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Evil Black Shadow Over My Bed

Posted on May 22, 2011

This has been happening to me since I was 4 years old or at least that’s how far back I can remember it happening. I have always been plagued by horrific evil nightmares, but they seem so real I really do not believe that they are nightmares at all especially when I am still awake when it happens.

This only happens when I am alone. I’ll be in bed ready to go to sleep and then all of a sudden I’m in this “state.” I don’t remember falling asleep and when in this state I am in bed in the same pj’s, thinking about the same things I was when I was awake. I’m completely consciously aware. I start to feel this evil presence in my room and the feeling of evil is so overwhelming that I can’t move. It is positively horrifying and terrifying.

Sometimes I see a dark murky cloud or shape hovering above me or my bed starts shaking or I’m being levitated off my bed. Sometimes the demon attacks me but it’s not like it’s hurting me physically but it feels like it’s attacking my soul or trying to get inside me. This does not seem like a dream to me. It seems so real and I am paralyzed by fear. I can’t move or scream. Then I snap out of it and I’m still lying in bed eyes wide but can still feel the evil in my room and sometimes still see that dark cloud/shape above me. It’s still there as I’m running across my room in near hysterics.

Or, once I was lying there with my eyes closed and heard someone walk up my stairs, across my room and then felt them sit down on my bed. (I was thinking that it was my boyfriend) I opened my eyes and nobody was sitting on my bed and then I started feeling that evil presence and then I swear my bed started shaking.

I am now 33 years old and have been plagued with this my whole life. Sometimes I am scared to go to sleep and always sleep with a dim light on because it always come in the dark if I am alone. It’s driving me crazy!
When it happens I think of God and say the lords prayer over and over but it has never helped. In fact, it makes it angrier and attacks me even harder when I pray or think of Jesus.

Sent in by Kyri Weatherford, Copyright 2011

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Tags: Nightmares, Shadows, Sleep Paralysis

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24 Responses to “Evil Black Shadow Over My Bed”
  1. Martica says:

    Dont stop believing God and Jesus it will attack you harder I think its a demon you should go to a catholic church and ask them to clean your.home and.yourself get help as soon as you can be strong

  2. Carri says:

    It sounds like something evil is tormenting you. You cannot see it. but maybe put on a cross. see some priest who will help. you. I had a horrible battle like yours except I could hear the spirit and my daughters could see it. we saw the devil and his demons coming at us. I could hear their voice and footsteps. we had to get help. the more we fought him in the haunted mobile home the more the devil came at us. he brought an army of demons to help him. I kept having epileptic seizures all the time I lived in the mobile home. my daughter saw orbs and the devil and his demons trying to enter into my body. This happened only when I was having some of my seizures. the more I fought the devil and his demons the worse it got. my daughter’s cross actually rose and broke off the chain while it was on her neck. the cross I had in the haunted location in the mobile home was broken. the rosary I put in my car was broken and scattered. we heard a lions roar in the living room. we smelled a rotting stench in the living room. my daughter could see that a portal was opened and these spirits and demons were traveling through the portal. The haunting got bad especially on Sunday before church. we finally got the churches help. but that only slowed the haunting down. finally we moved out.

  3. Sharayah says:

    I’m sorry for your problems. My mom had some what of your problems too a black shadow standing over her bed it would not let her sleep she would feel it she became very sick having stroke and heat attacks. It got to the point she turn to God and started to pray. She has moved and is doing better now. Look to God and and out side help to get this demon out your life. May god be with you

  4. Buddy says:

    Well… I don’t know how you got that thing following you around, but I think it’s living off on you because most evil entities thrive on fear. One of the major sources of negative energy is fear and evil spirits enjoy living off from people’s fears, it’s like a tasty treat for them and they can’t get enough of it. If you keep being afraid you’re giving it more reason to scare you. It’s like a pet that you keep feeding, in your case you are feeding the evil entity with your fear and as long as it gets what it wants from you it will never leave you. Don’t give up believing in God, if the evil entity gets angry if you try to pray don’t pay attention to it. It is doing that because it is being threatened, because once your faith becomes stronger to God the less you will fear it and if you don’t fear it anymore it can’t get the energy it wants from you.
    Your problem is that you have weak faith, you don’t have much determination or will power and you have a weak mind. You give up too easily if you don’t get quick results, and you quickly lose faith if you don’t see immediate miracles. If you keep up that attitude it will never leave you EVER!
    First thing you need to do is change that bad trait of yours, be more confident and develop your faith. Be strong and don’t show it that you’re afraid, I know this will not happen in an instant, but try to develop and grow spiritually. Don’t cower behind empty prayers, pray from the bottom of your heart and put faith in it. Be warned, once the evil entity realizes that you’re trying to gain faith it will do all it can to persuade you that what you are doing is pointless. Don’t forget that demons are masters of deceit; it will try and trick you that your efforts are wasted, if you give in to the demon’s scare tactics, then it had won over you and you’ll be stuck with it for the rest of your life.
    Develop your faith and don’t give up, a strong faith can drive that thing away. Develop yourself spiritually by having more faith in God.

  5. Shady says:

    You suffer from a disorder called sleep-paralysis. It’s a not uncommon ailement, but not much is known on how to prevent it. The things you see or feel during this state come from within you, your own personal fears, your mind playing tricks on you because you’re not fully awake. This usually occurs around the time your enter REM sleep and your body shuts off control to various muscles so you don’t act out in the real world what you do in your dreams. Sleep paralysis occurs when you wake up unexpectedly and your body’s control isn’t yet restored to you. This sensation is frightening to most people until they become aware of what they suffer from. The fact you don’t remember you fell asleep is normal, most people don’t.

  6. daniel says:

    hey guys i am a paranormal invesgataor i think these people are rite go get some help bring a team and let them invesagation it

  7. Moya says:

    My husband has a lot of nightmare and night terrors too. I wake him up when i think he is having one. they come more frequent when he is under stress.

  8. Jimmy Gewin says:

    Kyri, This is the same thing that has been happening to me now for about 2 years. I am 21 now. It only happens when I am sleeping alone. Just like you mentioned there is this black orb that is hovers over my body. I can feel its presence in my room. My body starts to get cold. I sometimes don’t even know if I am really asleep or not. But I do know it only happens when I am asleep because I wake up with horrible anxiety. My heart racing for its life. I try not to look at it but when i do I become completely paralyzed. I cannot move or say a prayer out loud. All I can do is lay there and say a prayer in my head. For me now since I’ve been praying and looking for Gods help the matter is only getting worse. I can feel it follow me. Everywhere I go. I’ve noticed a chain of bad events that have been happening in my life this year alone. First my grand father passes away, the car accident that I was involved in, breaking my lease randomly due to my car accident, and last but not least I was arrested earlier this week. I feel more horrible things are going to happen to me if this demon stays around. I am tired of being tormented. The demon would shake me like a baby but harder. Drag me around in my bed. The other night he scratched me on my back. It felt so real when I woke up I looked to see if there were scratches there and all there was is a red mark. I am tired and fed up with this and I want it to stop. I don’t know where else to turn. My friends and family look at me as if am a joke. All I can do for now and will continue to turn to Jesus for help.

    • Buddy says:

      In times like this you can turn to God, but God won’t do everything for you, he will need your help to do this. Yeah I know it may sound a bit off, but have you even thought about how you attracted the demon? People who often attracts demons have some sort of problems in one form or another. First thing you must do is be brave, the demon will do all it can to keep you afraid of it. Second, don’t lose faith because once you do, the Demon had won over your soul. The third is look for help. One of the mos troublesome thing to remove is a Demon possession, do not ask your family or what not if they don’t believe you, look for someone who would believe you because it is more likely that they will do something to help you other than the people you love who thinks you are going crazy.
      If you are brave enough to do something about it on your own, you can try another approach and that is spiritually battling with the demon all by yourself. But before you can try to drive it away, you will need to focus on your spiritual strength and will power. A strong will come from faith the more you believe the more powerful you are and that is one of the things demons hate, that’s why they will do anything to keep people from believing. Meditate and try to clear your mind of everything that grieves you, or might bring you negative emotions or vibes as psychics call it. A calm state of mind is the first step. The next step is protection, “how can somebody protect themselves from a Demon’s attack?” well, wear a suit of armor of course! If you read your Bible, a passage there mentions about wearing Christ, by wearing him means believing in him. If you’re wearing Christ you have your own coat of arms. Practice your faith meditate. Or, develop your ‘Chi’ or Aura. God gave man the dominion over the land and along that godly powers, unfortunately not many people know this. Partial manifestation of this godly power is the Aura which has the ability to influence its surroundings. Cover yourself with positive vibes, it’s like being Peter Pan, to be able to fly just think of happy thoughts, it’s the same principle. This aura can be used as a barrier and if you can develope even further, you can even use it to permanently drive it away.

  9. Talon says:

    It’s obvious that what you have a is a very powerful being and after reading this artical I have all the reason to believe you have the rights to be scared this thing has been haunting you since you were four I believe it wants something from you. I am fourteen and I have seen some pretty creppy things and know lots about the paranormal. I’m not religious but I think you should continue praying and talk to your local church and see if they can help do what your heart tells you if this thing seems like a threat to you then don’t run from it talk to a revrend and get that thing away from you as fast as possible.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kyri,
    This sounds really terrifying for you, but there may actually be a reasonable explanation.
    Have you heard of “night terrors” or “sleep terrors”
    Speak to your doctor and see if you can get referred for some help.
    Night terrors is a condition that affects the sufferer by giving such vivid illusions of evil figures and feelings of complete helplessness. It is usually accompanied by paralysis, and a feeling of heaviness or something pushing down on your chest affecting breathing.
    The sufferer is usually awake or thinks they are, and they hallucinate and see creatures and visions that are deeply disturbing and scary.

    I have a friend that has suffered from this for years and what you describe sounds almost identical.
    I hope this is of help to you and is an avenue you can pursue.
    Kind regards

  11. Michelle says:

    I was reading some posts here after last night. My boyfriend had a bad day or something at work and was just in a bad mood since he came home from work. Anyway, we went to sleep that night and all of a sudden I was awoken out of my sleep because he was shaking and rolling uncontrollably. I thought he was having a seizure or something because it seemed crazy that his body was shaking around and rolling from a bad dream. While he was shaking I saw a black shadowy darkness above him towards the ceiling….it was so weird. It didnt really have any shape except square but it was right over him. I kept observing him he woke up and seemed scared. He said he thinks it was a nightmare but can’t remember it and I watched him to make sure he was breathing etc and he fell back asleep. The dark shadow stayed there all night. For some reason I was not scared of it. I just kept praying and I prayed for him before he went to work! I’m wondering what happened there and what the shadow was and why it was there?

    • Buddy says:

      you mention this ‘Work’, what kind of work does he have? We won’t be able to figure out how and why he got that black shadow, unless we have a clue of his whereabouts before he had that thing following him. He may have picked it up during work, or he may have had some encounter of some sort.

  12. francisco says:

    i don’t believe certain church or person can fix the problem, i think you have to pray to God that these evil thing won’t get to you or into you; im going thru the internet searching for something similar that happened to me last night, i’m still in schock i woke up to some really bad feeling like this bad energy, then i saw something black on my bed approaching me, and i jumped off my bed so hard i ran into the walls screaming went out my room into the kitchen, my brother and mom came out and when they checked out my room the window glass was broken(i probably ran into it really hard) but its weird because i felt as if i was running into something hitting it, but the only broken thing is the window everything else was in order, i have some scrathes and scrapes on my forehead knee, leg and other places. i’ve never woken up like this before in my life, i’ve never even felt like this in my life, it was some really bad tension that woke me up, then seeing the black thing on my bed aproaching me made me feel such panic! as if it was trying to get into me or to me. i wasn’t having a nightmare or anything this happened at 4 in the morning. it was such a bad feeling my mom and brother were terrified.

  13. Mel says:

    Your story sounds very real to me. I believe in evil and the holy spirit. I just woke up almost an hour ago and there was a black cloud right above my face. I was paralyzed in fear but very much awake. I couldn’t speak well but managed to get out one word “Jesus” then kind of mumbled “Jesus help me” – my mouth and voice barely worked! But I watched the black cloud float further away with every word until it disappeared up in my ceiling. I turned my lamp on, grabbed my rosary, and started reading from my Bible. I also prayed out loud for Jesus to bless me and my house. I too was alone and have had similar occurrences in the last four years. I decided to Google search if anyone else has had this happen and I found your story. Reading through here affirms that this was real and I should seek help. I hope you will too! I would love to hear how people have made this sort of thing stop for real. Good luck & God bless!

  14. shug says:

    I have had this but what is more frightening is it happened to my brother within the same space has each other (we are grown up so dont live together) I didnt know he had seen the same thing until we both sat there and admitted this because we felt crazy telling everyone, it was shocking. Let me explain.
    Our mum passed away and within a few weeks I seen this black cloud hovering over me, i felt like i could move but i felt as if it wasnt going to harm me but it wanted my attention. Then about a month after i went on holiday to spain and the same thing happened again.
    When i met up with my brother, we was talking in general then he said I need to tell u something……he told me about seeing this black cloud whilst in bed and i was shocked i jumped up and said ‘no way- so have I’!!!
    My bro held his hand out and it spoke to him, i was slightly bothered so i didnt. Since we spoke about it, none of us have seen it since.
    Was it caused by the stress of our mother passing away? was it mum? but she was a kind person who sadly died of a heart attack so don’t know why it was black? We are confused :-(

  15. Brittane says:

    I totally believe this.. It happened to me this morning.. My spouse left for work early this morning before the sun came up.. I was laying in bed sleep at first.. I opened my eyes and there was this big black shadow hoverin over me.. I tried to fight.. Like move my arms and legs.. But.. They wouldn’t move at all.. I tried to scream but my mouth wasn’t forming words..& my voice barely worked.. I had to pray inside my head and call on GOD!! that’s when the demon left and I was able to move again.. When I went back to sleep.. It happened two more times.. Back to back

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wow, how frightnen dat must b.. Bt pray, believe, and recieve it AMEN..

  17. Brian Rutledge says:

    this has been happening to me since i can remeber and still is and i am 29 in a month. I have been seeing this demon that shakes my bed and watches me sleep. comes out of dark corners i have found ways to keep it away. I have pump up with strength doing the right thing in life. I have yelled at it and fought it with sitting down closing my eyes and praying saying i only love the light, i will never go to the dark, you can not have my soul only god can have my soul, you are not welcome in my life or my home. When I was five on recorder i used to say it feels light god is pulling me from my wrist and the devil from my ankles. I believe we are souls stuck between good and bad. Please email me and I will help you fight it. the only way it gets me now is through my dreams when your soul leaves yours body. I have physic ability do not listen to anyone but me because I have been dealing with this my whole life. Also get a dog they are afraid of them. Your dog will be able to see it before you and make sure he sleeps in your room you are fighting a demon that wants your soul and will do anything to get it. be afraid thats a good thing when you are not afraid anymore you are more vunable to go to the dark thats why there are sucides… my name is Brian and I live in California I can help you get through this… God Bless…

  18. Britny Rodrigues says:

    im nineteen years old, for years now this has been happening to me in my sleep it hasnt happend to me in about six months and last night it happend again, it scares me im scared to go to sleep at night . everytime it happens i no for a fact its real it isnt a dream! the black shadow hovering over me . i cannot get up or scream and finally ill b able to get up and itll go away! while im laying there and cant move or scream i can c all my surrounding even the shadow and i feel like im trying so hard for it to go away, i try to think about good thoughts but it seems to never help out, i really just want it to stop happening its been going on to long and if theres anything i can do to stop it, i would immediately it frightens me!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Forget about all this God stuff, (I’m not saying don’t believe, just treat your problem with science) you probably have a medical condition called Sleep Paralysis, it’s common and can be treatable, it’s possible you also suffer from sleep apnoea, see your Dr. with these suggestions. Most ghost/demon and especially alien abduction episodes can be explained with a night at a sleep centre and most likely will result in a diagnosis of sleep paralysis and once you know you have it you can control it. Good luck :)

    • Puff-Puff says:

      By the tone of your comment, it seems that you’re an atheist. But do remember one thing, when you are about to die you will remember to call God.
      That I can assure you.

  20. Debbie burdeu says:

    Wow – so I’m not alone – when I was a teen and young adult I would have this reoccurring “dream” of a black shadow hovering inches above me, paralyzing me. I was unable to scream, move or talk. Was having a conversation with my dad and husband not long ago about it and was shocked to find they also have had the same “dreams” – I am now in my forties and have not had this dream for about 20 years – best way to describe what it looked like is the dementors from Harry potter movies. I do think it is evil spirits and not a sleep disorder – I am so glad I have had no visits for a long time.

  21. Bernice says:

    Don’t give up keep praying in GOD AND ANGEL MICHAEL EVERYDAY NIGHT AND DAY. YOU ARE NOT ALONE OR CRAZY. IF you look on this web site on the side above for AMA NAZRA she can help you as well. You have friends here to help you. Please let us know what the status is on your situation. GOD BLESS.

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