The Demon Walking Near the Stickney Mansion

Posted on April 13, 2011

I had always known about the Stickney Mansion in Woodstock Illinois. I had visited as a teenager in 1983. The Mansion had at one time had a boy hang himself in the Mansion. The parents of the boy did s�ances trying to talk to their son.

The mansion was frequented by teenagers looking for a ghost. I never did see anything on the few occasions I drove by the mansion. I was fearful driving down near the Mansion it had large spooky trees and their weren’t too many houses built there.

The Stickney Mansion had an iron gate and had all round corners. The house is located in Bull Valley Illinois. It was known to be haunted. In 1984 my brother died in a car accident pretty close to the haunted mansion. He died on Fleming Road a few miles near the mansion.


Stickney Mansion

The George Stickney House or simply "Stickney House" or "Stickney Mansion" is located in rural McHenry County, Illinois, in the small village of Bull Valley, near Woodstock, Illinois. Stickney believed that the spirits required the freedom to roam without getting caught in corners. Therefore, the home's interior was designed with no 90 degree angles between the walls

I never thought anything about the close proximity of the mansion to where my brother died in the car accident. Until 1986.

On a winter day in a bitter cold January day in 1986. It was 1pm and it was a bright sunny day. I was attending McHenry County College and was running late for one of my classes.

I sped down route 14 leaving Woodstock and was heading toward my destination, the college. As I drove around a large curve I straightened out my car and saw a Church on the left side of the road.

I suddenly spotted someone walking in the frozen snow dressed in a black robe. He was tall. The man dressed in black had his hood up and I could not see his face.

The man turned and walked into the tall icy snow. I saw the man in the black robe walk in toward Bull Valley. The man kept on walking toward a group of pine trees in the snow. There were no houses around only a distance away.

I did not understand why someone would be walking in the bitter cold like that.

I did not think nothing of it until I realized the man dressed in the black robe was headed for Bull Valley and he was walking in the direction toward where my brother had died in a car accident and near the Stickney Mansion.

I shudder with terror, when I think of what I saw that January day and know now what I saw it wasn’t a man it was a spirit. This spirit was an evil one.

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 2011

“The Stickneys may have drifted toward spiritualism as a way to communicate with their dead children; they had twelve children but only three survived to adulthood. It is known that the family conducted seances on the second floor of the building. In the years since the house left the hands of the Stickney family, owners have reported supernatural occurrences.” ~ Wikipedia

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19 Responses to “The Demon Walking Near the Stickney Mansion”
  1. alastair says:

    carri, i know that you are sensible and thoughtful, but its probably just a coincidence that a man in a black robe was walking in the direction of your brother’s accident. he would have his own reasons for walking through the cold. did you feel anything at the time? a feeling of dread, or terror? if not then it was probably just a normal, everyday person, not a demon. sorry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i dont understand how you figured that he is a evil spirit?i mean it could be anything from a man to ghost but there should be some sighn of evilness other than wearing a black hooded robe…

  3. Rosie says:

    I don’t get it. There is no way for you to draw a conclusion that the tall man in black robe is a demon like that. You might feel spooky but you can not convince me. Sorry, I just don’t think so.

  4. LMC says:

    Wow Carri thanks for sharing… What a horrible thing to lose your brother like that… My heart goes out to you.

    I never heard of the Stickney’s Mansion??? I need to look it up to see what it says about it??? Care to share more info on it?

    I’m sorry to say I have to agree with everybody else… Wearing a hood and bundled up in the snow anybody would do that while walking in the snow. If you didn’t pick up the negative vibes @ the time you saw the guy most likely it would of been someone caught in the snow.

  5. BekkieLassy says:

    I agree with them.
    He might have had hes own reasons for walking there in the cold and covered most of hes boddy from the cold that why you couldn’t see his face.
    Well the sory of the mansion is very interesting though. Thanks for your story

  6. Pete says:

    it could have been a spirit, but why evil?, maybe just the spirit of a long dead monk???
    I guess we’ll ever know.

  7. eileen says:

    Well…I grew up in Lake County, and had dear friend who lived in McHenry, and have been by there many times…there were always many stories about Bull Valley and bizarre goings on all around there…a Satanic Cult that was rumored lived either in the home, or near there, etc. etc….but back then it was still very rural…so if you needed privacy…that was a great place to find it…yet still close to Chicago….

    I had a friend who’s brother was to go out there alone one night on a dare, and encountered a very bizarre man, with something disturbing in a jar, who scared the bejeezez out of him…the details escape me, it’s been YEARS…

    Never really sure how many of those stories were true, I tend to believe things are based in truth, although it gets distorted like a game of telephone….but then you have wonderful Cuba Road in Barrington and White Cemetary nearby as well….booooo

    I used to bartend in Wauconda, and a handful of other places in Lake County…around Halloween I would ask my patrons to tell me their own true ghost story, and a surprisingly large number of people had stories to tell…

    • LMC says:

      Are you gonna share??? I can’t wait to read them :-D

      • eileen says:

        Most are just snippets, not long, not connected with any known history…

        The Cuba Road stories, in Barrington Il…surrounding White Cemetary, people who have seen orbs floating…someone drove by late, late at night and saw a clown, with a bunch of balloons waving from inside….(this is a dark, creepy road)…the vibe is very “time is standing still” if you go down there at night…someone told me they knew the people with the house next door, and they would often come home to rearranged furniture….phantom cars…

        For a short time I tended bar at a small place off a frontage road…it was a Saturday night, literally a dark, stormy night, and I was alone…and blond haired, blue eyed 40ish/50ish man walked in…I distinctly remember a very unusual gold charm on his neck, I got him his drink and he didn’t have enough money on the bar…I asked him for the money, and he looked me in the eye, and said “I am Satan and I can give you anything you want…what do you really want?”…I said “I want you to give me a quarter and stop being creepy”…he paid me, finished the drink and left….

        I knew a guy with a cabin in WI, he was told by neighbors the cabin was used by satanists…he left for a few weeks, and left the storm windows leaning against the walls where they needed to be put in (the old fashioned ones on a frame that you need to take in and out) an when he returned they were all standing on end, no longer leaning…

        A lady whose grandma had a ‘man’ in the house…grandma would tell her just to ignore him…etc…and when grandma finally had to sell, she sat down, and explained to ‘the man’/ghost, whom she shared the house with for years, that she sold to a nice family, and he needed to be sure NOT to scare them…and when she did this she actually heard weeping…from the ghost.

        route 41, between WI and IL border…I’ve heard from 2 people of a phantom woman on the highway, know a man who swore he drove through her, another who said she runs into a nearby cemetary….(I could not find the cemetary though… :~( )

        A restaurant where I used to work, very cool, old building…a man ran through the front door, around the bar and into the kitchen and down the stairs into the creepy cellar basement…was chased by owner and his friend…no way out, and when they got down there no man either!…and as the other owner was telling me the story, we heard a huge crash in the kitchen…a metal station topper had flow across the room.

        • LMC says:

          Wow thanks for sharing your experiences :-D
          awesome stories!
          I have a question what’s a snippet?

          • eileen says:

            A snippet is a little piece, so not a big, long drawn out story, but just a little thing that happened….

  8. Carri says:

    To those who disagree this is a known haunted location. This thing had on a long black satanic robe with a hood over his face. Walking in the snow toward tree in the direction of the haunted Mansion. I thought it was strange it was walking away from a church and in that haunted location in broad daylight. It was no Monks outfit. It was a satanic robe.

    • LMC says:

      Nobody is disagreeing on the haunted mansion, just questioning about the demon.

      I knew someone who had a cape & hood some people thought it was an satanic robe but it wasn’t just a just a cape with arms & a hood… Many years once upon a time the cape & hood was used by eveybody including the monks… I do remember in history there were certain priests (forgot which religion) any way… They came to America wearing black & white collars plus black long capes with arms & hoods… Looked like satanic robes… The natives gave them the nick name Black Robe.

      I always analyze everthing before coming to a conclusion… That’s just my way… I can’t speak about others… Yet it’s a good thing to analyze everything & cover all the bases :-D

  9. W.S says:

    I Agree, but in Carries defence, nobody was with her that day to back up the story. i find it very strange taht somebody would be loitering around a well known haunted mansion…in the snow no less with just a robe on dont you guys think? maybe she did have a bad vibe that day that made her automatically assume he was evil….You dont normally make ussumptions like that, if you are not sure and then tell people, because, as we have seen here, they might not believe you. i do because i have seen the black hooded figure too. And he does not have a face….

    • LMC says:

      Don’t take it seriously there are skeptics & paranormal professionals… The pros & believers always analyze… That’s all.

      I can’t talk for others just for me… I am analyzing cause I wasn’t there… Just covering all the bases… Doesn’t mean I don’t believe her.

      You had an experience yourself, it does happen… I have had allot of paranormal experiences through out my life… I always analyze my experiences it’s a fine line between reality & the paranormal realm, you’ll be surprised.

      Don’t worry just like everything else humans analyze, do tests & check ups… This is just another thing to analyze :-D

      walk with peace in your heart,

  10. josh says:

    i have the same do you know it was evil?just because he had a black cape on.this is a misconception,a persons clothing has nothing to do with their pesonnality,so why isn’t it the same for a spirit?people have so many misconceptions about spirits and simply label spirits as evil without knowing them.spirits have a personnality just like humans.i think hollywood and christianity has a lot to do with this,we tend to be prejudiced toward spirits based on what we see and hear on t.v and radio i know there’s evil spirits out there but not all are evil.there’s an old saying in palo mayombe that goes(pa que tu me llama si tu no me conoce)why do you call me if you dont know me.)you have to know the spirits before you call them.meaning every spirit is unique and you call on those who are friendly with you.

    • W.S says:

      as you say, hollywod and the media have given us a misconception about spirits, how can you say they have a “personality”?. a personality is something a living person has that makes them unique, which is attributed to the brain firing neurons. a spirit is energy left behind after somebody passes away, and it will reveal itself to somebody in a way that will frighten them (if it is malicious), or will not frighten them (if it is friendly – as you put it). a spirit, or demon for that matter, does not have a personality, if a loved one passes away, it will remain to watch over you, a spirit is driven by the strongest energy it had here on earth- hate, love, anger, or worry. whatever it may be… if it chooses to stay. But a demon exists to cause anger, hurt, chaos and in most cases to destroy a good life. It is not personality. I am sorry if i offend you, but i just cannot agree with that comment.

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