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Child from the Graveyard

Posted on June 20, 2010

It was early January when I was on a college trip with my fellow classmates. We were on a hunt to follow George Washington’s life. Our first stop was Williamsburg. It was a small little town with a lot to explore. We all broke off in groups of 4 which were me Kelly Molly and Regina. We decided to look at the old political building and we lost interest very quickly so we decided to wander around in the town. Later that night we were to go on a ghost tour so we decided to get a look of the town to see the difference at night.

We went to a old church ground. We walked in and we saw that there was a little grave yard near it. I am very fascinated in history, so I walked over with Regina and suddenly we felt shivers go up our spines and we ran back to the others. Note that it was 20 degrees so we just assumed that it was just a wind chill. All four of us wandered to the grave yard again and we saw a little head stone that caught our eye. Our teacher then called everyone back so we couldn’t really get a good look at the time.

Later that night, we went on a ghost tour in the little town we were before. Our tour guide told us about different tales including one about a slave that was tortured in a home and it was shut down to all persons by the government due to the happenings there. Me and my friends were a little scared, but we wanted to go back to the grave yard. So we all broke off and instantly we ran to the graveyard again. We couldn’t see the names or writing very well, so we decided to go in. We looked around and we saw the little headstone. It didn’t have a name but from the dates it noted that the being was just 2 years old when it died. We decided to head back when we turned around and saw a little boy. We were scared out of our minds and ran away screaming back to the bus. We suddenly started to laugh relieved that it was just our imaginations and we rode back to the hotel. Our room was all the way in the back of the hotel, so we pushed our beds together and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Around 2 am, we were woken up by a loud eerie wail and we all looked around and saw the TV on, even after we turned it off before we fell asleep, full blast and there was static on the TV. I ran to turn it off and we all just stared at each other hearing a door sort of open and close so we all walked towards the bathroom and say the door slightly swaying and we saw a sort of mist behind it. We lost it. We screamed our heads off and tore out of that room running to the hotel lounge and refused to go back in the room. Everyone thought we were joking but some believed us and wanted to try and see if it happened to them. After they switched the rooms with us, about an hour later it happened to them. We wound up leaving the hotel and continued on with our trip.

We kept having those and many more occurrences happen to us. On the way back from the trip as we were all calming down, about 11 at night on the bus we heard a screeching noise come from the bus! We all woke up and wondered what was happening and he bus driver had pulled over pale with fear. He told us he saw a very young boy in front of the bus and hit him. We all ran out of the bus to look and we saw no one. Me and a few of the guys crawled under the bus to look and we saw nothing there. We all went on the bus but I was terrified. When we got back my friends and I talked about what happened and we think we brought a spirit with us. To this day he is around causing terror in people’s lives, though some times I wonder why he is there and why did he come with us. Let me tell you I never returned to a graveyard after that!

Sent in by Amber N., Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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18 Responses to “Child from the Graveyard”
  1. myn says:

    maybe the spirit was already waiting for someone to visit the graveyard, and decided to follow u home.

  2. Jaybee says:

    My uncle lives in a very haunted house. They see and hear things all the time. His son (my cousin) went to visit him. After he got back to his own house (next state over), his house, where absolutely nothing had ever happened before, suddenly started having odd things happening.

    I’m glad I live several states away, that’s my excuse for not visiting my uncle. I’m terrified that something could attach itself to me and come back with me. So, I totally believe your story that something decided to “go on an adventure” with you!

  3. big barney says:

    maybe he wants you to be his mother. he is probably gonna crawl into your bed late at night when you are sleeping. maybe it is a demon that has chosen you and is just pretending to be a little kid. but really wants to posess your soul

  4. trolldoll says:

    to bad you didn’t have enough time to investigate! i just love to go thru the old parts of cemetaries. i like looking at history. i then go to the library and see if i can look up the names and dates. my house was built in 1887 and i would love to find out more about the people who started what was then a large farm. thanks!

  5. Pat says:

    Yes I think you did bring him back with you accidentally… scary… I guess some spirits don’t realize they are dead….

  6. anna says:

    im glad you and your friends got scared.i hope you learned your lesson.i keep saying this but the graveyard is for the dead to lay to rest.and i bet the boy is following you because hes mad.wich i would too.thnaks anyways for the story.

    • Rob says:

      I agree with miss Anna… a graveyard is for the dead to rest. It is not a play ground. Anna ur so funny… u tell it like it is LOL I always enjoy ur comments I got my wife hooked on this site too. keep being the sweet woman u r Anna

      • AnNa says:

        thanks for the nice saying.it bugs me that people play or go in the cemetery.have you had an experince or your wife?thanks for the nice comment.

        • Rob says:

          Hi Anna. yes we have had some things happen. i will tell u about them. got home late from work and its like almost 1 am. i think u would like some of it. ur welcome for the comments. ur always so nice. talk to u soon anna.

  7. Kind Skeptic says:

    As a Virgina resident, we go to Williamsburg quite often. It is a lovely and of course, very historic locale. There was a lot of killing in the area due to the Indian wars as they were settling the area, the Revolutionary war, and of course the Civil War, so there are very likely numerous restless souls who have not moved on to the next plane. It is quite possible that spirit attached itself to one of you and simply doesn’t know what to do to move on. I would suggest that you contact a knowledgeable person or paranormal goup and get them involved to see if they can assist this young child to cross over. I would not recommend that you try to do so on your own as only someone w/ experience should attempt this assistance. You can find groups experienced in this at various universities in your area as some (such as the one for which I work) have paranormal research depts. Good luck,

  8. LuKe says:

    That was a great story and pretty freaky too.Well i would be freaked out too !!!!

  9. strong says:

    My kids & I love to go to cemetaries for the nostalgia and history of peoples lives. Just to see who lived in an area before us, and to show respect that they are not forgotten even after their families are gone. My husband will never go with us, and he won’t even allow me to park too close to a cemetary when he’s with us. I asked him why, and he says that spirits don’t usually hang out at their place of burial, but the ones who do, do it for a sense of loss, or lack of a place to go. Say, the home they adored is gone, or their family is long gone. In this case, they are more likely to attatch themselves to someone who may catch their attention. This has never happened to me, but his mother is a medium, and he is very sensitive as well. He says when he gets too close, he can feel them.

  10. Tracey says:

    it’s not right to play in cemetery only go if there a love one that are rest and to the light, when the love one life just visit the love one rest to say hello and stuff like that and put flower. But People go to grave for history study or something that fine but not playing around that would upset the dead.

    • AnNa bites back says:

      i agree the cemetery is for the dead to be at peace not some kids or people to play around and disturbing them.

  11. trolldoll says:

    to me, a cemetary is a waste of space. i don’t think we should be buried. i started out microspopic and would like to end up that way. i mean what is left, a body, it’s not good for anything once we are gone out of it..

    • Caretaker says:

      trolldoll, I believe we have the system we do now mostly because of money. The funeral, cemetery and related industries are making big bucks out of folk’s grief.

      But how many times have we seen cemeteries dug up and relocated? Quite a few and I think that in the future, when open land becomes even more scarce, many more cemeteries will be relocated.

      I have seen some cemeteries, in New York City for example, that were HUGE

      • trolldoll says:

        it makes me think of the movie poltergeist. i imagine there are cemetaries that have been moved. how many have had homes and buisnesses built right on top of them?

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