A Real Nightmare

Posted on July 23, 2008

This story takes place seven years ago. This story is very true and it was a very scary experience for us. All of us.

My husband and I had the VHS of Nightmare On Elm Street Part One. His little sister Steph,who was eight, loved that movie. She would watch it every chance she got. Not that we ever complained, we’re horror movie freaks! That movie is my husband’s favorite!

One night we all watched the movie together and then went to bed. My mother in law, Mary Ann, is very light sleeper. This is due to her two sons sneaking off in her car at night. She heard soft faint noises that awoke her. She opened her eyes to see Steph sitting at the foot of her bed singing the famous “One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you” song. She was singing in a clear voice now. My mother in law thought Steph was trying to scare her for a second, but such things are not in her nature.

When Steph had finished the song both her and Mary Ann heard in a very clear scary Freddy Krueger voice, “Freddy’s Here!”

Then in a terrified weeping voice Steph called out “Mary Ann!”

My mother in law leapt up to grab hold of Steph and pulled her towards herself. The room got very quiet and still.

After my mother in law comforted Steph she went into the kitchen to calm her nerves and try to rationalize what had just occurred. My husband and I, being nosey, went to see why she was awake so late. She was pale and shaky when we entered the kitchen. Her eyes were huge and she just didn’t look right. I ran to her and asked what was wrong. I thought she had a nightmare.

She told us what had happened to her and Steph. She swore the voice was not Steph’s. She knew what she had heard and it scared her. We were all startled. Just hearing the tone of her voice frightened us. It was so sure. I knew better than to doubt her. She was not the type of woman to play games with this type of stuff.

Just as she was finished telling us about her experience the lights went black in the kitchen. We all jumped. My heart was racing. I didn’t know what was going on. In the darkness we all reached for each other.

I found some courage from somewhere deep down inside and said in a calm voice “I bet the breaker just jumped.” They sent me outside to see if the breaker did indeed jump. It was pitch black outside and I was all alone. I ran to breaker as fast as my legs could go. The breaker did not jump. My heart felt like it was giving out. I turned the breaker off and turned it back on and thank God the light in the kitchen turned on. I turned and ran as fast as I could towards the door. We just stayed awake all night and talked about what had happened.

The next day we asked Steph what she remembered.She remembered it all. She still does to this day. Steph swears that it was Freddy Krueger’s voice. She knows he was there. And to this day she will not watch any of his movies either.

Written by Angelica Olvera, Copyright 2008

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20 Responses to “A Real Nightmare”
  1. nate says:

    wow as unreal that sounds i belive it…

  2. ashley says:

    freaky! hope its just a one time thing!

  3. Krystal says:

    That truly is a real nightmare
    the scarymovies that you come to enjoy watching comes part of your own reality…
    I’m personally not scared of horror flicks.
    but that doesn’t mean I’m out to go watch them. too gorey.

    this sounds so unbelieveable, that I actually believe it.
    It’s kinda like a message…. too much televison is actually bad for your own good.

    it totally influences paranormal activity. >:D

  4. Kate says:

    lol, a Nightmare on Elm Street is a great movie!!! they make me laugh, it’s so fake!

    but I’m sorry, I love horror and paranormal but there is no way freddy krueger is real, otherwise I’d be dead! I don’t live on elm street, but I watch the DVD like all the time cos it’s my fave movie! Again, sorry, but I just don’t believe it was Freddy, mainly cos I know he is a character that actor bought to life!!!

  5. Char says:

    Hi Angelica,
    I don’t like horror movies myself and really don’t like the Freddy
    movies! That is so scary what happened
    to your family. I wonder if it was a demond scaring you guys maybe you let him in by watching that kind of movie. My sister was watching a scary show about demonds and things like that and she said later that night something was outside scraching at her window. When her daughter was sleeping in her sleep she was crying out so my sister woke her up to see what was wrong and she said that something was pinching her! They went back to sleep and then my sister felt something pinching her! She prayed until it went away and never watched that show again so you never can tell what you might let in even by what you watch.
    God bless you,

  6. Jackie says:

    Like Char says, it doesn’t mean that it really was Freddie. It’s most likely an evil presence controlling her and pretending to be that character. It must have been really scarey though!!
    When i messed with the ouija, at the very beginning it was claiming to be my friend’s grandad, but it obviously wasn’t as he was a lovely person and would never have tried to frighten us by crashing into all the letters towards the end.

  7. karla says:

    dats hlla scary i kant believe dat happend.

  8. Warrior Priestess says:

    This sounds extremely familiar. Probably because when i was little and lived in our first house. My Uncles, My Dad and my Aunt would gather all their freinds over to our House (We had a Big house) And theyde sit in the living-room at night in the dark and watch Movies they rented from the video-store. Most of them were horror, Such as Child’s-Play, Friday 13th, and of course Nightmare on Elm-Street. I was always sent to Bed at 8:00pm or 7:30pm
    And i would never get to see any of it. (I was around 2yrs old and up till i was 4 i never knew there was such things as monsters, or Movies about them) They would have the Volume just right so that we couldnt hear it upstairs, but there were Few times my Grandma and i were in Bed, and the TV could be heard, i remember her getting crazy about it, saying stuff and speaking in a tone she never does.
    She would say scary stuff like: “If they dont Turn that F—Ing TV down, i’m going down there and Busting the F–KER UP INTO PEICES, and I’ll Burn it Right There where its stands!!” Just weird scary stuff, and it wasnt just what she said, its How she said it, she would speak in such a grumbly low-pitched horrible voice that wasnt hers. I would be so scared that she would do something scary, so i snuck out of bed and go down there to tell them to turn it down. And i would catch a quick glimpse of the TV. One that i Remember is the Scene from Child’s Play where he puts a plastic bag over the guys face while he’s driving. And i just froze and saw it, and i started shaking and i went into a fit, almost like i was hypnotized. Well, lets just say that after that night they kept the TV down so low that we couldnt hear it, and they kept a look out for me to make sure i wouldnt see anymore of it…
    But to this day, i remember it, the fear was unbeleivable. And it only got worse over the years. Supernatural this began to happen, and everyone was aware of it.

  9. willz says:

    Maybe it was somebody else trying to scare Steph as singing the song in a clear voice could have brought a practical joker in the family to the door. It was just a scary type voice that sounded like freddy and you all watched the movie so it’s not a far stretch to say somebody was messin with you.

  10. VALERY says:


  11. VALERY says:


  12. nicole says:

    i would love to scream but thank god its morning here so no need but wow if that had happened i would of had a good fight with that thing and scream this “get out of my house you are not welcome in my house and if you do i will send you back to hell and again you come you will die”

  13. Jaclyn says:

    Was Jhonny Depp there?

  14. chloe says:

    Wow, even tho im only 11 i already study the deaths of many, anyways that would scar me 4 life

  15. Carly says:

    Freddy ain;t real…sorry..but it could have been somethin possessing the girl or something…i don really know

  16. ileane says:

    what a cool story well I think it was real and that just makes me want to watch even more scary movies

  17. zoe says:

    that was DEFINITLEY not freddie. probably a demon.

  18. Angel Z. says:

    well i believe it’s possible, because once my cousin was like 16 or 17 i don’t know
    but he use to watch those scary movies from the 70′s and 80′s like Freddy Kruger
    Friday the 13th and Michael Myers, well he was so into it that one night with his friends
    they were drunk. My cousin swear that he saw a man on the middle of the streets
    with a hat and claws he thought it was Freddy Kruger but he laughed because he thought
    he was dreaming what he saw in the movies. But then they all ran when they heard a little girl singing the song!!! they were scared and ran home. he still believes it must of been him
    some how, he believed in those movies to much that it came to life.

  19. voodoo child says:

    You know sometimes when you watch scary movies you can actually bring demons into your house. I heard it happens to very religious people. I used to work at a video store and this very religious lady came in one day ranting and raving about how she rented this scary movie and after she watched it strange things started happening, like a vacuum cleaner turned on by itself. I believed her and other people told me they do not watch horror movies because of that. One night me and my brother was watching Jason or Micheal Myers, I forget which one and after the movie we were talking about it. At that same moment. We had an old fashion roll up blind and it went up by itself all of a sudden. I never ever did that before but I can’t say it was anything paranormal but it sure scared the hell out of us for the rest of the night.

  20. kelly says:

    i dont know if he is real or not but if he is im scared!

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