Incubus in the Night

Posted on September 3, 2010

This began over a year ago; I have never known much of succubus/incubi until I experienced what I believed to be an encounter. I am a 20 year old female, and I am a junior in college, so I no longer live at home but in my own apartment which I have lived in for 2 years now. My ordeal started when I was asleep, in my dream there was a man, I am not sure what he looked like because it was so long ago but we were having sex. It was I guess a typical dream that everyone has at one point in their lives. I had a boyfriend at the time mind you, and we sexually active. I awoken out of this particular dream to what felt like I was still having sex as in I could still feel its hands all over me. I was unable to move or cry out. The feeling of its hands were warm instead cold and it felt as if someone was really there. I remember feeling startled at first but it only lasted a few minutes and then it was completely over. I had come to the conclusion that I was simply dreaming and I only believed it to be happening. My reasoning for it being that at that time one of my dogs had been in bed with me and from what I have read and heard animals, mostly dogs and cats are able to see ghosts/demons and had there actually been one my dog would have acted. (being that she in real life is very protective over me and would never hesitate to attack anything that came near me. She goes so far as to attack people that just tried to shake my hand or even so much as laid one finger on me.) After that day I did not have any encounters for over a year until recently.

About a month ago I had awoken out my sleep to the feeling of something pressing against me. It felt as if someone (a human possibly a man) was pressing down on the covers above me, perhaps like an embrace. At first I kept pushing what felt like its arms away. At that point I was thinking that it was a dream, so I was not worried at all. After several moments ( I’m not sure how long exactly) I realized I had been awake and my eyes were actually open but I was unable to move anymore. I was suddenly alert and began to try to move and yell and no sound came out. It was odd because eventually I was able to move somewhat but my body still felt heavy. When I did move the entity would go away but as soon as I became still I would feel it over me and I would temporarily be paralyzed again. I would get a tingly feeling over my body and get an odd ringing type sound in my ear, which would let me know that the entity was coming back and I would be unable to move. It was never forceful; it felt as if it were simply just messing with me. When it was on me it felt like an embrace, not strangulation. I was not terrified more like annoyed at it because I simply wanted to sleep. Eventually it went away and I went back to sleep. The only thing I remember seeing was a grey/white cat out the corner of my eye. I never saw a person when it was embracing me. What was the cat? What does it mean? Why did I see a cat? I have never had a cat, my mother had a cat but I am more of a dog person if that helps any.

My last and most recent encounter was last night. I was dreaming/semi awake when I felt something touching my legs. I sleep on my back sometimes and last night that is how I went to sleep. I felt it open them and began to touch my inner thighs. I would feel it touching me in other Places as well and at one point I felt as if I was having sex. The odd part was I was talking to it, egging it on if you will. I even raised my shirt and allowed it access to my breasts. I have no idea why I would allow it. It was as if it was influencing my behavior and making me desire it. It was a warm feeling and I think I may have enjoyed it. This part of my encounter I believed to be a dream but at some points I distinctly remember opening my eyes and even hearing the TV. (Which I leave on when I am asleep). I then became fully awake (perhaps I had been all along) but I was unable to move or speak. I was able to keep my eyes open and I can even recite what program I saw on the television.

I then felt it begin to touch me again and explore my body as it had done earlier. I tried to move but it was fruitless. I looked down and noticed my kitten (I just recently got her about 4 weeks ago) and she was sound asleep. I tried screaming her name I could even feel my voice in my throat screaming but no sound came out. I could feel my lips moving but there was no sound. What unnerved me was that my previous movement and the entity’s movement did not awaken the sleeping kitten. I was finally able to sit up and it went away. However as soon as I lay back I would feel it again, and that ringing noise and warming tingly feeling came back and I would be paralyzed yet again. It became a pattern, I would fight the paralysis and sit up but then lose control once I lay back down and the entity came upon me. I had become a bit scared at that moment and contemplated sleeping on the floor in my best friend’s room (I am in college and live in an apartment with my best friend). I even felt myself get up and walk to her room and lie down on the floor and felt the entity’s presence and paralyzing aura. That was when I realized that I had never even left my room and it was just a dream/hallucination. How is that possible? Did it make me have that hallucination so I would feel safe enough to become vulnerable to its effect again? I do not know.

I then finally got up and went to sleep on the couch with my kitten and my roommate’s adult cat. (Whom we gotten after my first encounter and for the record she is a black/tan tortoise shell cat). I felt safer in the living room with the two cats which began to play and I felt better knowing that they both we awake. I eventually fell asleep and I only felt it once more when I eventually went back to sleep in my own room. One last piece that bothers me a bit: I remember opening my eyes during the sexual part and seeing a stream of light coming from my mouth as if it were sucking energy from me. Mind you there was no other thing there just a stream of energy/light going into an invisible person. I had read that they need energy to sustain and that it may have been using my energy but I never once felt drained, I actually felt well rested and stronger when I awoken. Was this “energy" coming from me or going into me? Was it giving something to me or taking it?

Now here is a bit more info: I have argued with myself that I just have sleep paralysis after much research and having many similar symptoms. But I am still unsure because my “episodes" last after I wake up and I have even been able to stand up and only after I laid down would I feel it again. I did get shortness of breath during these ordeals and sometimes there is a bit of weight on my chest but much different from what is associated with sleep paralysis. So what I ask of you is what could this be? Is it a demon, incubus or simply my imagination? Should I fear it even though I have never felt threatened? Please help me with your answers. Thanks so much.

Sent in by mulattospirit, Copyright 2010

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47 Responses to “Incubus in the Night”
  1. Coral says:

    If it’s not menacing and you do not feel threatened by it….well then,by all means,ENJOY !! lol (because trust and believe, it really could be a whole lot worse). -peace-

    • zoomzoom says:

      You say you have a boyfriend? Sucking energy from you without your consent is not cool. Why are you consenting is the real question? Are you lonely? Those the sprit seem familar in anyway. Maybe someone you knew? Or someone you know but cannot be with except this way? The answer is with you, because you are allowing it to happen. Try denying it and see what happens.

    • Nathan Coleman says:

      Dear Coral: I have extensive knowledge and experience with both the Incubus and the Sucubus, the Incubus preys on women and the Sucubus preys on men. They are demonic energies that should be feared and in some cases have caused death of their victims. No matter what others have told you, you could be in grave danger if the incubus visits very often. Be afraid, be very afraid. These entities are very dangerous and must be stopped at all costs. I have over 30 years of personal experience dealing with just about every type of haunting, demonic entities, and other types of evil energies that exist in the world. I have extensive knowledge of the Lesser Key of Solomon, ancient grimories, invocations, evocations, and far too many others to list. Thank you and good luck. Sincerely, Nathan Coleman

    • rose says:

      I have had the same experience since I was in my preteens like 7. I still have it actually, though I don’t consider the experience demonic anymore, I did when I was younger, but I’m now in my mid 30s. What I experience isn’t sleep paralysis either, because it happens upon just sleeping which sleep paralysis happens during rem sleep, rem doesn’t occur upon just starting to fall asleep.

      I use to wake up just as soon as I went to sleep or even wide awake in my bed to: intense french kissing, the kind you only get from a passionate lover but I was only 7. In my later adult years I woke up with hands running threw my hair, and my hips off the bed as this entity slept with me, I woke up being held down by the throat with a very firm tight bur more sensual grip or sometimes by the wrists, while feeling a warm definitely erotic touch all over my body.

      The spirit is still around me though I’m not scared of it much anymore, I figure a) I have an over reactive imagination, or a mental illness or B) he’s real, but he’s never hurt me so I’m not worried. What ever it is he’s very strong and heavy as it sunk my bed once when I was wide awake drawing, also when the happened the room turned ice cold. also my cats have reacted to it, mind you not so great, it took them ages to enter my room-except the one I have now who doesn’t seem to mind it, probable because I don’t.

      It appears as a big black hooded shadow always near by me. I’ve been told by everyone’s place i’ve stay at, that they have seen him, usually wandering around the home close to my room. He also growls like a cat strangely enough.

  2. Sean says:

    If you saw the thing sucking your energy out, then it probably was — I would trust your own experience and not doubt yourself — as to the fact that you felt well rested and stronger, that might have been just that you slept well due to the paralyzing influence.

    However, I would strongly urge you to keep this thing away away from you. I have read too many experiences where people gave these ‘sex / lust demons’ access to their own beings and the pleasure got stronger and stronger together with the victim’s power to resist growing weaker and weaker until the demon has pretty much total control.

    This thing is manipulating you and invading you and making you helpless without your consent. That is a very evil thing to do. Sure it may ‘feel good’ — when a human predator gives candy to a child i bet that feels good too — the child doesn’t experience the devastation until later. The candy continues until the child has given all control to the predator, then the hidden evil nature of the predator comes out.

    You can tell it’s a predator because it kept coming at you after you fought it off, like it enjoyed dominating you. Yes it was an incubus and those things are not good. I would learn to pray and get divine aid and find a group of people who are spiritually powerful and can help you fight this thing off before it takes too much of your energy and gets any more power over you.

  3. Yarkeliz says:

    Hi. i’ve had the same experience you had and what happened to me was even worse. the only advice i can give you is that whenever it happens again pray in your mind and it will go, as soon as it does stand up and pray out loud tell it to let you alone in the name of God. believe me you can stop it but if you let it go on it’ll became worse to you. this is not good and you’re on time to stop it. pray every night before going to sleep if you believe in God it’ll go away. i did it and it worked for me

  4. Rachendra says:

    hearing you i can tell that its “khya” in our local language. but as for the sex part m not sure coz it may be your imagination or somewhat similar at this age. I too have encountered the similar experience but in mine i only couldn’t move and i can see only the shadow casted in the wall in the dim light. and i was in full conciousness. in our myth it is said that it sit above our body n we couldn’t move and get paralysed if it sees us sleeping facing the ceiling and if we could jst sit above it we can enslave it and gain supernatural powers. think this i tried to move with all my might but as soon as i move my finger it jst flew away. i couldn’t capture it.
    In Nepal u can have many more tales like that which are real. there are even the people who had been chased by the burning remains of the body during cremations. But to ur disappointment i could say that u won’t find any blogs or articles in internet. coz there are no one here to make such accounts. u can find the paintings of the entity described above in many temples especially in “nasa chok” supposed to be guarded by these entities. there are different types of the entity and the one encountered above is the nt the evil one and we call it the white one u can find one in old houses of kathmandu bhaktapur and patan of nepal still to this day. and you can get more information about it from the old peoples…

  5. Lily says:

    Scientist would say it’s sleep paralysis, and what if it is, and what if there is an entity creating the paralysis…(never would they consider that idea, because it can’t be explained)…Science technology cannot detect this other ‘presence’ and therefore concludes that it’s a failure to the left temporoparietal junction of your brain.

    Whatever you like to acknowledge is up to you but I am here to share my view, and I believe that there is more then just logical evidences that some times cannot be fully explained and it seems that you have consider most mundane alternatives to your happenings.

    “Should I fear it even though I have never felt threatened?” It’s really up to you, though I agree with Sean (above). It seems you want to explore as you’ve mention “never felt threatenend” but meddling with spirits is always risky especially if you do not know what kind! Do a lot more research!!

    All the best!!

  6. Willie says:

    I had one of these things attack me twice both times when I’ve been ill, they are pure evil and you need to disassociate yourself from its influences, they only will consume your energy leaving you fail then they move on. You need to think about what’s it doing to you when you are fast asleep? Place blood stones around your bed .

  7. iknow says:

    i believe everything you have just said. because what you have discribed has happened to me also! except when this happens to me i can move, i can turn over and i have normal sensation in my body but i have a ringing and weird feeling in my ears and this lets me know what is about to happen. i dont feel any pressure on my chest or like anyone is trying to kill me, and i know for 100% that i am not dreaming this. it has sex with me, not always but sometimes, other times its just there letting me know that its around! the weirdest time anything happened to me was when this thing got on me and was trying to have sex with but it was if he couldnt “get it up” he was very frail like an old man and i know this because i could feel its shape and it was small and skinny and i could feel cold drops of water on my body as if he had been sweating or something? then he kind of gave up and then it was over! one thing i never do is look at what is doing this to me, i dont think i could cope with what i would see ( if there was anything to see in the first place) this is real to me, i’m not religous or would have been the type of person to believe in this sort of thing. but it’s happened to me so therefore i believe.

  8. Anonymous says:

    watch the movie the Entity and its almost the same whats going on with you. and its a true story.

  9. Goose says:

    Enjoy! (as long as it isn’t your dog) lol j/k

  10. Pixie01 says:

    It’s called lucid dreaming! I believe you are creating scenarios from fantasies that have emerged from your subconcious. Due to the fact that you mentioned you where aware of the physical enviroment this is common of someone not only interacting and feeling phyical sensations from a dream when lucid the dreamer is also very much aware of their surrounding enviroment and can easily recall their physical enviroment and mistake the dream as having been real as when in the first states of unconciousness beta and theta waves physical sensations feel very real, this is the state erotic dreams occur.

    • Lily says:

      From someone who has experience from quite a few lucid dreams, I can seriously say it is nothing compare to what she is describing! For when you are lucidly dreaming you straight away know that you are in your dream, and when you realize that you are dreaming, (like I usually do) you find that you are in complete control of your dreams, well to an extent, like you would think of something and that something will appear but you would have no idea what will happen…but most of all it does not feel real like when you feel a pressure from a lean of somebody against you…I can distinguish between the two as I have experience something similar to ‘mulattospirit’, except there was no sexual penetration but rather like an attack (very terrifying) and when I finally fought it, I could breathe again.

      • Pixie01 says:

        I don’t think you actually read what I wrote correctly and are you seem quick to jump to conclusions. This girl is confused and asking for help I am just giving her a reasonable explanation to explain what “may” be happening to her not re-enforcing something that “may not” be happening. I am a believer in the super natural and have had similar experiences however I did not instantly go it’s a ghost or spirit as I know how complex the human brain is and how perception especially while dreaming can be misintepreted.
        I have had experience with ghosts however before you jump to conclusions about what I wrote a you should do some research not just about entities but dreams (scientific) and brain patterns.
        Also science “can” detect ,measure and record the presence of non physical entities so before go giving advice to someone who is scared and looking for explanations maybe next time you should share your experience but don’t reinforce that their experience of something unknown is the same as yours. True believer. Pixie01

        • Lily says:

          Um…excuse me, maybe you should read my comment again. I was not ‘reinforcing’ my story because I believe it to be the exact same situation as hers! the two is very different, though “similar". I was simply using a supernatural experience to back up my point, which is…the difference between a ‘lucid dream’ and a supernatural attack’.

          I have read what you wrote but you can blame me for thinking that you were stating, rather than viewing an idea? “It’s called lucid dreaming! I believe you are creating scenarios….". Anyhow if I seem to be contradicting you, I was…only because I miss interpret your point, and I do apologise.

          And oh…science ‘can’ detect other entities…I would like to read about that if you know if any websites??

    • Jules says:

      I absolutely concur, Pixie. If your pets reacted in any way, then it might be an outside influence, but this sounds like a combination of sleep paralysis and subliminal erotic dreams.

  11. MJ says:

    I’d be more inclined to believe it was a paranormal experience if you didn’t have the tv on through the night …

    I think perhaps that you are half asleep and are hearing stuff from the tv and drifting off into a dream …

    only you know if this is a possibilty , hey I wasn’t there so what do I know,

    just trying to make sense of it, stay safe, MJ

  12. Liz says:

    Whether the situation is actually happening or, you are just haveing dreams it never hurts to say a prayer and ask God for guidence and protection.

  13. Alex The Cat says:

    Haha the ringing sound xD Yes that would be something taking advantage of you…. I’ve had a few experiences like this but not sexual, more harassment, jumping on my chest and screaming in my ears and stuff, the first sign of it about to happen was the ringing sound … The only way i could stop it was by saying the “Our Father” prayer, in my head and directing it at this entity, I’m not a Christian, but god the prayer works :) I have dreamed about this entity he talks to me in them he always responds to ‘Zozo’ or ‘Zetoh’…. mmm Our Father prayer ftw!

    • concerned says:

      never say names, they love names, their power is in names…i am a man of the light blue energy, and a light orange energy reached out to me for a name. Honestly please, remove this post involving names the power that they derive from it is unexplainable.

  14. Natalie says:

    wow.. I have had the same problem but in a different way.. I get the ringing in my ear sure, but I can still move freely, and it’s not something on my chest, it’s almost like somthing is sitting on my legs. I only have one animal, and old cat, and she doesnt come in my room because if she does, I always shut the door and she immediately wants out, and sometimes I dont bother to look for that simple reason. But it only bugs me when I lay in my bed. I never get the sensation or a ringing in my ears when I’m in the living room or anything

  15. Solomon says:

    Psalm 91 is famous for anti demon properties. Recite before you go to bed.

  16. dark says:

    this thing is most likly a succubus. the glowing light that was leaving you might not have been energy or any form of it it may have been an emotion like stress or anger, fear. some of these unknown creatres actually have good intent.not all are bad if anything else ocurres you should problably get some research done on this creature if you start too feel threatened or are getting hurt.

  17. sharayah says:

    do u believe in god? cause this unclean demon believes in u just like someone said it my feel good now but it will get real bad for u.remeber u are dealing with a DEMON why the hell would u even think thats ok and if u knew what that thing looked like u would cry in u pray u should start with our (father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our dets as we forgiveus our deteter against us.and lead us not into temptation,but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever Amen. do that prayer before u go to sleep everynight that is the lords prayer .and get a Bible the king james version and get the apoocrypha the king jame version too and read the book of TOBIT.demon can lust for women this demon is a lustfull one that what it look like and they can make a womens life hell. in the book of tobit the demon did not touch the women but it killed her husbends cause it waned her for its self.

    • Jesus1 says:

      sweety, i know it is tempting and it feels good but u can feel good with ur husband when u marry. follow jesus

  18. kelly says:

    Smudge your home with white sage, ask for protection for yourself and the spirits highest good and pray that the spirit leaves and won’t come back. HOPE THIS HELPS AND MAY YOU BE PROTECTED FROM ANYMORE INTRUSIANS. May want to research useing gemstones for protection also. Take care, In Love and Light, Kelly

    • Anonymous says:

      This happened to me as well. I started praying in my dream because that was about all i could do. Not sure how i even did that but i was able to get a few words out and he left. I’m not religious but i knew to pray because this was not a good thing. They say he preys upon sexually promiscuous people. If you were actually enjoying this then he will surely come back. The next day i used sage in my home and rebuked whatever it was from coming back. He has never come back and never will… Also, try to avoid sleeping on your back. That is a fact.

  19. New Girl says:

    This is insane. Really, I have religion, I believe in God and I’ve heard stories and I believe in the Holy Ghost. Every since we have lived in our house my husband swears its haunted and things have been getting a little more noticable lately. Maybe my imigination is running away with me or ………who the heck knows. You guys seem to know all about this so i will give you the rundown and maybe you can give me advice. We live near a battleground (like less than mile) our home is said to be built in the 60′s (according to court records) Never known anyone has died in our house or on our land, so having said that, it started with just seeing things or things missing. I would wake up and someone standing at my bed (i thought it was one of my kids) and turned on lamp and noone there. We hear foot steps, floors creaking…stuff falling. I have 3 kids (one that is 19 months old) We have done some remodeling to our house and I think that’s stirred up some activitiy. Since the baby was born my hubby sleeps on the couch a good bit due to the baby being in the bed with me and he needs his sleep…..well he claims he’s woke up with something growling or screaming demonic like in his ear, scaring him half to death. He’s seen something in a white gown, felt pressure on him, so jokingly I said out loud in our home “Leave my hubby alone you coward” or something like that……well my dads been gone for 10 yrs and November the 3rd was his b-day I woke up and said aloud “Happy B-day Daddy I miss you and love you” ……….well my jewelery box he gave me when I was a little girl started PLAYING. It has to be WOUND to do that, I was scared to death….so the other night my husband came to bed pulled back the covers put down his phone, fiddled with his alarm and covered up and snuggled…..I got up at 3am (baby was crying) and MY HUSBAND WAS ON THE COUCH NOT IN THE BED WITH ME!! so I’ve started researching this stuff, i said aloud the other night “if you are a demonic spirit I cast you from my house in the name of JESUS CHRIST” Well last night I was sleeping and started hearing knocking and things falling and I was ASLEEP and trying my best to yell for my husband but could NOT get the words out…Kept telling myself to wake up wake up, finally I did and I was so scared I got my son out of his bed (he’s 14) and made him sleep with me!! So am I crazy or not? Do I need to be worried or not??? If it is harmless then it needs to do it’s part and clean or something if we have to live together (lol) but how do I tell/………what the heck do I do???? Please help!!!!

  20. C&A says:

    I believe you, my girl has been going thru these type of stuff….

  21. nik jay says:

    i think it can be an angel, not a demon. ’cause u said that u saw some white light comin’ out from it, which could be of just an angel ’cause domon shows some of their dark light.
    but its on you, what you think? ’cause you can only feel it or him.
    and you are the only one who can talk to it or him.

  22. lucy says:

    belief in Christ, knowing He is your Savior Redeemer and protector will protect you from evil. Call out His Name! the Name above all Names. ”in the Name of Jesus Christ leave” .. Think it if you can’t say it, say it out loud & resist. ”Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you.” James 4:7 I pray you will have peace in Him.

  23. SS says:

    What you should do is create a strong relationship with god and pray and ask him for protection.Always have a bible open to psalms 23 in your room, it has helped me many nights when i felt i was not alone in my bed.

  24. YOURE_NOT_ALONE! says:

    First and foremost to all that have never experienced such an encounter please do not criticize ridicule or chastize those that are sharing their stories, as you’re supposed to offer assistance in exorcising these dark and evil entities. I say this because I too am having some encounters with these supernatural beings, and have been for over one year now. I do not want to get graphic because I feel ashamed however I will say we need to know that there is nothing outside of self meaning we opened the realm or gate for these entities to latch on to us. I do not know exactly how this happened but I’ve been told through our thoughts and actions which means that are our thoughts have not been pure as lust is one of the seven deadly sins. this is why the apostle Paul wrote that it is better to marry than to burn with lust. My question is how do we get rid of or banish these entities indefinitely?

  25. IheartYETIS! says:

    I have to dissagree with some points. and succubus takes semen from a man and puts it in a female

  26. Mell says:

    Ok sweetie, listen to me, I know exactly what you are going through. I have been going through the same thing for the past 12 years. In the beginning it will trick you, making you believe that it’s just your imagination, and make you enjoy it. This thing is a demon and it’s evil. DO NOT trust it…..DO NOT give it what it wants! It is only getting a stronghold over you, so that when you try to get rid of it, you wont be able to. These nightly experiences of yours will turn into rapes. There is going to be a night when this thing is going to come to you, and you will not want it to have sex with you, and you will try to fight it. That’s when the rapes will begin, and it will enjoy it, and it will come around more and more and the attacks are going to be constant.

    Note from CareTaker – Read Mell’s story here – Raped By a Demon for the Past 12 Years

  27. lovelygirl says:

    i think u r in grave danger … try to pray god and frequntly go 2 church !!
    the feelings of sex and some thing touching u , though u r half awake , is some thing serious
    i gotta say u one thing , i used to have a friend , she doesnt believe in god …… she used to feel like some one licking and touching her , so warm suddenly so cool , its very hard to describe . later on by god’s grace she could find out her way ..

  28. dmin says:

    This used to happen to me 25 years ago, when I was thinking about and studying about evil spirits, astral projections, etc., I would get the ringing in my ear, pressure on the chest, tingling fear, wouldn’t be able to move or scream to my roommate, who was sleeping in the same room, I would cast the evil spirit out of my apartment in the name of Jesus Christ in my head and then I’d be able to move and then I’d put my arm to a square and verbally cast out the evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ and it would leave. I found once I stopped being involved with study and thoughts about it, the experienced subsided and stopped. A few years later I went through similar experiences when I studied astral project, but then it stopped. I was ALWAYS delivered by Christ, without fail. You must have faith in our Savior, he is all powerful and evil spirits must obey, but you must be trying to follow Him. A few years ago my daughter was possed by an evil spirit, chanting nonsense, tears streaming down her face, unable to leave her room, I cast the evil spirit out of her and she went white as a sheet, limp and passed out for a few minutes. When she came to she asked what had happened. This life is full of good and evil – seek the good and the evil will have no power. I wouldn’t mess around with this – cast it out immediately!

  29. Christian Guy says:

    You are under spiritual attack by demonic forces. In order to save yourself, develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, study His word, and know that He gave us dominion over demons… they have to obey His commands! I would strongly suggest you conduct an apartment/house/dorm blessing and demand any spirits to leave in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Do this in each room in the place, and it would help to do this with the help of a fellow Christian. Anytime something appears remotely wrong, simply say “Jesus” out loud if you can, but if your voice is paralyzed, just say it inside your head and the attack will stop immediately. I’ll keep you in my prayers as well.

  30. halo says:

    yeah do what you can like pray and etc as im 28 years old and when i was a teenager 14 ta age 16 i would have sexual dreams or maybe not dreams not sure but i do know ure minds clouded to where you cant tell dream from reality and i done nuthing and eventually as i would lay down to sleep and as i would start to drift off it would be as if i was being smuthered as if my lungs didnt work and i would finaly be able to set up and get my breath and even at times in the house things would fly off walls and other times sound like someone punched the wall 1 good time even battery powered toys going off with nothing around and after i moved i never had the smuthering feeling nor the dreams

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well this may possibly help you out: when I was younger I use to wake up not being able to move and I always felt like someone was either very close to me or holding me down, there were also several times where I would wake up and it would be as if someone was holding my arms down and another time where I was even pressed down into the bed. So I decided to look it up and I discovered that you are not suppose to sleep on your back because this makes you more “open” to spirits or demons, so I started to sleep on my side and since then it has stopped. I hope this helps.

  32. stephiie :) says:

    i have heard that the incubus ans succubus can be deadly they chose their victim and rape them inthere slep to the point they murder them i hope your safe and get rid of this demonic entity and fast xx

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