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A Messenger A Guardian A Special Dream

Posted on May 29, 2009

This is my first time posting a story here as I was here yesterday for the first time I think. This isn’t a ghost story exactly, but it is what I believe to be supernatural occurrence. A very special dream I had. Well, let me start by giving a small background story of myself. I’m 23 and have been in a relationship for almost four years now with my girlfriend. A couple of years ago I started to look for my spiritual path. I was raised a catholic and went to catholic school all my life. When I finished high-school I was so sick of religion that I turned to Gnosticism like many teens tend to do. Then for some reason I was introduced to the occult – not Satanism or anything devil worshiping in case that’s what you think when you hear occult – which lead me to renew my faith in God. While I don’t practice any established religion, I have my own understanding of God. Having said that I’ll start the story.

It was December, Christmas had just been a couple of days before, I was with my girlfriend and some of her family enjoying one of those after Christmas lazy days, she had a cold and had been taking antibiotics the week before. She told me that her period was late. Obviously it startled me, I was only 21 at the time and neither of us were planning on taking that huge step, we were only halfway through college. I tried to remain calm and told her not to worry that it was probably the medicine that had effected her natural rhythm.

A few days later she told me again that nothing had happened yet and that she was almost a week and a half late. This got me thinking a lot of things like where we would live, the jobs I would have to find, etc etc. This scared me a lot, having not the elements to care for the three of us. I started asking… well I don’t know… myself maybe again and again if she was really pregnant and in my head I would always get a ‘no, don’t worry’. One night, I had a dream:

I was walking through the parking lot of a small one story mall with some friends and my aunt. I only recognized one of my friends whom I’ll call Lenny, he also was into the occult, the rest I didn’t recognize. As we were walking down the lot I started to feel tension in the air, like a gut feeling something was wrong. Suddenly out of a liquor store comes a girl and I knew she was possessed. Lenny felt this too and he hurried to try to exorcise the entity holding the girl, but he couldn’t, he wasn’t making a good progress. I started performing the exorcism in my own manner using the names of God and I felt the tense aura clear and I knew that the evil entity had fled.

No one seemed to really care or to be scared. So we started to walk back to the car when a man closed us off and I thought he was possessed too. I started to perform the exorcism in the same manner I did before, but he told me “that won’t work on me”. I doubted for a second and I figured he was trying to deceive me into not exorcising him, so I continued with the process only to receive another reply “I told you that won’t work on me…. I serve a different Master”. That’s when I figured he was telling the truth.

He told us to follow him and so we did, up to a sidewalk with a tall metallic fence where we sat between two parked cars on the sidewalk. He started preaching in a manner in which he was talking to everyone about apparently nothing, but I knew he was only addressing me, like talking in code so that only I understood. I don’t remember much about what he was saying, I do remember he said “lately people have been getting fatter… something in between I don’t remember… but you don’t need to worry, nothing will happen”. I remembered that my girlfriend was late and I realized that this was a dream I was in and I felt calm at that point. He turned to me and showed me his hand. On it there was a symbol that looked like it had been burned or carved into his hand. He told me “If ever you need me, meditate to this symbol and I will come as lightning”. I stared at the symbol and look up to him and he got up…. I was woken up by the sound of the telephone ringing at about 9:30 am. I was very disconcerted about the whole dream.

Realizing the significance of the dream I rushed to the phone thinking…praying that it would be my girlfriend telling there was nothing to worry about. I picked up the phone and my mom’s voice answered asking me if everything was alright, I said it was and we had a short conversation and then hung up. I turned around feeling disappointed by everything. Then the phone rang again…this time it was my girlfriend telling me everything was alright.

I lost the page where I drew the symbol, until a few days ago I found it again and figured I would share this with you. I won’t share the sigil for it’s my own to see in case you’re wondering.

Written by “Clips”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “A Messenger A Guardian A Special Dream”
  1. Chetan says:

    Hey its really interesting story. . . . Tell me one thing have u ever seen such symbol before?
    Have u tried meditation on that symbol .. . Did anything happened?

  2. Carmen says:

    Dreams can be tricky w/interpreting. I would start by interpreting the symbol in your dream. Although I am not to familiar w/ Gnosticism there are lots of symbols that represent certain entities. Good luck and be careful!!!

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    i just don’t know what to say except this is one heck of a dream and please tell me what gnosticism is. thank you !

  4. bre bre says:

    how can u post a story??

  5. Mellisa says:

    I agree with Chetan, please tell more what happen afterward.
    I also don’t know what Gnosticism, but doesnt mater i’ll just check it on google. ^__^

  6. Luellen says:

    Hey man you are in danger, there is a great battle going on for control of your soul. I don’t know what you did or said, but you need to turn back immediately if you do not want to face disaster.

    Fair Warning,

  7. Luellen says:

    Gnosticism = Knowledge

    We presently live in a Gnostic society, especially with the internet.

    Gnosticism cannot replace faith.

  8. duddledeedo says:

    “I don’t serve the same Master” ??!! what the heck ? isnt there only one God ? this is very intriguing and disconcerting

  9. raven says:

    duddledeedo there are different type of gods and goddes that were before the creation of the bible so it is entire;y possible that what he was saying is true.

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