What is the Difference Between a Shadow Person and a Ghost?

(that question reads like it ought to have a punchline to follow it – lol!)

American’s seem to refer to the shadows a lot, but we don’t over here in the UK.

I’d just assumed a shadow person was another name for either a ghost or a daemon.

Are they alien time travellers or dimension hoppers?

Asked by AJ Ryder

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  1. hello there AJ!!! :D
    I do not know too much about Shadow People, but have been seeing a lot of them lately. What Ama told me about them is that they are not human, and similar to an Elemental in nature, and about the only thing they do is “watch” us. CareTaker has a link here with info about in on here, but I am going to do a bit more research about it as well, as I “have” been seeing them, or my daughter has, as of late. I would be interested to learn more and know why they are hanging around me. Daemon? I don’t know. Your definition of one maybe. here is CareTaker’s link:


    This is a link from a different site on Shadow people and provides some interesting information:


    Hope that helps!!! Be interested to see other’s responses as I want to learn more, too!!! ;)

  2. Hi guys,

    Let me make a huge assumption and say they are not ghosts .. given I can see ghosts .. but we had one shadow ‘person’ in the house night before last, which Tom saw, but I can’t. He’s seen them ‘shadow’ their way across the ceiling of our room, me looking at the same location, but not seeing them. We also had a vortex on the ceiling later the same night when the shadow person was in the hall. I woke up yesterday feeling truly jetlagged .. so I have questions too. Was it a gate, was it a vaccum taking my energy and Tom’s (he also was very tired yesterday)? What the heck is going on?

    Next .. demons .. not by their most obvious behaviours. Can demons look like shadows, yes, but .. I can always sense negative energy beings, even ones trying to hide. It’s part of my gift. And shadow folk .. I don’t ‘sense’ them at all. Another assumption on my part .. they are not negative beings, and by their behaviour .. they are only curious about us.

    Multidimensional beings .. where is a scientist when we need one?

    Elementals .. no, they are not. I can see them too.

    What’s left? It’s a world puzzle. I wish we knew how to work it out.

    The difference between a shadow person and a ghost .. they don’t take our energy, ghosts do, for the most part they don’t interact with people .. ghosts do. They mind their own business and get on with whatever they are doing .. so do ghosts if they are not aware of us in their surroundings??

    Love & Peace

    • Hello Ama!!
      I sent you a message about this yesterday. The day after you told me about your “Shadow People” visit, I had one in my house!!! What?! Are you sending them my way?!! LMAO!!! My daughter actually saw it. That’s why I was happy that AJ asked this question because I would like to know why they “hang around.” It seems that not much is known about them. There are accounts(if you check out the links here)of people being attacked by them. whether or not it is demons mimicking them is a question to ponder. There was, in one of the links, an article saying that there have been more instances of them, as of late.

    • I also felt very tired after the event I told you about, myself, Ama!!! I suffered BAD leg cramps and my sleep was continuously interrupted. I was dragging my butt!!! LOL!! We need to get to the bottom of this, somehow! :O

  3. Thanks guys. Not sure I’m any the wiser but …Thanks guys! LOL!

    Interesting that the vortex and shadow seems to be connected? Could be aliens studying us? (Once watched an episode of star trek – next generation, where aliens were studying the crew but were ‘out of real time’ by a few fractions of a second so no one could see them. Eventually, because the phychic lady had picked up on their presence, some smart-allic blocked the aliens ‘time-lapse’ machine and – hey-presto – they all jumped into the crews ‘real-time’. Phew! Hope that made sense.)

    Maybe the shadows are something along those lines?? Hmmmm …


    • None of us are all that much the wiser, LOL!!! I still have TONS of questions! Maybe if this question is out here long enough, someone will come up with a better understanding of who they are and what they want. Wish they would just stop “zapping” my energy!!! LMAO!!! Bad enough Ghosts do that without having shadow people coming in to do the same. At least the ghosts can be stopped.

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