says:

    @ V Dots Hots. Wiccan stems mostly from Celtic religions. It is a proven fact that Christianity started in the Roman Empire around the city of Jeruselem. I hate to break it to you but Christ is real, I know from experience. I love Him with all my heart, mind, and soul. Basically V, you can call me delusional if you wish. I know that you are wrong and I’ve already forgiven you.

  21. Maliha says:

    Well thanks for repling.
    We live in a home for 13 years. First we used to stay at groung floor for 8 years, at that time the house had only two floors. We were the first people to live on the floor when the house was built. After that we moved to first floor. And live for 2 years. The owner decided to make the house till 3 floor. So after it was constructed we moved the, we were the first to live in that floor.
    Now from the second day till now, a hear the adjuster of my wash room running on with full speed. I stay alone in my room. When ever i think of checking isomething holds me. Then also twice i checked omehow. but there was nothing. And if any one stays in my room , they somehow dont wants to spent the night at my room.
    For two months I am having some liquid medicines, its totally sweet but after taking it two days i am feeling it bitter where any one who tries to test it they tell its sweet.
    The most worst thing is i feel someone’s presence in my room. A presence that follows me every where in my home and which is very strong in my room. A presence that keeps me telling to feel and do wrong. A presence that makes me feel suffocate
    Please help me! Please help me!

  22. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I am a Christian, i believe in God and Jesus, and i also believe that God is in nature, and i am full of love!!! all i have to do it walk out on my back porch,,, there are the beautiful mountains, trees, grass, bushes,, and the sky at sunset,, now ,,that is God showing us how much power he really has……we plant a garden every year,,, God is there for sure,, he gives us much veggies and fruit,,,, watching something grow is amazing.. i think many take the power of God for granted…. Now,, that is just my opinion,,,, as i am very interested in other religions….

    Zach,, i think your a little harsh!! dont you?? why cant another have thier own opinion???? in my case,, no one taught me this,, God has delivered all of this to me… he has opened my eyes to see beauty and love…..

    and to tell V.Dots that you have forgiven him or her..and they are wrong……….wow!!!! why????? for thier own opinion?? thats not right….be careful about putting yourself on the pedestal… could come crashing down!!!!

    Remember Zach,, there is only one ( higher power) dont be treading on his toes!!!!! you are only mortal, like the rest of us….



  23. Zaman says:

    ‘they’ just wanna tell u they are in your house
    Just say to your self ‘oh they are here’ and take it easy
    Then pray to whatever u believe
    I’m muslim so i pray to ALLAH

    Hope you’ll get better

  24. Zachary says:

    V Dots called me delusional…That was wrong of him/her, and for calling me that I forgive them. Christ said that if we cannot forgive those who wrong us than we ourselves will not be forgiven by God the Father.
    I assure you that I am not on any pedestal. But God has shown me the power of forgiveness. By calling me delusional V Dots passed judgement on me so being it is my responsibility to forgive those who transgress against me so that I will not have unforgiveness, bitterness, or contention in my heart. All of which will hinder my walk with God. So I make it a practice to directly tell people that I forgive them when I feel I have been wronged. So the person knows that I am not going to hold a grudge.
    I thought I was perfectly clear when I said ‘I forgive you’ to V Dots as to why I said that. Notice I did not say that ‘God has forgiven you’, that would have been wrong of me since it is not my place to say such a thing. But I wonder how to tell some one that I personally have forgiven them for offending me is overstepping my bounds. That seems a bit extreme to me, and rather oppresive.
    I am very sorry though for the misunderstanding.

  25. Zachary says:

    One more thing, having practiced the Wiccan religion at one point I know for a fact that Christianity does not stem from it, that is why I called V Dots wrong. Its not a matter of opinion but historical fact. If some one said that Aberham Lincoln was the first president wouldn’t you be inclined to tell them otherwise? Whether or not you included the words ‘you are wrong’?

    • Caretaker says:

      Zachary you are correct that Christianity does not stem from Wicca. That is a historical fact for anyone who wants to research it a bit.

      However, there have been many things added to Christianity from many different pagan religions. Today these things are almost universally viewed as Christian in origin when they are not. ie. Easter, Christmas, and much more. This has nothing really to do with Wicca but just shows how there is a lot of ‘myth’ about what is now classified as “Christian” by the masses.

  26. Zachary says:

    Agreed 100% Caretaker

  27. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Zack,, what i saw was,,,,twice you said it……,, i know that you are wrong, and i have already forgiven you!!! whether or not you included the words, you are wrong!!!! that was 2 different posts…it just sounds like you where forgiving V for being stupid or something.. thats how i took it…..

    the wording seemed kind of strong to me,, it didnt matter who was wrong or right,, it was the way it was said… we all have our opinions,, and we usually are very sure of ourselves,, you could have said something like,, well,, maybe you need to do some research???? and V was rude also!!!!

    thats why i used to keep my mouth shut about religion,, it always seems to cause sparks,, just like politics….

    OK,, lets just shake hands, and get over it…..and go back to the original post….

    Caretaker,, thank you for clearing that up,, i even get confused with all the different beliefs…. i have heard people say, they are Christian, but practice……. whatever… it is confusing….

    take care all,,, ktm

  28. ChronicMidori says:

    Wow this web site seems to be more centered on christian conversion than ghost stories.. It’s kinda of annoying how nearly every Ouija board story ends with a lecture on how a strong belief in ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ is the only thing that can save you…. It really gives off the vibe that Christianity is based on fear and power, take a good look at it. I completely disagree with you Zachary that Christians have less ‘sinister paranormal’ activity then those who dabble with the occult, the stories say different.

    You say you dabbled with Wicca but you give specifics so it’s hard to believe you really were. What did you just read books? In your story you stated ‘Every time this happened I would and every time out I would suddenly scream the words �IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST GET OUT OF HERE� ‘ So you believed in Jesus originally then tried out Wicca and went back to Christianity? Or was this after your Wican dabbling? Either you barely gave Wicca a chance or your making that up to make Christianity seem more powerful. You need to be more specific, like the hallway story, what happened in the end? you just became filled with power and everything became visible and then what? that’s when you realized there was nothing there? Convincing…. That’s the conclusion I’m left with upon reading your story. You leave to many holes and preach to much ‘Jesus’ for me to put any stock in what you say… Can’t we just have some good old fashion ghost stories without bringing up religion?? Please?

    BTW Coyote was not laughing at you, his comment was actually a story of his own that he posted as a comment, did you miss the link? its probably older than your story is… Relax, I’m sure he forgives you for the misunderstanding….

    “be careful about putting yourself on the pedestal� could come crashing down!!!! ” KTM I have never agreed with you more..

    V Dots Hot you said ‘ Your a little dillusional dont you think? wician religion is based on nature and love and and spirits and gods� yet it is also based on many things we now use in modern religion. look it up.’ So true, esp the delusional part! I also agree that Christianity is based off pagan religions as well as a number of old religions. I plan to research this at a later date (when I have more time) and post my findings here because I disagree with you and caretaker… This topic needs some actual evidence because all I’ve seen here is opinion.

    • Caretaker says:

      ChronicMidori Interesting comment, I look forward to reading anything else you come up with. But just to clarify are you disagreeing when we say that Christianity did not come from Wicca?

  29. Zachary says:

    @ ChronicMidori I really don’t care. To clarify I dabbled in Wicca and then became a Christian. You don’t have to believe me. I do find it funny how alot of people think a persons story is unbelievable simply because they include how faith worked for them. But like I said I really don’t care what you think about me or my story. Like KnowToMuch said ‘just give it a shot, what have you got to lose?’ If you don’t like this post than move onto another one. Also I really don’t see how claiming that my faith works for me is putting myself on a pedestal. There was a point in time in my life I would have agreed with you. But that time has passed.

  30. Zachary says:

    KnowToMuch, I re-read that post and your right, it did sound like that, I should have probably proofread that comment first, however I could say that I was saying that V Dots is wrong about my being delusional. Either way this is just a misunderstanding because I failed to clarify exactly what I was saying.

  31. IJ says:

    Hmmm. Won’t be bothering with this site again. Too xtian.

    • Caretaker says:

      IJ – that is your choice, or if you disagree or have your own thougts you could just post them. Everyone is welcome here.

  32. Maliha says:

    Hi! Thanks for ur suggestion. I am a muslim too. And so i pray to him too. I even wearing a locket written some prayer in it, which always stays with it. What did u think i am a christian? Its normal. Every one thinks that i am not a muslim for my name. lol.
    U told that they only want me to know that they r here but why r they making me do things or think things that r not good? What do they fear that even after wearing the holy locket they success in gaining my attention to them, i mean how do they make me do and think what they want even after wearing that?
    If they want me to just believe that they r here, then why r they making me feel afraid or doing the things they want to me to? Why r they making me feel afraid or suffocated? Why my medicines r being changed from the work they were suppose to do?
    Why no one wants to stay in my home? R they good or evil?

  33. Zachary says:

    Ok after much prayer I have decided not to respond to comments that could lead to a senseless debate. The reason is simply the fact that I posted my story to help people NOT to validate my faith. And by getting into these debates the people who really need help will not get any from here. So to stick with my original intent I am done debating. If you don’t believe my story then fine, you obviously don’t have anything haunting you. So from now on I will only reply to comments that are either some one asking for help or comments that edify people, NOT accuse them or question their sanity. Which brings me to my next post…

  34. Zachary says:

    @ Maliha, what you have is a malicious spirit. It’s intent is simple, its the same intent as all demon spirits which is to destroy. The fact that it tells you to do evil tells me that wants to enslave you to it’s will, it wants to destroy the relationship you share with your friends and family, in doing so it will rob you of the blessings God has given you, since close friends and relatives are all gifts from God.
    What you must do is refuse to give into it, you do not have to do this alone. As a matter of fact DON”T do this alone. Surrender your heart mind and soul to Christ first, seek above all else true relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ, repent of any wrongdoings you have done. I am not judging you but nobody can with a clear consience say that they have never wronged anyone. Next get baptized in water and get filled with the Holy Spirit. I can’t explain how to do that other than pray for it, but when it happens you will know that you know it really truely happened. Once you are filled with the Holy Spirit you must fast (remember to fast) and pray (and pray, both extremely important) for God to show you how to deal with the evil spirit. Remember above all to trust God fully. Don’t fear the evil one stand up to him with the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Things may get a little crazy during this time (objects being thrown at you, visual manifestations of the demon, nightmares, ect. ect.) but remember this is all part of the cleansing process. Evil spirits don’t like to leave right away so it will put up a fight, just remember that YOU are on the winning side.
    I pray that my advice helps you Maliha. Remember, “do you beleive that there is one God you do well, the devils also believe and tremble” James 2:19
    “For greater is he that is in you (Christ) than he that is in the world (demon spirits)” 1 John 4:4

  35. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Zack, if you go back to your original post, you will see that i was the second one to comment.. i loved your story!!! i really enjoy the way you write so clearly.. very easy for me to understand… anyway,, the point is,,,, i am glad that we have all gotton over the hump… and are carrying on as usual… you see, i also talk about religion,, but at first i didnt…. i have stories that would curl your hair,, but,, i am reluctant to tell to much…. i guess the way i believe may seem sort of wishy washy to some people.. so,, i am careful how i put things.. last thing i want is an argument..

    i do apologize for jumping on you!!! you just seemed a little cocky,, thats all.. and i can get that way too,,lol… we all can…. just to remind you,, i do enjoy reading your comments.. so,, keep on posting hun……..

    Take care,,, ktm

  36. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Maliha,,,,it is true,, when the demons or bad spirits are provoked, they will give you a very hard time,, but,, its good to know this in advance… i have been in the same spot, and no one told me what to expect.. i thought i was going nuts….hang in there honey,, you know the difference in wrong and right, and that is a good start.. do what you know is the right thing!!!! like i said,, whatever this is,, it wont like you going against its wishes,, so be prepared,, but,,, dont ever give into it…….. thats what it wants!!!!!

    i have spent a lifetime fending off evil,, why????? i dont know… i have learned the hard way,, i have given in at different points in my life,, i have lived on thier side,,, and i will tell you this,, it may feel that you have power,, but,, the power is evil… i have never posted about this….. the thing was,, i didnt have to conjour anything up,,, its always,, right there in front of us… its so easy to give into evil…. and people talk about sellling thier souls to the devil.. thats a bunch of junk!!!!

    the devil,, demons,, bad spirits are right there for the picking.. always… you are being attacked,, why?? i dont know,, but,,,,, like i said,, you know the difference,,, you are a step ahead of yourself,, a good thing….. we all have our higher power!!!!! whatever the name may be….. stay with your higher power…. keep your faith strong!!!!!! dont let this negativity take advantage of you…….

    Bless you honey,,,,,, i am sending prayers your way!!!!!! you will be safe……. ktm

  37. Zaman says:

    evil always want to make us to do bad things and make us feel afraid. They fear ALLAH and ur self if u have no fear to them. For ur medicine and suffocate, it’s just the devil playing with ur mind. Remember brain over body and ALLAHUAKBAR

  38. Zachary says:

    Thank you KnowToMuch, I really wasn’t trying to be cocky but I understand how I can seem like it sometimes, and sometimes I actually am. But I will point out right now that I usually stop in here before taking classes so I have a tendancy to rush and not think through what I say and often my posts get submitted without any proofreading. But I am happy that you can see the beauty of God’s creation in your day to day life. Most of us overlook that, there is much to be done here on earth and it takes a special kind of person to take one step back from their daily chores and just appreciate God’s goodness.
    I will keep focused on the goal and the original intent of my post which is helping people. I would not wish the kind of torment those demons bring on my worst enemies, and I want to help people through what I have been through, so I do want everyone to be aware that I will pray fervently anytime some one comes on here for advice that God may give me the wisdom and the words that will ‘click’ with people so they will be able to defend against the evil one.

    God Bless you ktm

  39. ChronicMidori says:

    Ok, first off I’d like to apologize for offending you, I’m a little too blunt… I don’t take back anything I said and I still feel as such but I didn’t mean to be so….disturbing. Just felt the need to state a different point of view didn’t mean to belittle any one.

    Zachary I’m not trying to be so judgemental toward you, you have the right to believe whatever you want. I guess I felt as if you were being a little too biased against other religions (such as Wicca) by saying Christianity was the only way and other ways were not as powerful or led to worse paranormal activity. Honestly, had you not included the last 2 paragraphs of your story I probably wouldn’t have been compelled to post any comments.

    I wasn’t saying your story wasn’t real (upon rereading my comment I see how you felt that way, sorry) I was just saying that from a writers perspective you kind of left off in the story about the hallway without any conclusion so it was up to the reader to make their own. I do believe you though, and I’m sure you were filled with power from your beliefs. However, I think it came more from yourself than from any god but that’s just my opinion.

    Caretaker, you said “Zachary you are correct that Christianity does not stem from Wicca. That is a historical fact for anyone who wants to research it a bit.”
    That is what I disagree with to an extent. It would be more appropriate to say I believe that Christianity borrowed a lot of its main stories and ideas from various Pagan religions, not necessarily Wicca. So, I kinda jumped to respond before I could explain my self properly, I was short on time.. I will be posting some very interesting links if nothing else, but there’s more to this than I thought and it will take some time to get it to you in a way I feel satisfied and is easily understood. You’ll have to be patient with me. Thanks for understanding and I hope I don’t step on anybody’s toes again..

    IJ, You should come back, there are some good stories on this website, I’m always finding more. There are some pretty scary ones and if nothing else they make for a good read.

    (BTW there was supposed to be a ‘no’ in front of ‘specifics’ on the second paragraph of my first comment. DOH!)

    • Caretaker says:

      ChronicMidori you said – “It would be more appropriate to say I believe that Christianity borrowed a lot of its main stories and ideas from various Pagan religions, not necessarily Wicca. ” That is basically what I did say :)

      However, there have been many things added to Christianity from many different pagan religions. Today these things are almost universally viewed as Christian in origin when they are not. ie. Easter, Christmas, and much more. This has nothing really to do with Wicca but just shows how there is a lot of �myth� about what is now classified as �Christian� by the masses.

  40. ChronicMidori says:

    Caretaker, I guess so but I feel the borrowed stories and ideas were not only certain holidays(true,the birth date was borrowed and even the story of Easter) but I meant more like what Christ was and represented to his followers and mainstream stories in the bible (i.e the idea birth from a virgin, being the son of ‘god’, the story of Noah etc) which most Christians claim is original or even historic fact. So its kinda of the same but not. I will get into more detail soon, my head hurts from reading long articles…. I have to sort through the information I found for it to be understood and short enough to post. I’ll get back to you soon. :)

    • Caretaker says:

      ChronicMidori I said “Easter, Christmas, and much more” Those ideas were borrowed yes but not from Wicca which was the original question which is why I mentioned it only briefly.

  41. ChronicMidori says:

    Point taken. I’m still going to post my findings for the sake of argument if that’s alright with the rest of you. It might be a story of its own by the time I’m done though lol.

    • Caretaker says:

      That would be great. Perhaps it would be best as a seperate story/article altogether? Either way I am always open and interested in learning more about this world around us.

  42. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Zack,,, we all get our feathers ruffled at times,, no harm done!!! we are back on track, and thats what counts!!!

    take care hun,,, ktm

  43. Maliha says:

    Thank u Zachary , Knowtoomuch and Zaman. Thank u all of u thanks. U all have been a great support to me. I have atleast found three person who can help and trust me. No one believed my story but u did and u r ready to help. I am considering u as my true friends. Thanks.
    Well i know i have done many wrongs but i cannt figure out for which wrong i am being punished by a demon.
    Sweety (Knowtoomuch) i hope u dont have problem if i call u sweety just like the way u called me honey, lol. Thanks for ur support sweety.
    Zaman thanks for ur support.
    And Zachary I will always be debt to u for showing me the path. Thanks a lot.
    But i can u guys tell that what kind of wrong doing brings this types of ruin upon us? And why am i the only victim?
    Love u everyone thanks!

  44. Maliha says:

    One thing, guys i am not even 18 so how can my wrong doings be counted in this way?

  45. Zachary says:

    ChronicMidori, I agree that Christmas and not necessarily Easter itself but the traditions than now go with Easter are borrowed from pagan (mostly Celtic) religions. But the truth is that historically and officially Christianity is based on the Judaic God. As far as the story of Noah it is far to old to say exactly who borrowed from who. The story dates back to the time of Moses and probably all the way to Abraham. I of course believe it dates farther than that, but when looking at emphirical evidence that is the soonest one can officially say the story dates back to. The story is unique in the sense that every ancient civilization and tribe includes a story of a ‘great flood’, which is astounding considering that the story is found in drawings on the cave walls of the America’s and Australia. When we suppose that the people from these lands were not in contact with the people from Asia and Europe. (There is speculation that the Egyptians traded with the Mayans at one point, but that’s a different topic altogether). Point being is that it is entirely possible for the Hebrews to be the original writers of Noah’s ark. I of course believe the story to be true. And as far as the born of a virgin, and Jesus being the Son of God I of course accept this as peer truth but for the sake of our inquisitive minds, I will point out that the Old Testament contains prophesies depicting the life of Jesus, one which is found in Isaiah some 1,000 years before Christ (and before Greek influence), is the prophesy of the Messiah being born of a virgin AND being the Son of God. Most historians and theologians agree that the Bible has a stunning track record for predicting future events, like when Daniel predicted the Battle of Thermopoli, the fall of the Persian Empire by Javan (Hebrew for Greece), and even the drama of Julius Ceasar and Cleopatra. Not to mention Jesus’ prediction of the destruction of Jeruselem which occured in 70 AD. Also and perhaps the most convincing prophesy was the Jews return out of exile from the Holy Land, which took place immediately after WW2.
    But none of these are the reasons I chose to take up my cross and follow Christ, but I would be glad to share the story that lead me from a life of drugs and dabbling in the occult to a life of Christ…Note that the story described above covers a time span of about 5 years, to avoid any further confusion.

    • Caretaker says:

      Zachary – Easter is entirely Babylonian and was observed long before Christ. Eastre, Ishtar… I agree with everything else you wrote, but Easter was used by the Romans to try to replace Passover.

      Think about this – (Supposedly) Jesus died on Good Friday, He was dead for 3 days and arose from the grave on Sunday morning. Does that make any sense? No, I am not saying this is what really happened but from what I have always been taught about Easter growing up this is how it went. The truth is that Jesus’ death had no relation to Easter at all. Easter was a celebration of the goddess Ishtar (also called Eastre). Fascinating stuff really.

  46. Zachary says:

    Maliha, there is no specific wrongdoing that brings those creeps into our lives, except of course conjuring spirits in occult rituals, but that is not always the case, and it is not necessarily divine punishment either. The fact of the matter is that we live in a world that has been corrupted by sin, both humans and demonic spirits dwell and sin here, it is possible that a visitor to your house or even one of the construction workers who helped build the third floor unknowingly brought the spirit in. It is uncertain as to why the spirit was following the person and why it chose you, but none of that is important, just remember that God loves you and He will protect you from the various evils that lurk in this world.
    God Bless Maliha.

  47. Zachary says:

    Caretaker, I understand that the word Easter may have originated as something else but since the resurection of Christ Christians have celebrated his last days and his resurection around the time of Passover since this is when these events occurred. It just didn’t really have a name. By the time of the Apostle Paul’s execution around 69 AD the celebration and rememberance was called Easter, Paul even uses the word in one of his Epistles, it is possible that the Romans started calling it this as an insult to both Jews and Christians, but the Christians of that time being the way they were adopted the name as their own just as they did with the actual term Christian, which started as an insult to followers of The Way in Antioch.

    • Caretaker says:

      Zacxhary, I think you would be amazed if you read about the origins of Easter and how similar to the times before Christ that it was observed. Decorated eggs, hanging eggs from trees, sunrise service, feasting, and celebrating the resurrection and the promise of return of their ‘god’ – All of that was part of the Easter celebration among Babylonians before Christ was ever born.

      Also you said “It just didn�t really have a name.” I believe it did have a name, how could something be that didnt have a name? What did they call it when they talked among themselves? Did they say to their children “it is time to celebrate err uhhhh”

      My opinion? Easter has nothing to do with Jesus. Died Good Friday near night rose Sunday at dawn and dead for 3 days – it just doesnt add up. This was all just another part of the communion between babylon and the Roman church. The “official” church iin those days took upon many different traditions and observations from the Babylonians. There was no accidental mixing, it was orchestrated and is actually fairly well documented.

      Now I must admit that I too have gotten way off topic, but it is an interesting discussion.

  48. Zaman says:

    It’s just a test for some of us. Maliha can i know ur hometown?

  49. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Maliha,,,,just because all of this is going on around you, does not mean that you are being punished!!! it probably means,, you have a very sweet and loving soul and heart.. anything evil , hates that in a person… i think you are just being tested by evil entities…. you are so much stronger than it is…. you just have to reach deep down inside you, and find that strengh.. it is there honey,, for sure!!! i can feel that you are a wonderful person, an angel on earth….

    dont give in,, and dont give up!!! thats my motto

    i have to say,, my daughter was murdered when she was 16,, i was there in my house with her, and could not help her…. i did wonder at first,, what have i done that was so terrible, for this to happen???? after many years of talking to many religious people, i found out that it had nothing to do with me…i lived with so much shame and guilt for so long…. it all has taken a huge toll on my health,, but, i do know,, i am not guilty of any wrongdoing!!!

    sad story,, i know,, but,, i am trying to prove a point… you dont have to suffer like i have.. its time for you to rid yourself,,, now.. and you can….. i am now 51, and dont know how much longer i may have here on earth,,,, but,, my mind and soul are pure… we all make mistakes,, we all sin!! we are human…

    stop beating yourself up…. you are young and strong,, and its time to let this evil know that,, and you also have much support here.. i know that many are praying for you… you are not alone…. from now on,,you will never be alone!!!!

    remember,,, evil enjoys taunting sweet souls….. thats what is going on.. also,, if you are living with any sort of stress, this can make things worse… try to work on the stress issue,, deep breathes,,, imagine, beautiful mountains, and the clean air to breath.. and safety!!!

    dont mock the evil,, stay very humble,, but show it that you are stronger than it is,, and that you have many on your side. and that it has no power over you…. stay meek and humble.. dont yell or scream,, just make the point….things could get worse before getting better,, and thats ok,, just be ready for it….

    you are strong!!!!! and you are humble…. evil has no power over you honey… not any more….

    Bless your heart,, you are a very sweet girl…. luv ya hun,,, ktm

    • Caretaker says:

      I am so sorry to hear that about your daughter. I have children myself and I couldnt even imagine the pain you must have went through (and still feel).

  50. Zachary says:

    I am very sorry you had to go through that grief KNOWTOMUCH, I can’t imagine what that must be like, I shudder at the thought of anything happening to my little Eden, or my wife for that matter.

  51. Zachary says:

    Caretaker, I think we have to agree to disagree on this one, I watched Zeitgeist, and my faith remains very firm. I have been through to much to not believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh as the only begotten Son of God, was crucified for our sins, and then resurected from the dead in an awsome display of His power over death.

    • Caretaker says:

      Zachary WHAT? How in the world did I give you the idea that “…not believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh as the only begotten Son of God, was crucified for our sins, and then resurected from the dead in an awsome display of His power over death.”? Man, I never said anything at all like that. Not anything even close to that.

      I wrote “Think about this � (Supposedly) Jesus died on Good Friday, He was dead for 3 days and arose from the grave on Sunday morning. Does that make any sense? No, I am not saying this is what really happened but from what I have always been taught about Easter growing up this is how it went. The truth is that Jesus� death had no relation to Easter at all. Easter was a celebration of the goddess Ishtar (also called Eastre). Fascinating stuff really.”

      The subject there is Easter not Jesus Christ. I am questioning the origins and truth behind Easter and am in no way questioning the divinity or anything else about the nature of Jesus.

      I just want to be sure I am clear on that. As for your comment above we are in complete agreement.

  52. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Zack, and Caretaker,, thank you so much for being so sweet,,, you never even want to imagine loosing a child….. it is the worst possible thing that can happen to a person!! but,, i have learned so much from that expereince… i almost died that day also,,, but,, God had other plans for me… and i am still here doing my good works for God, here on earth.. and enjoying every minute of it… a very strange way,, i feel very blessed , that God has allowed me to experience so many things in my life…good and evill… like i always say,, if you havent been there, you really dont understand.. God has given me much wisdom in my 51 years,, i am very blessed…..

    Hug your sweet little children as much as possible,, bond to them tightly…. catch every word they say…. Amber and i where very, very close,, soul mates you may say…. she was my shining star, and i thanked God for her every day, and i still thank God that i had her for 16 years…….

    I am sorry if i make you guys sad, when i mention Amber,, please dont be…. she served her time here on earth,,, God was ready for her… it was time for her to get her angel wings,, i miss her terribly,, and wish she where here,, but,, i manage the best i can without her…..

    God bless you both for being here,,,,, luv you,, ktm

    • GirlRacer says:

      I admire your strength. I am extremely sorry for your loss. No parent should have to endure such tragedy. But, I’m willing to bet everything I own that Amber is very very proud of her mother.

      Hugs to you.

    • GirlRacer says:

      I find it very difficult to talk about this, but its been almost five years and I think I’m ready.

      I grew up in a family of 9, 6 brothers and 2 sisters. We’re all relatively close. All my brothers are older than me, and one sister, leaving me the second youngest and my little sister the youngest.

      My eldest brother Michael, my best friend, hero and role model tragically died at age 37, leaving his girlfriend and newborn son behind. He was killed when a drunk driver smashed into him on his motorbike. He got to hospital, but was so badly mangled my Dad said he was barely recognizable and wouldn’t let us in to see him. I didn’t care, I ran in and shouted ‘Mikey’ – I swear to this day he smiled as he slipped away. I watched my brother die. I watched the man who everybody loved [and no exaggerations when I say that] leave this life.

      The loss was unbearable. I myself was lucky enough to have my life back after my last bike accident which was also a drunk driver, totalled my bike, left me unconscious for 2 months, endured two big operations. The weird thing is, I was in the same hospital, same ward, same bed as my brother was. I can’t remember the accident but I remember seeing Michael, smiling at me.

      I’ve beaten breast cancer twice. I’m 33. I believe that Michael is my guardian. He was in life. He still is now.

      Rest in peace Michael and Amber, you will never be forgotten.

      And his son, Joe- he’s his fathers son no doubt!

  53. Zachary says:

    Caretaker, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, like I said before I usually pop in here before attending college classes (currently algebra which sucks…alot) or doing homework so I don’t always think about what I am saying, so please forgive me. I don’t think that the original 12 Apostles or the early church was in the practice of decorating eggs to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, even if they called it Easter. Most of those practices including Christmas and Santa Claus didn’t pick up until right around the 13th century, well after the time that political power became the agenda for most Roman Catholic Clergymen, nearly 1,000 years after the fall of the Roman Empire. Early Christians most likely celebrated the ressurection of Christ by sharing in communion.

    • Caretaker says:

      Zachary – you wrote “…I don�t think that the original 12 Apostles or the early church was in the practice of decorating eggs …”

      You are absolutely correct, no they were not! It was the Babylonians that were doing that at the time. It wasnt until many years later that the Roman church started absorbing these Babylonian customs and holidays. And Santa may not have coe around until the 13th century but a lot of the basic Christmas traditions were celebrated long before Christ was born including the yule log and the decorated tree.

  54. Maliha says:

    Knowtoomuch, sweety thatnks for ur message and deep support. Its a great loss that u have lost ur daughter.
    Sweety, is ur real name Knowtoomuch? Can i know ur real name sweety? Its ok if u dont want to.
    I dont believe that ur daughter is punished for ur deeds cause in my view u r a great person.

    Zachary and all others I hope u r all fine.
    I have something to say, about my shadow friend. yes its the demon or whatever t is.
    Yesterday i felt while coming online as if some of the characters of a ghost game is out. I mean their faces were like that. I heard noises. Like as u said i made my mind hard and told my self loudly that its my illusion and it went away. But i didnt know that more trouble of this shadow has made for me which was waiting at school.
    I went to school i felt like my shadow was not mine i went to washroom but the mirrior looked clumsy. i scolded myself and it faded away.
    In my classroom i heard someone calling by my name and i couldnt write my works. Everything looked gloomy. My hands were freezing cold and i felt someone holding me.
    So u see what is going on in my life. What can i do now?

  55. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Maliha, i really cant say my real name on here,, just call me,, KTM… that will be good.. i have to be careful…. i know that my daughter is an angel in Heaven…. she was also one on earth.. the sweetest girl you could ever meet… i did teach her about goodness.. anyone that ever met her thought she was a shining star…..!!! she did have this glow about her,, my mom is the same way,, she just glows,, even in the worst of times.. i am very blessed…

    take care hun,, and your Higher Power, is right there with you!! can you feel it?? ktm

  56. Zaman says:

    Takeover ur body and mind because it’s yours. There is something strange with my body, its like there is a great power in me but when i use it i always do bad thing like when i fighting with other kid i almost kill him but thanks to allah my girlfriend stoped me. She was a nice girl she always be there for me, but sadly she died in a boat accident and i couldn’t help her. I was a deliquent before she died

  57. Maliha says:

    Zaman, I will always remember ur advice.
    Take care about ur health dont get so angry that u will fight and dont fight specially when u know that u get to kill someone while fighting. Try not to use that power in u. and if u use then use it for good. But i think better if u dont use it for both good or bad thing.
    I am sorry to hear about ur girlfriend. I can be a friend of u if u want cause i like to make new friend and to meet many new people. I thererfore hope that u wont mind
    Can u tell where u live? its ok if u dont want to, i respect ur privacy.
    Love u. Take care and dont fight and dont use the power in u.

  58. Holy Hunter says:

    tell me, were you reborn during this ordeal? because I read,on someones webpage, that if you are not reborn, you have zero power over any evil spirit…..can you dicount this?

  59. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Holy,,, can you elaborate a little more on your post?? didnt quite understand???

  60. Holy Hunter says:

    apparently if you are not reborn(ya know complety get rid of yours sins and cleanse yourself and give your self completly unto god himself and never sin again….it’s christian, I am catholic…….not sure if I nailed that right)then you have no power to banish demons or get rid of demons. I was wondering if you were reborn or not during this time.if you were not then my question has been answered.

    disclaimer: you have to look this up online or through a bible to find the exact meaning of being reborn, like I said it may be a little diffrent then I am explaining it.

  61. Zachary says:

    Holy Hunter, what you are taking about is being born again of the spirit, this means you are dead to sin and alive in Christ, getting baptized in water is a symbol of this and baptism in the Holy Spirit is God Himself actually confirming this. But to answer your question I gave my heart to Christ when I was 18 and I was 15 when I started dabbling in the occult, so in the middle of all this going on I gave my heart to Christ and only then did I start to see real progress.

  62. Holy Hunter says:

    ok, so you don’t have to be reborn, as long as you acccept jesus as your savior and believe in our father in heaven?I am baptized, but I feel at times somthing may be following me, could be a curious spirit, could be a demon scoping meout, whatever it is it has not been trying to contact me.last night somthing shiny was in my computer room after I shut off the light in my bed room, I thought maybe it was the street lights outside of the I never had my contacts in at the time,so I am not sure what it could be,it was like and orb but me paranoid I just hope it was natural light from out side and it shined through my blinds to make it look like somthing. I just needed to know anyways about the reborn thing in case I had to fight demons off. me and my wife are gettning the kids babptized as soon as we can, so thanks for your answer to my question.

    good job getting out of that occult crap, people truly don’t know the depth of uglies and what creatures truly are out there.

  63. Zachary says:

    Holy Hunter, be careful, being reborn and born again is the same thing and yes I would highly advise you to be born again if you are not, when you are born again you become a spiritual being and not one ruled by the lusts of this earth, I thought from the content in my last post I was clear that you must be dead to sin and alive in Christ this is being born again or as you put it reborn, if you are to cast out devils or confront a spirit directly with success than you must have an active relationship with Christ. Before you do anything read Acts 19:13-16. But to even further clarify giving your heart to Christ and being born again or reborn is the same thing. But yes you must be born again.

  64. Holy Hunter says:

    sorry I got confused……….I just hoped because I accepted christ as my savior and baptized would be enough……everyone is twisting religion and I am some where in the trying to understand who is right and who is making up laws against god. I probly should start praying again.

  65. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i have Christ in my heart and soul…. i was Christened as a baby…. and raised Methodist.. just my opinion,, i feel Gods love inside me at all times, i havent had to go out and find that love, its just there, always has been… i am a very spiritual person, and see Gods works in everything.. all you have to do is look around… it just seems so simple to me…

    Lord, give me your wisdom. Help me to know the difference between the world’s sort of wisdom and the wisdom that comes from Your Spirit… Amen

    enough said,, God Bless,,, ktm


    i know i am off topic, but going back and reading�. some people do believe in being born again Christians,, and thats fine.. there are many different religions.. Catholic�s on the other hand, very different from say, Baptist� the main thing is,, that we have Christ in our hearts� doesnt that take care of all of the debate?????

    I really dont think that we have to defend what we believe in, in the end, many of us believe in the same thing, just in different ways!!! my hubby and i where raised with different religions, and we dont always agree, but,, we both have God in our hearts, and are very kind people, and try our best to help others�.

    Isnt that what counts????? ktm

  66. Holy Hunter says:

    answers my question, thanks ktm and zack.
    now I can begin my journey, hunting down evil!!

  67. Zachary says:

    Holy Hunter, there are many teachings out there and they don’t always agree, but the Spirit of God is always in agreement, as long as you keep in mind that God loves you more than anyone can understand and you trust Him to guide your path He will never steer you wrong. Remember it is not our works that make us righteous, it is the blood of Christ that washes our sins away so it is under His righteousness that we are made Holy, not by anything we ourselves have done.

  68. christianwarrior101 says:

    lol god bless you brother awesome story god has blessed you with this so you can help other people very proud of you for letting everyone no the truth and how jesus is the only way to defeat these things you really will be blessed for be so open about the truth in christ god bless you

  69. D.Worrior13 says:

    What kind of events would a human have to go trew in order to expireance supernatural events?

  70. nana says:

    Hi..i’m very interested about ur story,sometime when i read this story i can feel chill behind my neck also sometime can feel spooky…^^

    My i know if people full of hatred,doesn’t believe in god can invited demon?


  71. ChristianTexture says:

    I had to cheer because of the writer of this warning: Zachary. Chills ran up and down my arms when he stated that he praised God Almighty and that the demon could do nothing but flee. God is great!!!! Not only are you a victor, Zachary, you allowed Jesus Christ to give the enemy the boot. There is no greater being than Jesus Christ!

    May the Lord Jesus bless you and your future, Zachary!

  72. Lisa says:

    Zach, you give people very good advice — let’s hope they pay heed to what you say! God bless!

  73. Zachary says:

    I am sorry I haven’t left a reply in awhile, I have been busy with school and my family. Thank you ChristianWarrior101, ChristianTexture, and Lisa for your encouragement, it means alot to me, it is always good to know that there are others fighting the good fight, I have not had to personally deal with a poltergeist type spirit for many years now, and they refuse to reveal themselves in my presence, I know other Christians who also have the same experience, I think after awhile that demonic spirits know who to avoid.
    To nana, it is more likely that those who harbor hatred will invite a demonic presence since demons are pure hatred themselves and as they say “birds of a feather flock together” This does not mean that people who aren’t full of hatred can’t invite a demon, any body can, I wouldn’t suggest trying it though. They are destructive ruthless spirits trying to destroy mankind because we are Gods prized creation and they want to hurt Him, since they can’t physically attack Him and expect to win they attempt to destroy His weak and vulnerable children which is of course human beings.

  74. Ouija says:

    Ouija Boards are NOT pure evil. This entire post is just one of thousands used to sell christianity.

    • truebinx says:

      actually quija boards may not be evil in and of themselves but they do open a portal for insanely evil spirits to enter and destroy you, and I give you this warning, there is a very good reason why paranormal society’s will not touch them instead they use EMF and EVP detectors and occasionally call a psychic but they NEVER use a quija board or do any other occult practices.

  75. Maliha says:

    Zachary, my life is going worse than it was before. i hope ur good. i did what u told me. I did my prayer. I devoted myself. But slowly i feel like i’m loosing control over what and who I’m. I dont know how i’m have a distance form my family and friends. I feel like staying alone all the time. And my temper. i never had any trouble wiht my temper. Now a days when ever i get angry at some one i feel like murdering him and to destroy soemhting that i cannt have. I always get the tendecy of huritng someone. I see shadows. I feel like someone is always around me. i hear foot steps around my house. Its just creepy in here. I cannt stay in my house for the feelings and i cannt stay outside caus e somehting pulls me toward my house. I alwas have fear anger depression in me. And most of the times i feel like killing myself or huritng myself. I do things that i dotn want to know. Help me please. I’m alone. NO one belives me in family and friends.

  76. johnny says:

    i would also like to add that this is GOD’s POWER not yours… as He (Jesus Christ)
    said “ask anything in My name and I will do it”

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