Assaulted By Demons

Posted on April 2, 2008

This story was sent in to us by Katie in response to Experiences With Demons

I’ve had some similar experiences like yours. I would go to sleep and I would see demons in my dreams dressed in black capes. I could never see their faces because the dreams would be blurry.

These demons would hold me down where I could not wake up. If I did wake up I wasn’t sure if I was woke or not. My eyes could see very vague and I would be trembling in fear while seeing demons standing in my bedroom door. This went on for about a year and then stopped.

Then the sexual assaults started. These assault always seem to happen in my bedroom. The first time it happened I was being held down but I couldn’t see what was holding me down. Something moved over top of me and I felt something penetrate my vagina, and started to sexually assault me. I nearly threw up.

Whatever type of demon this is, (still assaulting me to this day) was very bold. This demon would take sex from me when he wanted any time of the day. I felt like I was trapped because I had no where else to go. Six months later I met and married my husband, and we bought a house. No demons! I thought I was scott free but no, Here they come again.

At this point the demons are joining in with my husband and my intercourse. (I’m sorry) During oral sex the demons would have sex with me while my husband did me.

When I am alone the bastards feel they can enter me any time they feel like it. All of this took place in my bedroom and for a long time I would not sleep in my room. I eventually went back into my room.

I always feel like I’m being watch. I even thought I was losing my mind behind this crap. I started thinking it could be aliens; all kinds of crap! All I know is I’m tired of this. I don’t have a normal sex life because I’m continually being sexually assaulted and can’t enjoy my husband.

I would lay in my bed at night and see all types of movements around the room (like shadows) I’ve even saw shadows of penises on the wall. I started to think I was skitzo but, I told myself there is nothing wrong with me.

I have been thinking this is something a human being is doing to me. I don’t know where it’s coming from.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

Sent in by Katie, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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83 Responses to “Assaulted By Demons”
  1. Lena says:

    I think that you should seek help, psychically, and if that doesn’t get rid of the problem psychologically. Its got to be either one of those two solutions. Perhaps repressed memories? Sorry if that sounds harsh, but i’m just being honest.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, if it were a demon, I am sure your significant other would sense his presence. I would go the psychiatric route first.. and if that doesn’t do it, then go the spiritual route.

    • Jon says:

      Lena has a point. The mind has ways of playing with you. Your mind may be trying to relive something that happened but would not let it surface until now and in a way that is more receptive to you being able to deal with it better.

  2. AZ says:

    Sounds like black magic to me really. And yes it does exist. Try researching the religous beliefs of black magic.

    If not, then pray if you believe in god?

  3. Catelyn says:

    Girl I read what you wrote but I stil cant believe it! We have the same problem!!! Ok mine just started when I was 5 years old but its exactly the same. From before I could remember I saw spirits and demons, I was even in the spiritual world when I was 7. My parents freaked out and sent me to a mental institute. But it didnt go away! I’m 21 now and its come to a point where I can speak to them and they are just like us with emotional problems. You’ll get through this just be strong and believe!

  4. Josh says:

    I suggest maybe wearing a medallion with St. Benedict on it. I’m not too sure but I think he’s the patron saint of protection against demons. I don’t know if you’re too religous but hey, what’s there to lose?

  5. christina says:

    I know it might sound weird, but I believe that demons are sex freaks. One day when me and my boyfriend finished making love there was a demon watching and it vanished as soon as we looked in its direction.

  6. Michelle says:

    WOW….. Penises on the wall?…! I guess I don’t mean to be rude, but yea you really need to get help.. Well i don’t know that just sounds funny really…. I kinda believe in ghosts and stuff like that. But I’ts just too much going on in this world. So maybe your right, and maybe one day we’ll all find out whats really going on.. Take care..

  7. anon says:

    i think you need help (mentally) i believe in ghosts n everythin but thats just weird!!! bein raped by demons?? i mean, come on!! wtf!!!
    get some help woman!!

  8. paige says:

    try to talk to someone about it cause if you dont talk to someone then it wont go away maybe try going to the church and talking to a priest maybe he can explain what is going on take care

  9. Emma says:

    I would like to say that I don’t believe this, because it’s scary, but I’ve heard of these like this happening before.

  10. MARIA says:


  11. Adrian Guerrero says:

    dont listen to all the crap that these skeptics are saying. my family and i used to live in a home that i knew in my very soul was haunted. it was built on a cemetary that had been home to witch gatherings and evil before the last century. i didn’t want to live on that crap but no one believed me and said i was full of it but they didn’t be so skeptic for long. why am i telling you this? to make a long story short, there are only three things that could be behind this:

    1) someone (human) is raping you. (I hardly believe this may be the case)

    2)an elemental – an elemental is summoned by dark magic and is in most ways, a demon at the dispence of black magic users. they are extremley powerful, highly aggressive and a probably full capable of raping someone. they might have been made hundreds of years before you were even born (who knows?)

    3)A poltergeist – poltergeists arent ghosts but entities that usually are around places with alot of residual negative energy and attack mostly young/teenage people especially women. there have been alot of reported cases of people being raped by poltergeists.

  12. Jess says:

    I read your story and I do believe you, it has never happened to me but I know it exists. What you have to do is go to a paranormal specialist and ask for help. Also, pray every day and night and get enough courage to let the demons know that you are in charge and that their party is over that they should leave you alone, but you have to be really courageous and do not demonstrate any fear of them or they will keep on doing whatever they like with you. Take care and do not forget to keep praying. Jess…

  13. june says:

    I’ve heard of this. I’ve seen demons in my sleep also, but did not go that far. I also am visited by spirits while awake. They make themselves known. Have witnesses so I’m not crazy either. All I can tell you is to pray to the God you believe in and ask for protection every night. Fear will give them strenghth. I sometimes turn the t.v. on to help with my fear and so that I don’t channel them. It’s my way of closing the door. You can also imagine God’s white light surrounding you. Sometimes this helps as well. You may have to do a cleansing of your home. There are special herbs you use for this. I can find out which herbs, if you need help. If this does not help, you may need to get help from an outside source, such as, a priest. Good Luck!

  14. Katie says:

    Lena it’s cool. I exspected to get this type of feedback. I just dont think it’s what you think it is. Thanks!

    AZ I do beleive in God. I have heard of Black Magic but I never beleived in it. I was told that if you didnt beleive in it there is nothing anyone can do to you with it.
    i�m not sure if its black magic or human made. I exspect the criticism.

    Josh where can I get the madallion? I will try something. I just want it to stop.
    I need to live this part of my life normal too.

    Hi Anon,
    I just want you to know that I am your above average person with a 4.0 college GPA. I live a perfectly normal life, happy family, excellent job. Mentally Im fine, Id say what ever it is, it�s trying to make me think I�m crazy!, but let me tell you; Im not.
    I was sure I would get your type of feedback. This website is for people like you and me, because if there wasnt anything weird happening in your life, you wouldnt be on this site, would ya?
    Im not on the defense and Im not mad at cha, I am trying to get a solution. Im trying to find out if there is anyone out there who know what demons are capable of or even these wacky, sick humans out here in the world today. I wouldnt put nothing past a human today. People are able to do things we have no clue about. So Anon if you dont have a solution please����.save your fingers. I hope whatever problem you�re having get solved (if any at all). Thanks!!

    Jess Thanks!!

    Adrian Guerrero Hi, I would like to know more about these poltergeist cases and dark magic. Wow I never knew these type of situations really happened. I thought it always happened in the movies.
    If there is any information you can give me I would appreciate it.

    Hey Michelle,
    Yeah that�s what I said. These things have been happening to me for five years now. The first time it happen to me I erled all over the place it was like my stomach was turning and I was terrified. There was a time when something was holding me down with my legs open doing what it wanted to me.

    Please June do find out for me I want all the help I can get. I dont need a psych. This is past a psych.

    Look everyone,
    I think this crap is crazy too, but I dont think Im crazy. I think something or someone is trying to make me crazy or make me think Im crazy. Bottom line is, I know God and I beleive thats what is keeping me strong. I just need to find out how to stop it. I did hear that demons will bother you to try and make you hate God.

  15. willz says:

    I think if it is a demon then I’ve heard that rock salt can act as a barrier against them. If you have an unbroken line of rock salt around your bed then they will not be able to get in. It seems to me that your story is similar to the woman from the film entity. This was based on a true story and she had proffessional help. I think you should watch the film, it might give you some insight… good luck!!

  16. DOC says:


  17. missmagic says:

    This sounds alot like incubi and sucubi to me…

  18. Makenzie says:

    wow that is so scary!! i used to not believe in ghosts, but the stories on this site (along with my new friend that sees ghosts) i have started to believe in them. although i have never seen a ghost or demon in my life, if this happened to me i would take the people’s advice and find someone to talk to about this.
    good luck! take care

  19. Kitsune says:

    Honey, the inccubus demons (also succubus, who rape men) are known in almost every mythology that I can think of… also I’ve read that they must be summoned, they are powerful… so find out who hates you enough to send one to you! If you don’t clear the problem like tis, search among your grand-grand-parents… maybe, a few centuries ago, someone has cursed your family.

  20. Rosemary Campbell says:

    I believe personally what we are referring to as Demons are the Spirits of the dead, and sometimes they are people we have known who died who come back to torment us for various reasons.

    Even as I write I have four mean spirits sitting inside my body and they have been here tormenting me since the first anniversary of one of them.

    I have tried everything to try to talk them out since they are realtives and a man I knew before he died but nothing will bring them out.

    I have written my story in I am possessed by four Spirits.

    I have no idea how I will get them out of my body because now theya re a fraid because one of my Guides claims to have the power to destroy them once they are out of my body so they won’t leave and to cover p their fear they become more and more brutal by the day.

    All night as i sleep they bounce so hard on my brain I can hear it and I crawl out of bed each day so exhausted I can hardly drag myself through the day.

    I used to have a great Psychic Gift but now they have hurt my brain to the point I have no time to meditate or do the good things as a Psychic Channel that I used to be able to do such as predictions and like that.

    Few people believe these things can happen and of course they believe we are trying to get attention but if it ever happened to them they would know it really can happpen.

    As we know people die under very bad circumstances and sometimes they remain angry and vengeful for many years and they come back to torment those who live on earth that they are jealous of and sometimes they try to kill us to bring us to the spirit world to be with them.

    These four have been trying to take over my body so they can become walk-in spirits like they read about in a book written by Spiritual Writer Ruth Montgomery who wrote: “Strangers Among Us’ which talks about spirits taking over human bodies so they can once more walk the earth as though they had never died.

  21. Mark says:

    It sounds like you are overwhelmed by this experience, whatever its source (supernatural or psychological). If you are overwhelmed yourself, that means you will need help to rid yourself of these attacks (which you are asking for here). If others are to help you, they will need to understand what it is they are dealing with. Towards that end, I suggest you go about documenting what is happening to you. If the attacks are so frequent, it should be an easy matter to capture attacks on video (if the idea of taping your sexual assault is shameful to you, I suggest you weigh that prospect versus the distastefulness of the most likely alternative of this never going away) or to snap pictures of the penis shadows on the wall. Capture the video /photos and sounds (if any) of as many attacks (or pre /post attacks) as you can. Log the date, time, location and brief circumstance of all attacks in a journal. Interview your husband to get his thoughts about the attacks in your attack journal. Be sure to highlight any differences in what your husband says and what you are thinking. Interview everyone else you know who would have first hand knowledge of the attacks (i.e. anyone who has ever been around you during an attack and seen what happens themselves). Bring this evidence with you as you pursue both probabilities at the same time (supernatural or psychological). Start with a clergyman who deals in supernatural as well as a psychologist. With your evidence in hand, it will be much easier for them to help you, and much harder for them to summarily dismiss you. Moving forward on a solution before you understand what you are dealing with could be dangerous considering the stakes (your sanity and possibly your very life). Once you ask for help, at least try to act on the two separate sets of advice from those you have asked for help, even if you think it won�t help. If a set time goes by with no results, replace that person with another. This systemic approach should bring results. I wish you luck in your efforts to reclaim your life.

  22. Adam says:

    Katie, the solution to your problem is simple: The next time one of these demons rapes you, tell him you want a committed relationship. You’ll never see him again!

  23. corinne says:

    I have the same thing happening to me
    Please email me at [email protected]

  24. corinne says:

    For all that say that this is not true. Read you New Testament. Demons are alive and are in this world. Jesus Chirst himself cast them out of people while he walked on the earth.

  25. Jackie says:

    Mark and Adam are two so called ‘know it alls’ who do not know what they are talking about because they have not experienced anything paranormal.
    I never believed in stuff like this until my experience, (BUT i always had an open mind) which was an attack (not as bad as yours) and i can assure all sceptics that these things DO exist.
    I am three quarters of a way through a degree and I am NOT stupid in the slightest. I’ve even been called simple minded by someone over in the ‘Witches’ section, (which i visited out of curiosity) mainly because he thinks he knows it all too.
    I’m so sorry for you that this is happening to you and i can’t get my breath that people are joking about it, or calling you for it. This is the last thing you need right now, especially as you have come to this sight for some kind of help.
    The only thing that helped me when i had an attack was to pray and it did work. I imagine that you may have already tried this, but probably the cause has become too extreme and your prayers are not with ultimate faith anymore. Try and be stronger and make your prayer’s count. Also, turn on the demons and make them shocked that you have faith on your side, become angry at them.
    I’ve never experienced an extreme attack like you have and i know i would be scared to death, but after a while i think i would think, what the hell can i lose now’ and just turn on them like a Rotweller. Hope you know how i’m trying to come across.
    I’ll pray for you as well.
    Be very strong, xx

  26. Mark says:

    Jackie, that’s great that you are 3/4 done with your degree. For what its worth, I am a degreed professional in a technical field. How does either of these facts have any bearing on the price of tea in China or on Katie�s problem? Contrary to your assertion, my advice was given out of a sincere desire to help. When I was younger, I dabbled with a Ouija board and had a very bad experience that lasted for months thereafter. People helped me to end what was happening to me, so I feel obliged to help others if I am in a position to do so. I believe that paranormal things can happen, and I have no doubt that Katie herself believes that what is happening to her is paranormal. The problem is convincing others who could help that what is happening is paranormal as well. That is where hard evidence comes into play. On the other hand, mental illness is real too. Without first hand knowledge/experience, the documentation is all that someone who can help Katie will have to go on. Who cares what the true source of the problem is as long as it can be made to stop? I suggest you spend more time giving constructive advice (such as praying) and less time psychoanalyzing other people who are trying to help. If you are at odds with some specific thing someone suggests, why don�t you enumerate your specific points of contention and suggest alternatives instead of trying to discredit personalities you know nothing about. Katie, I hope your situation is going better.

  27. muziki says:

    i have dealt with this problem with demons you have got to first get some ollive oil and have it blessed. then acknowledge that you are than them through the blood of jesus christ. it makes them remember when they were defeated on calvary. take that oil and command under the power and blood of jesus to get out of your house. take the oil and bless your home all over the place.

  28. Julie says:

    Oh my God it is 2:03 am in the morning here in Illinois. Demons, or whatever the hell it is have been tormenting for years. Months will go by, then they are back. I wont’ go back to bed tonight. I was being attacked by some unnatural force. I had just went to bed, then felt as if I was being pulled from my body. I saw the devil’s face! This was a first. Something was pushing on my right rib cage, opening my legs. Oh dear God I was screaming, punching. But noone heard me. Not even my husband sleeping right beside me. It wasn’t until I finally fought this off that he heard ne crying and shaking and saying, “I saw him. I saw it. I felt Hell” Ths has been happening to me for years. I am mentally stable, a Christian, and a psycholgy student at the age of 42. Some one please help me.

  29. Donna says:

    Since last years I have very bad experiences with a demon that is raping me.
    He will come at night, sometimes when I am sleeping, but also when I am still awake.
    He rapes me, and when he is finished he leaves again.
    I have a lot of pain in my body because of it.
    First I thought it was only a dream, and that this would not happen twice.
    But it did happen again, very often, and it is getting worse.
    I moved to another house in another town, and thought that it would not happen again.
    But the very first night in my new house it happened again.
    And this time the demon was so angry that he raped me, but also I am covered in black and blue bruises.
    What can I do to stop this? Because I can not take it anymore.

  30. Michael says:

    Satan and all his demons fear only the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The Lord Jesus is the only One who can save you both spiritually, emotionally and physically. To receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, simply pray to Him with all your heart and mean it. For example, you can pray aloud:

    Lord Jesus Christ,

    I believe that you are the Son of God. Please help me. Please forgive me for everything that I’ve done wrong against you and others. Thank you for dying on the Cross for my sins. I surrender my life to you Lord Jesus. I believe that you are Lord of all and that you rose again from the dead. I choose to believe and follow you Lord Jesus Christ for the rest of my life. Thank You for hearing my prayer. Thank You for saving and delivering me LORD in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Many people have been helped by using a daily prayer written by Victor Matthews called the Warfare Prayer. This is the link:

    I have found this prayer extremely helpful for myself and in helping others.

  31. Michael says:

    I have found a better link to the Warfare Prayer by Victor Matthews, without the pictures given by the previous link:

    I believe that this prayer will be of great benefit to you who are suffering demonic oppression. Use it regularly.

  32. rachel says:

    the demons u are talking about are sex demons with two names. one is a female demon and the other a male. the names are “inkubus” and “suckubus”. i’m not sure which is which though. i think the male demon is an “inkubus”. u are not crazy. plead the “BLOOD OF JESUS” over your life. next time it happens you literally NEED to call out the name JESUS. there is a reasokn why the world and surprisingly most churches fight that name. it is because there is power inthe name of Jesus and satan hates it. give ur life to the lord. i grew up with the paranormal and the only reason half the things didn’t happen to me is because my family are saved christians. seek out a church that preaches the holyghost and tongues and the baptism in Jesus name. but for now, call on JESUS! also email a prayer at and call 1-800-669-7729 for a 30 day prayer intervention. feel free to email me at [email protected]. yes, i have a crush on kiefer sutherland lol!

  33. whogoeshere says:


    I believe you are being attacked by a well-known phenomenon called schizophrenia…check into it before it’s too late!


  34. Jackie says:

    To Mark,

    Sorry about that Mark, not sure why i picked on you there, can only assume it was one of those times after a late night out. Anyway, must have got the name wrong…hope you can forgive as i’ve kind of put those days behind me, was a bit on one then as things were not very good then. LOL

  35. Mark says:

    Jackie, no worries. I’ve seen other posts you have made and I know this was out of character for you.

    I wonder if Katie is reading all the posts that continue to accumulate on her story almost 5 months after she posted her story. I hope things are going better for her.


  36. Jackie says:

    To Mark

    Thanks Mark, that’s kind of you, you are a gentleman!!! :)

    I do have a go sometimes, BUT only when people start slating and bullying people, who don’t deserve it. Caretaker is always so diplomatic, but some people are just so relentless and carry on slating, that’s when i can’t help but stick up for either him or someone who is being bullied. Don’t know why some come on this site if they don’t believe in any kind of paranormal. They just want to have a dig and tell everyone that we are all a bunch of baffoons, like in the comments under the crop circles.

    It was Adam who was the one doing the slating here and I must have thought it was you. Poor Katie doesn’t need those kind of comments, i’ve been attacked before by something evil and know how it can screw you up for years afterwards, thinking it could happen again. You never really recover from it and to be disbelieved or slated by people is so wrong and nasty.

    To Julie, have you tried praying in the name of Jesus before you pray to GOD, it is important you pray to God and not Jesus, you just say in the name of Jesus before the prayer to GOD. You can also use the power of thought with bright white light surrounding you. My problems with an evil force never returned after doing this. Hope you’re OK x

  37. stholy says:

    Hi Katie.
    first of all, am sure for now, that i am experiencing the same paranormal activity.. except that. I am a man, and my tormmentor is a lady.. The crazy thing engages me in the most steaming lewd acts, that i could experience it quite naturally.
    The thing about it, is that, it comes in the form of any lady whom I feel is hot…. Even in day to day life, if i spot one, this wanton ghost, makes it a point to enjoy me, in the form of the very same buxom women….. darn that thing….

    it sounds like crap… and I some how managed to chase it away, by sprinkilng holy water in my house… !!!!!

    I think u should do the same….

    And dn’t forget to say ur “Prayers” cos, u must rely on God’s angels to protect urself from these fiends…. if u hav any othr queries, pls mail me…


  38. christina says:

    it happend to me too. only once i saw what u saw and was assulted. the figure was dark no face a demon i guess. my friends who stayed at my place would feel the demon on there chest they couldnt sleep! my boy ricky never stayed at my place again. but i was the only one who was assulted. it felt like i was in a dream and half awake i know it happened and im sooo sorry girl that this is happen to you. STILL !! i BELIVE YOU!!!!!!!

  39. Jesse says:

    One word for you:

    Better explanation: You are continuously being raped by an incubus, a Female Demon.
    Sorry. <:|

  40. Aniras says:

    I believe you are being “haunted” by an incubus. An incubus is a male demon that rapes women. I have experienced something similar to you, but I was not raped -only held down. It has happened to me twice and each time I scared it by my screams. I was 5 years old the first time so my screams alerted my parents and it quickly left when they entered the room. Yours doesn’t seem to be bothered by an audience, but screaming or fighting it might help.

    My only questions are: Have you tried to fight this thing off? Have you ever screamed or told it no or anything along that line?

    I am no expert, but from what I have come to learn through my experiences is that some ghosts and demons do things because they are not acknowledged. There would be several times the lights would flicker (no power surge or air conditioning, or anything to cause it) and the more I ignored it the more it would flicker. It annoyed me to the point that I growled out, “If someone else is here then turn off the da**ed light already!” The light switch then turned itself down to shut off the light. Scared me half to death, but it stopped flickering the light and I didn’t feel like it was there anymore.

    Try acknowledging to the creature that you know it is there and to leave you alone. Tell it that it is unwelcomed in your home and that you are not going to let it hurt you anymore.

    I am not a religious person so I’m not going to say to pray to God or Jesus or what other God you believe in, but try showing it that you are angry and you’re not going to take it any more. If nothing seems to work then see someone of a more religious deal to give you prayers, blessed beads/water/etc, and maybe even an “exorcism” for your home.

    If that all fails, think of the possibility that you may be a magnet for such things. I know that sounds terrible, but some people have energy types that attract different creatures. If that is the case then call upon your protector (can be a God or Angel or Animal that you feel is powerful enough to take this thing down) to protect you. That is all I can offer you for advise so I wish you the best and hope these Incubi leave you alone.


  41. The Phoenix says:

    Confront them. Talk to them, find out what they want, why they are so possesed to do this to u. Also, try not to fear them. They use fear as an energy and feed from it. The more u show u fear, the stronger they become. Find a shop that sells occult/pagan goods and get salts and mecury, effective against dark forces. Then confront them head on, face to face. Challenge them, ask them questions about who there were, where they are from, names etc. It may not work first time round but keep trying. Eventually they will answer.

  42. Anonymous says:

    ok, im a guy, and this has been happening to me lately. i am fondeled when in sleep paralisis. o can feel it. i think it haas something to do with karma though.

  43. Jackie says:


    what like good karma? you don’t seem to be feeling all that bothered here..ha ha.

    Could be wrong!!

  44. Tammy says:

    Katie you have to command it to stop in Jesus name…but in order to do this you must accept him in your heart as Lord and Savior. christains only have authority over satan in Jesus name.God will help you.Satan has come to steal kill and destroy but God sent Jesus to undo all the works of the devil. After you ask God into your heart and repent of all sins…ask him to close all doors…ask him to break all generational curses…He is faithful and just He has never forsaken the righteous but you have to ask… his word says ask and you shall receive you must have faith and faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God. i have been tormented by demons i even have been so tormented that i yell at them but always use the name of Jesus and they stop. they are tormented by the name of Jesus. I know God will not fail you i have seen His power. I will also pray for you

  45. EUGENE Edwards says:

    Well my opinion is to contact a paranormal group of paranormal investigators . try to find a good paranormal investigator. Ask them to come to your home and do an investigation. to find out whats going on and see what needs to be done to get rid of this
    horror that you have to live with. This shouldn’t cost you anything . They normaly dont
    charge anything for their services. You might have to call in A preist or precher of some
    sort. And in the meantime do this. Tell these DEMONS or what ever they are the next time
    that they bother you say to them if you bother me I will call the LIGHT and tell the LIGHT
    where you are and the LIGHT will come and get you. I heard that this works. I have never
    tried this but I have heard that it works. When you call A paranormal ivestigator call
    paranormal state I dont have A address or phone no. for them. I would say that you probly
    can contact the PENN STATE UNIVERSITY. I hope that something will help you get rid
    of the DEMONS or what ever this is torchering you. Go with GOD and may GOD bless
    you. you sure are going through something very HORRIBLE;;

  46. Adam says:

    ok if these are truly demons you are making a mistake if u let this go on ony longer you need to seek help imediately you need to get in touch with a paranormal team not just any1 though try finding 1 through a university or you could get in touche with a priest all evil fears god

  47. Lucy says:

    I too have experienced the same thing, it happened alot when I was younger and again recently,

    I often pray and bring love and light into my home, but recently I awoke with a ‘male presence’ (i was on my back) moving over the top of me, (69 position) I could feel every touch as if it were real, i felt his legs and could visualise them as I touched, I could feel the hair on his legs even, I admit I felt intensly aroused and could feel him trying to push his penis into me, but i had trousers on, i knew it was wrong so i tried to wake myself but couldn’t I forced myself awake.

    I have been told It has been passed on to my ‘genes’ from my mother, something that may have happend at conception, I do not understand any of this.

    It does not scare me any more, I feel strong and close to God, I will use the prayer above written by Tammy (thankyou) and seek a paranormal investigator for advice.

    Even though I do not feel these demons ‘hang around’ the house, i think they just come and go as they please.

    Any advice greatly appreciated :)

  48. rebecca says:

    This might sound crazy..maybe its a person from another demension? Is it possible, I dont know. Im as confused about this as you are. throughout the years i have felt the whole “something on top of me, cant breathe or scream” type of thing. now in hindsight i wonder if it may have been due to the lifestyle i was living as teenager, nothing too crazy just drug experimentation and sexual relationships. i have this memory i will never forget..i think i was about 18 or 19 years old at the time..anyway..i was lying in bed, i was awake..i felt that overwhelming sense that something was going to happen like a bad feeling. i felt paralyzed, as if i was being held down, extremely cold and i felt my legs being pulled apart. i began praying to god and i heard this swooshy, windy voice at my right ear, sort of what a warped tape sounds like, i still could not to this day make out what was being said to me. i started to really panic at that point because the prayer was not working like it always had in the past..i was forgetting the words, it was awful..i remember hearing my muffled screaming and then seeing myself on my bed as i attempted to leave my room, like if my spirit was abandoning my body. My door finally opened, but not because i opened it, my dad was on the other side and he had forced it open. He and my mother said they heard noises in my room and that my dad was at my door and that it would not open. i was hysterical and slept with my mother that night. My dad slept in my room. When i was with my mom i kept feeling rubbing on my legs, of course she saw nothing and insisted nothing was there. We prayed until i fell asleep. that was the last time anything that intense happened.

    Anyway, sorry for the long story.. i was going to suggest this you often think about lust for it? maybe its something you could be causing? im very interested in what anyone might think. i really hope your not experiencing this anymore.

  49. Lucy says:


    That doesn’t sound, not nearly as crazy as our stories probably sound to some, hehe..

    I felt it may be ‘someone’ but from another dimension…who and how? I dont understand enough about that, but reading up on this it’s amazing how many women have experienced similar things.

    I am single but I dont think about sex much to be honest, so I dont know or understand how I could be causing it my self,

    I hope it never happens to you again either…they feed off fear I am told, so dont be scared..i feel sorry for them I suppose, I wasn’t scared.

  50. Sher says:

    Hi Katie,

    Have you watched the movie the Entity? Well, I think that is what’s happening to you. If you do go to church you should ask your pastor or priest to come pray for you. In my culture changing your name and having people not call you by your old name anymore usually will help. My culture believes changing the name will make the ghost confused and not know who you are if you have a new name. Also, when I searched the web regarding the movie the Entity, she use to get attacked like you did too. It just mentions that she moved a couple of time and then it eventually slowly started to stop. I hope this helps a bit, sorry I am not able to give you much advice. Take care and good luck!

  51. Taylor says:

    I’m Catholic, and I might know why the demon is sexually assaulting you. The Demon could have come from 1 of the 9 circles of Hell. What you’re telling us made me think it from The Second Circle: Lust.

  52. jacob says:

    Hedge of Protection

    Father, in the name of Jesus, we lift up (your name) to You and pray a hedge of protection around him/her. We thank You, Father, that You are a wall of fire round about (your name) and that you set Your angels round about him/her.

    We thank You, Father, that (your name) dwells in the secret place of the Most High and abides under hte shadow of the Almighty. We say of You, Lord, You are his/her refuge and fortress, in You will he/she trust. You cover (your name) with Your feathers, and under Your wings shall he/she trust. (Your name) shall not be afraid of the terror by night or the arrow that flies by day. Only with his/her eyes will (your name) behold and see the reward of the wicked.

    Because (your name) has made You, Lord, his/her refuge and fortress, no evil shall befall him/her � no accident will overtake him/her � neither shall any plague or calamity come near him/her. For you give Your angels charge over (your name), to keep him/her in all Your ways.

    Father, because You have set Your love upon (your name), therefore will You deliver him/her. (Your name) shall call upon You, and You will answer him/her. You will be with him/her in trouble and will satisfy (your name) with a long life and show him/her Your salvation. Not a hair of his/her head shall perish. Amen
    try praying this hope it helps

  53. Richard says:

    Ok, I’ve been reading these posts all night so I’m a bit tired now so please bare with me.

    I came here because although I had heard of similar stories in the past, and am a Psychic, I had never encounterd a entity powerfull enough to Physicaly Assault someone, so I was extremely curious when a friend confided her story to me. It was a bit different from what I’m hearing here however.

    She was cutting through a Cemetary one night on her way to her boyfriends when she was assaulted. By what she believed to be several entities. When she awoke in the morning she was uninjured but in alot of pain, which lasted for days, and weeks before it was gone completely. I know this is extremely personal for you ladies but would you mind telling me, My friend said each touch felt like Ice water touching her body, is this what you experienced?

    Also Luci, You said you don’t realy think about sex. I’m curious and anyone else please comment as well. Is it that you don’t think about it or do you push the thoughts away?

    Also IGNORE the movie Entity! Yest it was based off a true story, however it was so over dramatized The only true part was yes she was raped and yes her son got a broken arm (Allegidly from a fight with the entity) Thats where the facts end.

    Now as I stated I have never experienced anything on this level, however I have had many dealings with the Supernatural, and in my own personal experiences, prayers and Spells have never done anything to counter a unwanted supernatural force “longterm” Most often a Entity will pretend t leave from a Excercism, or Spell and then come back later.

    In my experience the best defense against an Entity is three things

    1) Believing in yourself – The Entity will do all within it’s power to make you feel helpless. Much like a human rapist they are seeking power over you not as much the sex. If you can summon enough inner strength you can fight it off with your own force of Will.

    2) A vivid imagination – Imagination and Visualisation are the keys to the 6th sense. The next time the Entity attempts to assault you, remember you ARE, more powerful! Why is this true? They want you to feel powerless, there would be no need if you wernt! Visualize their forms to the best of your ability. Then picture a bright white defensive light shield emerging from your body and pushing it/them away!

    3) Siritual Assistence – Friends and Loved ones who have passed over into the other world may be able to assist you if you call out to them when you are assaulted. Many people believe they shouldn’t need to call out to them because they should already know. Well from my experience sometimes they are not aware when you need them unless you tell them. Why call out to some Saint, or Guide which may or may not exist and may or may not care when you can call out to a loved one who if they do still exist you know they care!

    Also there are two things I feel I must comment on before wrapping this up.

    Jackie… in december 08, Anonymous made a post in which he gave no indicaion he was happy about being fondled by a ghost. It bothers me that you assume he did and as you made no such comments about any of the women who posted their experiences, it must have been due to the assumption a male would like such an experience! I hope I am mistaken on this you seem like a nice person, but Its that type of veiw that makes men far less likely to discuse thier experences. I’m sorry if I’m sounding insulting to you you do sound nice, It’s just been bugging me since I read it.

    Phoenix Confront them? Talk to them, find out what they want? I doubt anyone is going to look up at their rapist and say. “I’m sorry, can I help you in some way?” and if you realy would I doubt the rapist is going to suddenly stop and and say. “Oh could you tell my wife I loved her?” IT’S GETTING WHAT IT WANTS! Let’s get real here, theirs reaching out to troubles spirits and then there is Codeling rapists! If you wouldn’t be that understanding to a human why the heck would you for a entity?

    One last thing

    Some one made the comment about not needing humore right now, Sorry cant remember who, and I’m too tired to go back and find it as it’s 5:30 am here… Thats the worst information I’ve read in all of this. It is the positive energies the entities want to take from you all right now, so thats what you need the most! If you cant fight back with your energies fight back with humor, and love and anyother thought that brings a smile to your face! Tell the Entity it has a penis so small it’s incoporial! Call it a Dead Fu%#! Whatever you can to take its energy away from it and back into yourself!


    Sorry One addendum to the last part. Remeber if you chose the insulting route, the Spirit will fight harder in the begining to attempt to re assert it�s dominance. DONT GIVE IN! Make it fight for every ounce of energy it takes from you and take back what you can! It WILL eventually move on and attempt to find an easier target.

    I just wish I knew enough about these things to get rid of them completely.

  54. Rose says:

    I believe you, something similar has happened to myself before these assaults happened was there a death in your family? do you hear voices feel breathing on you? I do not doubt you at all and see what happened to you as a human flesh eating diseasethat needs a cure your not alone, I know you would feel powerless and feel like your going mad, this sexual assault you said it happened at anytime, does it seperate you from your family you must be depressed and do you see pictures appearing in the sky I believe that it is Angels no doubt phenomena, at least you got a husband i would think the demons would assualt him, when you close your eyes do you see strange picturesin your head? I believe you im similar in the way its too embarising to talk about so i go on the internet to see if this thing has happened to other people.

  55. Lucy says:


    Hi, When I said I dont think about Sex much, I meant I wasn’t ‘gagging for it’ hehe of course I dont push the thoughts away, I just wasn’t thinking about it much at the time and therefore attracting what happened.

    I remember at the beginning of my experience thinking it was my ex, but the longer it went on for realising it wasn’t my ex and feeling it was something pretending to be him at first.

    Some hgave said m,aybe it was my ex thinking of me and astral travelling to me, I really dont know, I have no desire to see him and dont think of him like taht at all by the way.

  56. MERCY says:

    you have the demon name ASMODEUS. His the devil of lust. which will involved jezebel too. ask st. michael the archangel who defeated satan. in the name of jesus. possible you need to go to a priest or exorcist. the dead is nto to ask coz thye finish there obligation here one arth. let them rest. the devil couls use them to trick you. be careful. my mom and i experience this with the approval of the church for a young adult woman and a teenage boy. presently they where married and live ok. it happens in 1990. it was a struggle for us and the whole youth and adult ministry, our priest to help them to release the type of demons, dead spirit and the underworld spirit. presently i finish the first book of an exorcist of the vatican and surely learn alot. lots of holy water, holy salt, holy communion, prayers doen to release them. maximum 4 months for two of them. the last minute of release we send them to our elders in the catholic charismatic movements there after the exorcism prayer . she was delivered and a green goowy stuff she throw up. our elders sprayed it with the holy water. and she was deliver and liberated. go abck with her family. both of them are married and have children too.
    when i read your story this possible got to do in your passed ancestor that youmay not know thta got to do to this demons that hanging on you. like my great grandma i learn he practice black magic and the spirit is looking to find who will continue to do this. my grandma done it but we are struggling to release her and we succeded again. she was release until she died one year now. they try it to me but because of my prayer lfie and god’s protection they did nto succeed but it doesn’t emna they will go away so my prayer horus is eveyr minute nto jsut for my self but for others just like YOU now.
    in yoru situaiton my mom experience this but hse fight for it. pray tot eh blessed virgen amry, st. michael in the name of jesus. to be liberated but you need a big time help. 10 to 60 back generation is already exist in your family. it ened to be release and deliver back before it will be release in your rpesent time. research they say needed. family tree. be careful and pray fro decernment whom you trust to help you. theis devil is so wise to make you confuse. even people in the church they coudl mmimick to let you beleive dyoru in godo hands. the devil hates the name of christ. its like they could suffer more in hell than his name. i will include you today in my prayer sof exorcism and liberation. including your husband. have soem crucifix with jesus christ on it. annoint yoruself with holy oil or holy water befor going to sleep or waking up. i hoep you coudl received a commnunion but i’m nto sure if your a catholic. there is a documented in vatican abotu a girl in front of 2000 people are the witness in the altar she was palce for two months and exorcize byt he bishop which 50 demons possessed her. every tiem she received a communion each demons where release and she will delievered until to last one that her twist hand back to normal. she is visitng her uncle tomb that time that just started. it was nto her uncle but it was the demon who uses his uncle indentity to let believed. so eb careful your fighting a apiritual warfare. that sometime you win sometime you lost but with faith in christ who sometimes allowed things to ahpepn for the purification of the soul and the the building of faith to him the one true god. just liek JOB. read everyday even one chapter in the bible especially Psalm 91 is powerful passages of protection. goodluck. god bless. take care. count me always praying for you because i know thta demons you ahve alreayd visited me a couple nights before i saw your message here. he knows i will give this message to you. it was a big surprise to me and even my hubby and my little girl who was still eating with us. i thougth its our handicapped son is in my back wants to have a pop so i turn half way in my left after and ask him if he wants a glass. my girl was surprise and said mom his in the computer playing. no i said i heard him in my sdie i turn to my right side nobody so the hair at the abck of neck stand and got the chills. she said mom yoru scaring us. my hubby joke to me i think its just me burfing. no i said coz your in front of me. my handicapped son had a gift to see things i can’t sometiem not see. that night his giving me a deep looks that i ask yes something wrong in my face. his dad play with him but he will turn around and give me that deep look. so i ask whats the lord message again to me? his looking at me that lasted for an 1 hour with no words coz he can’t speak sentences. then when this crippy , hallowed , breathing and blowing voice in my right side happen then i know there is something beside me. i immediately prayed an exorcism prayer and now i have incense which my ritual every tuesday and friday. i will not posted here why this two days. so lucy goodluck and my hug to you and may the love of christ and his mother embrace, wrapped you to protect you.

  57. MERCY says:

    Asmodeus, Asmoday – (Hebrew) god of lust. A demon most commonly involved in possession cases, particularily noted in the possession of the Louviers nuns. Evolved from the Persian Aeshma.

    Aeshma, Aesma – (Persian) One of seven archangels of the Persians. Adopted later into Hebrew mythology as Asmodeus. Has been recorded in history for at least three thousand years. Said to be a small hairy demon able to make men perform cruel acts.

    Asmodeus – (Heb) devil of sensuality and luxury, originally ‘creature of judgement’. He was the overseer of all the gambling houses in the court of Hell, and the general spreader of dissipation. In addition, Asmodeus was the demon of lust, responsible for stirring up matrimonial trouble.

    Asmoday – A king of hell according to the Key of Solomon. He can grant invincibility.

  58. MERCY says:

    Mark 16:17-18

    17 And these signs will accompany believers: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues;
    18 they will pick up snakes in their hands, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, who will recover.”

    Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the hour of battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil, may God restrain him we humbly pray, and do thou oh Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all the evil spirits that roam through the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

  59. MERCY says:
    its a an educated site where you could learn a lot.

    Diabolical influence or possession may occur for different reasons:
    Damnations from the parents, many times from the mother’s womb.
    Cases of incest or sexual abuse of children.
    Victims of witchcraft, hatred, evil eye, voodoo, etc.
    Participation in satanic cults, witchcraft, s�ances, magic, yoga, ouija board, clairvoyance, divinations, superstitions, amulets, enchantments, crystals, new age; literatures, movies and impure, violent or satanic shows.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mercy,

    This all happened many months ago, the one strange thing I will take from what you have said, is I have always thought I was a french nun in a past life.


  61. april says:

    it has/does happen to me too since i was about 5 im 21 now

  62. Valerie says:

    You know, no one never believes you when it sounds way to weird and different but i sure believe you. Skitzos usually have more problems then seeing things and i guess being raped by demonds. The people you love the most would notice a change in you if something was wrong mentally. I think what your saying is true and there is something that can be done. You just got to find it. I wish you the best!

  63. Kylie says:

    Hi I am a witch/practitioner of Wicca (no that’s not black magic or devil worship in case you don’t know the difference). I have been studying the paranormal/spirits/entities and ways of handling them. I have met with people who have had experiences and I myself have had a few.

    First things first: I’m gonna tell you what NOT to do. First, I need to say this: I’m truly sorry to all of you who are religious, but I’m telling you, calling out to God and wearing crosses NEVER works. I have talked to people who are extremely pious who have been attacked, and every last one of them said that calling out to God/Jesus/Saints whatever does NOT HELP. By the way, holy water usually just pisses them off, and getting an excorcism, which has to be approved by the Church, takes MONTHS or even YEARS (and can be dangerous in some cases). Now, whatever you do, DO NOT USE A OUIJA BOARD OR ANY OTHER MEANS OF COMMUNICATION. This ALWAYS… I repeat: this ALWAYS ends badly, and often ends with you inviting another evil entity into your home. The moment you begin to use a device such as a pendulum or ouija board, you are litterally opening up a gateway through which spirits, including demons and other evil entities, can enter, and if you fail to close the gateway properly with the entity on the proper side (NEVER burn a ouija board) you’re in for all sorts of hell because the entity cannot leave your realm.

    Now, my best advice concerning what to do… first of all, just so you know you’re probably gonna have to do a number of things cuz one method by itself may not work, but combined with others can be extremely powerful. First, the pentagram (the symbol of my faith Wicca and no it is NOT a symbol of devil worship… that’s an upside down pentagram for all you who don’t know… yeah it sucks that the two symbols are so similar) is a very powerful symbol of protection. You say that you are often attacked in your bed… well move it out of the way so that you can paint a pentagram around the area where you want it to go, then put it back so the pentagram is surrounding your bed (whatever you do, make sure you paint it rightside up, cuz if you paint an upside down one, you’re REALLY gonna be in trouble). For when you are not in bed, I would recommend wearing an amulet… one of the more powerful ones is the Saturn Seal of Protection (just search it on google and you’ll find a store that sells it), another would be the Destroy All Evil Amulet (again search it online).

    If possible, find a Wiccan and have him or her bless the amulet. Now, these things will help, but you’re gonna need to look to some rituals to make the thing go away for good. if possible, find a Wiccan in your area and ask that they perform protection rituals on your house. An experienced Wiccan will know what to do. However, if you are unable to locate one (if you’re desperate enough for help, there really is no reason as to why you shouldn’t be able to find one), you can take matters into your own hands. The action I would reccommend is called smudging. You need to get yourself a sage wand to burn. Carry the burning sage through the house (make sure you get the smoke everywhere), and while doing so, firmly tell the spirit that this is YOUR house and that you’re NOT going to let it take over so it needs to GET OUT. Again, you must be FIRM about this, and do not do it until you have gathered your strength and courage (if you are terrified while performing this ritual, then it’s useless… again, that’s why I’d recommend finding an experienced Wiccan).

    By the way, I know that everyone keeps saying that not being afraid during attacks will make it leave, and this is probably true, but think about it… you can tell yourself ur not afraid but come on… there really is no way to be truly unafraid while ur being raped/attacked by a demon. To be 100% unafraid during an attack like that is basically inhuman. Oh, and i forgot to mention, if ur unable to find a Wiccan, then I would strongly recommend a medium (one who can communicate with spirits/entities). It can be difficult to find one that’s legit, but if you can it’s definitely worth it. The legit ones that I’ve seen in action have really been able to help people with these sorts of problems. Anyway, I would recommend Native American cleansing rituals (smudging is one)… they seem to work wonders, and you can find great books about them. Also (and I SWEAR I’m not trying to convert people here… I’m really trying to help), find books on Wiccan rituals, and keep trying until you find the right one (I guarantee you will eventually find one that will fix you’re problem if you do it properly).

    Again, I truly am very sorry to those who are Christian, and I’m really not trying to put your faith down, but in my experience (and the experiences of many others that I know), Jesus and God and crosses do not help with these matters. I honestly don’t know why this is the case, and I’m not trying to say that the Christian faith is illigitimate (I do know that exorcisms work… I’m just warning you that getting the Church to approve one is a LONG and painful process and should be a last resort)… I’m only trying to give you the truth and help you.

    Good luck and Blessed Be!

    • Sean says:


      Who are you to denigrate another religion? I have read many, many posts from people who called out to Jesus or God and found immediate relief from their haunting / attack — many of them are on this site.

      I have even heard of people saying Buddhist prayers and having them work — on this site.

      However everyone has a unique situation:

      1) Some entities are stronger than others.

      2) People vary in their level of faith, the strength of their mind, and their commitment to working their solution (prayer, exorcism, holy water, etc).

      3) Situations vary — each situation is different, and some problems are strong enough to really test a person’s faith in whatever religion they are in.

      4) We all need each other — sometimes you need a really strong person or group of people with experience to help you. We are here on earth to help each other.

      If a person gives up before a solution works for them, it doesn’t mean that they were using a bad solution.

      • Kylie says:

        Maybe I just worded my post incorrectly. I am saying that iN MY EXPERIENCE, certain faith practices aren’t as effective. I feel that there may be a few reasons as to why simply calling out to Jesus, God, Buddah, Krishna, etc. is not as effective in EXTREME experiences with entities (such as frequent sexual molestation by an entity). First of all, you must remember that these faiths, especially Christianity, teach that God provides us with the strength to fight through hard times, but does not directly interfere (otherwise, there would be no poverty or murder… God does not directly interfere and physically stop rapists, murderers, and probably enitites, but He empowers us spiritually so that we have the strenght to work towards finding an active means handling our problems). Notice that the very best solution that the Church offers, the exorcism, is an ACTIVE RITUAL (not just a prayer, but a very specific and VERY powerful process/ritual) that requires much more strenght (spiritual and otherwise) than prayer. The thing is, it is quite clear exorcisms work better than other Christian things like prayer and wearing a cross in extreme cases (also please remember that I am not talking about minor hauntings like a few objects being moved around the room, but rather very serious cases of extreme torment at the hands of an entity). In my experience, active rituals like these are the best. The reason I noted that Native American and Wiccan rituals (which have worked best IN MY EXPERIENCE) are very much worth considering is because, unlike mainstream religions like Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc., these religions place a great emphasis on active spiritual rituals (like smudging and altar rituals), especially involving the dead/spiritual entities. They are more directly connected to communication with spiritual entities, and as I said, place great emphasis on rituals for this purpose. Also, the beauty of Wiccan rituals is that there is a connection to all of the gods/goddesses from the mainstream religions, so your own deity can still be central (for example, one of the deities that I choose to pray to is Durga, a Hindu deity). I don’t know as much about the exorcism-like rituals linked to some of the mainstream religions (I believe that Taoism has a very specific and powerful ritual for this kind of thing), but I do believe that since they are geared more towards entities and cleansing they should be looked into when simple practices like prayer and wearing religious symbols fail.

        • priss says:

          some people might find this ridiculous but still the way you are delivering it, it seems true to an extent. i mean, it can happen, sexually assaulted by demons, why not, supernaturals can also harras sexually now! what an achievement!

          girl, you really are either in need of a mental help, or you are just faking it.
          anyways i like your style.

  64. jk says:

    Katie, you know what opinions are like and everyone has their own. Let’s sort out the many pieces of advice and get to the solution. If you read all of these post you will see that this is a spiritual problem that requires a spiritual solution. These entities are opposed to God (Jehovah) and Jesus who was God sent to die for our salvation because He loved us that much and since we cannot be good enough to go to heaven, Jesus died as a final perfect sacrifice for all, He suffered the torment that you are now suffering so that you do not have to. You must choose Jesus and ask Him to save you and He will instantly deliver you. Belief in God is a great step in the right direction but knowing Jesus is the key, these entities cannot bare the name Jesus or hear how His blood has saved you. They cannot stay there at your home if you believe that Jesus died for you. Next time they attack you say or think “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus or just say or think that Jesus loves me and they will high tail it out of there, guaranteed.

  65. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    I’m sorry, I find this story too ridiculous to believe. I don’t mean to come off as being rude because that’s not my intention but to be sexually assaulted by a demon .. I think you need help, mentally… I suggest you go seek out a therapist and talk to him/her about what’s going on.

    And seeing shadow’s of a penis on the wall .. come on seriously? I think that part is hilarious actually. But all in all I think you need help.

    Again I’m sorry and I’m not trying to be mean because that’s not my intention but that story’s ridiculous.

  66. Karen Dawson says:

    I believe you, there was a similiar story in the 70′s of a single mom who was constantly raped by an unseen visitor. They made a movie out of it called The Entity, you want to see a priest who specializes in this sort of thing. Or get a hold of Ghost Hunters in Rhode Island, they don’t charge for their services and they have a demonologist on hand to help cleanse your home of these demons.

  67. AnNa says:

    if it only happens in your bedroom why do you keep going offence but i dont think anyone wants to know your sex life.and the penis part i dont believe.i dont know if i believe this story but in away it reminds me of this movie the entity where this lady is getting hurt and getting briuises from this thing.but i cant see they having sex with you.but what do i know stuff like that never happened to me so i wouldnt know.but you do need to get help go to a priest and tell him whats going on.cleans your room since it seems like its just in there.put salt anything.have you tryed stuff?keep us posted.

  68. Adler says:

    Demons are fed by fear. Don’t show that you are afraid and they will become weaker. After showing that you’re not afraid, get an excorcism done.

  69. Caroline says:

    Okay, Folks

    I have read every single comment; some with amusement, others with tredpidation, admiration or understanding.

    From a Caribbean background, I was exposed to both evil and good, I can certainly verify that sexuall assaults by demonic spirits are very legit.

    I had a sound Christian upbrining and atteneded a theological pentecostal boarding school (HS), where I lived on campus and was exposed to Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelist…etc. daily.

    However, at age 19, I began dating a guy whose Ex was very much involved in witchcraft. She invoked a spirit from the dead (one of the highest form of witchcraft) and assigned it to sexually assault me. None of my fervent prayers worked… mainly because I was living in fornication.

    I was very aware that a kindom divided against itself will fall; thus my efforts to seek help from persons who were also practicing witchcraft failed. I began praying and fasting because I was determined to be an overcomer. God began to reveal what it was. One night as I lay asleep, I began to see my surrounding just like it looked when I was awake. Suddenly, I saw what appeared to be a ‘human form’ enter the room, but I could see a distinction… it was almost transparent. It came up to me and I was literally paralysed, as it just lay on top of me and began imitating a sexual act. I was fully dressed in my nightgown. It did not remove my clothes, because it did not need to.
    My boyfriend who is now my husband was always in disbelief, until he had his arms around me one night and his arms were flung and violently clawed and scarred. He jumped up and grabbed me screaming!

    Now, where I am from, there are ‘humans/ individuals’ who also enters your home through evil prayers for the same purpose. I have had previous experiences; many Caribbean or Africans could probably attest to the same. In such instances, the remedy is very easy, if you are a person who is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and pray alot, God wakes you up as soon as they arrive and you can engage in spiritual warfare and unfailingly defeat your opponent. If not, you simply put a clear glass (unused prior) of water under your bed. If a human enters your room at night to perform a sexual act using any invisible form, they will be unable to see you…. all they will see is a room full of water.

    However, my situation was very different. This ‘thing’ was assigned to eventually kill me. I could always tell when it will show up, I was unusually extremely sleepy. If I looked at myself in a mirrow the following morning, my face seem to have a black overshadow, although I am a bit light skin. Making a long story short… I joined a pray group that specialized in deliverance and while on a 21 days of prayer and fasting. (I ate vegetable soup after 6pm only) I dreamt the hand of God reached into my belly and pulled out what appeared to be a square clump of dirt with a funny appearance – looked like ants had made tracks in it. From that day I was totally free from that attack. It took a lot for my deliverance because a lot was put into it on the evil side… these people had stolen my clothes from my outside clothes line to snare me.

    Why am I sharing all this? There are many distinctions for evil sexual assaults; 1) human that purposely use evil prayers to enter your home in an invisible form… mainly for sexual gratification 2) A demonic spirt invoked from the dead and assigned by workers of witchcraft…. to cause death or terminal illiness 3) Incubui, Sucbi and Asmodeus attacks… demonic spirits… random attacks or mainly employed by witches, in the U.S as a demotion tactic. *All of the above causes you to lose your sexual drive for your significant other and makes you a target of conflict.

    Just to elaborate on the latter; since it is my current scenario. Currently, I have been experiencing attacks from the 3rd category listed above. Prior to migrating, it was none existent on that level. It appears to be a very predominant strategy by Witches here in the U.S. I am a Terror at spritual warfare, if I may say so myself. I have been contending with the likes of warlords who translates themselves and shows up. I have also sucessfully overcome many attacks of evil from diverse workings of witchcraft both in the Caribbean and here. It is my area of specialization… Schizophrenia is a demon that can be cast out.

    Thus, my current challenge has been dreams where someone familar attempts to have sex with me. In actuality, it is a demonic spirit seducing me into the act. Because I am prayerful and aware, most times I thwart the attack before it’s inception. However, the latest strategy had been to ‘fondle’. It appears like I am being physically caressed to orgasm/climax in seconds. I can always tell when ‘something’ shows up because I get restless in my sleep… I can even purposefully, engage in warfare in my dreams or snap out of a dream to engage in warfare through intense worship and prayer, using God’s words/the bible as weapons of warfare. But, this attack is quite novel. From the onset of the first touch, it occurs in seconds. By the time I snap out of sleep when I feel the touch, I am already having an orgasm.

    I have a profound desire to not just combat this, but to share the strategy with others so they can also overcome. I have discovered that I can prevent it completely if I annoint my intimate part with oil that has been santified. However, I do not want a quick fix, but a permanent solution. For a temporary solution, buy a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Before sancifying it, confess your sin before God as follows, Heavenly Father, I have sinned and fall short of your glory, please forgive every sinful words, thoughts and deeds through the power of Jesus blood. Next, uncover the bottle of oil and lift it upwards and say, I command this oil to lose its natural tendancies and be infused by the anointing of Jesus and the blood of the lamb. Lord, as I apply this oil, I pray that every yoke shall be destroyed when this oil is applied and every evil aborted, destroyed and intercepted. Apply the oil accordingly on your forehead and private part, saying, I anoint myself in the name of Jesus and employ the might arm of God against my enemy.

    I assure you that your sleep will be undisturbed and like a baby.

    I believe that God has allowed me to experience these things that I can be a blessing to others going through similar things. I also believe that my ‘very long’ entry here is no accident. God orchestrated it because he totally loves you and desires liberty for all.

    Please do not be delusional, accepting Christ alone may not prevent these attacks, rather it may exacerbate it becasue it is an attack against the kingdom of darkness for your soul. However, strategic prayer and spiritual warfare is what is needed to combat these attacks. God has made these weapons available to us through his word and leading of his Spirit.

    I promise to return with a permanent solution.

    All those in disbelief of the above, this is not for you.

  70. Caroline says:

    Hi All

    I am rather enthusiastic to report a permanent solution from every sexual attack by incubus(sexual demon that lie with women), succubus(sexual demon that lie with men) and deliverance from asmodeus(satanic king of lust).

    I prayed about this earnestly and God gave me insights and revelation.

    If you dligently want to receive deliverance, it is within reach!

    From my previous mail, incubii (plural) and succubii assaults you sexually through assignments from warlocks or witches, or via legal right. It does not matter if it was assigned or came on its own volition. The reason why it has access is because it has legit right. There is something in or on you that attracts it.

    These demons work in collaboration with the demon called ‘mare’ or ‘nightmare’ to induce deep sleep and appropriate nightmares so that most cannot tell the distinction. If you sometimes experience choking, temporary paralysis that prevents you from rising or speaking during and between sleep, that is mare, trying to induce ‘REM’ sleep for a nightmare. Notice, that whenever that occurs, you always have a nightmare; someone chasing you, fighting and other diverse demonic attacks.
    In collaboration with Mare, people think that they had a ‘wet’ dream or a ‘steamy orgasm’… and quite often it is more intense than a sexual act with another human.

    So said, some of you may not be interested in getting rid of it, because it is highly stimulating. A word of caution, it significantly reduces your life span! It also opens you up for other demonic assaults and negatively impacts your finance.

    Now, lets get to the root of the problem!
    The main reason why these acts occur is because you have a spirit of lust (asmodeus); this can occur through; 1) a transferrance of spirit during sexual intercouse with someone who has it. 2) The use of perfumes and colognes that has animal extracts/genes… do not be fooled, the most popular fragrances contains animal fats… if you are disbelieving… google it. This fuses with your own scent to create a ‘dna’ that attracts asmoedus. [monitor youself, note that whenever you wear a 'certain purfume' you are certain to get 'it' that night 3) masturbation - which is not a bad thing in itself, but when employed with sexual fantasies, it entertains a spirit of lust and gives access to incubus and succubi. 4) Pure lust - undressing and sexing someone in your cognition. 5) Can also occur if you were sexually molested at any age. 6) generational sins/curses 7) Occult/withcraft practices

    Repent: If you are not sure which category you fall in, you can repent for all. Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus, asking forgiveness for my sexual sins [name the sins above], then pause and ask God to show you others that you missed. He will bring it to your mind, and when it occurs, just speak it and repent. I repent and ask that you wash me in the precious blood of Jesus and make me whole. I repent for my ancestors sins that may also cause me to experience these sexual attacks… again, you can consult with God for specifics…. I now make you my Lord and Savior.

    Destory/Divorce and Break: Lord, I thank you for your gift of forgiveness. I now use my authority as your daughter/son over the demonic. Asmodeus, I divorce you and command you out, lose your hold in the name of Jesus. I overcome you by the blood of Jesus and the fire of God right now. I employ the mighty arm of God against you and command you to fall down and never regain your position in my life! Lord, let your angels excel in strength to protect my body, finances and family. I reposses all my goods from the enemy’s camp, I command every ungodly and demonic soul ties to be severed right now in the name of Jesus.

    Repeat the above for incubus and succubus as well.

    You can annoint yourself and home with some olive oil; around the windows and doors; beds etc. As you do so, say, I plead the blood of Jesus against every evils spirts and command you out now in the name of Jesus… or just repeat, the blood of Jesus prevails.

    Please note, leave one doorway unanointed until you have anointed the interior as you feel led to do. Anoint the last door; doorpost and around, after you feel ‘in your spirit’ that everything has departed.

    You should experience completed deliverance!

    A word of caution; get rid of purfumes that contains animal extracts and all occult symbols! The demonic will be watching for an opening to regain entry. Live right and get the right results.

    Be Blessed!

  71. GirlRacer says:

    In my recollection, Incubi usually leave the victim unable to enjoy sex as the act with the incubi gives immense pleasure, an out of this world experience if you will.

    Most people after experiencing incubi or succubi do not feel the same pleasure when engaging in sex normally. The incubi/succubi usually gives extreme pleasure in order to steadily siphon off your life energy. Many report being unable to move for hours, gradually feeling more and more lethargic.

    Some of the incubi/succubi have been known to have ‘worked’ a person to within an inch of their life.

    Do you feel pleasure? Do you feel your husband cannot ‘live up to’ the ‘standard’? Lethargy? Sickness?

    If so, you have an incubi.

    I’m not sure how to deal. I’ll try and find out.

    Keep a glass of holy water near, when you engage in sex with hubby. Take a couple of sips. When you feel the incubi, and it wants fellatio, you’ve the holy water in your mouth. I read this. The incubi left screaming never to return.

    Good luck honey. I’ll keep looking for you.

    Steph xxx

    • Caroline says:


      The symptoms you describe are quite accurate, and I have experienced them.
      More accurately, you loose your sexual desire for long periods of time.

      I assure you that Holy Water is not going to work… been there and done that!

      At the risk of reapeating myself, you have to repent for all sexual sins as constituted in the bible; fornication, adultery, lust, homosexuality and masturbation.

      Purchase a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and pray the following after unscrewing the cover.

      Father, in the name of Jesus, I declare that this oil loses its natural tendancies and is infused with the fire of God to bring the forces of darkness under subjection. I declare, that as I apply this oil, evil dominance is broken, the forces of evil are brought under subjection and the anointing of God now destroy every yoke.

      Anoint your ‘private organs’ and bed with the oil.

      If you have the spirit of discernment, you would know when it arrives, and be restless… but it would not be able to touch you. You can also engage in spiritual warfare to terminate further visits.

      Oprah had a show a few years ago that feature women who had lost sexual desire for their husband, what percentage do you think directly influenced by incubi?

      There are far more consequences than loss of sexual desire, they stir up confusion as well.

  72. Monica says:

    My husband had a drug problem. He was doing really well for about 6 months, when he decided to hang out with his brothers one weekend. I trusted him, but when he came home, I had a feeling he had done drugs. The following weekend, he came home after work at his usual time but was ready to go to bed early. He was up and down all night to the restroom which was in my daughter’s room, and when I would awaken during the night, I could see that he was wide awake. I KNEW he was doing drugs!! This caused alot of problems of course when I acused him of it.

    The next night, my 9 year old daughter came into our room and said that she saw someone standing by her closet. She closed her eyes and opened them again and he was still there. I told her to sleep with us. ( Thinking she was dreaming )

    The following week was filled with arguments and hostility between my husband and I. I ended up sleeping on the couch for a week. On the weekend, my kids slept in the living room with me to watch movies. In the middle of the night, I was hot and crowded, so I went to sleep in my daughter’s room. I seemed so unusually dark and erie feeling. I was determined not to sleep with my husband, so I forced myself to sleep. In the night, I felt something crawl on top of me. I couldn’t move, scream or open my eyes as hard as I tried!! It was trying to have intercourse, but didn’t penetrate. I eventually pried my eyes open. I was really scared.

    The next night, my husband didn’t come home til really late, my daughter ended up sleeping with me in my room. When my husband came home, I heard him come in our room, get sleeping clothes and a pillow, then went to sleep in my daughter’s room.

    Eventually, he confessed that he kept seeing a dark shadow in the room and kept feeling a hot breath on his back.

    We are now seperated. It’s been about a week now, I switched rooms with my daughter cause I couldn’t sleep knowing she was in that room. I sleep with the TV and the bathroom light on. I pray really hard everynight for God to remove any evil in my house. So far, nothing has happened.

    Any input??????

    Anyone have any ideas

    • Caroline says:


      Wish I knew your full name, but I will pray for you.

      I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit inviting me to do so.

      There are many forms of witchcraft and for many different reason; sometimes an envious co-worker etc. The first step to deliverance is repentence; confess your sins before God and accept Jesus into your life as Lord and Savior. If you are a Christian, still confess your sins because the enemy comes in when there is an opening in any area.

      Sit still for a few minutes and ask God to show the area of your life that may have caused an opening. As it comes to mind, denounce it, repent and ask God’s forgiveness.

      Then walk through your home and begin to say ‘the blood of Jesus prevails!” Until you can walk anywhere in the house and feel serene. You may feel led to walk to the specified area and command the evil presence to go “I command you in the name of Jesus to get out of my house, you are not welcome here!”

      Just do as you feel led to…

      Anointing your home with sanctified oil is another potent blow!
      You can use the above pray I gave grace for sanctifying the oil.

      Bind the spirit of confusion that has been losed in your marriage and release a spirit of peace.
      Bind the spirit of alcohol addiction upon your husband, and command it to dry up from its roots and be cast out and replaced by the spirit of God.
      Rebuke every mind mindbinding spirit and spirits of addiction.

      All shall be well!

  73. Juan says:

    I am clergy you are going to have to start praying because if you’re not praying you’re to close to the kingdom of Satan. The more you pray the closer you get to the kingdom of god. You’re going to have to get holy oil and you need to put a lot of holy oil on yourself not just a little bit. You put on holy oil on your arms, legs, chest, stomach wait until it dries up on you. Then you put some on again and you keep on doing this until all negativity goes away. Get your self a rosary, a scapular of st michael archangel, st michael medal and an st benedict exorcism crucifix also a tetragrammaton pentacle pendant and destroy all evil talisman also a control evil spirit talisman. Take all of these to a priest and have it blessed by this priest.
    Put holy oil or any kind of oil and put some on your tetragrammation pentacle , st benedict exorcism crucifix, destroy all evil talisman, control evil spirit talisman an keep on putting oil on these things they’ll get more powerful the more you put oil on them so when they dry up keep on putting more oil on them they’ll get more powerful. Then get some holy water and put some on everything 30 minutes the more you put on the more holier you become. Sometimes when we don’t pray for our food the demon puts malificium in our food . So just before you eat pray to god that he breaks the malificium off the food before you eat it. So if you cuss and say swear words stop that immediately cause everytime you say cuss words you open up a portal for demons to enter to life also when you drink alcohol you open up a portal for either bad spirits or good spirits to enter your life so to be a on the safe side stay away from alcohol beverages or any kind of drinking to get drunk.

    • Caretaker says:

      Just my own opinion but a st michael medal is just a graven image and a talisman and rosary beads or a scapular re just talismans – can you show any Bible to back up using either of those things? They originated from Babylon NOT the teachings of Christ or the Bible.

      Now, I am against alcohol but according to the Bible there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. The Bible speaks against drunkenness not alcohol and even Jesus drank wine.

  74. Fleur says:

    Dear Katie, the attacks you describe are absolutely demonic,…your only help from this is through Jesus.Pour your heart out to Him and ask him to save you,…ask jesus in to your heart. Can you think of any time in your life where you have been involved in the occult ? ,…you need to confess this to Jesus, somewhere quiet on your own just cry out to Jesus with all your heart.The first chapter of the bible Genesis chapter 6 talks about fallen angels having sexual relations with the daughters of men. The spirits of this unnatural union are what we know as demons ( unclean spirits ).I absolutey promise you that Jesus loves you and that He is the only way not only for your deliverance and peace but also for eternal life!!. Remember with your hard, heavy mournful heart ,….go and pour all out to Jesus now.

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