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Extremely Vivid Recurring Dream

Posted on October 16, 2010

My name is Sunny. I am fourteen and I am Wiccan (don’t judge me). In the last three years I haven’t had any dreams except for this dream. Its not exactly a recurring dream more like a journey and each time I have it I travel further each night. I (somehow) know that if I don’t keep walking bad things will happen… the fear pushes me on.

Always its the same place. There’s a desert of black sand, pitch black and its a night sky. There’s no moon but there are stars giving you just enough light to see by. The landscape is featureless and I always walk forward. It’s extremely vivid and I can smell (faintly) the stench of blood. I leave behind a trail of dried blood.

Sometimes things change though. If something really bad happens I pass half rotted corpses and as I walk past them and the blood changes from dry to fresh. Later on it dries again. I have had the corpses (never anyone I know) when things go wrong like when we were driving home from saint Patrick’s day and my mom drove the car into the back of another car. Or that time my friends parents divorced. In 2008 before my nana died I saw a black/purplish fire in front of me and heard laughter (like a small child). But some times good things are signaled as well because the blood stops trailing behind me.

The night my mother got rid of my dad (he was evil) and when I never had to see him again (I didn’t know anything about him leaving before that). There are other times when the blood stops trailing but there’s a lot of them and it’s only for good things. The corpses have only happened about five or six times and I pass bones and the blood gets fresh but the bones only mean minor bad things (a bad day at school, a fight etc.)

Weirder though is sometimes when I stare into peoples eyes long enough I smell blood and see the landscape of the dream vividly and they say (my friends) that I go into a trance or just zone out. I don’t really have any other dreams though but have had encounters with the paranormal (shadows appearing in my bedroom) but nothing like the dream. I would like to know what this means and I have never, ever told anyone about this.

Sent in by Sunny, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Dreams, Nightmares

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34 Responses to “Extremely Vivid Recurring Dream”
  1. KiZa says:

    I’m one quarter wiccan well thats what I was told…never told anyone but the only advice I can give is one you’ll find what your dream means, I did

    • Caretaker says:

      Wicca is a lifestyle not a genetic condition :)

      • ghost in the machine says:

        Lol. You took the words right out of my mouth dude.:)

        I want an icon. Or avatar. How come I is not got onegives Caretaker the evil eye. o 0

        • Caretaker says:

          All you have to do is create an account at wordpress.com and then whenever you make a post on an avatar enabled blog (such as TGT) using the same email address you signed up with (no need to log in ever unless you want to change your avatar) the avatar will show up.

      • KiZa says:

        I no that bvut what I’m saying is that my mum is half and my grandmother is a full wiccan and when I go there…well yer and so what I’m saying is I have to get to know everything so now do u see what i mean

        • Caretaker says:

          All I am saying is that it just doesnt work that way. Wicca is not something you inherit by blood, it is a practice, a way of life, a set of beliefs and practices. A person can be Wiccan when no one else in their family is. Or a person could be non Wiccan when every other person in their family is. It has nothing to do with blood, genetics or family lines.

          • IronMike says:

            Why give her a hard time care-taker? If she says she’s a qtr wiccan, let it be…regardless of how you inturpet it.

            • Caretaker says:

              I’m not giving anyone a hard time I am just giving information and telling the truth. If you don’t want the truth then what? There is no interpretation of the facts here – Wicca is a lifestyle and a way of doing things and has nothing to do with genetics. I meant no offense whatsoever by my statement of facts.

              We do best when attempting to clear up misconceptions instead of helping to perpetrate them by being patronizing :)

  2. sharayah says:

    i think it mite mean this the black Is the dark place you are in,in your life. the old blood is something bad that has hurt you and the new blood is something to come that will hurt you more.the dead is a warning to you that something unclean is around you in your life etc. you will be lost in darkness in your life if you don’t change it.the bible talk about dreams in warning to people on whats to come take care of the life you have picked out for your self maybe you should go to God and pray for forgiveness for being a witch,you are so young to make this your life.my god be with you and help you. :)

    • Sunny says:

      I appreiciate your concern but i would like to clarify a few points.(i speak too formally i know :-s) i was raised a hindu, but my mother is a reiki master and so i grew up open minded (i am not saying you aren’t!) and Wicca is not specifically just witchcraft.we live by the rede and i am a feminist dianic wiccan so i worship the mother goddess(not a very good explanation its much more complicated than that please read up on it.).I was drawn to wicca after talking to one of my mothers friends who happens to be one of the most down to earth people i know.she checked and rechecked and made absolutley sure i wanted to do this. Ps i became wiccan a few months back and have been having these dreams for years.i wouldn’t be so freaked out if they didn’t correspond with my life and i just want to know why they do. thanks though. its nice to know that people here care :-) . (no sarcasm.)

  3. JK says:

    I try respect ever blog that I post on but I am going to have to ignore your request for no judging. You are 14 and you could not tell the difference in a wiccan and the pope. Wiccans are nothing more than human being being drawn in the wrong spiritual direction. I know that there are lots of misconceptions about the religion and I know that you do not worship satan. This is where the fatal flaw comes in, you do not have to follow satan to go to hell, he knows that, he just wants yout to believe in anything eccept Jesus Christ. What are these dreams that you are having. A very common version of a dream concocted to keep you wondering what it is all about and a smoke screen to keep you from finding the love and hope that Christ has prepared for you. Please don’t stick your head in the sand on this. What great deeds has wicca ever done to help mankind, feed the hungry and uplift the down trodden. You are still young. If you don’t have a Bible, go to Wal-mart and buy one, they are cheap, but it is full of God’s promises to you for an awesome life and an eternity way beyond your imagination. If not you will come to the same conclusion that many middle aged wiccans do, there is no meaning in wicca, there are no goddesses and that the earth was created by God for His own pleasure and the pleasure of thse who know Him, get the Bible and get to know Him.

    • sharayah says:

      you are right.i was trying to be nice but i must say the truth.this is a godless and evil land we live in.God told us a witch or warlock is to Die and so many other things too, but we live in a fearless land that has no respect for God or his words. that’s why a witch can walk around us cast demon on us and we can do nothing about it >:( the sad thing some of you witches don’t even know where your so called power comes from demons. we all need to get right with god cause the end of day is coming.you can’t just say i didn’t know to god because he knows your heart you are to young you need to turn your life around. my god be with you.

      • Caretaker says:

        One problem with that is that not everyone believes in the Bible. And as for “a godless and evil land” it has always been that way. I am not agreeing or disagreeing nor am I trying to offend anyone but what you are offering is the truth according to you and most everyone in this world has and/or sees their own “truth”. That is why we cannot always agree on everything (or anything for that matter). It is when a person expects everyone else to accept their own truth as the only truth that problems begin. I have no doubt that many will be quite offended and upset about what you said but you didnt directly insult anyone so I will allow it. It is your opinion and your belief so that is OK, just dont expect everyone else to accept your truth as theirs.

        Think about it, not even two Christians can agree on what the Bible says. There has been more fighting among “Christians” than pretty much any other group and one says the others are wrong and bound for Hell and many say “we are the only denomination that is right” etc etc. If Christians cannot agree on what God/Jesus wants then how can non-believers be expected to be convinced by any of it?

        For the record I do believe in a God but I am dead set against organized religions and man made churches and doctrines. I have attended many different churches in my lifetime and the major thing I noted that was common among almost all of them was hatred toward other churches. Why is that I wonder?

        • sharayah says:

          first i want to say im sorry to the girl that posted her story .when i posted before i was not trying to hurt you .i was going off on two other post.
          dear caretaker i am sorry that i came off so strong but i was not just going off on my own belief as if it came from me.it came from God. i do understand a lot of people don’t believe in god but should i just stop talking about my lord cause they get offendend at gods words? :( on this site many people talk about God like he is nothing and put more belief in unclean things.i some times say something but for the most part even if i have a problem i accept it and move on.i was just try to get a point across about witchcraft,hollywood has fed lies to people that it’s ok to do witchcraft,like in Harry Potter. that it’s ok to be a good witch.lol :) and there’s so many more shows.but what i don’t understand is who said that there is good witchcraft? God certainly didn’t,”good witch? but i expect alot of people to believe massive lies from satan. im really not trying to insult anybody. just trying to open one or two of their eyes. for any one that cares to read this Lev,20:6,27. Lev,19:26,31. deuteronomy 18:10,14 if you want to read you may see where my opinions come from.take care caretaker :) a lot of people may not like what i say but i love god and he is what i care about the most .caretaker on what you was saying i do believe many churches are corruped the lord talks about that and we need to keep an eye out for them the ones that come in his name but are not of him. later ;) caretaker

          • Caretaker says:

            Hey I was just giving my own opinion and thoughts about it. You are certainly free to voice your opinions I was just trying to say that you cannot expect everyone else to see truth in the same way that you do. You are appreciated here and your opinion counts just as much as anyone else’s :)

            • JK says:

              Caretaker, I understand where you are coming from. If you have been to Christian churches that all hate other churches, I must say that you went to those churches seeking the wrong thing. That is why Christianity is different. People that have not asked the Holy Spirit to live in their soul have an almost impossible time when it comes to discerning what a Christian church is about. Christianity in it most important and basic form is a personal, a very personal relationship with the Holy Spirit (God in us). It is basically asking God to send His Hly Spirit to completely posses your soul and spirit. It is important that Christians show the love of God towards each other and especially to people that do ot believe. If you could see what is unfolding before every believing Christian, what is happening right before our eyes, you would understand. We come on these sites and try to offer God’s love and assistance, not because someone is forcing us, but because of what we know and experience every da, we live more supernatural lives than any magician, medium, whatever. We live it, we see God’s promises being kept day after day after day. He has never been wrong, He has never let us down and everything that He has promised us has and is coming to fruition. It is amazing my friend to know the truth. You would sww the plan of evil unfolding as well. If most of the people that come to this site and others like it would spend just a little time in the Bible and prayer, everything in their life would light up like a light bulb. All this ghost, human, in-human, UFO, all of it is part of a plan and for Christians we already know that we are on the right side of eternity, we see what is coming because it is revealed to us. Why do you think that we are the only ones to get continually chastized on these sites for giving Jesus as the answer. Because these sites are not His sites. Christians come here to sites like this to try and help people to open there eyes to this very simple issue of spiritual warfare. You will spiritually spend your eternity in one of 2 places. There is no place for, But I did not know. Jesus told us in His word that if we are not for Him then we are against Him. This means no middle ground, no sitting on the fence. When everyone stands before God in judgement He is going to ask each one of us to account for their sins. When He asks a Christian that, Christ steps up and says, I already paid the orice for this one and of the eternity in Heaven. A non Chirstian will stand naked before got with no excuse. I was a fairly good person will not cut it. If you do not accept the gift of salvation from Christ with your own free will then you rejected Him. Without Christ to step up and say, I covered this for him you are straight off to hell. The spiritual warfare is the devil trying to take as many unbelievers to hell as he can. He knows that the war is over but he is tring to hurt God all that he can because he knows that God loves us all. But God wants us to love Him of our own free will. Anything short of that sends you south to the hot place for eternity.

              • Caretaker says:

                I understand JK but someone else who is part of a different denomination than you would see it differently and would probably say that you were wrong. “If you aren’t a member of my church you are wrong” that is the general consensus although it is wrong.

                You do not know me well enough at all to say what I went to those churches looking for! Try not to judge what you dont know :) And no, I do not think you are the only ones to get chastised here :) that is not true at all!

    • Mai says:

      What is this? You’re not really helping her, you know..

      You’re just ranting on about how much better your God is instead of actually trying to help her. Don’t force your religion on others unless you enjoy the same treatment – for instance a wiccan or muslim attempting to proselytize you.

      Remember, this site is to tell paranormal stories and maybe get some advices as to how to deal with them, not for religious debates. Don’t judge and speak ill of things because you don’t understand and have prejudices about them.

      That said, I don’t really have any advices myself, I just couldn’t stay quiet after reading such a reply full of inflexibility and self-righteous attitude. Take care and hopefully you figure out whatever your dreams are.

      • Caretaker says:

        Right on Mai!

      • sharayah says:

        MY GOD? HE IS EVERYONS GOD,You Atheists or it sounds like you are one.
        you call what i said ranting?well to some people it’s MUSIC to their eyes %) .what care should i have about other religions and what they may say lol what i care about is what GOD SAID. if you don’t believe in the bible that’s on you and the bible call you a fool!psalms 14:1,every word in the bible is Gods and if you don’t believe in the word then you don’t believe in him. now where is your help full comment to her??? you did not give her one but i tryed to. if you read all my little post you would of seen that :o .i don’t force any one to believe in what i say ,i put no Guns to there heads to read what i say. you want to call me having a self righteous attitude looks like you have a bit of that in you too ;) lol all i was ever trying to put out was helpfull comments. unlike YOU .hater

        • Caretaker says:

          And someone else would say that Allah is everybody’s god, and someone else yet again would say it is Buddha, somoene else might even say Odin, someone else would say there is no god……. etc etc. None of us can force our beliefs on others or expect everyone else to believe in the same way that we do :O)

          • sharayah says:

            :) oh caretaker did we not talk about this before lol? ;) ok there are many religions but to me there is only one God to be followed and that’s jesus.i can only try to show people he is the way i can’t make them do nothing.

            • Caretaker says:

              Only one god to be followed according to you. Thats what I am trying to say. You just cant expect everyone else to see things the same way you do. Dont get me wrong, I am not disagreeing with you, in fact I agree and I believe but this is a big world and there are people on this site from all over and from all different kinds of beliefs and backgrounds.

              • sharayah says:

                well you understand where im coming from:) i do hear you but i will not stop saying God is the one true god.if some one dosen’t like it that’s on them .there is a hole lot in this world i don’t like i just deal with things that comes my way :) and keep it moving that’s life :o oh yeah thank you for the stories i read like 3 of them. anything new going on in your life.i hope not.

                • FattyAddie says:

                  Sharayah, you also seem to forget that there are many religions that came before your Christianity. Are you saying that those religions are wrong as well, even though may of the aspects of christianity were “borrowed” by so many different ones?

                  • sharayah says:

                    i am a israelite i don’t call my self a christian i believe in the Bible and the tora. christian are followers of christ.like i said i believe in God not in mans made up religons :)

        • Sunny says:

          Please dont fight over my religon Mai and Sharayah. fighting is pointless and acheives nothing. i posted this story because i want to know what this dream means.

    • Sunny says:

      Umm….before I converted to wicca i was a hindu so I was raised in a polythiestic background.Having said that my mother practices reiki and while she was disapointed she did say there was no point in me following something i don’t believe in.

  4. Loe says:

    I beg to differ. Wicca may be a lifestyle, but there are those who were born with such powers and did not study/earn/manipulate it like most do. They are true witches/warlocks because it is in their blood not because they practice it. I too think that when one such as your mother/grandmother practiced the wiccan lifestyle, you were born with that knowledge and to have your special sense awaken. So it did go into you somewhat. When birth is given, they are giving some of their knowledge and powers away to the newborn.

  5. Concerned. says:

    I know that this is going to sound so condescending and I know people are going to hate on me for it, but Sunny you’re a fourteen year old girl. It seems to me that you are involved in a lifestyle that you know nothing about. You’ve opened yourself up to something that your inexperienced and naive mindset is not ready for and who knows how much longer this dream is going to inhibit you from really living and discovering who it is that you really are. This dream seems to be defining the way that you live your life. Always treading on eggshells, hoping that all these events and symbols will come to mean something eventually or that perhaps the journey will end. The same way that many fourteen year old christians are living the life their parents have encouraged you are living within a lifestyle you know absolutely nothing about. Im sorry but your just a kid playing with your mums high heels. And unfortunately its hurting you in the long run. You need to try and leave this behind. Stop walking. Stop journeying. Start living. And act your age. And find something worth living for, stop living in fear of what tonight is going to bring in your dream. This is dangerous stuff.

    • Sunny says:

      I don’t want to sound patronising but one of my mothers friends is wiccan.I admire the lifestyle and the dedication behind it.having said that I do have a full life and please don’t think I’m closeted in my room.

    • Sunny says:

      Ps i started having this dream long before i converted.I was raised a hindu but my mother was a reiki master and her friend is wiccan.

  6. Sunny says:

    I follow wicca becuse i belive in it.My mothers friend is Wiccan and when she explained it to me it just clicked and it felt right.i have had christianity explaned to me,hinduism explanied to me Buddism and so on but this is the religon that felt right beyond all others.that is the only way i can think of to explain it.btw i’m feminist dianic so i only worship the mother goddess.i’m not denying the existence of anyones god or goddess all i’m saying is just that this is what i follow and this is what works for me.
    Farewell and blessed be.

  7. alex says:

    my aunt is wiccan and she has a cat and believes cats keep evil away. if your wiccan get a cat and it will keep evil away. if a demon gets in your home the cat will hiss.

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