Ouija Boards and Unfocused Attempts

Posted on November 10, 2009

I�ve used Ouija boards a number of times. They�re really just pieces of wood (or cheaper materials). It�s not the Ouija board that actually does anything, it�s the intent of the people using it.

In any case, such unfocused attempts to �contact the beyond.� (ha ha!) tend to result in:

1: nothing
2: people scaring their friends and themselves out of hysteria or prankishness
3: people�s subconscious minds playing tricks on them
4: possibly contact with whatever random critter is out there, who might claim to be Satan, John F. Kennedy, an alien ghost, or whatever else amuses them (or which they think they are in response to one�s desires)

Generally, when you start having extreme experiences with a Ouija board, it�s not because anything external is happening � it�s because you�ve created a huge internal mythology about what you expect to happen, or fear could happen.

As for responding to things with Religiosity, (as opposed to faith), here�s what I usually see happening (and I�ve seen this over and over and over):

When people have a scary �supernatural� experience, and start waving crosses and stars of David and little Buddhist prayer books and Pentacles at it, all they really end up doing is validating whatever is going on, making it more real. You are basically yelling to the universe that you believe in the experience or entity. What usually ends up happening is that whatever is going on either gets worse, or continues to happen unless you constantly perform whatever rituals you come up with.

Now, sometimes what we really want is proof that there is something beyond the norm, as well as proof that someone out there is bigger and stronger than us, who can protect us from anything. When that happens, sometimes we actually create these �supernatural� experiences, just so that we can be �saved,� by something.

Now, if you�re happy and functional in your life, even with these goings-on, then fine. We all have different ways of coping in the wide world.

There might be wicked creatures out there. There�s certainly wicked people in the �real� world.

In any case, I�ve encountered lots of occasions where people �embrace Christ� in response to something seemingly supernatural, where the problem doesn�t go away � they remain in a constant battle with �the forces of darkness,� at least in their own heads. This does not, to me, look like a problem solved. It doesn�t even look, to me, like a true understanding of faith (Christian or otherwise).

A good friend once mentioned, to someone who was having their own �spook troubles,� that sometimes we have these �entities� in our lives because they fit a place in our lives, and that we can�t get rid of them without filling that space with something else (preferably something better.)

For some people, it is possible that they can fill the role in their lives that a �bad spirit� takes up by taking up religion (replacing the icky spirit with one that seems good, and hopefully stronger.)

But this is not a universal cure � and I�m not trying to undermine religion here. Sometimes, the �entity� (if there is one), needs to be replaced by self-sufficiency, or imagination, or a recognition of one�s own power, or through reason, or any of a number of things. In some cases, the person needs to confront feelings from their childhood � things that were unfulfilled, or hurtful lessons that need to be unlearned.

There may be �demons� out there that seem to be driven off by prayers, etc. but trust me � that generally only works when the spirit believes in the same religious framework, or it gets bored, or you believe in something so much you drown it out. It isn�t because any particular religion is necessarily any more right or better than any other.

I don�t even have a religion, and I eat monsters for breakfast, and I�ve been doing it a very long time.

Sent in by “Coyote”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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49 Responses to “Ouija Boards and Unfocused Attempts”
  1. Elden says:

    If your saying all spirits and ghost are made up out of our minds, sometimes it may be so. But there are also real spirits and enities ,that aren’t figments of our minds also.But you are intitled to your opinion as I am mine.Good night.

  2. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Coyote,,,, and your point is?

    Coyote,, ok,, i just have to ask,, have you ever had a paranormal experience???? have you ever had dealings with demons or the devil???? and you eat monsters for breakfast,, huh!!!!! well, we all have our opinions,, mine is,, and im not trying to be rude,, just calling it as i see it�.. you eat ego, for breakfast!!!!!!

    • TheresMoreThanWhatCanBeLinked says:

      LOL!!!! Love this comment!! He eats ego for breakfast indeed!!! Unfortunately most people do.

  3. K.C says:

    I agree to most degree here. Although i do believe there are spirits that arent created by us. demons ehhhh not so much. and knowtoomuch…..that was kinda rude.

    • truebinx says:

      KTN’s comment is so called for it’s ridiculous, what’s rude is Coyote’s arrogant post, I have seen many evil spirits in one instance it began strangling a friend of mine I began praying silently in my head because me and THREE other people saw the hand prints forming on his neck, he then looked at me and screamed “stop praying” at which point I got ticked off so I grabbed him and screamed “In the name of Jesus Christ let him go” in which case the spirit released him and he could breathe again.
      My main point is that Coyote’s advise is very dangerous to the point it could get people killed and is the reason I wish people who do not have any experience or expertise which in the paranormal always comes from first hand eye witnessed events would just shut up, their extreme ignorance is insanely dangerous to people who may actually be the victim of a haunting.
      There are Paranormal Society’s in nearly every large city and every one of them have very well documented proof in the existence of both demons and just plain ghosts to deny the existence of a demon or an evil spirit is like denying the existence of the American sex slave ring, it may make it easier to sleep at night but it doesn’t change that people are being held captive and tortured in unimaginable ways as we speak.

      Note from admin, thanks for your comment but please, in the future, refrain from using profanity. The rules are clearly stated by the comment box.

  4. lonergrllove says:

    i’m srry,i disagree 2 ur story.
    i beleive dat ouija boards r the real deal and i think dat it’s ok 2 use them as long as ur no alone and u dn’t keep talkin’ 2 some1 wen u “get a bad vibe” or wateva u guys say now.i havn’t used a real ouija board but hav seen it done and it waz not bad.
    i beleive dat ghosts r real and dat they use the ouija boards 2 giv u watz on ur mind.
    no offence
    god blesss and be safe
    luvv alwayz,lonergrllove=)

  5. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i have lived with the paranormal my whole life, since childhood,, i didnt invite anything in, it was just there.. it continues to be in my life!!! its just the way it is.. some of us live this type of life, and not by our own doing…..we learn to cope with it by talking to others who understand….

    the paranormal is not something we can just talk to anyone about..this website is a life saver for many of us….we feel comfortable, telling our stories, and when we need help, there is always someone there for us!!!

    but,, there will always be sceptics,, thats a part of life…..I do praise Caretaker often, as i feel that he is doing a great job here…. and,, he totally understands where we are coming from…

  6. Tony Lemons says:

    I’ll give my whole name because what I say I know to be true. I don’t know the truth about ouija boards. I’ve never understood why a person who is passed on, or a fallen spirit would feel the need to answer to any one living because they all of a sudden said the right mumbo jumbo words. To me that just doesn’t make sense. I know I wouldn’t. I don’t believe anyone living could threaten any fallen angel that ever knew God in the first person with anything. I do believe that when the possessed man in the bible laid eyes on Jesus he did say, thou son of God, what have we to do with thee? Only because they know that there is a judgement day coming and that they wil answer because they chose, no telling how many eons ago to fallow lucifer, and they know the folly of their ways by now. I mean, please. They’ve already seen Jesus, and they recognize him for who he was. They know whats coming. They begged him not to send them to the judgement before their time. They knew. And they know now. Were’re the only ones who don’t know. well, not me, but others. The sad thing is, I’m not going to try and waste my time convincing you that this is so. I know that I know it is true. And if, in the future, you ever meet a near death, you too will call upon the name of the Lord. And if you do’nt now, you’ll have all eternity to practice.

  7. DarStarr says:

    I am right with you!
    Yes, some things can be explained away very easily as imagination, or a mental issue, BUT the paranormal exists!
    And KTM, I actually thought your comment about Coyote eating ego for breakfast was HYSTERICAL! I am still laughing!! :)
    If you don’t believe in the paranormal, then may I ask why you are on this site? Why you are making comments impling that people that experience such things are doing so in their own minds?

  8. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Darstarr,,, lol,,,, i had hoped that somone would get the pun,,,, ego,,,,, instead of eggo!!!!!! i could have said narrsissism,, but that would have been to long………wow,, that would be a big breakfast!!!!

    Tony,, you have a point,,BEEN THERE , DONE THAT, i have met death in the face, and was surrounded by a bubble,, protection from God… true story….3 others died, i was the only survivor… i went completly numb,, brain and body,,, but was able to run to protection… the coroner talked to me about this many times in the years since,, he even told me, that it was gods protection….. I mean,, when there is a guy in your house with a shotgun to your forhead, saying he is gona kill you,,, what do you do…??? God was there for me…. and i felt it…

    sorry for saying that so sarcasticly…. sometimes, the whole thing just p……… me off!!!!!!
    sorry Caretaker…..just had a little itch i had to scratch!!!! if i didnt have a sence of humor,, i would be in trouble….

  9. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    something else,,,i was barefoot, running on grass, and on gravel,, my feet are very tender, i always wear shoes…. didnt feel a thing, and my feet where fine…God is amazing,, thats for sure!!!!!! ktm

  10. Manik says:

    There are ghosts and demons probably not inside your mind, if some one thinks that he had been with paranormal and tells it to you it would be real or it could be false that they just wanted to tell something to attract people, if the paranormal experiences happen again and again YOU CAN’T BLAME YOUR BRAIN COZ ITS THE REAL THING THE PARANORMAL ITS GHOSTS AND DEMONS! ! ! sorry i refuse the idea of your coyote. Like you. AND if you are eating MONSTERS TO YOUR BREAK FAST then I WOULD BE EATING YOUR HOUSE AND YOUR PC AND EVEN YOU no offence joke for joke!!!

  11. trolldoll1681 says:

    trolldoll here i need your thoughts tonight. my bro in law is in serious trouble. he’s bleeding out internally. they are lifeflighting him as i speak to iowa city. there gonna do surgery when he gets there and there’s a good chance he may not make it!! i’ll let ya’ll know. when i saw him today, i felt and saw something waiting for him. we were all talking but it was so quiet in that room. granted he’s done this to himself by way of alcohol. everyday for more than 30 years. he knows what he’s done. i just hope he’s made his peace. we all need to realize just how fragile life is. but to die is to be free of this mortal prison we all live. go and hug your family cuz you never know when it will be the last time……………………….

  12. darren says:

    If you eat monsters for breakfast, do you wash them down with divine entities?

  13. Gina says:

    Q..Why are you on this sight if you are not are a skeptic, your just out to get peoples backs up !!!! Monsters ……………….. you have no idea what monsters are out there !!!!

  14. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hello Manik, my friend!!! its good to see you,, you always make me chuckle!!!!!!!

    Coyote,, in my opinion,,,, some people have got it, and some people dont,,, i think you fit into the (dont) catagory…..

    Oh,, i think i had asked Coyote if she had any paranormal experiences,, i dont think she has responded?????

    KC,,, sorry for the rudeness!! just could not help myself…im really not a rude person at all,, i know that everyone has the right to thier opinions…..ok,, i will play nice!!!

    take care all,, ktm

  15. DarStarr says:

    I am sending prayers his way!
    Please keep us posted, and take care of yourself and your family too!

  16. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Trolldoll, you know that i am right there with ya hun!!! hang in there…..you know that i am praying for him and your family….

    God Bless,,, ktm

  17. Manik says:

    Hi Ktm, Trolldolla, Darstarr.
    To troll doll hai honey don’t worry keep faith your friends including me are praying desperately for ya and your bro. LET THE NICE REFRESHING FLOWERS OF HEAVEN AND FRAGRANCE MAY FALL ON YOU AND YOUR BRO FROM GOD TO SAVE YOU, Don’t panic everything will be ok just hang’in there honey QUOTE “THE WORLD IS MORE DANGEROUS WHEN YOU FEAR” SO DON’T LOOSE HOPE ALL WILL BE OK. I gift my tears to lord to save ya! With true love [email protected][email protected]!

  18. DarStarr says:

    How beautiful!!! You are truly a wonderful friend!!!!!!!!

  19. Manik says:

    You are too hun! ! ! just keep it real! ! ! and hi guys good to see ya’ll here!

  20. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Manik,, you are such a sweetie!!!! Ditto for Darstarr!!!!

    Trolldoll,, we are all praying for you and your family hun…… remember,, God will never fail you …… sending you hugs and kisses,,, ktm

  21. tyra says:

    I don’t think much people who read your story would like it, seeing as though you published it on a site made about paranormal stuff and all.. But I think some people do imagine up ghosts, and some don’t.

  22. ChronicMidori says:

    Loved the post Coyote! So well put, this site needed it a long time ago. I have had some crazy experiences and know those who have had eye witness accounts that could not be explained as anything other than spirits. However, I completely agree that we can manifest things to be bigger in our minds than in reality and that we certainly draw things to us with our intent more than by chance. It’s just logic honestly, thanks for the interesting post I enjoyed it. :)

    KTM, I don’t think she was saying your experiences were invalid or made up. I felt as if the point were to take things with a grain of salt so to speak. You Have had some nutty stuff happen to you Kudos to you. Your a sweet heart but you use too many commas. :P

    trolldoll my condolences to you and your friend I hope everything works out well. That was a bit of a random place to post such but it’s all good.

  23. trolldoll1681 says:

    chronicmidori, thanks for thinking of me. this site makes us all aware of just how short life is. i often wonder what he could be thinking and how he feels about death. that and i have many friends on this site whom i can share with. my question to all, when you do die, would you want to come back as a ghost, and walk around the places you lived in life?? just makes you think and we won’t know the answer til were gone.

  24. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    chronic,,, kudos to me for having some,,,, nutty stuff,,,,,, happen to me huh???? you have no idea, unless you have read some of my posts and comments… have you ever stared evil in the eye??? and that evil turn around and kill your daughter??? that was the worst of the ,,,, nutty stuff,,,,,,i happen to like my commas…. thank you…………..you have no clue!!!!!!!!!!

  25. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    oh,, and chronic,, what do you mean by a random place for trolldoll to post … did you even know what was going on at the time??? we are all friends here, and we support each other… she was in a very rough situation, and we where all here for her…

    you seem to take life with a grain of salt.. well honey,, you will need much more than a grain to survive this life!!!

  26. adam collvins says:

    Iam jus gona say a few things about this subject,, demonds are REAL, if u think there made up I can tell u a few storys that will make u change ur mind, Jesus is alive and his name works ,, I’ve seen things in the shadows that WERE NOT made up in my head, dreams that jus make u sick, wakeing up at 3 every morning to ur mom calling u, and she’s not even home???

  27. DarStarr says:

    What a great question! I’ve wondered about that myself, and me personally would NOT want to come back as a ghost. It would be much to hard to come back and only be able to observe the loved ones I have left and not be able to talk to them, and hug them. I will be happy being with the people who have passed and wait for the others to join us.

  28. Paige says:

    So do you even believe in it? I mean I’ve heard true stories about ouija boards and nobody was playin any tricks.My friends told me that they played and they asked to see if anyone was there and it took my friends head and busted it in the floor.She came to school if a busted head and a hand print on her neck.And then another one of my friend played with it in a graveyard and they experienced something so they tried to burn it and the next day it was sittin at the foot of the bed.I’ve not played with an ouija board but I’ve been wanting to and lately I’ve been curious about it. So i Don’t really have any experience with but i know a lot of people that have experience with it. But myself I think its real.

  29. Manik says:

    To Paige Are you out of yo mind, don’t ever think of playing it even in your dreams!

  30. DarStarr says:

    If you are thinking about trying it – DON’T! You have heard stories and I have to ask, have ANY of them been good?
    It is not something to be taken lightly. I had a bad experience with one years ago, and learned my lesson the hard way. You are lucky that there are people here that can warn you. Don’t take the chance of letting something awful in. These spirits, or whatever they are that channel themselves through are lying, evil things.
    Be careful, be smart!

  31. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Paige,,,,i dont know your age! when i was about 13, i played with the Q. board,, it has brought nothing but trouble to my life…i am 51 now… its not worth ruining your life out of curiousity…. many of us here where curious, and wish we had never heard of the Q. board…….. be afraid of the board!!!!! its not fun and games,,i do feel that it depends on who you are playing with,, as some dont get any results.. but,, you never know if someone has evil in them,, many times, that person doesnt either!!!!

    evil does lurk,, and if you open up a gateway,, it will jump in…… thats a promise.. so, please dont try it..

    God Bless,, ktm

  32. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Adam,, i agree with you!!! i would love to hear some of your stories……

    Dar,,, i really dont know how i would feel about coming back..i believe that our loved ones know what is going on with us.. and they visit at times.. how this happens,, dont know.. maybe its all up to God!!!!

    Manik,, very good point made!!

    chronic and coyote,,, 2 peas in a pod!!!

    God bless,, luv all of you, even the ones i dont agree with!!! ktm

  33. ChronicMidori says:

    Ouch! I did not mean to upset you so KNOWTOOMUCH, you completely misunderstood everything I said.

    I didn’t mean kudos for having nutty stuff happen to you!! I meant kudos for being able to deal with it and talk about it. It takes a very strong person to do that, not every body can. I am truly sorry for you loss, my heart goes out to you. Your right, I had no idea what you had been through, I have not read many of your posts before. I do not have children yet (I’m only 21), but I have nieces and nephews who I love dearly and would be absolutely devastated to have that happen to. I don’t think I could be as strong as you and pull through such circumstances. You have my utmost respect and sympathies. Also I like your commas too, I was just teasing. If you hadn’t noticed yet, I like to use a lot of periods and exclamation marks (nor is my comma usage always correct either!!)….. I’m so sorry to offend you, I was trying to be playful….. *FAIL* :(

    As far as trolldoll goes, She didn’t mind what I said so I don’t know what your defending her from….. I gave my condolences and I understand you are friends, she has every right to share her experiences with you. However, It had nothing to do with the story to which the comment was left. I consider that to be random (not bad, wrong, upsetting). I would never consider random as insult, I’m random, Life’s random for crying out loud!

    I guess the ‘grain of salt’ metaphor didn’t come across to you the right way, but I do believe that everything should be taken in moderation, especially moderation.

    My apologies again, Bless you KTM.

  34. ChronicMidori says:

    trolldoll, my apologies on taking so long to respond, I only visit this site on the days I work. I know it sounds funny but I work at a toy store so we will go hours without customers. I have to kill time somehow but be able to drop what I’m doing if a customer needs help or such. Ghost stories is perfect for that… I have many hobbies to keep up with when I’m off, so I don’t really bother with this site until i go back to work.

    Back to topic, a very interesting question, my personal feeling towards that topic is that ghost are not the spirits of lives gone but a reflection of them. Everything generates energy, especially living beings. We could even be considered generators of sorts, so wouldn’t it make sense that we can give off energy to people and things around us, esp what we feel strongly about? Using that logic, when someone feels strongly about something they could leave a shade or reflection of that energy behind when they die. Or if they had a very emotional experience at death, they leave an impression of that behind while the actual spirit moves on. I am a believer of rebirth, everything in the universe is recycled at some point, why would our souls be an exception? So I don’t think ghosts are THE spirits they came from, just the left over energy. The spirit moves on to other lives and experience but probably has a strong connection to the energy they left behind. That’s just my opinion, I don’t claim to know anything or assume anyone will agree. Hope you found it interesting, stay curious! :)

  35. trolldoll1681 says:

    well that explains it and i thank you for being so straightforward about this!! and also i’ve been told that ghosts are dead people who can’t cross over into the light and spirits are the dead who have crossed over,but just come back everynow and then. the residule is a memory like what you explain. can be kind of confusing but thanks chronic midori, alot of people have grown up with so many different explainations.

  36. ChronicMidori says:

    I think our views on the subject are very similar to each others troll doll. “alot of people have grown up with so many different explainations.” So true! I have had some pretty odd experiences in my life, but have never seen a full bodied apparition. My boyfriend on the other hand, has had such encounters, a few have even spoken to him in depth. I think he is almost the status of a medium, but he has never claimed to be or been proven as such but you would think so too if you knew him like I do. His experience with the paranormal begin at a very early age and doesn’t only include ghosts. His most scary stories come from when he worked at a movie theater that was built over a burnt down theater house. There were dozens of ghosts according to him, that were seen by pretty much everyone who worked there or went up into the catwalks. Apparently he became known as the guy that the ghosts talked to and eventually the tour guide lol. No body would go into the catwalks without him there to steer them away from the ‘bad’ spots. I have yet to find stories as real and chilling as his anywhere. I hope to post them once I get his permission to. He was definitely the most influential person on my opinion of ghosts and the paranormal. That was actually his opinion too, its how he describes his experiences with them. Kind of confusing but I find to be very interesting, like a new land that hasn’t been explored yet, leaving much to discover.

  37. trolldoll1681 says:

    chronic m i would imagine the theater that burned took a few people with it and another one being built right on top, i’m sure since he a sensitive, give me chills i tell ya!! i have seen a full bodied too but i was residule and a pool table was in the was so i couldn’t see the bottom of her dress( victorian woman). where she was walking in her time would have been outside instead of in, the house was built in 1888. yes your lucky to have someone who can feel hot spots and cold. please do try to get his permission, but if not thats totally okay i have felt something in time to see it at the door or race by a window and then they’re gone and there’s noway they could have gone that far not to have been seen.. thanks for relating to me!!!

  38. trolldoll1681 says:

    messed up spelling my fingers can’t keep up i should type for a living lol!!

  39. Gregory Brown says:


    I take a keen interest in the stories that people relate who have been injured (bearing physical marks like bite marks, claw marks, slapped, choked, kicked, burned, broken bones, and the list goes on.) I am acquainted with stories of people that had to be treated with an exorcisim…, and all the evidence gathered during those events. Physical evidence is difficult to argue with. Poltergeist? I think there are stories that have been recorded for hundreds of years. Plenty of stories on this site. Very heavy objects being moved apparently by unseen visitors. Sometimes objects disappear only to be discovered later in some unusual or some wide open space that is very visible. Could be someone or something is screwing with you?

    I’m a Christian. I have no idea what the depth of your experience is in any particular religion. I wish you well, and may you come to a time and place in your life where you will discover you too have a place in your heart and mind for God. He’s waiting.

    I’ve had a few very real experience of the paranormal. I don’t go looking for trouble.

  40. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    chronic,, no harm done hun,,,,,ktm

    Gregory,, i enjoyed your post,, i am also very interested in the stories, and also dont go looking for trouble�. ktm

  41. Mira says:

    I agree!

    Religion… it doesn’t really make sense. Ghosts are usually made up with the mind.

  42. Starr says:

    I 100% disagree with this. Obviously, you have had zero experience with anything and don’t believe. Ghosts are NOT made up with the mind, I swear. I know. If you don’t believe in ghosts and think they are made up with the mind, then why are you here? What is the point of you reading these stories if you think they are all nonsense? Well. I guess that’s just my opinion, but there is a paralell universe and I know it. The world we are familiar with is like a piece of paper. You look at it from the side, the edge, its almost not there. The edge is the paper is soooo thin, you can hardly see it. Now, imagine taking this sheet of paper and turning it so that you see the entire surface area of the paper. This is the world no one has discovered, where no one is sure about anything. This is the truth.

  43. Desertfox says:

    Listen, coyote isn’t trying to be egotistical or intentionally step on beliefs in an arrogant fashion. In my opinion, after reading his story, he was merely coming from a point of view that was trying to rationalize what else paranormal experiences could be. That is an important voice to be heard because it is easy to be swept up in the idea paranormal events are real because emotions are powerful and potentially deceptive. Keep in mind that when you do experience a supernatural occurrence one would understandably feel large emotions of fear and anxiety.

    • GirlRacer says:

      Brilliant response. Well said.

      I do not for one second think the originator of this post had the intention to upset people. An opinion was voiced, just like all the respondees here.

      Therefore, while people may not agree, I think full respect should be shown to both sides. Firstly, the originator who has posted outside of the box, and objectively – giving us all food for thought. Secondly to the respondees for posting their opinion also.

      Life and the world would be so much easier if respect in this way was shown.

      An open minded objective logical believer in the unknown.

  44. gorgeous-killerr:P says:

    im not really that into paranormal
    stuff but these stories r kool
    anyways u know wat?
    wen playing with one of those boards
    u actually DO contact spirits and demons!!
    those thing r real ya know
    i wouldnt be surprised if one day u play
    the ouji board and u come in contact with a demon
    then u’ll know for urself that demons and spirits r real buddy!!

  45. trolldoll says:

    girlracer, very well said!

  46. johnny says:

    i just want to point out that this guy is half correct.. by people sometimes only imagining it… but… spirits do exist and they also hurt you and can attack you. thats real. and when you made this story can you please put it in a more comforting way because it really feels like you are attacking. halfway through the thread i was furious how you are attacking.

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