Terrifying Sleep Paralysis Experience

Posted on June 3, 2009

About 12 years ago I had an experience with sleep paralysis. As far as I can recall it is the one and only time I have ever went through it.

I was in bed asleep and I woke up feeling a very heavy sense of terror. I mean I was freaked out, I felt so scared. I felt as though I had had a really bad nightmare but I could not remember anything about it. I know without any doubts whatsoever that I was completely awake. I lay there thinking, trying to figure out what my dream had been about when I noticed that some ‘thing’ was in the room with me. I somehow knew that it was over in the corner of the room but I couldn’t make it out. There was some light coming in form the window so I could see around the room but I couldn’t see what “it” was, all I could really see was a darkness. It wasn’t like a shadow with a certain shape, it was just darkness. When I say that I felt a very evil presence in that darkness I cannot exaggerate, it was bad.

Up until this time I was just laying there. I hadn’t tried to get up or move. But when I tried to raise my head up to look closer at the corner of the room I discovered that I could not move anything except for my eyes! There was a huge weight that started pressing down on me and it was getting difficult to even breathe. At that moment I became even more terrified. I struggled and pushed and then I thought if I could just speak the name of Jesus it would all go away. It took a lot of effort to get the word out. At first it was like I was yelling as loud as I could but no sound would come out. Finally I stuttered the name “Jesus” aloud and instantly the weight vanished and the entire room felt lighter. Just like that the ‘thing’ was over.

A strange thing about all this, and it could very well just be a coincidence, is that just a few days (or maybe it was a couple weeks I can recall for certain but it was definitely no longer than that) before this I was involved in the digging of a grave and we accidentally dug into an old grave that was unmarked.

I posted about this experience here – We Accidentally Dug Into Someone’s Grave!

As odd as it may seem I never really made the connection that my bout with sleep paralysis happened so soon after the cemetery thing until just recently. As I have said it could just be a coincidence, but I think it was more.

Written by the “CareTaker”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com


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95 Responses to “Terrifying Sleep Paralysis Experience”
  1. Jackie says:

    How you described that evil energy is what i also felt when i was attacked by an evil presence. You can’t really desribe the real terror you feel, it goes beyond words doesn’t it?

    I don’t think you can put this down to scientific explanations, you were too awake and for quite a while. I feel like you on this too, i know what was in my room was real.

    I think the digging of that grave might have had something to do with it. I wonder if the occupant of the grave had been into witchcraft. Just a thought that popped into my head and so i thought i’d put it down. I’ll pm you why that thought popped into my head. It has something to do with a post on the forum.

    • Hannah Damron says:

      I have had the same thing happen to me about 6 times since I was 16. (I am 21). I believe that the digging of the grave was what caused it. I believe that it is demonic oppression, due to the way we live our lives. When you mess with things that are known to be wrong or evil or something like that – you open yourself up to DEMONS ! I’m not trying to sound preachy but as I said these things have happened to me and I have done a lot of biblical research on them.

      The 1st time I had this experience I lived at my parent’s house. We are Christians and went to church but I was dabbling in drugs & I believe that’s what caused it. My “dream” was pitch black && I heard a voice but I don’t even know what it said I just sensed it was evil …. and I went “lalalalala” to block it out in my head (sounds stupid but I did) — anyways, after that I started trying to say “in the name of jesus in the name of jesus” but I couldn’t open my mouth or move my arms or legs or anything ! when i would try to move I would feel kind of tingly — finally though after a lot of trying I could finally open my mouth and I soon as I could whisper it (there was pressure on my throat) it went away…. I hopped up, turned my tv to preaching, got my bible out and prayed ! i was fine for awhile after that.

      Since then I have had about 5 other experiences. But I know where to turn ! Turn to GOD ! Everything is spiritually motivated – there is only Angels & Demons. There are no ghosts/vampires/fairies – If something is messing with you & you can sense evil it is a demon! and you need to pray! God is the only answer. If you open yourself up to demonic activity it will find you ! It isn;t pyschological it is real evil. Like the saying goes, “the smartest thing the devil ever did is convince people he doesn’t exist” you need to DRAW NEARER TO GOD AND HE WILL DRAW NEARER TO YOU ! But i totally sympathize i was terrified each and everytime, but my dad (who is actually a pastor) told me not to be afraid, because they feed off of your fear. i know it’s hard but you just have to believe in God. He will help you !

      • Hannah Damron says:

        *ALSO* The hours of 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. is called the witching hour ( I looked this up on the computer) That is why so many people have such bad experiences nighttime ! I haven’t done to much research on what exactly the witching hour is i just know that evil kinda runs rampant through that time !

        • Caretaker says:

          It is always between 12 am and 3 am somewhere in the world :)

          • Becky says:

            a while ago i learned that the number 3 is demonic in the spirit world. like for example, you can tell if a spirit is demonic if you get 3 scratches or something like that.

    • josh says:

      Same exact thing happened to me a few times…the scenario, I can definitely put into words; awakening from a bad dream, can’t remember the dream but I know I’m scared to death. I’m pressed down on my bed, can’t move…like something is keeping me down. My hearing is not good…like my ears are covered or something. It lasts for 10-15 seconds then it just disappears. The FEELING, I cannot describe other than pure terror…like I’m being invaded by evil. I don’t know whether its a natural phenomenon or if for a mere few seconds I have opened my self up to something otherworldly. I just hope it never happens again.

  2. alberg15 says:

    hey that’s kind of scarythathas happened to me but not as thathard. i did not choke but i felt something following me instead. like something that coulc actually hover.

  3. lollypop says:

    Wow thats exactly what happened to me- i was only 3 at the time! its so scary isnt it

  4. The Caretaker says:

    I have read in some places that sleep paralysis was just normal and nothing paranormal. I just dont believe that and I really think those that do believe it is just a normal thing probably havent really experienced it.

  5. bracket says:

    The Caretaker

    I’ve had sleep paralysis many times and i really don’t see any supernatural connections to it.

    • The Caretaker says:

      Hey Bracket – Have you ever felt or sensed a presence in the room with you? How did you feel when you were going through it?

      I cannot say for a fact what causes this phenomenon or even if it is always caused by the same thing. But I felt that something else was there very strongly – and this was before I had ever read about this sort of thing. I mean I didnt even know it was called sleep paralysis at the time and it was long before this website was ever even thought of.

      Thanks for your comment :)

  6. Zack Sawyer says:

    I know the feeling of trying to scream as loud as you can but nothing or no voice comes out coz i experienced it myself.. scary stuff Caretaker!!

  7. bracket says:


    Well i’d do what anybody else would do when you can’t move your body, i’d panic, and yes i would feel a presence but if you think about it if you’re paralyzed don’t you think you’d get a little paranoid?

    • The Caretaker says:

      I was in a panic and felt the presence before I even realized I was paralyzed

      I wasnt asking what you “would do” I was asking what you did do as you said you had experienced this many times

  8. jeff says:


    I enjoyed your story. I have had a lot of bad dreams, wake up sweating, rapid heart beat, etc. I’ve only had one experience with sleep paralysis, and that was less than a couple of months ago. (I’m in my fifties now, and I’m not given to wild imagination.) Most people report having something very heavy on the chest, an inability to move, and the keen sense of some sort of malevolent presence. My experience was not unlike that. Moreover, I had some trouble sorting out the “dream” from the “reality.” Truth is I’m not absolutely sure where one begins and the other ends. As dreams go, it rattled me a bit. jeff

    • The Caretaker says:

      Hey Jeff, Thanks for your comment. In my case I woke up and was just laying there thinking about my dream, trying to recall what had happened. That is a common thing for me to do as I had been into studying my dreams and even keeping a journal for a long time.

      When I woke up I just thought I was having a bad dream and didn’t think anything “strange” was going on. I felt really terrified as though I had had a bad nightmare but I couldn’t recall anything about it. I have went through that sort of thing many times both before and after that night. I might wake up and feel like I had a really nice dream but at the same time not be able to remember anything about what it was. Or another time I will feel really confused and I know it was because of what I had dreamed but I could not recall a single detail about it. Many times, after I lay still and think about it parts of the dream will come back into my memory but other times I still cant recall what it was about.

      I was laying there trying to recall my dream – as anyone who studies dreams probably knows you should try to remain still and you should not get up too quickly as those kinds of actions will make it more difficult to recall your dreams. Anyway, after a few moments of this I noticed that something was in the corner of the room. I couldn’t see what it was but somehow I knew it was there – all I could see was a darkness, its hard to describe.

      It was only after I attempted raised up my head to try to see it better that I realized I was paralyzed. This was the only time I have ever had this happen to me and I am in my upper 40s now.

      • sharayah says:

        caretaker what do you think of this? i sometimes have dream that i also can’t recall but as my life go on something small would happen and i would have deja vu and it’s like part of my dream would come back to me.did i see the future in a dream? i would remeber the dream after my deja vu and the more i think of it the more it comes back, but it wouldn’t be nothing important it would be little stuff like like me doing soming or just talking to my family ,but it will hit me and i will remember that i dream about that.what do you think? :|

        • Caretaker says:

          Yes I firmly believe that happens as it has happened to me. If you start making as habit of writing down your dreams and thoughts as soon as you wake up I can promise you that within a very short time your dream recall will improve dramtically. You will be amazed at how much and how well you remember your dreams.

  9. bracket says:

    This is something i posted on another story about sleep paralysis.

    “Actually sleep paralysis happens to everyone they just don�t remember it because they usually fall asleep again. The brain turns off the muscles so that your body doesn�t act out your dreams. While the brain is in REM sleep it sometimes wakes up but is still in a dream state. This is usually accompanied by a feeling of an entity being in the vicinity. It�s nothing supernatural.”

    • Caretaker says:

      I read that before but I have a problem with this part “The brain turns off the muscles so that your body doesn�t act out your dreams.” I have never seen anyone who looked like they were paralyzed while they were sleeping and I have seen people (including children) move and toss and turn and even sleepwalk.

      Again – I was not asleep when this happened. I realize that I cannot prove that to anyone but I know what I know

  10. bracket says:


    Thats because you’re only in REM sleep for a little over an hour. When people are moving around they aren’t in REM sleep.

    • Caretaker says:

      OK, just one more comment (maybe :) )
      I have children, grandchildren, been married twice, have 15 aunts and uncles so lots of cousins and as far as I know none of them have ever experienced this. I have numerous friends who I have talked with and none of them have ever had this happen to them either. So if it is a normal thing that everyone goes through why isnt it more common among those I have known for decades?

      Also, and I am assuming that either you do not believe me or maybe you think I was mistaken but what about this — I was fully awake and aware when this happened. I had been laying there trying to recall my dream and I was fully conscious. I was not in REM and I was not asleep. (err then why is this story called “sleep paralysis”? heck I dont know, I dont even know for sure exactly why this happened, I just know that I was not asleep. I am a grown man and I know myself and I certainly know when I am not asleep)

      • Anonymous says:

        I just had that experience last night. Scared the crap out of me. It’s like something I’ve never experienced before.

  11. bracket says:

    Like i said before “sleep paralysis happens to everyone they just don�t remember it because they usually fall asleep again”. Have you ever had somebody tell you that they told you something while you were half asleep and you remember nothing of the conversation? It’s something like that.

    You could have fallen asleep without knowing it and woken up into sleep paralysis.

    • Caretaker says:

      No I could not have – I was aware the entire time. I understand that speaking in general that could be a possibility but in this case it did not happen like that.

      Man I respect you and I dont want to argue but it looks like neither one of us is going to convince the other. Actually it doesnt really matter to me if I can convince someone else of my experience anyway. I just dont want to sit here and have someone say I was asleep when I was not. You see I know what I experienced. Maybe your experiences were different, I dont know about that. But I do know about what I went through and you can tell me that I might have fallen back asleep or whatever but I know for a fact that I did not.

      You say �sleep paralysis happens to everyone they just don�t remember it because they usually fall asleep again�. but that still does not explain why no one I know or have ever talked to over the years has ever experienced (or remembered it) this. I see stories online and in forums etc but no one I have ever talked to about it in my life – not a one.

      To me it would seem that if that were true then there would still be a lot of people who remembered the experience.

      • Anonymous says:

        This has happened to me 4 times in the past year now. Last night my boyfriend and I went to bed,not able to fall asleep I was just laying there just thinking about my day. I started to doze off and I all of a sudden heard an “evil” voice calling my name in my ear. I opened my eyes to look at my boyfriend (fast asleep) and heard “get out of here” coming from his body. I emmiditely tried waking him up but could not move or scream. I felt as if something was pulling me off the bed and felt a sharp bite on my lower back.after about 30 seconds I could start to wiggle my fingers and eventually gasp for air and wake my boyfriend up. It was the scariest experience of my life. I was crying and when my boyfriend turned the light on I ran to the mirror to look for any kind of mark on my back. It still hurt like someone had bit me. That was the scariest of the experiences I have had. I was fully awake and aware of everything that had happened. My question to you, is if this is “SP” what explains the evil and or demons? That 95% of people who have “SP” say they experience?


        Note from admin NO PROFANITY PLEASE!!!!

  12. bracket says:

    Well it can be worse for different people. If you go to wikipedia it says they can be connected to migraines, narcolepsy, low melatonin and panic disorders.

    On your first comment

    Are you sure? Because you can fall asleep and not even know it especially since you were just lying there. I mean, thats how you fall asleep anyway.

  13. pab says:

    This happens to me all the time. It happened to me on Tuesday night June 2, 2009. I know I fell asleep and I woke up afraid not terriried as I usually do. This time I could open my eyes just a little and I saw a lite. I normally can’t open my eyes and am so scared I don’t want to open my eyes and there is a terrifing persent in the room. I try to move and scream and cannot. It is the most horrifing thing to go through. When I finally wake up I don’t move for a few minutes. Then get up and put every light on in the house. It is very difficult for me to go back to sleep and I usually don’t.
    But on Tuesday night 6/2/09 I did wake up and could not move but, I wasn’t terrified, scared not terrified. Like I said I was able to open my eyes just a little and saw a black thing and a light. I tried to move and scream but couldn’t. When I was able to move I just laid there, I knew something was still in the room. I then felt my maitress moving like someone was bouncing on the bed with their hands. I could see the bed moving and NO I was not asleep, but I wasn’t scared either and then it just stopped. Weird

  14. Caretaker says:

    Hi pab, thanks for the comment. Its always interesting to hear about others’ experiences and how it went for them.

    If I had an experience like this that often I would be interested in studying it. Have you ever thought about setting up a video camera when you go to sleep? Or if you have a partner/spouse/friend they could help with the research and try to observe you going through this and maybe take photos and sound recordings?

    Just a thought but if this happened to me that often I would definitely by curious and want to study it.

  15. Nikki79335 says:

    This has happen to me as well, aside from seeing figures walking around in my mothers old house, this scared me the most. I fell asleep on her couch while visiting, I woke up in the middle of the night and wasnt able to move. I felt as if there was something behind the couch, even though i couldnt move, i tried looking into the reflection of the tv. I couldnt make out anything, but i was horrified. I ended up falling back to sleep about 10 minutes later in the same position without moving.

  16. MZ.A says:





    • Caretaker says:

      Hello MZ.A and thanks for your comment. Bracket is fine, he is just expressing his own opinions about the phenomenon and doesn’t bother me a bit. Its always good to have someone to question you and try to get you and others to look at things from different angles. :)

  17. ElQueLlora says:

    I remember having sleep paralysis many times. When these experiences do occur I sometimes feel an sense of sudden ‘delusion’; if you could call it that. What happens is that my body goes into the paralysis and my brain starts working overtime; it’s like a million thoughts are flying through my head at once.
    One time, only my right leg was paralysed and it was dangling out of my bed. For some reason I just remember myself pulling it back into my bed.
    But in terms of fear and terror, no, I do note feel these. I am not saying that others do not feel terror during these occurrences; it’s quite natural to be afraid, as these experiences are completely out of the ordinary.
    The ‘scientific’ explanation for sleep paralysis is that when we have our dreams, our body switches itself off, otherwise we’d be running into all sort’s of things. However, sometimes the body will ‘fall asleep’ before our minds do, giving a simple explanation for sleep paralysis.
    Also, sleep paralysis experiences are usually accompanied by hallucinations and a feeling of terror.

    • Caretaker says:

      ElQueLlora thanks – what I wonder when I read the “scientific explanation” is this – If we are paralyzed to avoind moving around in our dreams then why do people talk in their sleep and toos and turn while they are having active dreams? Why do people seepwalk? If our bodies were switched off how could things like that happen at all?

  18. bracket says:


    The answer to that is that they aren’t in REM sleep. When people talk or walk in their sleep they are in a very light dream and either going into or out of REM sleep.

    • Caretaker says:

      So you are saying that sleep paralysis only occurs during REM? I know that is what you have read but I do not just go by what I read, I also go by what I experience, and although you will never believe me – I was NOT asleep when this happened :)

      Also, if it is the purpose of SP to keep someone from moving about or acting out their dreams then it doesnt work very well.

  19. bracket says:


    Sleep paralysis happens BECAUSE of REM.

    Maybe what happened to you wasn’t sleep paralysis.

    Well it’s worked for us so far. Sometimes it may not work perfectly but if we didn’t have it we’d be dead.

  20. MZ.A says:

    BRACKET: W H A T E V E R !!!!


    • Caretaker says:

      Mz A – It is OK, different people have their own ideas and opinions about things like this. If you read around on this site very much you will find that Bracket makes a lot of great comments and really tries to help people understand whats going on. I am not offended when someone doesnt see a thing the same way I do.

  21. MZ.A says:


    • Caretaker says:

      To be honest I do not feel like an expert on the subject of sleep paralysis at all, but I know what I went through and what happened to me. Perhaps it isnt the same with all people, I dont know. I just know that I wasn’t asleep and therefore I was not in REM. I do not believe that Sleep Paralysis is caused by REM. That is I do not believe that is the only cause of it. Who knows? Maybe there are several different phenomenon we are calling by the same name here.

      I have read some about it and from what I gather even the “experts” disagree about what causes Sleep Paralysis. The REM connection is not a proven thing but only one of several theories. Personally I will stand by my own description of my personal experience but I would never reach out there and tell aother person that what happened to me and why is the same thing for them. How do I know what someone else has experienced?

      There are several ongoing discussions about Sleep Paralysis in our paranormal forum at http://www.talkparanormal.com/forum-29.html Anyone interested in the subject can read about different experiences and viewpoints there.

  22. bracket says:


    I follow Occams Razor, the simplest explanation is probably the answer, and i think most people should also because if they don’t, every strange sound is a ghost, every sick person was bitten by a vampire and every dead cow is a victim of a chupacabra. I’m very open minded (if i wasn’t why would i be here?) but there are somethings that i lean towards one side over the other like the moon landing wasn’t a hoax and and sleep paralysis is caused by REM. Also, could you not have your comments be in all caps, it sounds like you’re screaming and i can’t take you seriously. If i remember right, Caretaker hates that too.

    Also, when you say you know differently, i’ve had sleep paralysis too. The first time it happened i woke up terrified and couldn’t move i then saw a black entity slowly hover out of my open closet toward me. As soon as it got to me it disappeared. and i could move. Don’t you think if someone had an hallucination, they’d think it was real even though it wasn’t?


    Yes some experts have different explanations of what it is but the one i mentioned is the most common one. Since you weren’t sleeping when it happened i don’t think it was sleep paralysis, and there are now so many things it could have been.

    • Caretaker says:

      “the simplest explanation is probably the answer” I agree, that is the best way to look at things.

      Whatever it was that happened to me happened after I had woke up and was laying there for a few minutes. I have said from the beginning that I was actually awake when it occured so maybe “sleep” paralysis might not be the best description of it. I dont know what the heck was going on with me.

      Bracket did you read about what happened just before my experience? Me and another guy actually dug into someone’s grave. It was an accident but it was really a horrible experience. I dont know if there was any connection between the two events but if not it was a strange coincidence.

  23. MZ.A says:

    Bracket and Caretaker, first of all sorry for the caps .no i.m not yelling,i’m just a woman who is not very good at typing and who is finally coming into the Twenty first century a far as computers are concerned and for me is difficult trying to understand how touse them but hey i’m learning.I was using caps because it was faster and easier for me .i did’nt mean to give the wrong impression.sorry. I do understand what both of you are trying to tell me . I’ve done a bit of research over the years as well.Iseem to be sending mixed messages or somthing because neither of you are understanding me .Caretaker I was not saying i did not believe you okay because i agree with you 100% i just don’t believe that REM’s are the total answer but maybe some how part of it could accounted in some instances but not all as bracket was implying.i’m sure now that it wasmeant as a plausable answer not as a fact. My intentions were only to share a small part of my experiences with everyone not get any thing started so with this said i will make my exit with no further comments on this subject. Live well and be happy. God bless.

  24. bracket says:


    I was kind of wondering about that. If you were awake before it happened then it most likely wasn’t sleep paralysis so i was wondering what else it could be and one of the possible explanations was some kind of haunting.

  25. Sai Chan says:

    It happened 20 years ago. That night my room was lit beacause I was too lazy to switch off the light. Eyes shut, waiting to go into sleep, I heard footsteps coming upstairs. It must be my father to check on me. Those lazy but stern footsteps in slippers one after another were crystal clear tapping on the wooden staircase floor. I prepared to jump up from my bed to give my father a surprise when he would reach my bed. Then I distinguished that the sound didn’t belong to my father. Who else would that be? A ghost? Would that be my deceased grandfather whom I’ve never met? Or just a male-ghost with menace? Then I remembered the corridor and staircase were actually fluffy carpeted. This certain to be a ghost encountering. At last, reaching the door, there was a pause, but without the sound of opening the door, the footsteps began pacing to my bedside and stop. It must be a ghost. But I had to face it. I started to jump up. Hell no! I couldn’t move. Relax. Breathe in and out slowly to pump up my energy. Half a minute passed. I let free all I’d got and jumped up and opened my eyes. Gee…… the sound as if water is coming out from my blocked ears. No one beside me. Only at that point did I start to actually hear the surrounding. The clock at 2. I had slept for a few hours already. This might be just hallucination. But later on my years, I experienced real facts that I knew there are ghosts and super men and gods! This gave me just some understanding of this world. (2009-7-22 the day the sun total eclipse’s belt crossing China stretching from Chongqing to Shanghai, these areas will have breaking news of disaster–the Sun represents positive energy, and we all live under the clockwork influence of stars, the unbalanced wavelength of rays and magnetic force imposed). Saying things that are controversial if even unproven definitely arouse challenging. Erected is a sign ‘Fierce Dog’, meaning the people inside don’t want to be disturbed, no matter there is a dog or not. If you mimic barking to irritate, certainly you are initiating a fight. Everyone has seen this kind of signs, but it is totally up to the individual how to interpret it. If there were more listeners than challengers, there wouldn’t have so much conflicts to begin with to start wars. A gigameg mind adaptability can accept even 1k tiny new input. To exist in this world, to all living or Dead things, I believe respect is the key word.

  26. Sai Chan says:

    The dominant pose and fabricated essays of the ‘N.American bison’ in YourGhostStories.com ruled out my intention to share my stories in that space. I really hope this spot is a friendly sharing place for me to stay. Sharing doesn’t mean debating in an offensive way. If you want prove, why don’t you spend your time to be a scientist, doctor or lawyer, but spending time here to prove the lower class people wrong of talking insane things. Does this easier make you feel superior? Yes? Open-minded to narrow others’ mind? Of course feeling good for a challenger’s stand point of view! Are you seeing the mirror yet–the offensive look!

    • Caretaker says:

      Hello Sai Chan, We try to keep this site friendly. Debate is welcomed as it helps us all to learn as long as it is done respectfully.

  27. Fred says:

    I have experienced a similar phenomenon but it was not malevolent. The reason I stopped believing this is a super natural phenomenon is because I fell asleep one time and dreamt that my mother had woken me up to get blankets so I would not get a cold.Then I walked over picked up some blankets and fell back asleep. This part of the dream seemed very real. When I went back to sleep in the dream I felt electrical shocks through my body and could see a purple background with black dots floating around I thought this was a dream and tried to move but could not I could not even open my eyes. and when I woke I wondered who had taken the blankets off of me and asked my mother if she had even woken me up to get blankets in the first place to which she replied no. So maybe you believ you were awake whn really it was one of those dreams that feels real but you had no way of reassuring you’re self it was just a dream.

  28. scarygirl67 says:

    Hi, Caretaker, scarygirl here
    Just jumped over from the forum to read this story. I had read it before, but I didn’t have time to comment on it.
    That experience of yours sounds like it must have been terrifying for you. The only time I experienced sleep paralysis, there weren’t any visions, just that horrible sensation of not being able to move.
    I don’t kow if accidentally digging up the grave had anything to do with it, but it’s my opinion you had an encounter with something evil. Science cannot explain away that gut feeling of abject terror………but that gut feeling is there for a reason. Thank you so much for sharing that story.

  29. MB1992 says:

    It happened to me about a month ago, it was horrible. I had a nightmare and “woke up” but couldn’t move. I could see a dark figure in the doorway and felt utterly terrified, I felt a bit of courage since I live at home with my mom and two siblings (and i share a room with my brother… and the bathroom light was on) so I fought the paralysis and managed to sit up. I felt quite groggy from sleep but tried to scream, my voice wouldn’t work so I used all my strength to start banging on the wall as hard as I could, only my right arm would work, and screamed for help in my mind. After a few seconds my mum walked across the landing to go to the toilet and the figure dissapeared. With the landing light on she saw me awake and told me to go back to sleep. I was too tired to object.
    The scariest thing though, was that the next morning my mum couldn’t remember any of this and said she didn’t wake up last night! My eyes were half shut with sleep so I couldn’t see her properly, but I assumed it was my mum…. who else could it have been?
    Or was it all just a dream? … somehow that makes it scarier!!!

  30. xwolfxwoodx says:

    i get used to this experiences so often it now bored me. My experiences are as scary as hell always. Feeling of exceedingly malevolent entities of great strength bound me cackling laughter, screams as if a horde of swines are being butchered, shadow presence, incoherent languages uttered by someone with demonic origin then speaking my name, weird lizards and reptiles, swarms of giant centipedes and spiders crawling all over, UFO buzzing sounds, old hags etc. One time i thought what if i just let it pass without fighting it, but then the creepiness become so intolerable i was force to move my pinky to break it. from then on the spell last even longer and more terrifying.

    I sometimes i induce sleep paralysis because i like the indescribable terrifying experiences however it seems becoming more harder and harder to break through it… still manage to do so

    one day/night i might not get lucky though.. haha… i love sleep paralysis

  31. xwolfxwoodx says:

    how do i induce sleep paralysis and how to make it creepier.
    1. Stress-up, deprived your self from sleeping, etc (usual SP inducer)
    2. when going to sleep just rest your body but keep your mind awake. think something creepy or horrible like some demonic entities are with you in the room, or try to visualize that you are dreaming and you are aware of it and you’ll do something like flying, sex, etc (lucid dreaming).
    3. when you are dreaming be aware of it and always makes your dreams creepier so you would desired to wake up. When i wake up i’m almost always undergo sleep paralysis.
    4. I’ll always leave the lights “on” so i can see the “entities” with me in the room more clearly. leave the windows closet open and expect some malevolent thing will come in/out during sleep paralysis. put demonic posters, lizard pets, horror toys in your room.
    play a record of murmuring or scary screeches as background noise.
    5. Beware though, sleep paralysis always gives me a terrible headache afterwards.

  32. whitelocks says:

    I have experienced sleep paralysis many times throughout my lifetime, I am now in my fifties. My experience is however a little different. I know that I’m asleep and dreaming and if I don’t wake up right away, I will be lost in this dream forever. I have to shake myself awake, which is very difficult to accomplish. Often the dream is not a bad one, I usually see many different faces. Don’t feel the evil presence, just the thought of not returning to my life and family is very scary. Maybe this is not sleep paralysis, but still very troubling. Usually happens when I can’t get to sleep right away.

    • lilleth says:

      hi whitelock, i have the very same experience as you, alot of the time as i am falling asleep i get this extrememly wierd feeling as my sleep is deepening. it is a feeling of dread in my head chest and stomach its like my body or something is telling me to wake myslef up now or i am definatly going to have an experience of paralisys and whatever comes with that. it is very hard to wake myslef up sometimes its like i feel im drugged or under some influence i have shaken my head sat up walked about splashed my self with water anything to keep me awake and if that feeling doesnt go i will try and stay awake untill its daylight which may sound radiculas but i swear if its daylight it doesnt happen? sometimes when i get the sense or feeling that if i dnt wake up now or stop myself from falling asleep i also will be lost in whatever is going to hapen forever. i have spoken to friends about this who havnt experienced this and they find it very disturbing as like i do, this has been happeing to me for 15yrs+ although sometimes i have sensed its going to happen alot of times i have not, although bad stuff beyond my control has happened to me in my life i dnt know whether its because i carry whats happened to me subconciously which comes out in sleep paralisys? its not always the same i have 3 occuring experiences one more than the other two and it is always someone a man who is big in build and height and has a bald head shaven but i cnt see his face or features, i always sense that he wants me he wants to have me and he is very frustrated and angry that he cnt do what he wants to which i sense is attack me torture me then kill me, i hear him breath feel his breath hear him walk about, stand over me just staring at me, iv felt him kneel at my bed and climb on the bed and lay next to me also i have felt him move the covers and lay under them next to me just staring at me i can even smell him like a musky smell. i am quite open to anything and this could be my imagination gone wild i dnt know? but it could be something else? i beleive this because it is so real to me i know what i ahve experienced and what iv felt and saw with my own eyes. i have moved recently and its happened once in 6 months wich is good because the last two places i lived in it happened alot. i would love for it never to happen again. it is a very terrifying experience. anyway just thougth id tell you my experience. thanks : )

  33. Sondra says:

    I never woke up & felt that I was held down, but other similar things has happened. I’ve woke up & felt as though I’ve been hit hard buy somethin in my face. I also, woke up tryin to scream & couldn’t, I tried to scream because I seen a spirit of a little girl in the mirror at the foot of the bed, I haven’t figured out if I was dreaming or not, but I don’t remember goin to sleep. I’m not sure if, these are catergorized by the same thing, but I wish I knew what they are & more info about them.

  34. tracy says:

    When I was in collage I was dating a guy whom was according to my parents not a good in fluence on me. One day I was in my dorm and decided to take a nap. I thought I was dreaming and it was as if we were “snuggling” in bed during my dream, he was saying I love you and it felt as if his arms were around me in my dream, all of the sudden I felt a pressure in my chest and I was lying on my back instead of my side, It felt like something was literally trying to pull me down from beneath the bed to the floor, suddenly a blood red face with a devil like expression looked at me straight in the eyes whatever it was appeared to be wearing an old Indian head dress with old feathers, it said “you are going down to hell with me”, I could see all around the room but I could not move my arms legs or even get up I could not awaken from this bad dream or whatever it was for a few minutes, the room was just as it was when I finally could move after about 3-4 minutes I was terrified and immediately left my dorm to find comfort with my friends on campus.

  35. ggirl says:

    happens to me all the time throughout my life. I am always able to forget about it until it happens again.

  36. BillyBoy says:

    Just a comment on Sleep Paralysis,
    This is usually caused by a very deep sleep. I’ve noticed that the anti-anxiety drug “Xanax” can cause this type of sleep disorder, even more so when combined with the anti-nausea drug “Phenegren” also prescribed in cough syrups called “Promethezine”.
    When this happens, start shaking your head first. (don’t panic), shake your head in the “NO” mannerism, left to right. don’t stop or you’ll fall into more paralysis. Once you come out of it, get up, walk around, drink a cup of coffee, you are going to feel sleepier than ever and if you fall right back to sleep it will only happen again.
    And yes, one time this happen to me and I clearly remember a Demonic Entity sitting on my chest poking me with his finger. Why, I don’t know. But I do believe that in states of total suspension of thought, Demons try to take advantage of us.
    ever heard, “an idoled mind is the devils workshop”?

  37. Charlotte says:

    I’ve had an experience exactly the same as this a couple of years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night, absolutely terrified, and felt as if there was a presence in the room slowly coming towards me and wanted to hurt me. I couldn’t move or even make a noise to try and wake my family up. It seemed like it lasted a very long time.
    I think it’s interesting that you associate it with accindentally disturbing a grave, as when I was a little girl I walked through a graveyard with many graves marked only by stones ( I didn’t now they were graves at the time) and that night I had some scary experiences though I don’t remember what they were anymore. I’ve kept away from graveyards altogether since then!

  38. Morgan says:

    I’ve actually had this happen to me several times. I’ve waken up in the night, and couldn’t move. I could however, see, smell, hear, and feel. I felt like there was a pressure on my chest, and as hard as I tried to scream, nothing came out. I’ve seen things too. And had the feeling of pure terror. I was so scared about what I had experienced, until I did some research and figured out what it was. I believe your story, but what you’re experiencing is nto paranormal. It’s sometimes referred to as “Old Hag Syndrome”. Basically, when your body enters REM sleep, (the deepest stage of sleeping, also it’s when you dream) you motor funtions shut down, so if it’s a vivid dream, you can’t hurt yourself. Sometimes, when you wake up during REM you’re mind still thinks you’re in REM sleep. So you can’t move your body. Often, your mind also still thinks you’re dreaming, so you may see, hear, feel, and even smell things.

    It’s possible what you felt may have been something paranormal, and It’s not my place to tell you if it was real or not, but please do some research on it. Many people want to believe what they have experienced is paranormal, but there’s really no since scaring yourself of something, if it has a logical explantion. Here’s some information on it from another paranormal website:

  39. gabriel says:

    Caretaker i have had almost the same experience as you,

    while im typing this, the hair on my arms are standing.

    i live in the philippines. It was a very hot afternoon that day, i felt rather sleepy so i decided to take a nap. i sprawled on my bed and drifted to sleep. Then i had this very strange dream that i was walking on a place with many skulls. What woke me up is when i walked in my dream, i felt like i fell on the edge of a mountain of skulls. Then i was shaken and i woke up. I stared up my ceiling and i know that i’m awake. I was very sweaty and i had this feeling that my whole body was heavy. I then tried to get up. But i cant. My arms felt heavy, i felt like i had no strength at all to lift my arms.. i rolled my arms and stared up the window and was surprised to see a dark shadow on the corner of my eyes.. I felt like i was fighting for my life and i thought i was going to die right there…

    i tried to shout but no words came out of my mouth… 1 thought circled through my mind..
    i said Jesus, jesus help me.. I managed to mumble Jesus, then i screamed on top of my lungs…

    then i stood up.. i ran outside the house and it was already getting dark…
    i was there for 5 hours on my room struggling with an unknown force..

    i can never forget this experience…. Scariest Thing that happened to my life ever..

  40. Spoonerstguy says:

    Ok this is so serious, I have about 3 episodes a month no joke, and it always happens as I’m falling asleep. It feels like I’m fading into unconsciousness and then I realize I’m fading away and at that same time it feels like pressure is being put on my mind or head and is pushing me down, and I literally fight it and try to struggle out of it but am not moving and all of a sudden I come out of it screeming a horrible sound and kicking and screaming. My wife says sometimes right before I come out of it she can hear me mumbling softly and flinching. Its scares me so bad man I’m afraid I won’t wake up from it sometimes if I don’t fight it. And the weird thing is before I realize what’s happening I can here the TV and everything around me but can’t move anything. I find this happening to me anywhere I might doze off at, I’m so frightened somethings gonna happen to me while I’m in paralysis and not be able to do anything about it. Anyone with any helpful thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know what else to do. Aaron

  41. trolldoll1681 says:

    i just found a movie called Nightmare. it stars halie duffy, from 2007. it has to do with sleep paralysis and a evil enity in visions.

  42. Sandi says:

    Hi everyone. Reading your story caretaker gave me he heebie jeebies. I enjoy reading the comments just as much as it is great to see all the different opinions- Hi Bracket!!! But your story reminds me of one that i experienced myself. Good controversy over the REM part. However my story also occured during the middle of the day (after the initial night experiences) which completely killed that option for me. Which leads me to believe more in it being a supernatural experience. I, like you and so many Caretaker know what i experienced was genuine and will never be able to convince everybody. thats ok though. I still love discussing it and seeing everyone elses strories too. God bless!!

    • Caretaker says:

      Hey Sandi, thank you for commenting. It can be frustrating when you know something for an absolute fact and you have someone trying to convince you otherwise. I dont have a problem with someone not believing me, but I do when they try to convince me that what I know for a fact is not a fact. Bracket’s OK though, I really enjoy our debates and discussions and there have been many.

  43. Sandi says:

    I can tell you if it wasnt for peoples different outlooks on life then it would not be so much fun. I love it when i see Bracket commenting on stuff. Half the fun is seeing people go back and forth on some of these topics which enables me to see things from different perspectives. I love this site!!

  44. Bracket says:

    Thanks Sandi.

  45. Anonymous says:

    i myself have suffered with sleep paralysis for a long time, i am 31 now and have been going through this for half my life. it is a horrible experience and it terrifies me. i seem to of had the same thing happen to me only several times has it been different. sometimes before i am dropping off to sleep i get this extrememly wierd feeling throughout my body and head its hard to describe all i can say is it is like my whole body from head to toe is tingling and i feel like i am falling, sometimes actually many times i have got up because i have this dreaded ear that something is going to happen. my experiences have always occured during the night, i will be woken very suddenly very frightened infact frightened is a mild word, my eyes are wide open i can see my room and eevrything in it but i am completely paralised and speechless aswell as that i am so terrified because i know i am not alone now i have had a few different things happen to me either i can just sense something or someone with me a male, not a very nice male and he is just watching me, i will hear footsteps and breathing sometimes i feel the bed move at my feet like he is kneeling at my feet and then very slowly he will proceed to crawl starting at my feet untill he is litterally over me i can feel him breathing and other times the cover is lifted slightly. i have even sometimes felt him under the covers and laying next to me, i get the feeling its sexual on his part but he just cnt do what he wants to do he is angry and very frustrated. other times he is with a female and they whisper and tell each other to shhh while they creep around me a couple of times iv heard them giggle. i cannot move i am terrified and it takes some outer strength when i can finally jump out of bed and turn the light on but nothings there? that is what i have mainly been through but several times i have had a different experience and its a little boy, my eyes open and theres a very small boy there he runs from one side of the bed to the other giggling but everytime he gets to the bedside tables he stops and bangs his head continuasly off the bedside table extremely fast he then stops looks at me and his head does this head shake that is so frightening as it is not normal the speed he does it at is fast he then runs from side to side repeating the sequence utnill i can jump up. i am screaming inside my head trying to move and wake up my partner. on few occasins my partner has woken up to see my body jolting whilest my eyes are open he says the expression on my face is horrific and very frightened. i now dnt sleep upstairs as often as i should i dnt sleep well as it has really scared me, its horrible iv been to the doctors been prescribed sleeping tablets but it doesnt stop i dnt take tablets now either as they were making me feel unwell and like a zombie. i have had some not so good things happen to me as a child, i have been taken adavntage of a few times but my parents either brushed it under the carpet and dnt talk about it and a couple they dnt know about. id liek to know if this has contributed to the sleep paralisys or is there something else going on?? i suffer with depression but i am not a person that is extremely unhappy its just whats happened in ym life thats made me depressed. please if anyone can help id be grateful. thanks. jo x

  46. courtney says:

    ive been through sleep paralysis 3 times, ive been scared ever since, i think i may of had another about 2 weeks ago, i had a weird/scary/realistic dream and all so idk what to do now…..i heard the sound that i was making that the certain spirit was making when i woke, i moved my eyes but my body was tingly…i couldnt move, i cried because i couldnt move and i felt like it was choking me or sitting on me and i was wanting to yell for my mom, even tho she wouldnt believe me, i prayed for about 3 minutes then i snapped out of it and i opened my bedroom door and was still crying, then i went to sleep hoping it wouldnt happen again…..i know blessing my house wont help, i know askin the spirit to leave wont help, i know doing an exsorcism on it wont help, so im useless….

  47. Alberg15 says:

    ive been through sleep paralysis 3 times, ive been scared ever since, i think i may of had another about 2 weeks ago, i had a weird/scary/realistic dream and all so idk what to do now�..i heard the sound that i was making that the certain spirit was making “when i woke, i moved my eyes but my body was tingly�i couldnt move, i cried because i couldnt move and i felt like it was choking me or sitting on me and i was wanting to yell for my mom, even tho she wouldnt believe me, i prayed for about 3 minutes then i snapped out of it and i opened my bedroom door and was still crying, then i went to sleep hoping it wouldnt happen again�..i know blessing my house wont help, i know askin the spirit to leave wont help, i know doing an exsorcism on it wont help, so im useless�.”
    Is this you Courtney Luis????
    If it is then hey… I bet you dont remenber me LOL

  48. Suzi says:

    Cool story caretaker. It was scary and weird. I never had sleep paralysis before I hear it’s really scary and you hear noises like people talking to you or whispering. And you can’t move. And sorry Bracket but sleep paralysis is paranormal. Because you feel heavy on your chest. It relates with a demon. I read about the demon before, I forget whats its called. But sleep paralysis is paranormal!

    • Bracket says:

      Sorry Suzi, it isn’t. There’s no evidence to that and there really is scientific explanations for it. There’s no demon.

  49. Kitty says:

    I’ve had sleep paralysis once. I believe that there is a supernatural connection to it, but who knows.

    it was 7 in the morning and my mum was yelling me to wake up for school. I was laying on the bed, on my stomach, hands on the sides and head to the side, like a stick. I couldn’t open my eyes, all I could see was me, on the bed chained to the bed with barbed wire. when I could finally open my eyes, I couldn’t move, I could not talk, but I was wide awake, I could only move my eyes, and I did feel something near me. and EVERY time I closed my eyes I saw myself again, like I was standing over the bed looking at myself laying there.
    ofc I did not feel any barber wire or anything, just a heavyness over my body.
    it lasted for 10-15 minutes or so, then it just passed.
    Later that day my back hurt and I noticed red marks all over. I wasn’t bleeding or anything, they were just dots and streaks, red-ish, like when you scratch yourself, first the scratch is white, then it a few seconds it goes red, y’know?

    anyway, I dunno, maybe it was just a dream, maybe I was imagining stuff. but it happened 3 days after I purchased an Ouija board from an antique store, it was just $10 and looked AMAZING, and my friend wanted one so I thought I’d buy it for her.

    anyway, whatever it was caused by, or even was just a dream, paranormal or not, whatever, scared the hell outta me.

  50. flying merman says:

    some of us with sleep paralysis have long term injuries still trying to heal up, for istance i was shake and bake as a baby literally, put into the oven ;1 some people report acts of cannibalism to hide theirs, army gas locks the body up to put a tube down the throat 2 injuries from child abuse fuse or stiffen nervs or muscles the body can lock up when the nerves and muscles separate,3 kids prank adults 4 fairies are real 5 pressure on the top of you can be felt even 10 years later if a pinched nerve prevented it from being felt at the time the injury occurred6,brothers and sisters arent always that bloody sweet as you think or the favoring parent thinks. so what i’m saying is there are other answers for the ones not sure what is up; but personally changing shape orform helps me to loosen up and2,3,4,5, i unstiffen quicker with sunlight hitting me. not all of us abnormal entities are evil our relatives decide sometimes that if we are called evil then we should be evil;;;;my chosen evil to the dilemma is bad singing[i was told by simon cowell i was pretty good] or worst of all i will destroy the punch line of an easy joke with ease. case in point, sounds like some of you need more sunlight;;; i still havent founnd what i was looking for but good luck with that “evil”entity on your chest thats only sittting their to keep you from flying up into your ceiling fan. you know who you are.thanks for reading this ihave to go good night ill check back for replys

  51. Trevor says:

    I have some infomation that may help people who suffer from this,for a start it is real, there are 2 kinds male and female,the male seens to be so evil that yes we can sence when its in the room,people in the old days put blue things around thier babies to keep away evil spirits this was mostly done with boys because they were thought to be of more value to the family or what ever but i have not been got since i put a lot of blue things in my bedroom like blue sheets,pillow cases and curtains, my advice is try it.

  52. Willie says:

    I had a particular bad experience with sleep paralysis and something evil being in the room with me which I have can never forget. I was 11 and living with my new foster parents in a three story town house, as they had just fostered a frail relegated child I was moved into the attic so he could have my second floor bedroom, that night I awoke with this terrifying feeling the’re was something in the room with me, being to scared to move incase ‘it heard me’ I remained completely still listening intently for anything, some seconds later I heard something crawl nasty and shuffle loudly towards my bed, I felt a sinking heavy feeling like the ceiling was crashing down and began to scream with nothing only squeak came out. I needed to get out that room and got the courage leap out of bed clearing as much floor space towards the door because I was sure something was going to crap me from under my bed. I managed to run into my foster mothers bedroom franticly crying. I refusing to ever sleep in that room again or even go in there alone. I was freaked.

  53. Erica says:

    Wow,… I get chills reading these stories, having gone through the same thing for as long as I can remember. Lately these experiences have been happening to me atleast every other night when i know im awake, i can hear my kids in the next room, the tv, i can see my boyfriend walking in and out of the room, but i cant move, talk,… just look around and hope he will see me distressed and wake me up. Its bad enough that I have to go through what feels like 30 mins of that terrible feeling but I am also very chlosterphobic and the feeling of not moving makes my heart rate go crazy! Also, I tend to fall asleep with the blankets covering my face too (which is a bad idea when going through sleep paralysis) and I cant breath. I do see how REM can be a factor, but I also notice that when i finally can move agian and i start to turn over, if i let it take over me again, i get stuck in between positions!! Some insight on this from you guys would be greatly appreciated and if anybody knows of any sleep aid that would help

  54. bob says:

    i hate getting it but i belive it is causd by fear because 1 night when i was in my bed my house was being robbed. i knew at the time bt i was so scared i just starred at the roof and felt like my mucles were locked in place

  55. Jacoby says:

    Sorry man, to me you just sound insane

  56. Anonymous says:

    If sp is a medical condition why is it surrounded by such evil and terror? It’s happened 4 times to me and I literally thought something was trying to steal my soul. A fear far beyond anything I’ve ever felt. I was awake and aware of my surroundings . Couldn’t move or scream. Tried to say my wifes name to wake her and nothing. Seems like it lasted forever. Everytime it ended when the dark figure got close enough to feel. Never woke from it was just able to move and speak again. I was already awake

    • Caretaker says:

      Yeah why is it we never hear of people experiencing sleep paralysis and seeing something beautiful?

    • Bracket says:

      The reason for that is because the very fact that you are paralyzed brings on a primal fear deep in the brain and kick-starts a nightmare while you are still half asleep.

      When you are fully asleep, your brain shuts off your muscles so that you don’t act out your dreams. When you have sleep paralysis, your brain has woken up only partially and this is when your body realizes for the first time that it can’t move and this elicites panic, which in turn brings on a nightmare. It’s the same reason why you have nightmares after watching a horror movie. Fear breeds bad dreams, and since you are still in a dreaming state while in sleep paralysis, you have bad experiences.

  57. Anonymous says:

    So why the same general nightmare for everyone? Doesn’t make since to me that were all havin the same dream. Medically speaking

  58. Becky says:

    Hey! I’m only 13, but i had a similar experience a year ago. I was lying in bed and all of a sudden, i see a bright bright light. Kinda like ur blind but instead of seeing pitch black, everything was white. It felt as if someone was shaking me. Then my eyes open (i can move any part of my body) and i see this man figure. I could see through him and he said that hes going to get my mom. So i try to yell so that my mom would hear me. Nothing came out. All I had to say was, “mom i love u. please dont get my mom. she means the whole world to me” and then it went away. i was covered with sweat and i was able to move again. I had some more experiences also when i was little.

  59. saifa12 says:

    i had same kinda experience. once when i was getting up from my sleep i had this strange feeling like some was holding me. it caught my mouth so that i don’t speak…….it felt like he was trying to tell me something…i tried to move but was not able to, i thought i will call out to my mom but was not able to, the thing tried to pull me down and my blanket……it was a strong force………then i tried to bang the wall with my hand as i felt a bit loose from the grip. i don’t know properly as how the thing went away…………..i don’t even know if it was real or just a dream……

  60. Anonymous says:

    i was in bed about to fall asleep when i felt the bed shacking so i freaked out and wanted to get out of bed but i could not move or speak, i could not move at all but i saw everything and herd everything…..

  61. angie says:

    i have also experienced sleep paralysis,and knew i was awake and felt a shadow black cloud over the bed,but iwasnt feeling forced there, i couldnt open my eyes i fought to see what i could and to make out my room and to know i wasnt dreamin and in my mind i know i was talking and tryin to yell for help, i didnt feel threatened by the presence in the room just the thought of when will i be able to move,i felt it was more curious about me and my strong will and intuition,always this has happened to 2 other people staying at my grandpas who is near death i recently had it happen to me again there at his home,i believe it is a spirit of some kind good or bad i do not fear it because i know what my beliefs are,,,,until some none believers experience it for themselves they have a right to their scientic beliefs….best of luck to you all god bless

  62. provider says:

    i have been dealing with sleep paralysis since i was about 5 or 6 and im 23 now. The way i usually break out of it is by forcing one of my eyes to stay open and controlled heavy breathing. i do this so that way i can tell something is really happening to me instead of thinking its a dream and then that sinking feeling starts taking over.

  63. Matt says:

    Let me clear something up. ITS NORMAL. i have had sleep paralysis 3 times. the first time i almost shit my pant, i awoke from a dream and felt there to be a demon in my room. I was 6 at the time. I then realized i couldnt move, and felt a pressure pushing down on me. When I woke up and went to my mom, she told me what had happened was a NORMAL thing to happen. the next to times it happened, i have told my self to relax, and i no longer felt, a “demon” in my room. THE “DEMON” is our own fear. also, some of you are schizophrenics. sorry to break that news to you. but to the rest of you, your house OR YOU are not haunted by demons.

  64. syaf says:

    i don’t know if i had brain damage or had to do with auditory hallucinations or sleep deprivations or schizophrenics or whatever but yesterday I was in the living room, sitting on a couch while facing a small balcony… at that time there wasn’t any strong wind or rain either and all the windows are closed and i wasn’t asleep yet, i just close my eyes. suddenly i felt chilly as though someone was watching me. i felt a presence of a woman in white (i couldn’t see her feet nor her face) was standing at the small balcony watching me, at the moment i closed my eyes but i could somehow feel the presence (i trust my instincts because they are always right) and i guessed it right. suddenly i could really feel a gust of wind just blew directly towards me, and only me. the direction of the wind blew to me wasn’t IN FRONT of me (like i said i was facing the balcony). and all of the sudden my whole body paralyzed. i could not move my eyes, my hands, my legs, my body, my mouth, my head – everything. the pressure is terrifying. i felt the couch was moving by itself. i tried to move, but i couldn’t. i don’t know what to do because i don’t have any control. i could only pray to God in my heart for “it” to stop and leave me alone. after a while, “it left” and i was relieved i could move my fingers and body … i look around at the same spot and i had goosebumps… and this was my first time having it. and i hope i won’t get to feel this disgusting experience again. after i had this, my brain hurts alot. both supernatural or scientific reasons, please just state why i’m having this. would appreciate it a lot.

    i tried to find similar experiences like this on the internet and i found out about this mental condition called cataplexy but i also find this website whereby a lot of people share their same experiences which caused by some “entities”?

    so is it just a state of mind or is it really something bothering us?

  65. suesue says:

    this has happened to many many times, i am a very religious person and im muslim i think it has something to do with the super natural and science , muslims believe in an entity called jinn it will never be seen or heard just felt, it can also posses you but its extremely rare but night attacks like these can be quite common. no words come out like what happened to you and i struggle to breathe as though there is a huge heavy weight on your chest. my advise is to sleep as comfortable as possible and not on your back plus leave an extremely dim light in the room in case you feel nervous, it helps relax your brain and your fear will reduce.
    hope this helps xxx

  66. Anne says:

    Sleep paralysis and cataplexy are both extremely disconcerting experiences. I have had many bouts of sleep paralysis, accompanied by the feeling of something evil around me. I finally found the cause of my experiences when I was diagnosed with the sleep disorder narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is characterized by the unbearably strong urge to fall asleep even if you are not tired. It becomes like a pressure on your brain, something pulling down a heavy weight on your head and you cannot fight it….you fall asleep. Cataplexy occurs in people with narcolepsy when they are experiencing extreme emotions, whether it’s very happy, very sad or very stressed. You lose control of your muscle system and can fall down abruptly. Fortunately in my case, I am able to control the condition with medication and am no longer bothered by sleep paralysis. I have heard that some cases of narcolepsy do not always respond well to medication and are harder to control. I would like to stress for the sake of “sayf” whose comments above prompted me to comment, narcolepsy is a physical medical condition, not related at all to a mental illness. I know how frightening these experiences can be, even to the extent of a person having hypnogogic audio and aural hallucinations. Perhaps anyone else having these experiences should consider an evaluation by a neurologist just to first rule out any paranormal cause of their experiences. I do believe in the paranormal and am not suggesting that the answer I found to my sleep paralysis, is necessarily the explanation for the experiences of others.

  67. Manss says:

    I doubt that thing had been a demon ,also doubt you had been awoke this is what you say and what you felt but in fact you hadn’t been asleep . let me explain more :
    when we are asleep our soul gos to another place and even sometime gos to another world ( deaths world ) to understand what is going there or may somebodies soul tended to meet his familiar deceases in that world. when he meets them or other deceases (accidental) after that meeting when he want return to this world some irritable souls don’t let him to come back therefore he involves in a critical situation .He wish does return but he is not able . some time such persons would never comeback to this word and they would death while that sleeping but some persons soul struggles and may save themselves from that predicament and get back to this world or may merciful god or his holy servants help them to get rid of that situation. totally I don’t know what had been that presence specially as you say he seemed to be an evil .

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