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The Devil Can Get Us Sick

Posted on October 7, 2010

You may not believe the story that I am about to disclose to you. I have submitted this story to several ghost sites but they are hesitant to publish this subject.

Last November I went to the Rockford School to pick up my grade school child. My daughter Christina was sick. I buzzed the school door. The staff let me in. The nurses office is close to the front door. Walking into the nurse’s office I noticed a little girl with long blond hair lying on the nurse’s cot.

The little girl was about 11 years old she was sickly looking and had on a long white dress. The nurse happened to be a male nurse. He was dressed in black slacks and had on a blue pin stripes polo shirt. I found that was unusual and he informed me that my daughter was sick. The nurse thought that my daughter Christina had the flu. I noticed Christina had a ill appearance. Her eyes looked glasses and she said she could barely stand up.

All of the sudden, I heard a horrific laugh and turned around. “Nurse Brown have you heard anything.” He replied. “No, I do not hear anything.” Then suddenly I heard footsteps coming from front of the nurse’s office. Stomp, Stomp and then a pause. I looked and stared and suddenly I saw Lucifer standing and laughing in the nurse’s office.

Lucifer was standing about 10 feet high. He had on a black goatee, he had black eyes. His hair was straight black. Lucifer had on a loin cloth and had hooves. Lucifer was red and looked like a beast. I suddenly gasped for air and could not believe what I was witnessing.

The devil seemed pleased that I was frightened. I him saw walk up, and he stood in front of the little girl. Then Lucifer opened up his mouth and spit out the good air out of the little girl. I saw air floating that had yellow shiny speaks in it. Then Lucifer sucked the air out of the little girl and he turned around and pushed in a dark mist of air into the little girl. The little girl started to cough and choke a little.

All of the sudden the devil vanished as quickly as he had come.

Then I noticed the nurse shaking me, he had a concerned look in his eyes. “Mrs. Williams are you alright.” I replied. ” I am just feeling a little sick myself. The nurse handed me Christina and said, “You better go home”. I grabbed Christina by her small hand and signed her out at the office. I had to guide Christina out of the school to our parked car. Then as I turned the key to start the car . I asked Christina did she see anything at the school. She replied. ” Yes, mom I saw Lucifer, and he got the little girl sick in the nurse’s office.”

I got home and I was a little frightened with the paranormal experience that I had just witnessed. I parked the car and went inside the house. We went on and forgot about the events of that day.

A few months later I got a notice from the school that a little girl had died of the H1N1 virus. I called the school and asked if it was the little girl in the nurse’s office. The office replied that yes It was Ann the little girl who had been sick several weeks earlier in the nurse’s office along with Christina.

I called my daughter’s doctor’s office. We schedule a H1N1 flu shot. That evening I went to bed around 11pm. I heard my ex husband in the next room. I feel asleep with my daughter Christina in the next room. I suddenly woke up and felt something rustling the bed sheets around. I woke and looked up and say a ghost girl with blond hair and a white dress on staring at me by my bed. The girl was beautiful and had big blue eyes. She stood staring at me and had a white illuminating glow. I yelled thinking it was Christina. Christina yelled, “Mom quit waking me up.” I turned and looked into Christina she was in her bed in her bedroom. I turned and looked by my bed and the apparition vanished.

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 2010

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23 Responses to “The Devil Can Get Us Sick”
  1. AnNa bites back says:

    its hard to believe that,that acually happened.im sorry but i dont believe it.no offence.

  2. Rosie says:

    How did your daughter know the devil’s name is Lucifer?

  3. *CC* says:

    Ok now, there’s only one definate truth to that story,…LOL….and that being the opening line …Sorry , but to me, that story was just very unbelievable. And before anyone starts with the “..well, there are a lot of things that sound unbelievable in the paranormal world”, yaddayadda… And yes…I know this all too well and have had many paranormal experiences myself.But folks, I have a hard time believing this one for sure !! *Peace*

  4. sharayah says:

    hi well it was a good story anyways,i really don’t know what to say but that my mouth was open when i was reading because if that is true i would off been ssooo scared for my child and my self. does she your little girl still go to that school i would of took her out and put her in a new one stat. and why would that dead girl come to you maybe cause you was the one that saw what went on that day.one thing i do believe demons can get you sick but they must request and be permitted to do so by God sometimes it has nothing to do with you it’s more the point that is trying to be made so don’t be weak.for nays read the king james holy bible,the book of Job. well good luck to you &your family may god be with you.

  5. AnNa bites back says:

    i thought i was the only one.

  6. Pat says:

    I feel for this woman who saw the DEVIL and no-one believes her…. well I admit the story was somewhat crazy scary and unbelievable but why would anyone lie about it? This was a tragedy- that poor child! The devil is the master of lies and wickedness… I pray you never see that thing again! I would have been MORTIFIED had I saw that! OMG! Thank you for having the courage to share that tale!

  7. ***boyz luv me** says:

    i saw the same story at ghostvillage.com but from sumone else i think it might be fakkee

  8. Ouija says:

    Someone’s car is driving with no driver.

  9. Carri says:

    Thank you for your comments. Look in the book of Job. Satan made Job sick. I have seen the devil make people sick. The little girl was in the Rockford Kiswaukee school in Oct. or Sept. of last year. she died of the swine flu or call the health department in rockford and ask them if a little girl died of the HINI flu. But it is true most people cannot see into the paranormal. so I can understand their disbelief.

    • hyrdo says:

      I did read your story on a another site. I believe you. But you should know how to invoke the name of Jesus. Who knows she could have been saved.

  10. squirrel says:

    true or not sounds like it would make a great horror movie, it would get people based on all sorts of diffrent fears. the fear of your children being harmed, fear of evil and the devil, fear that feeds on the media hype of what ever todays new disease is. yep yep sounds like a good movie.

  11. Satan666 says:

    lol first off Lucifer isnt a demon at all, he’s an angel and christians turned him into something he’s not. Christians contradict their own god by saying he is a devil and a demon when it says right in the bible he is an angel. And second this story is so fake

    • Pat says:

      you’re right 666. God created Lucifer as a beautiful angel. Even more than that he was, for lack of a better term, the choir director. He was created to play music that exalted God. Because he was so beautiful, he began to think he was all that. His pride was what turned him from God. God and his angels fought against Lucifer and all the angels that chose to back him. They were cast into the pit (hell). Why do you think Satan hates god and us (people–god created people in His likeness) God gave us free will to choose. Even the bible says Satan is like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour. I’m amazed at the people who can read these stories and believe, but won’t even consider the history of God, Jesus, and the devil.

    • Jessica says:

      Do you… Worship Satan?
      I’m not trying to offend you or anything. I the Grace of God.. lol just wanted to put that in there. Just wanted to know. Because I do think people do /make Satan look like the bad guy but.. If there were no bad people. There would be no good people. Still Satan was wrong to be jealous of his creator God. :) thanks for your time

      • Pat says:

        were you asking me, or mr 666 above me? lol I do not worship satan. I know he is the father of lies and could never fill the void in my life christ did. I was just agreeing that he was beautifully made. Rereading my post, it looks like I’m in agreement with him on the rest, however I am not

      • ghost in the machine says:

        I find it interesting the personas and images that we give to things we do not understand so that we may try understand and yes, maybe even try to rationalize them. We do this with everything all the time. It has even been proven that time does not exist, it is a human concept created by us to mark the pasage of our existance in an effort to give things meaning and maybe even to keep ourselfs sane.
        Were demons and the like not always refered to as the “formless ones.” If so, then we are the ones who give them shape, we give them meaning and in doing so give them the power to harm us. If there is truely nothing to fear, but fear itself, if we no longer give power to the images we create, then we should really never be scared of anything the realm of the afterlife has to show us.

  12. Jessica says:

    um yea your story.. IT’S NICE! :) I just, that’s not how Satan looks. Well nevermind he can change forms but. I just I dont know. Nice story hahah

    • Consecrated says:

      Spirits, whether of Jesus or Satan, appear to you as you would receive them. If they appeared to you as their true selves, you would reject them.

  13. Neko says:

    Thanks for the giggle.

  14. Consecrated says:

    No, Satan is NOT an angel. If you are referring to the meaning of the name, though (“Messenger of God”), well of course. Even Satan bows to Jesus Christ. Lucifier is not Satan’s name anymore, for he was kicked out of Heaven for wanting to be God. You are right, though. He is not a demon, but just like Satan who speaks lies, you have done so Satan666.
    I believe this story. I have heard others that are similar to this one (on a lighter note).

  15. donna says:

    omg…..are you sure you weren’t halluccinating?? thats so scary i would of literally DIED of fear or a heart attack right there no joke. well i hope that never happens to you again and i will pray for you. God bless.

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