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How Did the Devil Became the Devil?

How devil became devil? This is the whole true story.

At primary of creation devil was an archangel in heaven. In fact it was leader of worshipers and about seventy thousands years prayed for god, until…

“when your god told angels:” I shall have created a delegate on the earth. Angels told: “would you created an existent that crime and bloodshed?” God told: “I know what you don’t know”

So taught Adam all the names so proffered those to angels and asked: “announce me about these names if you are right.” Angels told: “you are sacrosanct its not more knowledge for us except what you have been taught us.” god told: “did I told you I knew what you don’t knew?”

And when your god ordered to angel: “put your brows on the soil for Adam. All angels obeyed except devil, refused, challenged and became of infidels.

God told: “hey devil what prevented you no respected for who that I …

May 4th, 2011 by CareTaker 

The Devil Can Get Us Sick

You may not believe the story that I am about to disclose to you.  I have submitted this story to several ghost sites but they are hesitant to publish this subject.

Last November I went to the Rockford School to pick up my grade school child. My daughter Christina was sick.   I buzzed the school door.  The staff let me in.  The nurses office is close to the front door.  Walking into the nurse’s office I noticed a little girl with long blond hair lying on the nurse’s cot.

The little girl was about 11 years old she was sickly looking and had on a long white dress. The nurse happened to be a male nurse. He was dressed in black slacks and had on a blue pin stripes polo shirt.  I found that was unusual and he informed me that my daughter was sick.  The nurse thought that my daughter Christina had the flu. I noticed Christina had a …

October 7th, 2010 by CareTaker