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Child from the Graveyard

It was early January when I was on a college trip with my fellow classmates. We were on a hunt to follow George Washington’s life. Our first stop was Williamsburg. It was a small little town with a lot to explore. We all broke off in groups of 4 which were me Kelly Molly and Regina. We decided to look at the old political building and we lost interest very quickly so we decided to wander around in the town. Later that night we were to go on a ghost tour so we decided to get a look of the town to see the difference at night.

We went to a old church ground. We walked in and we saw that there was a little grave yard near it. I am very fascinated in history, so I walked over with Regina and suddenly we felt shivers go up our spines and we ran back to the others. Note that it …

June 20th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Small Church Cemetery on Route 110

Spring, 1965, I finally had my driver’s license at age 16 and enjoyed my role as gofer around my Dad’s monument builder’s shop. Since age 12, I lived a boring existence moving from home to school then, after school, to a back room with not much else but a drawing board, then back home again. Carried back and forth by Mom’s taxi or on foot. Being a gofer with a new set of wheels came as a step-up in life!

Dad came to me, on this fateful day, and handed me a roll of rubbing paper. This is a wax-coated blue film that a designer will lay across the face of a monument and rub away the wax to leave behind an exact image of the craving from the stone. It is used when duplicating a design or, as on that day, to copy the layout of an existing monument so a stonecutter can come along later to engrave additional …

December 29th, 2009 by Caretaker