Night Terrors

Posted on November 7, 2010

I believe it happened sometime in November when the movie Emily Rose was in the Roxy Theater. My boyfriend and my dad and a few other friends came to see the spooky truths of the past. Now, if any of you have seen this movie you know it is down right frightening! I’ve never been the kind of person to get scared of anything. I was literally afraid of nothing. It was during the movie when I felt a cord being struck inside me. I wondered… how could this girl live with such torment all those days? See faces shift before her eyes in broad daylight!? I couldn’t live like that. No way.

When the movie ended and we all got in the cars and left for home. I remember looking at the winter trees in a different way and one specific tree scared the wits out of me. It was an old twisted tree and in that instant Emily Rose took that form of the tree in my mind. I kept saying to myself to get a grip! I’ve never been so afraid of anything – nothing!

I decided I was not ok to sleep on my own tonight. I asked my boyfriend at that time to spend the night with me just so I could get a decent sleep. He said he couldn’t as there was no chance of his parents going out (We were in our mid teens). I felt desperate, but I knew he was right. In the end I will be sleeping alone tonight.

The first night.

Nothing happened! I was scared for no reason! What a blow to my pride that was… I felt foolish, but relieved non-the-less. I went about my day as it was normal.

One week goes by.

Things didn’t feel right all of a sudden. I felt something at the pit of my stomach, but brushed it off as maybe I was feeling sick?

I went to bed early that day hoping that it wasn’t going to be the flu as that’s how it usually comes down.

What a big mistake that was. I wasn’t tired enough to fall asleep. I could hear slight movements on my dresser and I was the only one in bed. I brushed it off as someone was walking too hard upstairs (yeah, I had a bedroom downstairs and a water bed). I eventually feel asleep.

Next Night.

More noise of things “dropping” from my dresser, but even more noticeable this time. I froze in my bed, afraid to move. I gathered up my courage to go turn on my light. It was directly across from my bed and my room was a fair size. I shot out of bed and turned on that blasted light to see what the heck was going on! I always kept my room clean so if I saw something on the floor, I would know it was not me and what I saw scared me.

Nothing. Nothing was on the floor! But… I heard it clear as day in my ear! I know I didn’t just “hear things”, I know what I heard. What could I do? I just went back to bed. I was tired of these little games and I had to go to school…

What came after that I will never forget. I managed to fall asleep and I was dreaming. It was a nice dream about spending time with my boyfriend. We were laughing. Then he went black. His whole self went black and a dreadful smile was plastered on the demons’ face… it was on top of me. I couldn’t get my body to move. It laughed at me while pushing me down. I felt my soul screaming…I’m not even sure if it was me that was or my soul, but when I woke up, I was in a cold sweat. Even just reciting this gives me the chills every time.

There was another time when I went to bed I had a nightmare about the Gates of Hell. This is a place I never want to be and I will do everything in my power not to go there. The place was black and the sky was red and the only light that was being given off was fire and sparks. There was no sun. No blue sky. Nothing happy was empathized. There were dogs, too. It was looked like to me a two-headed dog and some force was beckoning me to come in through the Gates. I tried with all I had to stay away from those iron bars. To my horror, even the dogs were what looked like to me was welcoming me in! The Gates opened and I screamed one hell of a scream and woke up. Again, the cold sweats and stiff body. I never moved from my position in my sleep. If I can even call that sleep…

I’m not even sure how long I put up with this terror. It always happened at night and never during daylight hours. I remember always anticipating the light and fearing the dark. I couldn’t concentrate in school and I knew my grades were feeling the pinch. Enough was enough. I had to tell somebody and hoping that person could help me. I told my mother. She made an appointment right away with our pastor from our church.

I remember being in the center of a circle of men and they were praying silently. The pastor sprinkled Blessed Water (or Holy Water) on my head and said a prayer aloud. That’s all I remember from that appointment in our church. Since then, I have never had another encounter like that again. I’m glad for it everyday.

If there is anyone who is suffering I only ask that you do the same. If you don’t believe… I only hope this method will still work.

God Bless!

Sent in by Sheena Christine Wiebe, Copyright 2010

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6 Responses to “Night Terrors”
  1. sharayah says:

    god is good the lord help you and im happy for you. to hell with all the demons that try to hurt us.

  2. AnNa bites back says:

    i think its just your mind playing tricks.the movie scared you that much you were freaken out.sorry.but if it did happen im glad your better.

  3. Edward Black says:

    Remember, too much knowledge about secrets brings too much danger. I’m happy that everyone is fine, it was the Darkness playing in your dream, it was not fake.

  4. Shina says:

    Thanks guys. The reason why I don’t believe it was my mind playing tricks is because I felt fine for the first week, nothing happened. After that, it happened very gradually and just got worse as time progressed. I am still a strong believer today.

  5. Kind Skeptic says:

    I also believe you were having “post traumatic” effects from such a scary movie that ultimately implanted the tone of the plot in your memory, thus creating nightmares. The act of having someone “take care of it all for you” through your religious session acted as a way to pull you back to reality and end your nightmare cycle, much like “kissing a boo-boo” makes the child fell less pain. (I don’t mean to belittle your experience w/ this example.) cordially…..

  6. Aika says:

    Sleep paralysis can not be explained by science, but can be recorded for further analysis by high tech equipments for the Vatican. Lucifer, the fallen angel, loves to mess with humans in every way and all the time. Nothing is wrong with your health or brain, but you are getting demonic visitations between your conscious and unconscious state of your brain which happens right between sleep to wake up stage. There, you are paralyzed like millions of people including some priests (I wonder why) and with a terrifying experience, mostly having tremendous fear that makes you to move, scream, cry, but you can not. Listen and read all the real stories of most people who escape (probably will experience again) form this unbearable experience are the ones who call the name of the Lord where demons leave you right away. This 15 to 30 seconds unpleasant over-deal is in fact a spiritual message to you. The message is not that simple, not easy to understand and comprehend, Most sensitive people and people with bad backgrounds mostly get this message. If I can make it more simple, it is like; have this fear without moving your fingers and toes for a short time, if you call the Lord, I am not with you, because you have your faith. Imagine 15 to 30 seconds fear will be a forever fear and agony in the Hell. That is how I can describe the complex of the message with a shortcut. You fight back with demon/s, it will just make them laugh at you and they will enjoy it more. But, the Lord’s name is not a laughing matter for the demons. If you do have faith deep in your heart, demons will definitely leave you alone and sleep comfortably, otherwise, fill your bathtub with holy water and sleep, you will still be paralyzed and get the fear.. Sorry, I am not a native English speaker/writer and I am sure there are many grammatical mistakes and using the simple words, but basically, what is happening is with you and all the people is this demonic visit/s with a complex message. Spread the word please, all the way to the Vatican, not to your doctor.

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