The Demon in the Oak Tree

Posted on August 16, 2011

The Oak tree in my back yard, holds a demon that tries to get into my home and whispers Latin in my ear. The demon tries to get into my house at least once, every day. For 2 straight weeks I saw the demon looking at me. His menacing eyes stare back at me. I try to look away and ignore him. At night I go to sleep and can see him standing by my window peering at me. His dark shadow and black eyes torment me.

A few weeks after seeing the demon. A teenager was shot and killed on 16th ave The demon stopped appearing by the Oak tree. But the 19 year old was shot 4 blocks in the location of where my Oak tree sits in my back yard. The demon stopped appearing to me after the shooting.
Another night the demon was watching me again. The Oak tree held the demon in it. He stayed in the tree staring at me until there was another fatal shooting on Broadway in the direction of the Oak tree.

Every time there is a gang shooting near my house I see a demon several days before the shooting. The demon appears looking at me. He tries to scare me. He tries to get into my home and whisper Latin to me and my daughter.

Me and my child put on crosses and pray for God’s protection.

A sinister man walks down Harrison at 4am. He is tall with a square jaw. He has on rubber boots and rubber gloves. He walks down Harrison through winter and summer. He appears to work in a local factory on 20th street. I sense something evil about this man, possible mental illness. This man brushed up against my car one night on Harrison at 3:30 am. He looked like he was trying to get into my car. But he brushed against my car and made it appear like an accident.

A black cat was dropped off at my home about 2 months ago. The black cat grows at the little kitten in my home. The black cat has become meaner to the little cat. I often throw the black cat out. I never wanted the cat. It appears evil at time also.

My 18 year old son appears evil at times. He does not believe in Jesus or the Devil. he yells at lot. Hopefully he will graduate and leave someday.

Sent in by Carri, Copyright 2011

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35 Responses to “The Demon in the Oak Tree”
  1. Manns says:

    When I was a child sometime stood against mirror and made grimace. at some night that I did do this, my mother told me hey kid don’t look at mirror at night do you love become crazy ? at that time I didn’t know what was paranormal and spirits, but know I understand certainly there had been a thing that old people have had such opinion. I don’t know whether a mirror is a portal or no but know it has a conditions that attracts demons I also offer others that believe demon are existed , don’t stare in mirror at night ( in lonely and less light place but
    no problem in place that attend some persons and also exist enough light, nonetheless don’t look staringly yet)

  2. Manns says:

    About black cat and dog , yes such animal if be known and domestic may some demons attracts to those and possesses those but some strange black cats and dogs that has never seen before and may appear in a place weirdly probably may themselves be a demon that is changed their shape.

  3. Manns says:

    show your sincere love to your son ( not made up), there is an enlightened poet that say : by love the thistles become flower ” and continue this manner although you don’t get result beginning but he get better gradually. A holy leader say : heart of men is wild , person which can make it familiarize , it would come to him/her (obedient )

  4. Carri says:

    To Mannus and others my son is almost 19. he turns 19 in October he is still a sophomore in high school. he has an addiction to pot. He screams for money daily for his pot . I do love him. But he is 19 this year and the pot is keeping him from graduating. He is most difficult to live with.

    • Chelsi-anna says:

      If anyone needs someone to listen to about demons being evil they should hear your story. Youre not crazy or ill that lady doesnt know what shes talking about.

  5. Manns says:

    Oh !….. is “Mannus ” other your son ? and is he addiction to pot ?

    Manss !

  6. jk says:

    I am having trouble figuring out who is talking to who here. Can we get some clarificaton or do you two know each other or are you from the same country?

  7. Carri says:

    Mannus is not my son. My son is Micheal. he is addicted to pot. I live in Illinois in the United States. . I do not know where Mannus lives. the location of the story is in Rockford Illinois. it is the 9th most crime activity city in the United States.

    • Chelsi-anna says:

      tell it only God is welcome here not it.

    • Chelsi-anna says:

      its threatening you if it comes back tell it its not aloud only god is and to knock it off and go away.

    • Manss says:

      Carri, pot is not an important narcotic like opium , Heroin , Morphine , Cocaine and other. these mentioned substance are very bad and fatal , persons who fall in these noose may never survive but pot is less than narcotic. it does not mean pot is good , no it is very bad substance that put a negative effect in brain ( for example , Amnesia and melancholia when its customer become older ) but the pot addiction is very lower than narcotic addiction. therefore a person can unhand it very easier.As you told the cause of his addiction are some bad friends and bad environment (caddish persons ) , if you can change your location and go to a small town in a good situation for a while until he get better. Me seems it is the best way that you can distance him from bad friends and pot. Also in that town you can get help from a psychologist to treat him psychical.

    • Manss says:

      Madam Carri , you are a honorable woman also your son , what I offered wasn’t rudeness but I wished help you , I hope he think more ,unhand the pot and continue his education

      respectfully yours

  8. Chelsi-anna says:

    Yell at it, pray, about your whole family and that it will be gone in the mame of jesus christ now like you mean it and mean it its not aloud on your property or around your family anymore. CHOP the tree and BURN IT! that should do it!

    Wen you chop it chop it in small smitherings Put it in the fire pit put gasaline on it and light a match. Get rid of the demon first

    1 more thing if it dont leave pray in your head pick it up snd throigh it out your window

    Amulets dont protect anyone only God can

    Oaija boards are trouble and dangerous and catholic is thr devils success and the catholic church is the devils house I hope this info is good enough

  9. Chelsi-anna says:

    Your son needs exorsism your home duz 2.

  10. Chelsi-anna says:

    That demon is threatening you about whats going to happen in the next few days in laten so you wont know what it said and to make you feel like you shouldve known what it said to make you feel guilty. Its pinning those shootings on the people in the other hoises.

  11. Carri says:

    My Son’s friend also was murdered after we saw the demon in the Oak tree. This is an unsolved murder in Rockford Illinois. It happened last Saturday. This kid that was killed was 17. The police think his mother killed him for money. We haven’t seen the demon lately. The tree is about 100 feet high. it is a big tree.

  12. Chelsi-anna says:

    Saw the tree down with a few friends to protect you so the demon wont b there to make that tree fall on anyone. Remember get the demon first. Mabey you should put it in flames instead. Bring witnesses and a doctor incase something strange or dangerous happens bring a pentacostal exorsist and your childeren. Pentactastals are one of the ost common religions to find if you dont kno any. I dont kno what religion you are nut I have never found a contradiction in my pentacostal religion but only in others. At least take my word for it. First prevent a problem by getting rid of the problem. THAT DEMON! Its gotta go. Bless you house second. Then number three is the tree.

  13. Chelsi-anna says:

    Be careful and read this after praying that god will keep tjem away whole readinh it so the demons wont read it. they can read too.

  14. Chelsi-anna says:

    In fact they can read faster than us.

  15. tara says:

    Dear Administrator


    beforehand I hope you provide patience, acceptance of criticism and publish my idea. in fact I became familiar with your website via one of my friends. he always writes the ghosts events which have occurred for him or his relatives and friends.see my friend and his enthusiasm to write such events and his interst, make me to share my idea.

    To all readers and subscribers
    I really respect every one’s idea, religion, traditions and customs and I emphasize that I dont mean to insult any one’s idea just want to express my own .
    I believe that ghosts exist and every day paranormal and supernatural events occur . they are normal and current like the existence of a tree across the street or a cat on the wall or anything else . they may be attractive because they are unknown. let me ask a question do you think that every thing in humen’s world are right and nothing else to pay attention except ghosts ? its not better to focus on humen’s life problems ? poverty, starvation, cruelty to women, racial discrimination, ignorance and etc dont exist in the world? its not better to put the stones away from the way of hum en’s life. its not bettr to consume our time, energy and force to make a better life. come on, its time to bethink.

    secondly if some one has a weak spirit and scare such supernatural things and read your stories, dont you think the life becomes harder for him/her ? each time he/she enters a dark place or goes to deserted place or goes to grave or jungle and such places, she/he may scare to death.

    without any prejudgment and any umbrage, please think about my idea. meantime I will become so happy to receive your respectable ideas. finally I excuse readers if I hurt their feelings and believes.

    yours sincerely

  16. Chelsi-anna says:

    No affence tara but emons transform and can fool your eyes. They can make you see lights. The pictures of the ghost lights so far they are all prank jokes to hoof off. Those ghost photos are real with demons in them. Thats why people feel sad or scared when they see them. Thats whu they can be in odd creatures that dont exist and why ghost transform because demons do and thats what they are. The bible says there is no contact woth the dead at all. They arent the ones to answer prayers god can only do that. He knows all nobody else does. I have seen a demon transformed into a ghost. I wish it was a ghost because it was of a 2-4 year old boy. I wish he would be a ghost after dead so he can still love or cross over. But sad and disappointing part is tjat there are mo ghosts. Heaven.or hell only. Im sorry ot disappoints me too. That boy did exist on an old house burned down before my house was nilt in 1910. He somehow got on top of the stove and burned it down without knowing about a gas leak in the stove. He turned it on and did exost but it was not him. Think for a sec. We either have a soul or spirit not both. A human spirit

  17. Chelsi-anna says:

    A human spirit is different from a demon or angel or holy spirit. Ours is more of a school spirit if that help any or enthusiasm. The holy spirit is more of a way being and is similar to ours. But a demon or angel are living beings along with sin how is as well. But as for sin, I wonder if its a spirit. Remember the devils partner we usually dont hear about often, slick, is the one that gets and gives great ideas for himself and other evil too. Like being fooled by fake photoshop photos and think you or someone saw a ghost. If all this, aloy of stuff doesnt interest or convince you I dont know what will. Sometimes if we know a place is supposed to be haunted our eyes give ud what you want to see and you can totally go nuts litterally. And even scare yourself. Remember when you were kid and people tolds us little ones tjat your eyes can fool you well its true. Hope this helps!

  18. Chelsi-anna says:

    Besides why would god make a crossover world if theres heaven and hell? What would be the point?

  19. cesar says:

    did the demon whisper this because it means i am her to take your soul i nunc, tolle animam am

  20. Chelsi-anna says:

    How about just burning it down

  21. Chelsi-anna says:

    Get rid of the demon and get firefiters to help put out the fore its a big tree

  22. Chelsi-anna says:

    Im a pentacost but I live in sandstone, minnesota

  23. Chelsi-anna says:

    Are you okay Carri? You havent responded in a while. Im praying for right now. Amd also I prayed last night.

  24. Chelsi-anna says:

    Are you okay whats going on? What happened resently do you just want space from it all?

    • chelsi-anna says:

      Carri, you’re not ill. if anyone needs someone to listen to about demons being bad, they need to hear your story.

  25. Teri says:

    Carri, you seem like you have the illness. What a horrible thing to say about your son. he’s obviously screaming for love. This story is most unbelievable. It makes zero sense. You need to love your son. He’s NOT possessed & he needs NO exorcism like this Chelsi-anna says. Get yourself & your son some help….

    • chelsi-anna says:

      shes not crazy. well he might need one. you obviously dont believe in God. so dont comment something you dont know or even believe in.

  26. carri says:

    The demon is next door now. A sex offender who beats his 15 year old step daughter lives their. that is where the demon is coming from. We pray daily for God’s protection. I just can see spiritual activity. Most of the population cannot. I love my son but he continues to smoke pot. pot can channel the supernatural. every since the sex offender moved in next door I have seen this demon. also when numerous murders were happening in our city near my house that is when I saw this entity. now I have published a story about these incidents. called “Seeing a Demon next door. No I do not have mental illness. already had a psychologist check me out. he said I am normal. but I am able to see spiritual activities. also wrote. “The Demon Walking Near the Stickney Mansion.” I wrote that story when I saw a demon near the Mansion and in close proximity to where my brother Sean died in 1984.

  27. carri says:

    Thank you Chelsi for your prayers I am grateful you are praying for me and my family.

  28. carri says:

    Here is what the demon said ” I know you and your family. ” I know your ex huband Doug and his family. Then it said if you do not communicate with me I will harm you or your family. I also will harm Doug’s family (my ex husband’s) Then demon’s final words were Vodum.

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