The Raincoat Man

Posted on June 18, 2011

Most vivid dream. So it all starts in my fathers neighborhood where I stay home alone most of the time. It was about 10 or 11 at night and I went out for a walk into the pitch black night. I don’t remember there being a moon in the dream and the only light was coming from those bright street lights.

As I was walking around the town house community I felt I was being watched. I turned around to see if I could see anyone and I saw a tall man in a bright long yellow rain coat, he seemed to be really old and had a white beard. His face was a blur so I did not recognize any of his facial features. He was about two street lights behind me. I ran home and on the way it started raining hard. I felt heavy and in my dream it felt I was running in slow motion.I got to the gate of my house and opened the wooden gate.

Right after I passed the wooden gate I tripped and scraped my knees on the cement path I have in front of my door. The man appeared behind me and said “this is happening once, don’t let it happen again”. I could never make out his hands, but I know there was something in it (i.e. a weapon). I don’t know exactly what it was. I finally got up from what seemed to be forever off the wet floor and ran inside and locked the door behind me. I saw through the little half circle window on my door the man. His back was facing me and his face was facing my house gate. He left. From your point of view it probably seems as if he was making sure I got home and looking out for me but I was sure he was not. I feared him the most.

The next day it was night again, but this time I wasn’t home alone I was with my mother and my brother in my dads neighborhood. We were walking around in the same setting as I was before. Walking with them seemed odd because they were next to me but I felt I was still walking by myself. Sometime during the walk I turned around and I saw the man. It was pouring hard by the time my head turned to see him. I turned back around to run away with my mom and brother but they were gone so I was running home again by myself. I got inside and locked the door. Looking through the door window I saw him open the gate and come up to the door. I guess he saw me looking and he tried to break the window.

I don’t remember much after that but it seems as if my dream skipped to the next day. Again I was at my dads house but I was with my friend Amanda. We were watching the news and everyone was doing suicide attempts. For example I remember clearly this mother was shooting at a marry go round which held all her children. Once they all took a bullet to the head she shot herself. I turned off the TV and sat there with my friend. She didn’t know what was going on and I was scared out of my mind to say anything. When we were sitting there in silence I realized my dog was no where to be found. I heard the gate opening and banging on the door. It was him I ran up stairs grabbed my bro’s gun and shot myself.

When I woke up I was sweating and my eyes and head were killing me. The feeling from that dream of being watched was still with me ….dam this sounds like a movie. I also forgot to mention that while he was trying to break through the door’s window I had called up everyone I know but he kept answering all of my calls and as well my text to my mother and I even tried dialing the police but he answered saying, “open the door”. By the way I’m writing this as a teenager right now before I forget.

Sent in by anon, Copyright 2011

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6 Responses to “The Raincoat Man”
  1. Buddy says:

    A weird dream, unfortunately, I’m no expert in dream interpretations. It sounded like a scene from the movie “Inception”, have you seen that movie? It could probably be a biproduct of that. As for what the man in the rain coat gave you, did you have a good look at what it was that he put in your hand? It may have been that the man in you dream is trying to tell you something that is about to happen, or you could have held on to the weapon the man gave you and used it against the man. One thing I’m a bit confused though is the time setting. Did all the three day event you mentioned happned in just one dream, or did you dream of them three nights in a row?

    I also had similar dreams like yours, but instead of running away, I fight back. When I dream, there is a certain feeling that makes me realize that everything that’s happening around me is all a dream. One of the things that make me realize I’m in a dream or makes me self aware in a dream is when I try to move my fingers. The fingers in my hand behave differently in my dream. Another give away is the people in the dream, most people may look familiar, but when I look at their faces a little closer I realize that they look very different from the actual person I know. When I realize this, I try to take control of the dream. If there is a scary entity trying to come after me I just visualize myself as some sort of super hero, or that I have super powers, then I’ll beat the crap out of it.

    Rather than running away in the dream, I try to explore it and I find a lot of interesting things in it that is way out of this world. But still, you have a rather intriguing dream, I hope somebody may be able to interpret it for you properly.

  2. erika says:

    no i have not seen inception. This specific dream was all one dream. The “raincoat man” has appeared in my other dreams as well. Even so i can never see his hands. it is all just a blur. thank you for your feedback.

  3. erika says:

    also my fear of this man keeps me from fighting back. ill try though. and i get your feeling of knowing this is a dream. that feeling just doesnt come to me when i dream of him.

  4. Sandy says:

    “To dream that you are being chased indicates that you are steering clear of a circumstance that you feel cannot be overcome. This is generally a metaphor for a kind of insecurity.”

    “To dream of a killer represents the eradication of an important part of your emotional self. You may be at risk of losing who you truly are. A killer in dreams may also represent the opposite; a healing time in your life is about to begin. You have recently taken the opportunity to speak up for yourself and stand up for what you believe in. This will end a situation in a dramatic manner.”

    “To dream of yourself walking mirrors your approach to life. If you are walking slowly and calmly, you are also approaching your dreams in the same manner. How will you ever achieve your desires in this manner?”

    “To dream of being soaked from the rain symbolizes a washing away of your blues and concerns. A dream involving rain may likewise stand for fertility and rejuvenation.” ( Forget the fertility part — you are too young for that!)

    I have never tried an on-line dream interpretation site before, but you had so many concrete things to look up I thought I would give it a try. I copied the above from Sounds like you are now at the stage where you are going to be figuring out what to do with the rest of your life, and have come to some sort of crossroads. Buddy above seems to be fighting in his dreams what lurks in his dreams, but I believe you need to do some soul searching to find what direction you want to take, and come to terms with whatever situation you cannot change…you mention your dad’s neighborhood, then you and your mother and brother in your dad’s neighborhood, so a separation or divorce may be difficult for you to accept.

    I don’t know how accurate the above are, but I believe there is a possibility that there is real meaning in our dreams that psychologists can interpret. However, I don’t know the qualifications for this site. There are several sites listed if you do a search for “dream interpretation” and would like to check them out.

  5. erika says:

    thank you so much. VERY helpful. Btw my parents have been divorced since i was very very young so i have no memory of them being together. i don’t know if that helps. i also believe what you believe thank you.

  6. Rowdy says:

    And I was just wonednrig about that too!

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