The Hitchhiking Demon

Posted on March 4, 2009

First let me say, that although I’ve lived with spirits, demons and supernatural occurrences all my life, I differentiate between them like this – a spirit or a ghost is pretty harmless, although they may be quite aggravating and even frightening to some, they’re generally fairly calm and almost peaceful. A demon on the other hand, is pure evil and out to hurt someone.

I know there’s all kinds of terms for different types of entities, poltergeists etc, but I tend to categorize them in one of the two–either spirit or demon! I have never felt the need to know the exact technical name for any type of supernatural being I’ve dealt with. The reason I’m writing this is because the “thin” I’m about to tell you about may not have been what most people would call a demon, to me it is! Now the story, sorry it’s so long…

My daughter lives right beside me and not long ago she’d came over to tell me what had happened. Like I said, we’ve always dealt with and lived with supernatural happenings, so she knows to come to me for help when something happens.

She’d gotten up around 6 am and had knocked on my door to try to get me up as soon as it happened. I didn’t hear her knocking, so later, she came over to tell me about it.

She got up and came down her stairs like usual, her full grown Golden Retriever that is still a big baby, usually just tromps down the stairs and heads straight to the window to look out. But, this morning he wouldn’t go down the steps!

He stayed behind her whining and growling real low and was scared to death. This is what warned her that something was wrong. My daughter felt really scared to, which is why she’d came straight over to get me!

She said she slowly went down the steps and peeked around the stairway wall, thinking someone might be in the apartment. Of course, “someone” being in there would not have scared her dog so bad.

The dog came down right behind her and I guess when he didn’t see anything he was relieved and ran to the living room. But, he didn’t go to the window as normal, instead he ran all around the living room, hallway and kitchen with his nose stuck to the floor following a scent.

As soon as she told me about the event, I told her that if it happened again to come and get me and I’d get rid of it. But, as we talked more and more, I knew that we couldn’t afford to wait until it happened again. This thing was up to no good and I wanted it out of my daughter’s home!

One of the first things I asked was if she’d gotten anything new lately, not “new” but new to her. A piece of furniture, picture for the wall or anything that someone could have gave her. She said, no! So, the next step, I asked if she’d had anyone come and visit that hadn’t been there in a long time. Yes, she’d had someone show up that she hadn’t seen in several years the night before this happened!

The person that had visited her was a friend and would not in anyway cause harm to her. But, this demon came in with him. He’d been somewhere or around someone and this thing had attached itself to him and was invited in with him.

I kept feeling more and more like it was there to do some kind of evil, so I told her, let’s go get rid of it. So, we went straight to her apartment and I got rid of it. It’s never been back since and the next morning when she got up, the dog pranced down the stairs in front of her and headed straight to the window!

After we got over at her apartment, I asked her where all did this friend go. She said that he’d just been in the living room, hallway and kitchen. Which explained exactly why the dog only followed the scent in those areas! The dog wasn’t afraid upstairs, the friend hadn’t went upstairs! He was afraid on the steps, but not because of the steps, he was looking down the steps as he whined and growled.

I don’t know what it was there to do, but it wasn’t good. I also don’t believe that the friend even realized that it was with him. This is often the reason why one day a place that’s calm and peaceful can suddenly be terrorized by a demon, it has came in with someone or something!

Written in our forum by the member know as “haunted”, Copyright 2009

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39 Responses to “The Hitchhiking Demon”
  1. Andy says:

    that is soo scary and that’s good that you have gotten ride of before it didn’t do any harm.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    my question is “HOW” did you get rid of it?

  3. jackie says:

    I think you are right, i wish you would have told us how you got rid of the demon, would you tell us that?

  4. Alpha says:

    Was her friend in the midst of a traumatic experience or undergoing depression. The demon you described seems to be quite strong, particularly for it to have frightened the dog.
    I also believe that demons attach themselves to people feeding off their sins and gaining nourishment from this, so i guess i’m simply speculating, but imma finkin that this demon gained strength from negative energy emitted by her friend, perhaps because he was depressed or frustrated. (No offence of course!! Depression is natural….)

    Take care man!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow… okay, dude, one thing- That wasn’t a demon. Demons actually show themselves to you, and they make you hear voices in your head and stuff. So, a dog wouldn’t go downstairs. Big deal! That doesn’t mean “Oh, it’s a demon! Let’s throw holy water all over the place!!!” I can hardly say that anyone was “terrorized” here.

    • Anonymous says:

      to anonymous who said big deal. it is a big deal 1 she said she had seen it. 2 we arent like dogs and if u hadnt noticed if there is usually a natural disaster bout to happen they will hide cuz they know. and in other cultures animals have been affiliated with the spirit world. the dog could smell it and see it.

  6. Cece says:

    I don’t know if you really had a demon in your house. It doesn’t sound like a demon. You said that the dog got scaryed really easy then maybe then he smelled a person he didnt know and it freak him out. But you did say you have gone though a lot of this kind of stuff and i’m only 13 well almost 14 and only been though a few things so maybe you are right but a demon would show itself

  7. jackie says:


    they don’t always show themselves, I was attacked by a demon after I messed around with the ouija board. It attached itself to me during that ‘game’. I did not see it, but i certainly felt it. And it definately was a demon, it emanated extremely evil engergy.

  8. Cece says:

    jackie you write a lot of comments but have ever writen a story if you have i would like to read it

  9. jackie says:


    I have written a story, it is called, ‘get satan off my back’.

    Hope you enjoy my horror story Cece ;)

  10. Cece says:

    wow I read have read your story before I remember I liked it kind of funny

  11. Cece says:

    I even left a comment but I use my real name Sierra Cece is me nickname

  12. Jackie says:


    kind of funny was it, oh well, if me having a demon attack me amuses you then that’s OK
    ;) I suppose I deserved it!!

  13. Cece says:

    Well it dont amused me what amused me was that I had read your story before I remeber I felt bad for you. sorry sometimes my writeing is off. I did not find you getting attack by a demon funny. trust me i feel really bad that i made it sound like that. that is just mean i’m so sorry about that

  14. Jackie says:

    No, I was just pulling your leg Cece, I know you didn’t mean it like that really, lol

  15. sophie says:

    i think my house is haunted tooo. things move and stuff :S any advice?? thanks:D

  16. Cece says:

    oh good u worryed me

  17. Jackie says:


    sorry didn’t mean to worry you. :) I know what you mean though, sometimes i leave comments that are just so not how i meant them to come across. I seem to be going through a spate of that at the moment 0: Think i need a holiday!!

  18. Diana says:

    You get a pastor and get some oil not holy water and you blessed the oil and put it everywhere in your home. I know because of my daughter. You do not get a exorcism that is why they come back because your not doing it right. Sorry but I know a way to get rid of a demon. The pastor prayed over my baby and did not have any fear when she was fighting back and he said in the name of Jesus get out put the oil over her and him and more pastors came to her and was praying…….. and it worked thank God. And we been fine ever since. But this stuff is real and it can happen to any one. Why it happen to us I do not know. But I do know it open our eyes. I did not need Jason or Freddie I lived my own horror film with my own daughter. I could not hit her or anything I had to fight to get her back. This is no game and I seen with my eyes that there is a Devil ,God and Jesus and I seen that Evil does not win =)
    Have Faith and trust in the lord. You be ok we are.

  19. Sandy says:


  20. jdizzle says:

    sorry but there is no reason why you could even think that a demon caused this……yeah dogs can sense super natural things but when i read this i was waiting for some way you could have known that it was a demon. it might not of even been a ghost……..the dog freakd out, and it must have been a demon?

  21. unknown says:

    im only 10 and i am not scared of spirits and my dog is tiny and she witnessed one with me and wasnt scared so that dog has problems!!!!!

    • dimetry/candice says:

      haha i know i have no fear at all anymore… sure you wernt scared but.. just be carefull…cuse you never know what will happen…;)..brave but foolish.. smart and childish..the smell of blood the taste of fright comes to what he chose to le….XD

  22. candice /dimetry says:

    um.. thats creepy but… what exacly happened…. you did tell us about what u thought and what you did .. but what did your daughter say…

  23. LoveforGod says:

    Has no-one else thought that perhaps the dog didn’t like someone new being in the home, and that the reason he followed the scent to the places the friend had been was because he was following the friend’s scent? The scent of what he percieved to be a threat to his territory?

  24. Justin says:

    Creepy things like that have happened to me all the time i have one its a picture one taken with the camera with the built in film and there was an entity in the background and i had the house blessed immidatly they said it was a demon and had not started Hell yet

    Note from admin – The next time you use profanity in your comment it will be deleted. I dont have time to go around editing that garbage out of your comments. Please read the rules next to the comment box.

  25. JO3 says:

    demons are only real if you belive they exist… they are only real to crazy people!!

  26. The DarkAngel says:

    i agree with you joe!!

    • albert says:

      na yal both wrng joe and the boi how would yal feel if this would happen to yal on nights morning or even days. thank the Lord you haven’t been visited by em. God. Juses. and the devil and demons are truly real thank the Lord you haven’t been visited by them or even tourtred by em. dont knock the truth or you to shal c. have faith and hope and keep God close. GOD BLESS AND DON’T BE SO BLIND.

  27. Leticiapena says:

    Im 23 and this is my first experience going thru something as scary as this. 3 weeks ago I wake up and I see black shadows moving around my room. So I turned my back and seen a man standing there a tall dark man. And all I can remember was his eyes. I stared for a good 5 seconds then vanished. Now tonight im gettin ready for bed and I look to the ceiling and see the same moving shadows. And this evil man was lookin right down at me and got close to my face where I cried and shook but froze. I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. I wanted to wake up my partner but like I said I froze. He came close to my face wit the most evil eyes and the worst voice a lil deep but scratchy. And told me (u did the 9 job of ur god) u will suffer is what he told me. Ill make u my property one day. I cried and covered my eyes. And thats when my partner woke up. Can someone please give me advice on what I just experienced there please?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well sounds like it was the friend tht was Possesed ?

  29. Lucy Claire says:

    Every thing has its reason but sounds too me the friend was posessed ??

  30. Anonymous says:

    i really dont know wat to say but,the friend being posessed and that i would be really scary if i were her

  31. James says:

    I lived with a demon for approximately 9 month in a house located in Northern Ohio. I was married at the time and helped raise two wonderful kids. My stepdaughter was 4 and had/has severe autism. My stepson was two and perfectly healthy, but problems with speaking. //

  32. jacibo says:

    i am only 10 and believe in ghosts but i dont think that was a ghosts. Maybe the dog was just feeling a bit sick

  33. Anonymous says:

    everyone have there own beliefes. i believe anything is possiable. there are things we cant explain and theres a reason why.i feel all answer cant be answered only by god so keep diggin and u dumb ones find sometning else to do u gone be the main ones waitin someone to come help u.

  34. Payloader says:

    If ur born again & commited 2 Christ, u needn’t be afraid of devils, thats if u arnt messin up with d wrong stuff… Demons have tried 2 attack me durin sleep but i simply rebuke & cast them out in d name of Jesus, and thats that. I dnt need oil or holy water for that bcos d greater one lives in me. Jesus christ commanded us 2 cast out demons, not with holy water or oil but in his mame.

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