Fire Girl Ghost Picture

Posted on August 31, 2009
Fire Girl Ghost

Fire Girl Ghost

Jane Churm Fire Girl Ghost

Here is a very well known ghost photograph taken in 1995 which contains a girl in the doorway in front of a blazing fire. The building is the Wem town hall of Shropshire, England. This picture was taken from the other side of the street. The girl was not seen at the time that the photograph was taken and was only noticed after the picture was developed.

No bodies were discovered in the burned out structure nor was anyone reported as missing. However, according to the local folklore a girl by the name of Jane Churm had burned down the town hall building in 1677 when she accidentally dropped a burning candle. The ghost of this young girl has been reported to haunt the Wem town hall building since that fire.

Could this be the ghost of Jane Churm captured in this photograph? Is it possible that this ghost had something to do with the fire? Post your comments below.

Fire Girl Ghost Picture Jane Churm

Fire Girl Ghost Picture Jane Churm

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167 Responses to “Fire Girl Ghost Picture”
  1. Karen M. says:

    So she haunts the place cause she feels guilty about starting the fire? I have never seen this picture before. It looks too clear an image to be a ghost.

    • Anonymous says:

      hmm well it is kinda spooky. but it is too clear. and why did she burn the building. was she like phsyco??

      • AnNa says:

        maybe shes a phsyco little girl that couldnt get want she wants or she hated her parents i dont know.but ya why did she?

        • Teri says:

          You again with your grammar AnNa. It clearly states she accidentally dropped a candle. It’s clear as day in the story.

          • AnNa says:

            i am just saying,and no-body is perfect in spelling.i know im not good but i dont probably did say in the story but im just saying.

            • Fired man says:

              Well, my first thought was its a very clear ghost photo, then my second thought is, how many ghost photo’s out there that actually looked real? Then again, how many are real and which one of you have seen enough real ones to call yourselves professional ghost picture hunters? Probably no one. Double exposure? Would’t the owner of the camera know if its his daughter or not since it is a very clear photo? So we are left with three options, either it’s real or the guy knew photo shop while it was still becoming popular, or it is his daughter from a double exposer and he is a liar.

    • mike s. says:

      her face is abnormally detailed from other ghost photos. and maybs she’s just a little pyro??

    • Anonymous says:

      I beleive the fire girl picture is just a product of your vivid imagination ghost do not exist

      • Caretaker says:

        The picture may not be real, it may even be a hoax or a fraud (who knows?) but there is no way you can say that the girl in the image is just someone’s imagination. We can all see it plainly.

      • Bella says:

        If ghost don’t exsist ( witch they do) then why would you be commenting and looking at a ghost website. And how the heck can this be our imagenations? every one see’s it CLEARY!

      • dolly says:

        then why are you here if you dont believe ghosts exsist? how can you snap a picture of something you imagened?

  2. Pat says:

    I agree it is very clear- but the photographer said they saw no-one when the shot was taken- after all it was during a blazing fire! Yes she must be returning to the scene like a residule haunting… very creepy picture!

    • Anonymous says:

      well i have read this story and seen the picture to be truefull i believe in ghost and im not sure about this one one reason because nobody even seen the girl even but yet the picture is so clear it spookey but im not sure

    • Ryan says:

      It could be a double-exposure, it is fairly old.

      • Annie says:

        no it is not, the negatives were inspected, they were not tampered with in any way…. i’m not really saying that this is Jane Churm, the young girl who burnt down the small town she used to live in, but the photo is completely real.

        • Cross says:

          Actually the photo has been proven fake.

          • Caretaker says:

            If the photo has been proven fake is there any link to a credible account of that proof?

            • Annie says:

              the proportioning of the girl in the postcard is to big compare her to any of the other people in the photo and look at her boots the angle of them is wrong if she were standing they would be in front of her and her dress predates 1922 it looks more 1890s

              • Anonymous says:

                Watch the video link above, it pretty much explains how it was done. Anyone who knows photo shop can do that, it’s fairly easy. Also google it. There is plenty of examples showing you its the same girl. Despite the fact that both girls look exactly alike, same pissed off look, same looking clothes.

              • Cross says:

                Here, I kinda like this guys proof the best. It’s pretty good evidence.

                Don’t just look at the face when you use the sliding scale, look at the hat and clothing. You will see most disappear as she becomes a ghost but you will also see parts of clothing blend in but not fully go away.

                • Cross says:

                  Looking at it some more, even the spot between the door and her head where light shines out is easy to do with photo shop. You can turn black to white and make it bright like the sun no problem. Ive done that many times before myself making dark windows light up.

              • Anonymous says:

                I agree with Annie! the postcard is a fake..

    • well i had seen this picture alot of times and i think it is really scary….

  3. Bracket says:

    I have seen this photo many times and it has always caught my eye. I don’t know if it’s an extraordinary case of smoke in the shape of a little girl just as the picture was taken, or if it’s even fake, but it’s interesting.

  4. DADDYMARCO says:

    is abit 2good 2b true, but have 2say very interesting at the same time, just makes u wonder what really is amongst us

  5. Unique says:

    Your missing the Point if the Girl started the Fire she is showing no remorse for doing the act and also don’t forget she is in a Burning building don’t you think there would be some kind of emotion on her face for that alone?

    Eerrie Photo!!

    • peace says:

      unique u are missing the piont how about the hole story was she did the fire becasue she had a fight with her mother or somebody or somebody important to her died and she killed herself on purpose that’s why she shows no emorse

  6. Ryan says:

    I’ve seen this before and the person in the picture could be anybody but for some reason this photo creaps me out. I usully take photos with a grain of salt but if I were to beleave a ghost photo this would be the one.

  7. trolldoll1681 says:

    i also have seen this image but didn’t know when it was taken. you can’t see her legs so i think this thing is real. the few ghosts i’ve seen, i could never see their legs. can anyone tell me why? this is one of the better ones and she seems to look sad too.

    • Danielle says:

      When I look at her I see neither remorse nor sadness in her gaze. When I look at her I see hate and loathing. Look closely and you can tell it sure as heck ain’t smoke because look at the shadow on half of the “face” I can tell she isn’t innocent.

      • Caretaker says:

        Danielle – You can tell someones innocence or guilt by looking at a blurred picture of them? You might make a fine Court Judge someday.

      • Tracey says:

        Got that right i can see that little mean looks in her eyes and pout lips she remind me of neillie on the little house on the praire.

  8. fros says:

    perhaps she is seen there because this is the place where she died

  9. Karen M. says:

    Unique, The fire in the 1600′s she started by accident, then the building caught on fire again in 1995 , when this pic was taken, I think she feels guilty , unless it’s true that she started the 2nd one too!

  10. kutin says:

    This picture clearly show the girl on it, but you can tell she is not human because her legs is missing in the picture, like she is flowing on air. Its weird where she is looking at , is like she knows that someone is taking a picture.

  11. Chris says:

    I honestly think that it is a very good play on the lighting…being a photographer and graphic artist, i have learned that incredible “accidents” are possible in ways you would never expect. I grew up in a house with a room mate that we could not see if you know what I mean, but always felt him there. I think it is kinda silly to think a camera can “capture” a spirit, yet we can not see it with our own eyes, but yes, it is a very disturbing picture to say the least.

  12. voodoo child says:

    I believe it is a real spirit and not a play of the lights.

  13. BrokenTree says:

    This photo was proven to be fake.

  14. Nightwatcher says:

    I believe its true, she might be mad or sad. her spirit might be trapped in that specific area. Maybe she just wants pple 2 stay away from it and burning the place down might have been her first thought and choice since she was burned to death.

  15. cierra says:

    wow thats freakin strange

  16. mhiz says:

    she looks like a girl in sukob (movie of kris and claudine) ….isnt she??

  17. Unique says:

    Karen M. says:
    September 1, 2009 at 6:53 am
    Unique, The fire in the 1600�s she started by accident, then the building caught on fire again in 1995 , when this pic was taken, I think she feels guilty , unless it�s true that she started the 2nd one too!

    Thanks 4 the info i missed that somehow it is strange Photo in respect to the brilliant white light behind the ghost i would expect to see shadows of the flames behind the ghost from the flames being reflected and then creating moving patterns on the wall!

    A Hard Picture to Debunk!!

  18. ghostbeliver says:

    i believe it

  19. jHean says:

    I AGREE in
    karen m. says!!but i
    was scared..=[

  20. Youngdz79 says:

    I think broken tree is confusing a fire girl story in Alabama with the picture and story. as I have read (can not remember where) that experts could find nothing wrong with the picture. but the burning girl in AL was found to be a hoax

  21. raven says:

    i think just wanted to see the fire and since she died by it. It is not that hard to belive that mabe she was looking for someone like her family.

  22. Angela says:

    That poor little girl!
    I feel so sorry for her!

  23. wolfy says:

    Angela- i feel sorry for her too
    i thought it was an AWESOME picture nice photography!

  24. OMG says:

    i agree wolfy and angela

  25. WHT.LVS.CHSE says:

    OMG!!!! that picture is scary

  26. Savanah B. says:

    Oh my gosh that looks so cool!

  27. tracy says:

    Seen this photo a few times . It creeps me out too. I believe it’s real. She seems to be watching what’s happening down there. Probably curious about all the firemen and people.
    1677 to 1995 is a long time , alot changed. But poor girl indeed , maybe she did start this fire?

  28. Starting to believe says:

    What is eerie to me is that it looks like she is looking right at the camera! Chills…

  29. Siren says:

    Something tells me that this could be a fake. I mean not alot of people have ever captured real Ghosts on Camera before. So that makes you have doubts.

  30. Bailee Schofield says:

    I think it is real because there is no way that tis girl could apear out of the flames and this is not provin to be fake so i believe that is not this girl must not like the person that lives there because she would have not waited that long to start another fire i think the person that was living there was mean

  31. Pixie says:

    Its so clear but its so not at the same time.
    You can see her face and hair almost perfect. Then you can see an arm.
    But everything else is faded or missing.
    I really like this pic.
    Its a perfect example of what great things cameras can catch.

  32. carla says:

    i would really like to read the newspaper’s on this if they had one here and find out what she was doing in a wherehouse with this candle if she was just playen house or what? …this very short storie does not tell all really to me the whole storie of why? ,, … old was she was at this time though it does say this was done or read about 1677 so who know’s? …….I would really like some more info on this girl and what really happened to her and why? this storie has gotten me very interested! …….. there’s more to this i just know…….

  33. DL says:

    She will stay for a long time unless she can be convinced by somebody that everything is inpermenant & purely an ellusion in the physical world & she will move on & never return.

  34. Holly Jo says:

    Being a firefighter myself, I have heard of this type of thing before.. hauntings dealing with fire starters. Some researchers even say there are such things as fire starters in the ghost world.. very interesting. :)

  35. jonalyn says:

    quite interesting,i hope that Jane Churm may rest in peace…

  36. Jayde says:

    Wow…. This is a very intresting picture. It explains some things and others not. I think this one is a phony

  37. Jennisha says:

    wow this is scary stuff.

  38. Tony L. says:

    I don’t see how you can really tell one way or the other whether it’s real or not. Anythings possible now days and 95 wasn’t that long ago. One thing though, you can really see her mug good to not see the rest of her or the fire, actually, all that clear.

  39. ashley says:

    i dont think so…but maybe she is…..its so scary!!

  40. carla says:

    tonyl. this storie was told in 1677 by folklore (whom ever that is??…probably some town or country or something??), this storie did not happen in 95!, it happened in 1677 and that she was playen with some candle and dropped it by accident and somehow caused a big fire!?……..the picture that we see right now ( the structure of this building I will admit does not make sence to me at all because what did the building’s look like in 1677 at that time??)95 is just a reprint to me but the building “does” look more in the year 95 to me and makes more sence…I will admit that ..but they said that this storie happened 1677??…..also, if the candle had dropped,..on what did it drop on, how old was she??….she look’s about 10, or something,..also if you’ve noticed that where she is standinding in the doorway? that the light is so bright you cannot see her arm’s and leg’s at all just her dress and face as well……in the window is no fire there,…but that does not mean that the flames did not go to the window later!!…..what kind of building was she in if it had burnt down like that in 1677??

    • Annie says:

      She burnt down city hall in 1677. then died, and she “appeared” at a fire in 1995, because she is the fire girl ghost and that was on the grounds that the city hall was in 1677

  41. Tony L. says:

    I was talking about when the photot was taken. It wasn’t that long ago as far as the ability for taking pictures with up to date cameras. That was like yesterday. I probably still have comfortable T-shirts from then. Now that I read it over a few more questions come to mind, like, It was town hall. I assume that they didn’t let kids just run amuk with candles since they were so fire conscious back then. And especially at night, in the town hall.

  42. logan says:

    i think that pic is in bloodymary

  43. geraldine perez says:

    really interesting

  44. ciara says:

    the actual story

    The Ghost in the Burning Building
    On November 19, 1995, Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England burned to the ground. Many spectators gathered to watch the old building, built in 1905, as it was being consumed by the flames. Tony O’Rahilly, a local resident, was one of those onlookers and took photos of the spectacle with a 200mm telephoto lens from across the street. One of those photos shows what looks like a small, partially transparent girl standing in the doorway. Nether O’Rahilly nor any of the other onlookers or firefighters recalled seeing the girl there.

    O’Rahilly submitted the photo to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena which, in turn, presented it for analysis to Dr. Vernon Harrison, a photographic expert and former president of the Royal Photographic Society. Harrison carefully examined both the print and the original negative, and concluded that it was genuine. “The negative is a straightforward piece of black-and-white work and shows no sign of having been tampered with,” Harrison said.

    But who is the little girl? Wem, a quiet market town in northern Shropshire, had been ravaged by fire in the past. In 1677, historical records note, a fire destroyed many of the town’s old timber houses. A young girl named Jane Churm, the legends say, accidentally set fire to a thatched roof with a candle. Many believed her ghost haunted the area and had been seen on a few other occasions

  45. megan says:

    this is so cool i wish i could visit thta place me and friends are staying the night at wavlery $100 per person!!!! SO FREAKIN COOL

  46. sam says:

    if its not a ghost then why does she have no legs.

  47. Beth the Pokemon loverx says:

    woah i’ve seen the pic so many times before she looks like she is wearing a dress from 1912 u no like a victorian dress I have a doll that looks a bit like her

  48. selena says:

    hey peopple this pic is true bcuz the gurl was dead and when ghost feel guilty they come back until they say sorry to u so this oic is true

  49. megan says:

    omg this picture I’ve seen in my dreams that’s scary it looks like my little sister

  50. high- low says:

    Ya I tottaly belive this pic

  51. russel says:

    i believe

    i saw many info. about the girl named jane churm in the internet

  52. Janette says:

    WOW! …. I never believed in ghosts…. but this site and pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Sara says:

    That looks Exactly like me! And I have been In a fire before, while getting a privite tour
    of a fire house. That is creepy.So so creepy.

  54. Amanda says:

    I dont believe my eyes!! im going to have nightmares

  55. Slimshady says:

    this picture doesnt look fake…..
    although technology is getting better

  56. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    I know this photo was distributed and has done the rounds for many years but I did believe it was found to be a double exposure recently – I wasn’t impressed by the news as this was one of my more favourite ‘ghost pictures’!

  57. slugger says:

    ItS quite clear that something is there.

  58. lorena says:

    i dont know if its real but may be it is because if its afire she would be out of air because the fire.

  59. Anonymous says:

    i feel like it’s true,
    but the reason why she came back is a mystery to me,
    i mean she looks like i dunno,not that sad and i can’t see her showing any remorse for what she did before but looks like she is looking at people to let them know it’s her shelter after she died there or something

  60. pooja says:

    it must be true.i belive in such stories.

  61. helen says:

    I have always felt spooked by this pic, eversince i saw it years and years ago. I vaguely remember either reading or seeing on tv some fire experts saying it was just a freaky coincidental way burnt timbers etc had fallen during the fire. I didnt believe that then, and i still dont believe it now!

    I believe it to be real.

  62. Gary Adams says:

    I agree. It is a very spooky picture. One can even make out the expression on her face. I believe it is one of the few genuine ghost photos in existence.

  63. toni says:

    Is it real,a trick of the light or a hoax.
    The ghost of jane Churm or Lesley Whittle.

    • dean says:

      Did you know that Lesley Whittles, ghost is said to haunt the river side near her home at Highley,Shropshire.She’s sometimes dressed in a 1970s style afghan coat and at othertimes a bridesmaids dress! I know from other forums that some people have commented on the similarity between the little heiress and the Wem ghost.But i cannot see any connection or any reason why Lesley,would want to haunt Wem.I belelieve it to be the ghost of Jane Churm.

  64. Anonymous says:

    all this is totall egg and the chicken type of stories .nothing else

  65. sharializ says:

    people,this girl dyed in a fire and i dont think she stared it,but who knows

  66. anna says:

    I think I have seen that picture and who knows what really happened.there are always people talking about this and that.Thats how rumors get started.If it was her maybe she does feel bad like someone said and wants to stay.If its not then let it be.The picturedoes look kind of not scary but just oh my.

  67. jade says:

    the little girl seems to be around 10 am 12 now an i believe that there is something sinister about her as if she dosn’t belong there…. am new an if u have any other ghost an that sites then please tell me thank you

  68. ghost girl says:

    i thinks she looks maybe 11 and she looks regretful

  69. eileen says:

    there is a phone app you can buy that will put a little girl ‘ghost’ in your pictures….it looks alot like this…check out Troy Taylor’s ‘ghosts of the prairie’ website.

  70. ghost girl says:

    i do not think she looks sinster jade

  71. Alex says:

    it looks real to me…….

  72. ghost girl says:

    yeah me too

  73. helen says:

    I Agree with Dean.I have seen the ghost of Lesley Whittle,i’ts nothing like the Wem ghost girl.

  74. ghost girl says:

    who is lesley whittle and the wem ghost girl?

    • Anonymous says:

      The wem ghost girl Is just another name for the fire ghost girl.Lesley Whittle,was a wealthy heiress,from nearby Highley,shropshire.Lesley was kidnapped and murdered by a famous criminal called The Black Panther in 1975.She was hanged down a drainage shaft,and had a slow and terrible death.
      Strangely,the place Lesley was killed is also haunted by a murdered girl from the early nineteenth century known has the Kidsgrove boggart! Google them. Lesley whittle’s ghost walks along the riverbank at Highley.

  75. victor says:

    I understand the picture is a fake. A close up of the face shows a series of horizontal lines -the face was captured from a TV set.Maybe it came from a real crime TV show,explaning why she looks like Lesley Whittle !

    • Dean says:

      The lines are almost certainly from the software used to scan the picture,the same lines appear on parts of the handrail.
      The whole Lesley Whittle,thing seems to be a total red-herring.Why would someone use a image of a famous murder victim to fake a ghost photo? somebody would notice!

  76. skie says:

    I don`t belive what they r saying they is something not right there she looks so angrey she didn`t drop it i bet she did it on purpose to get back on some one and she tryed to get out but she was stuck and she wanted some one to take the pic u can see it in her eyes

  77. Anonymous says:

    y does she feel geitly if it was an acident. i mean really and how does this person know the story behind it.

  78. aditya says:

    waiting for more pictures

  79. Dean says:

    A little know fact about this haunting is that small footprints, like those of a young girl or child were found in the debris by the fire crew.

  80. kim says:

    ok that looks pretty creepy but y would u start a fire and then come back feelinf all guilty so u stay there thats just weird and dumb.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a load of (if i say so i’ll get in corble) what do you think?

  82. LuKe says:

    that looks like the exact ghost that is outside of my room except that thetre is no fire but this i think is a amazing photo and i would feel proud to have taken that photo and everyone is commenting on it :)

  83. monica says:

    well i do have to admit that i have seen this picture before so it doesn’t really surprise me. And i did went their to go see if it was true and i would say that it is. And what i found was a little girl in my camera and she was looked like saying ” i’m sorry “. and ever since that i have never told anybody about what i had say.

  84. priss says:

    okay. if this picture’s real, then the place must be blessed. the poor girl’s soul should be sent where it belongs- to the heavens.
    i truely advice some modern spirit investigating techniques to send the spirit to its world.

  85. believer mostly sasquatch says:

    this may be too clear an image but why would a little girl be standing in a door with a blazing fire behind her and seemingly starring into the camera looking awfully freakish when their were no reported deaths, missing persons, or even anyone standing in the doorway when or after this photo was taken excluding the mishap with the little girl incident dropping the candle back in 1677. I believe it. too weird.

  86. Anonymous says:

    thats so crazy!!!!!! you can see her perfectly. i wonder if its a fake

  87. mora says:

    maybe jane is asking for help, the fire is around and no one is helping so she burned she was alittle girl with a candle ,she was afraid and needed help or she wants to say sorry for what has happened , she didn’t mean to burn the place down … can we listen to her

  88. dean says:

    The ghost was a fake.The ghost is taken from a 1922 postcard of Wem.Google “wem ghost girl solved”.Sorry, i would have loved it to be true.

    • Steph says:

      I agree with Dean! The picture appears to be a fake, please do a google search as he suggested, I found the first result to hold very useful information!

  89. Anonymous says:

    It says that she dropped a candle, so it was probably not her intention to burn anything. It could also be her guilt that holds her to this place.