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My Demon Visitor

Posted on January 25, 2010

This was about two summers ago. So in 2007, it was summer time and we had a big thunderstorm. I was at my Grandmas house and we chose to all go out on the porch to watch the storm. The porch was covered so we didn’t have to worry about the rain. Everyone wanted to go inside but my mom and I really wanted to stay and watch so we did so. My Mom was cold and asked me to go grab her a blanket so I did so.

When I came back I handed her the blanket and sat down. She was unfolding the blanket and covering herself while I looked out into the distance. I saw some type of shadow walking, it looked human but my grandmas property was all fenced off. Lightening struck and I saw the shadows face. It had a blood red face with yellow sharp gagged teeth and black scratches all over its face. It’s fingers were long with long black nails at the end of each. The demon wore a black long robe with the hood up and it looked weathered. He laughed the most wicked laugh I have ever heard and said I quote “Go to hell, I’m going to kill you.”

I looked at my mom and asked if she saw and she said “no?” she sounded confused. I told her we need to go in the house right away and she listened and walked inside with me. I closed my eyes for a minute and I saw his face. I felt like going home because I didn’t feel safe. About an hour later we went home.

The next day we came back to my grandmas and my grandparents then told me the house next door had caught on fire. And after we left lightening struck their backyard. If my mom and I had stayed outside we could have died. I pulled my mom into the guest room and told her everything.

From that day forward I have seen the demon every night. It started where he would be in my dreams but than progressed so I would see him when I was up too. Just this year in July 2009 we moved to a new home. Everything went away for awhile than one night I woke up to that wicked laugh again. I was scared and opened my eyes slowly. There he was sitting across the room in my reading chair. I turned on the light and he was gone. I then fell back to sleep with the light on. I’ve seen him ever since.

I don’t know why this demon picked me. But I have faith that God will help me. I have never been someone who believed that paranormal things could happen till this happened to me.

Sent in by Cassidy McCormick, Copyright 2010

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Tags: Shadow Creatures

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16 Responses to “My Demon Visitor”
  1. lubna says:

    hey…i have heard many things like tht before but did anything happen to u?? i mean did he haunt u or anything?

  2. christianwarrior101 says:

    since you do belive in god this demon will try to break your faith and you said you see him every night correct if so you have to stand up to it and command it to leave in jesus name rebuke it in the name of jesus christ it might try to act like your powerless but your not he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world so do not think you have to live your life in fear do not be affraid when it comes back you stand up to it tell it to leave in the name of jesus christ do not back down if you need any help i am here to help you

  3. eyepriestess says:

    You made the mistake of telling this demon, ‘go to hell or im going to kill you’. You have challenged it, you should have ignored it’s presence. People should never try and communicate with evil.

    I believe thsi story because i have been in a demons presence. You must pray to God to help you get rid of this and ask your local priest to bless your home.

    Good luck! let us know how you go on.

    • stephiie :) says:

      it said that to her.. you have it backwards… :) not trying to be mean just helping…

  4. Fenwinkel says:

    No, no, Eyepriestess — the demon is the one who said “go to hell or I’m going to kill you.” Cassidy said nothing.

  5. eyepriestess says:

    Oh thanks for spotting my error Fenwinkel.

  6. The Ghost Gal says:

    Holy Mackreal! what a story!
    well my advice to you would be to pray to the lord and get a priest to bless ur home or hang crosses in every room of ur house
    I have a haunted house next door and i ALWAYS hear a evil laugh……I just tell it to shut up…..and it does for a while

  7. ChristianTexture says:

    This most defiantly is a demon. Pray that Jesus sends His angels to protect you, and pleed Christ’s blood on yourself, and your family. If the demon shows itself again, command it to leave you alone in Jesus Christs’ name. Not believing in this will not help you. Now’s the time to believe… and to take authority.

  8. Almost the same says:

    yeah i had a demon like that.. kinda very tattered black robe, red kinda face (looked like flesh.. with bits of melted skin o.o) however no black scratches he had fangs, he said he would kill me lol. hasnt happened yet.. he still comes around when hes around,he smells like vomit and a mix of something else. when hes around i can feel his aura its dark but powerful it makes me feel like im immortal and nothing can stop me, it makes me cold at the same time. There is another demon around to he comes by less but he appears as a skeleton made of mist. he seems more quiet but when he talks hes a real smart ass… when they talk demonic i ask what they are talking about they just look and tell me to mind my own buesness or they will just ignore me… its odd i have felt a greater more evil presence then them two combined its so powerful i can here him laugh i here him command i know its not Satan himself but i know he commands the other two he is an older demon fed off more fear then the two with me he is so powerful when he comes i feel him my joints start to crap my spin feels like it has electricity running through it becomes hard to talk and so on…….

  9. shroud says:

    My apologies to you, but I have my doubts. The description of this demon sounds alot like Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I. I’m not sure if this one is not just imagination.

  10. anonamouse says:

    dear “christianwarrior101″ wouldn’t confronting and annoying a demon be the last thing you should do because it will just cause more fear? from what i heard all you need to do is ignore them and their presence because you are giving acknowledgment that they are there and they will bother you more.

  11. kishani says:

    Just be brave dear! dont ever let it make you weak… then he takes over!

  12. christianwarrior101 says:

    anonamouse that is really a good question but the thing is if they want to bother you igoreing them or not does not matter they will still do what ever they want to do so in one case it might seem to work by ignoreing them but really by just ignoreing them they are still able to stay there if they want but when you get rid of them in jesus name they have no choice they have to listen and im not saying annoy them or play with them but i am saying stand tall and do not back down and keep your faith in christ and you will win the battle i have a friend that thought that if you ignore them they will not mess with you but he found out that was not the case and i am not saying call them out in your name the only way to do it right is useing christ s name that is the only way and yes they might come back sometimes or things might seem to get worse but that is the demon trying to break your faith trying to make you think it is more powerful than god it will act like god is not real but you no he is and he is the answer and with him he will always guide you to victory i hope this answer has helped you just dont doubt keep your faith god bless you

  13. anna says:

    thats weird it keeps coming were you are.well luckly nothing happened to you and your mom.that would of been not good.I dont know what to tell you to make you feel better just hopefuly it does stay away for good.

  14. Josh says:

    it appears that the demon had some sort of control over the storm, and planned to kill you, your mom, or both of you that night. he follows you because he wants to “finish the job.”
    but as you have said, stay with God

  15. Jayden Bland says:

    Hi,my name is Jayden.I live in Alabama,Ive seen it to.It was about 7 years ago when it showed itself to me.I seen everything you said except its teeth and hands/claws.I was 7 years old,i was in the bathtub,i looked down in the water and there it was standing there.I looked up and nothing,i looked down again and there it was again but closer.I looked up and still nothing,so i get out and the door not being locked would not budge.I started screaming my mom came to my rescue she got the door open and got me out.I havent seen it since until recently.The new horror movie Insidious,is where it showed itself again it was the star of the movie.Right then and there i went on a mission to find it thinking it had to be a real demon.I havent found anything yet so if you could help me find anything out please do help me.I need it bad.It would be highly appreciated!!!!Thanks!

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