Black Shadow Figure Sleep Paralysis

October 30th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Shadow People and Sleep Paralysis

I’m in my mid 30s. About two years ago I moved in with my girlfriend to a house, right away I felt like if something was following me around. It was a two story home and all the time as I left early to work I would get goose bumps all over my body all the way to the front door.

Also on approximately 10 times I had sleep paralysis, but never thought of anything it was scary at times but I would pray in my mind and it would go away rather quickly.

On one day as I was leaving to work as I was going down the stairs I didn’t felt that presence following me. I felt so relieved, but as I was about to open the door the goose bumps flared up from head to toes and as I opened the door I noticed a dark human figure looking right into the trunk of my car. We …

October 13th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Encounters with the Hat Man

When I was in foster care in 2007, I was sleeping like a normal child would early in the morning, but for some very odd reason, I woke up. When I opened my eyes, I looked up and that’s when I saw a dark figure standing next to my bed, it freaked me out so much, I threw the covers over my head to cover this up, I stayed that way for two minutes, when I felt it was safe, I took it off and it was gone.

Something that was scarier that same moment, when it disappeared, I looked next to me and I swore I saw my little sister lying right next to me, smiling, I repeated the cover again, when I took it off, she was gone as well. After those two mini-events happened, I turned over facing the wall and fell asleep again.

The second encounter was my third day back home. I was in the …

August 27th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Shadow People or Demonic Spirits?

July 30th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Camp Livingston Haunted Me

I’ve always seen spirits of some sort. I’ve always had powers. But I guess I never really understood myself until I met my ex-bestie, Sarah Thomas. She was Wiccan.

I was at the point in my life where I knew I wasn’t Christian, but I didn’t exactly know what I was. I believe in what I can’t see and I embrace the unknown rather than deny it. My experience, or happening, happened last year around I guess the end of spring. This takes place in central Louisiana.

Camp Livingston was many things to me, and it was 5 minutes down the road from my house. I was going to school for my G.E.D. and after school me and Sarah would go to Alexandria for Books-A-Million and Hot Topic. Well, one day I told her about Camp Livingston and she wanted to go because she, too, had heard stories about things that happened there.

Well before I go too far into …

June 2nd, 2010 by Caretaker 

A Ghostly Stranger Resides with Her

February 10th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Human Like Figure in My Closet

February 6th, 2010 by Caretaker 

My Demon Visitor

This was about two summers ago. So in 2007, it was summer time and we had a big thunderstorm. I was at my Grandmas house and we chose to all go out on the porch to watch the storm. The porch was covered so we didn’t have to worry about the rain. Everyone wanted to go inside but my mom and I really wanted to stay and watch so we did so. My Mom was cold and asked me to go grab her a blanket so I did so.

When I came back I handed her the blanket and sat down. She was unfolding the blanket and covering herself while I looked out into the distance. I saw some type of shadow walking, it looked human but my grandmas property was all fenced off. Lightening struck and I saw the shadows face. It had a blood red face with yellow sharp gagged teeth and black scratches all over its face. …

January 25th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Shadow Man and Sleep Paralysis

Hello my name is Crystal, I’m your average 18 year old that doesn’t have a care in the world. Everything that has happened to me started when I was about five.

My parents divorced when I was three, so my dad and brother raised me. My dad and I slept in the same bed because I was just five and scared to sleep by myself. Well I suddenly awoke and the room as always was dark. I remember looking at the closet door and a small shadow figure was standing there. I could make out the outline, it was about the size of a three year old and had a cone shape hat. I remember it was putting things into a bag and it looked up and stared at me. I got really scared and started crying and woke my dad up. I told him I wanted to go to my aunt Nelly’s house (she’s really religious). He turned on …

January 23rd, 2010 by Caretaker 

Encounter with the Shadowman

I was all of four years old when I saw him the first time. I was staying over at my grandparents. It was the middle of the night and I had gotten up to go to the bathroom. As I came down the wooden staircase I held on to the railing with the front door before me. As I descended, I thought I had seen someone outside through the small window on the front door.

I had to know if he was really there. I hit the landing, ran, ducked and impaled myself to the door. Slowly I stretched upward tiptoe until I could see outside through the little diamond shaped window. There he was, blacker than night standing on the sidewalk in front of the house. I could tell he was a man, wearing a raincoat and hat but void of features and standing very still facing the doorway. He watched me watching him.

My heart pounded in my …

January 20th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Shadow Person and Haunting in South Africa

Since I was five years old I have had an obsession with anything supernatural, not like aliens but anything that has anything to do with spirits, demons, angels, anything. I am relatively religious, and I do believe God watches over me.

For most of my life, I have always felt that I have had something with me, I have never felt alone. But it has never been good feelings. When I moved in to the house I live in now, (I live in South Africa) I experienced many things in this house. When we first moved in, about three days later, I was unpacked and feeling anxious about living in this house; if only I knew why at the time.

I went to bed that night, I cant remember the exact time, but I was woken up by a noise, as if somebody was in a hurry to get somewhere and they had jerked my mothers bedroom door open and …

January 18th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Shadow Figure Attacking While Sleeping

November 26th, 2009 by Caretaker 
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