Something Evil In My Grandparents House

Posted on April 5, 2008

Well, I will start off by saying that growing up I have always been perceptive to ghosts or spirits, or whatever you wish to call them. I am now 19 years old and am more terrified than I have ever been by a ghost in my life.

I have been living in my grandparents house for about four months now. Growing up I used to spend a lot of time here and there was always one room that I tried to avoid because it made me feel very uneasy and panicky. That room is now the one I sleep in. For the first several months I didn’t feel anything more than the usual uneasiness and occasionally the feeling of being watched. However, the feeling made me so uneasy that I sleep with a night light, which is not typical of a 19 year old.

A few weeks ago I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend and my grandparents were asleep so I had shut my door so that I would not wake them. (I usually sleep with my door open, again because I was uncomfortable). I noticed that I was starting to fall asleep after the phone call and thought to myself that I needed to get up and open my door, but I felt so tired that I decided to leave it closed.

After falling asleep I started having horrible nightmares about my family dying, and all sorts of terrifying other things. I knew that I was sleeping and they were just nightmares so I tried to wake myself up, but I couldn’t. I felt like something didn’t want me to wake up and was forcing me to stay asleep in these nightmares. I finally was able to wake myself up enough to jump up and open my door. I was so shook up that I grabbed my bible and said a prayer. It took me a couple of hours to fall asleep, but when I did I no longer had the nightmares.

After that I noticed anytime I left my room and the hall way was dark I immediately became very paranoid that I was being watched. I felt like someone was standing behind me, watching over my shoulder. I would find myself running to the living room where there was light because I felt sure that something was reaching out to attack me. I also have several very over-protective dogs. The oldest of the dogs never barks unless the mailman comes or there is someone at the door, and even less often growls. I started to notice that when I am home alone she would stand outside the door in the hallway and back bedrooms and growl for several seconds, and then walk away.

After this I would have nightmares more and more often. The same type of nightmares and the same feeling that something didn’t want me to wake up. I am not one to be scared easily but all of this had really started to get to me. My grandparents go out of town often and I am left home alone. Due to recent events I have become afraid of sleeping alone at night so when I was left home alone this weekend I had a friend stay over with me on Friday night, and Saturday I stayed with a friend.

Last night my grandfather came home and I thought that I would be able to sleep well. But now I find myself nervous, and anxious. I feel like I am being watched all the time and feel very paranoid. Last night I started having horrible thoughts, just scary images in my head of death and decay, horrible things inside my head. Last night I was so on edge that I didn’t sleep. I haven’t slept in over 34 hours, and I am not tired at all. I have no appetite either, which is very odd because I am always eating.

I Guess this isn’t really a story to tell, I am just more interested in if anyone has any idea on what I should do. I do not think my grandparents would believe me if I told them and I do not know how to make this all stop and go away. Can I make it go away and if so how do I? If any one could help me I would really appreciate it.

Sent in by Kally, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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28 Responses to “Something Evil In My Grandparents House”
  1. poulami says:

    for my opinion u should put a god picture on the walll or keep a holy thing with u everytime and before u sleep pray god and put holy thing under ur pillow ….might it can work ….

  2. JODIE says:


  3. paige says:

    i think you should speak to a priest or someone in your church and ask them what they think and if that doesnt work then get a priest to come and bless the house and then maybe it will go away

  4. Neena says:

    WHEN YOU START FEELING THE UNEASY FEELING SAY “WHITE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT” thats what my mom tells me to do and it really works try it….

  5. almie says:

    oh poor you! they can be nasty and sometimes persistant but i have found that whenever we have visitors in our house (not so much anymore) that 3 things seemed to work very well. first i light a big chunky WHITE candle for a while, white light seems to help. i also burn strong insense and they dont seem to like that at all, it also makes the room feel clensed. thirdly, make a loud noise, clap or shout at them to go away. we had something in our house that kept hanging around us. my mum stomped through the house and shouted at the top of her voice to leave her the hell alone and that she couldnt help them. it worked! cant hurt to try, i hope it workes.

  6. Hye Kally! I’m sorry to hear about your demon problem, I myself have lived in 4 apts. in Calif. that are full of demons. This I know for a fact and they will not leave you alone….I dont know why they are only in certain places but that is something I am trying to figure ou to this day. Well you are wondering what to do ???? You need to get some oil,olive oil or any other kind and put a cross over every door way and say I rebuke all you demons in the name of Jesus!!! I command you to leave this house in the name of Jesus!! after that becareful of who you let in your house. Good Luck and may God Bless your house

  7. neicy says:

    i think you should put a video tape record in the corner of your room and close your door and put it on night view and turn the lights out and tape it while your sleep and then show you grandparents and have a friend stay the night over to and see if he or she have the same promblem!! good luck and if work call me at 12177419682

  8. cheree says:

    Hi i had a spirit in my hm and at the time it was my 4yr old son who first discovered it he was sittin on our lounge in a daze just lookin straight into our hall way were our family pics were i was sittin next to him at the time and i saw that he was in a daze so i just let him be, thinkin he was just in a daydream and soon after that my son yelled really loud “GO AWAY” then paused, then GO AWAY” i said to my son who u talking to and he said NO ONE then he said “IM NOT ALOUD TO TELL U” so i left it at that ,as he was pretty scared and so was i after a few wks i asked him again and he wispered to me it was a lady with a burnt face . i looked into it further and it turns out that a lady did die in my home from a fire. in the end i got a priest into my home and since then she has moved on. so i strongly believe that u need to get a priest into ur grandparents home good luck and try not to show them that ur scared they thrive on it

  9. willz says:

    I agree with the idea that you talk to a priest. Tell him that you just have a funny feeling in the house and if they wouldn’t mind blessing it for you. It can’t hurt and it might help the spirit to move on. Also i agree with insense, ghosts don’t tend to like chemical changes in the atmosphere of the house.

  10. doc says:

    You are in the stage of oppression my a demon spirit preping you for possession u should think real hard about having you house clesned from evil spirits by a church minister, pastor and also try to change the aposphere by playing praise and worship music, scriptures and read the 91st pslam out loud and pray for God’s proctection over you as you sleep.

  11. Alexandria says:

    Well I Know for a fact that my house is FILLED with ghosts. I very much believe that there is a such thing as the paranormal. But I do not believe that they can harm you. If God was real and he actually loved what he created…he wouldn’t let something that passed on cause the living any type of harm. I hear footsteps upstairs in my cousins room when she or her boyfriend is not there. I hear banging as if someone is “doing it” when they aren’t upstairs. And I always hear whispering. But I leave it alone because they can’t do any harm.

  12. John B says:

    While, myself, I’m not christian. I don’t agree with the punishments in the bible, but I will say that whatever religion you are, you should keep something with you of your faith to help you.
    Myself, I carry a pagan symbol for knowledge and wisdom, and that stops all paranormal activity around me.
    You should try the same.

    Good luck! :D

  13. Jean H says:

    I had nightmares constantly as a child and young adult. I spent YEARS sleeping with a rosary wrapped around my hand at night. I would advise you to pray every night, and the next time you get that uneasy feeling, say out loud “Jesus Christ, Help me!” Calling on the name of the Lord has been mentioned in many accounts (some on this website) as instrumental in being released when one is held or oppressed by something evil.

  14. Lorie says:

    Although you feel as though your grandparents wont believe, you should tell them anyways. You usually can get over certain issues with loved ones behind you! I experienced nightmares.. uneasy feelings and it came to a point to where Paranoia took over my life because I felt like people would think I was crazy. Too where I started feeling like I was crazy, It wasnt until Ireached out for help when things started getting better. Nightmares still overcome me.every now and then. but its not as bad as it used to be. Music overcomes my life now.. you should definetly make bestfriends with a great hobby.. The best of luck to you!

  15. NAZ says:

    Hi, im gona be very frank.
    this sounds to me that you are making urself scared.
    do u know how after you have watched a scary movie, u feel that someone is watching you and immediately feel scared?
    well, thats all in the mind, you wouldn’t have felt scared had u nt watched the movie.
    im not disregarding ur fear, but pray and believe that you are fine.
    i fear God alone and i always tell myself that wen i feel afraid.

  16. nick says:

    i am so sorry. my idea of what to do is to pray to god every night before you go to sleep. secondly ask a priest to bless your house. thirdly TELL YOUR GRANDPARENTS they can help you. my parents helped me. and finally stand strong, dont show any type of fear. email me at [email protected] and tell me if any of these tips work. god bless you

  17. Halloween Blood says:

    pray to God. he will help yu.

  18. ashley says:

    god isnt the only solution explore other options whatever u do be careful

  19. hollybeth says:

    you should put somethin of jesus on the wall or put a pictures of god on the wall or get a wooden cross to put over ur bed

  20. chloe says:

    you may feel it is funny but i am 11 years old and i seem to have similar dreams

  21. kristen says:

    well im in my granparents house rite now and i have a uneasy feeling here as well thats y i read ur story but i try to calm myself down beacuse my granmother said where every she moves she sees a indian ghost in her doorway (the same one) and that hes here to protect us but even if i think hes protecting us i still feel something sliped passed him and is in here and im scared

  22. Carly says:

    MOVE OUT….sounds good to me..go move in with a friend or something..

  23. Kurt says:

    Sounds like a devil is haunting you in your sleep. Make the sign of the cross on your forehead and see if you can get a priest to give you a blessing. The old fashioned one too, not this hokey pokey new stuff that doesn’t seem to work.

    Get some crucifixes and hang them up and say the St. Micheal’s prayer every day.

  24. sharayah says:

    i don’t know if you really do have something in your home. maybe you do. but i’ll tell you this i sometimes feel the way so do in my home i would freak my self out with my fear. and nothing is there.(or that i can see) :| so i’ll pray the lords prayer and i get mad at what ever i feel is there,i start thinking about God and how the unclean has to do what god tell it too .and i’ll ask God to send me a angel to protect me and my family,i ask for forgiveness for my sin and i give glory to the lord.and last night i went to sleep with the TV off :) but two days ago i felt really scared and could not sleep at all at night. i tell you God is good i ask for his help and he gave me some peace of mind :) THANK YOU MOSTHIGH ! i do hope thing get better for you may God be with you. shalom :)

  25. Magdelena says:

    I would agree with the others to stick to your faith- keep your bible close, say the Lord’s Prayer and a the prayer to ST. Michael the Archangel if you know it. (I’ll put it on the bottom of this message for you if you don’t.)
    But, I would strongly suggest to NOT go straight to believing it was a demon- if you jump to such conclusions you may become more afraid/depressed, and the amount of activity may increase. Evil spirits and such tend to be drawn in by negative energy- by giving in to this fear you may end up with an even worse situation on your hands.
    What I suggest is you try to focus on being possitive- stand strong, I know it’s hard, but you have to believe in yourself and stand up to it. If there really is something there that is trying to harm you, let it know it is not welcome. Ask God to protect you and let whatever is there know that through God you are powerful and you do not want it harrasing you anymore- it is not welcome or allowed in your home.
    Anyways, hope that helps you.
    It gets scary some times, but the best thing you can do is believe in yourself and not give up.
    Blessed be, friend.
    (p.s> here is the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel:
    Saint Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
    and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
    by the Divine Power of God -
    cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
    who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.
    Amen. )

  26. thewolfpack10 says:

    thats creepy!!! yeah, I know how you feel because i share a room with my grandma that just creeps me out when its dark. How I know exactly how you feel is, one time I was sitting in the room reading and then the lights went out (there was a storm). After a few minutes, the room was lit with a dim light from a candle, well, I didn’t want to accedently burn my book so i got a flashlight and read. Then all of a sudden, i see something big, black and tall slowly pass my bed out of the cornner of my eye! Too into the book, I decide to just ask “hey grandma is that you?” and I wait for an answer, but nothing came! Trying to stay as clam as possable, i look up and see nothing, just the dancing shadows from the candle! “ok…. that was akward” and just as I said that I felt a strong breeze (so stong it could have been a gust of wind!) swirl around me, then it blows out the candle and then stops! Just after a few minutes of sitting in the dark, the lights came back on! ever since then i have been feeling like i was being fallowed! sorry for the long story :} i just thought i’d tell you that

  27. Anonymous says:

    I’m having the same experience as you. My son started to have these nightmares 6 months ago. And I have had these types of nightmares for a while now. My friend spent the night and he started to have the same nightmares. I bought a bible, turn on my 99.5 radio everynight while I sleep and pray everynight. I even sing a song I made up called “I luv Jesus” in the shower. I keep saing Jesus over and over again and tell the demons that my son and I belong to Jesus! This has helped me. My nightmares has stopped and my son has had one day of relief and his nightmares have lessened. He had lost faith for the last 6 months and this could be why they attack. I’m also getting my house blessed today! I will keep you updated! This helps! Pray, pray, read the word and believe. Ask the Lord for help. Bring him into your heart. I’m really sorry, I know this is torture!

  28. bee4britt32308 says:

    im having the same dreams…..its just that i dont have to be at my grandparents house….it follows me where ever i go…as a matter of fact, thats how i found this article….i’m about to pray, drink some wine, fall asleep…and set the house on fire and i dont care who’s loving faces are in it….why? i feel like its worth a try because when i was about 4yrs old up until i was 6! i had the same dream about this ugly decayed man who haunted me in my grandmothers house and i shared this with my mother and she told me i had o face him.(fight) and have faith….wen she told me that…the next dream i had i was terrified and appeared with him in a lazer purple ring with a shouting crowd around us! i was scared facing him face to face but i heard my mothers voice about it being JUST A DREAM* So i fought him and had faith that i would win. I thought about all he put me through from age 4 and i was then 6yrs old facing him. I whooped his ass!….he then brokes apart and vanished….and i never had those nightmares about him again. however now i’m experiencing the same dreams you are and i’m now 22…im serious. i believe i want to set the house on fire and walk off from it in my dream> it may sound crazy but i think its worth a try

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