I Lived With a Demon

Posted on April 6, 2011

I lived with a demon for approximately 9 month in a house located in Northern Ohio. I was married at the time and helped raise two wonderful kids. My stepdaughter was 4 and had/has severe autism. My stepson was two and perfectly healthy, but problems with speaking.

Long story short, my wife collected drama, porcelain masks. She had hundreds of them all hung up around her bedroom. One day I was looking at them, and when I glanced at one in particular, it made every hair on my body stand on end. As quickly as it made me creeped out, I just looked at all the other ones and left the room, never giving it a second thought.

Very shortly after that, very strange things began to happen. My wife and I moved our bedroom from upstairs, to one of the downstairs rooms, and put my stepdaughter in our old bedroom. One night, as I held her hand to tuck her in, she stopped dead cold in the middle of the room and looking over at a corner, showed sheer terror on her face and began pulling away to leave. At this point, I suspected something was going on and became frightened myself. I moved my eyes to the corner but did not see anything. I led her back downstairs and let her sleep on the couch. She was fine, but did not want to go back to her room.

A few days later, we switched the kid�s bedrooms and put our stepson in our old bedroom. One day he came downstairs playing with a ball that I knew he could not reach or get to. I asked him how he got the ball. Remember, he could not speak very well, but he did say, �Monster gave it to me.�

Every time the family went out whether it was to church or to eat, we would arrive back home and find everything having to do with Christianity would be on the floor face down. Only those things, nothing else was ever touched.

So much happened but I won�t go too far. Suffice it to say, a very strange, scary and revealing played out one night at around two in the morning. I won�t say exactly what took place, but when it was over, I learned what was happening, and how it all started. It provided me with the knowledge to deal with it.

The mask that gave me the creeps was a gift from her father. He brought it over and she accepted it into the house, not knowing a demon was attached to it. Everything was fine until I showed up, bringing in my Christian views, music, church etc.�.

Once I figured it out, I removed the mask from the house, drove 30 miles to work, crushed it with my car jack into a fine powder and threw it in the trash dumpster. Sounds stupid and crazy, but we never had any problems again.

I will say though, that it�s ultimate purpose was to cause strife, contention, hurt, anger, possession, hate and probably would have led to divorce or something far worse. It did try to harm my children and my wife physically. I became exasperated and almost gave up and walked out.

Very True Story

Sent in by James, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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27 Responses to “I Lived With a Demon”
  1. jk says:

    Jesus is all you needed my friend, I am glad you found out when you did. The devil and his minions are no joke. They are to blame for all divorces and anything else that is evil. They prey upon man’s weakness like pride, lust, power and he knows exactly how to play us, just like a violyn. I just pray that everyone would come to the same knowledge that you have, evil is real and that Christ came to defeat and did defeat it. He did it out of love for us and all we have to do is accept that free awesome gift. What is included in that gift, the keys to death, hell and the grave.

    • Diana says:

      You can’t seriously think that all divorces are Satanic in nature?…I mean come on. There is such a thing as free will. Plenty of people out there can ruin their marriages just fine on their own without the help of Satan..or his minions.

      • stan says:

        I think you’re both right – although my friend JK might have overstated it a little. Certainly we know enough about satan to understand that his objectives include destruction of the family – that’s job number one according to the satanic bible. How do most predators succeed in nature? They look for, and focus on, the weak, sick or lame – then work hard to seperate them from the herd (the family). Why? Because the predator knows that even though their target may be weakened by some illness or injury, the herd will protect them. Once they are weeded out though, they make for easy pickings. Satan, whose knowledge and cunning make ours look infantile, works much the same way – break up the family unit and a person who is already weakened by abuse, drugs, alcohol, addictions, etc..becomes a very easy target. However, as long as the family survives – they will surround and protect their family member with love, compassion and understanding. Look at the causes for many divorces: infidelity, money problems, drug abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, feelings of loneliness, despair and abandonment – all of these issues are first-line weapons in satan’s arsenal against humans. He can, and does use any and every human weakness and frailty against us – and he’s had hundreds of thousands of years to study us and perfect his methodologies. He wasn’t the number one angel in Heaven because he was ignorant or stupid. Compared to him, however, most of us ARE ignorant and stupid, or at least we appear to be, because we fall victim to his traps over and over even though we’ve been warned repeatedly. I believe that humans are certainly capable of doing evil, cheating on their spouse, foolishly spending all of their money, or physically abusing someone all by themselves – without any help from satan or demons. However, i also believe that much of that behavior is encouraged by satan and then used to break up relationships and families. How fortunate that we serve a God that loves us so deeply, that he has provided a way for us to protect ourselves from such a maligned and evil entity as lucifer.

        • Diana says:

          I’m certainly not saying that in some cases that may in fact be a possibility. I’m just saying that I honestly have a hard time believing that is ALWAYS the case. I have a hard time reconciling that to be the rule, if you will.Allow me to explain….., we all have done things that have inadvertently damaged our relationships in one way or another…without being influenced by any source other than ourselves. Humans are imperfect by nature, we make mistakes, and we learn from them. Unfortunately, some of those mistakes lead to the demise of our relationships. I think in saying that Satan is always behind it, we are looking for a way to shift the blame from ourselves on to someone else and that is just not a healthy thing to be doing. It’s important to learn to accept responsibility for the mistakes we make.

          • Diana says:

            What I meant to say is that I�m certainly not denying that in some cases that may in fact be a possibility.

            Sometimes my typing gets ahead of me and I lose a bit of what I was trying to say. My apologies.


          • stan says:

            Once again, Miss Diana, you’ve demonstrated an immense capacity for clarity and a level-headed approach to issues that are so very complex, not to mention ultra-sensitive. (I remove my hat and execute a huge bow with much fanfare and formality!) We poor men are just not adequately equipped to prevail in the face of the superior intellect and will of an insightful woman….or, more easily stated: You go, girl…


            • alastair says:

              sorry i just have to say that made me crack up, stan. thank you.

            • Chris says:

              Condescending and scarcastic attack on a person’s gender. Threatened by intelligent dialogue much. You go boy.

              • stan says:

                Not sure what you mean by your comments Chris. I do, however, know exactly what i meant by my own comments and they were intended to be flattering and complimentary. They were also intended for Diana, not you or anyone else. Are you one of those people that look for and see gender-bias, racism, condescension, or sarcasim in every comment or remark made by someone else? Do you fail to recognize the condescending tone and sarcasim in your own comments? Diana handles her differences of opinion with grace, dignity and humility. You appear to handle your differences of opinion by attacking the character of someone you don’t know from Adam with patronizing and inflammatory comments – so sure that you’ve caught me red-handed delivering some blistering commentary of my own against Diana based solely on the fact that she’s a woman (at least you are assuming she is based on her name). Little do you know that Diana and i have had very cordial and complimentary discourses with each other elsewhere on this site. My comments were a continuation and suppment to those discourses. But, you see what you the world and all in it as you want them to be, not as they really are – i suspect. And you make assumptions without knowing facts – just surface data. Well, do you know the old saying about what happens when you assume? You just proved it true my friend….

                • Chris says:

                  Such an inflamed response to a relatively mild remark. Did not mean to touch a nerve. My apologies. You are correct she does handle discourse with grace and humility, unlike so many of us.

          • jk says:

            You are right, we do have God given free will and there is a spiritual battle that goes on daily between good and evil for influence over that free will, not control, influence. It is our fault when we give into evil temptation. In marriage the evil temptation to say that sarcastic quip that pushes the buttons of the other party, that evil temptation to act on the flirty 20-something at work. It is the lack of obediece to God that lands us in trouble. I think that divorce and attacks on the family are satan and his minion’s favorite targets of today because sin that affects marriage and families alway, alway hurt more than one person and he likes that. They are also sins that are extremely selfish in nature which guarantees to hurt all envolved.

  2. DarStarr says:

    I would love to hear more details if you could. People just don’t realize the evil out there.
    I am so happy to hear that all has stopped.
    Bless you

  3. K. Smith says:

    Truly glad that the Lord showed you that a demon was causing problems in your house so that you could deal with the problem.

  4. Christina says:

    Evil is certainly around us, daily. But so is good. I am glad you got rid of the evil and that you and your family are doing better. :p

    Take care,

  5. I knw my divorce was because of the devil says:

    I know my divorce was becoz of satan

  6. Carri says:

    Some used things can carry curses. like antiques. used items. Items like picture of deceased family members. This mask was cursed. it carried evil my dad always taught me that some used things or items can carry curses he was Catholic.

    • Rosie says:

      Hi, Carri. Can you explain a little bit more about pictures of our deceased family members can carry curse? I do not get it. Thanks

  7. Carlos says:

    I wouldve liked to read more details. But Aye Im glad everything ended well. God bless you and your family

  8. Adhinferno says:

    You know? Actually, you don’t need to destroy that mask. You just need to purify the negative elements that stayed on that mask. Is the mask made from wood or soil or anything except syntetic materials? Usually a natural material can have a negative elements if gathered from bad environment, for example: a tree that grow in the graveyard, its wood contains negative energy that is loved by creature such as demon and any evil spirits. If you want some protection, its good to call a priest or anyone to cleanse your house from any negative effects that have been created by that demon. Just to be safe.

  9. Carri says:

    To answer the question how pictures of a deceased family member can cause a haunting. it is true especially if you put a deceased family member’s picture up in a haunted location. I did it in my mobile home it was haunted and I did not realize it. then some ghost activity started. My brother was beaten in the head and ended up in the hospital in 1984 and then died 2 months later in a fatal car accident. he died near a known haunted location “The George Strikner’s home. I put up my brothers picture in my mobile home in 2000 and the kids were terrified of it. he had a little blood in his eyes from the beating. but it was the last picture I had of him so I hung it up and the kids were really afraid. I heard some noises like banging then I took it down and it stopped. so quite by accident I found. out. I guess if the deceased family member died violently, by accident or have unfinished business it causes activity.

    Also I agree with the other posting my divorce was because of Satan. I agree mine was also. my stepson was doing devil worshiping in my home. I was at work when he was doing it. Then I told my husband it was wrong. My husband disagreed. then he took off and ran off. After he left I dreamed I was batttling lucifer in the home. I saw orbs flying around another time another time I saw my deceased family members in a dream, they were standing around my Christmas tree. Now my ex is with a psychic who reads Tarrot cards on the internet for money. My ex says a demon is chasing him around. He had tried to kill himself a few time living with his psychic. my belief is that all this has happened because of the Devil

    • Caretaker says:

      Carri’s story about the Strickner Mansion will be published tomorrow (actually at midnight tonight, but April 13 nonetheless)

  10. Donald Beckett says:

    When I was ten I lived with my father and his wife Sue. My bedroom was up on the second floor and the bathroom was on the first floor. It was a one bathroom home. I woke up half asleep and went to the staircase to go to the lower floor. After a couple of steps I fell down this long staircase and broke my neck. I thought I was dead, I could not move, call for help or anything, no one awoke to help me. All of a sudden I am lifted and floated to the top of the stairs. This white light then floats me down to the bathroom and allows me to use it. I am then taken back upstairs and tucked into my bed. Not scared I knew it was Jesus Christ. I am now forty years old and this happenned and to this day I still remember and belive it.

  11. Carri says:

    Donald I do believe the white light that saved you was God or Jesus. pretty incredible story.

  12. Rikke says:

    Have any of you ever considered that these ‘demonic’ and ‘supernatural’ things seem to only happen to religious people? Well, if you believe in things like God you must have a pretty good imagination. No offence.

  13. sam says:

    Im having problems with demon(s) my self currently. I know Jesus is with me and protecting me. In the past few months ive been having supernatural occurences on both sides and needed someone to talk to that wouldnt think im crazy.

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