What Happens to Your Guardian Angel if You Die?

What happens to your guardian angel if you die?

Does it go back to heaven or get sent to guard someone else?

Asked by Jacob

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  1. Hi Jacob,

    When a person dies the spirit of the person and their guardian angel go into heaven together, and the guardian stays with us until we have been through our healing time and are ready to live in heaven, which means when we go and see God/Spirit. After that the guardian is reassigned to a new person to guard.

    If a person dies and, for whatever reason, becomes a ghost, their guardian stays with them the whole time, constantly, gently, reminding them of heaven .. until they find the door Home again, and then goes through the process explained in the previous paragraph.

    We are always looked after by our angels when on the earth plane.

    Love & Peace

  2. Dear AMA

    I been I’ll since 2003 un till know, for the grace of god I’m getting better, but for more than three years I had been emotionally depress, a year ago I had a dream of a tall skinny guy,
    With long black hair with dark color lips, in the dream he told me that he will always be with me and would love me and I would never be alone, but since then I have dreams about him sporadically, but I the same talk it almost at the same time I show in a dream in other guy but this one is slim with good forming buddy and told me the same thing as the skinny guy
    , but this one I have see him in my dreams more often, can’t u help me to find what it means
    Please help

  3. Hi Diana,

    The ‘men’ might be guides, or angels, or they might be ghosts or other entities. What sort of dreams were they – happy, sad, sexual?

    In either case I would first ask them, the next time you see each one, if they come in the name of Jesus Christ (if you are Christian) or God’s pure Light, if you are not. They must answer “Yes, I come in the name of Jesus Christ” or in the name of “God’s pure Light”. It is then safe to ask their names. If they hesitate, or answer anything else, or try to ‘discuss it’ .. tell them to go away. When you wake up do this -


    That webpage has an invocation/prayer that removes unwanted entities from around us, by changing the structure of our own energy. Read it through a few times, to get the idea of what it will do, and then say it out loud. That should settle ‘who is whom’. The Light guys will still be around, and anyone else will be sent away. After that see how your health also improves.

    Love & Peace

    • Ama, you make me feel like there is hope. THANK YOU and God bless you and all of you

  4. what you mention guardian angel is an angel that prevent of die. he stand between human and death angel until god ordered him ” come back ” . Right at that time that angel leave his location and death angel attain that person. yes , the duty of this angel is finished and he return about god

    • Dear manss
      Can u tell me more about this angel?

      • As I said in a comment when entered in this website a few month ago , angels are various, everyone of them have a particular job which is specified by god.They perform only that job without any reduction or exceeding. These jobs are very numerous but some of those are more known. Four angels are chief of all angels .They are
        the greatest ( in capacity ) , supreme , and nearest angel in heaven about god. They have the most important jobs in all universe, beneath are other angels ( it has told another great angel by name � soul � exist , I don�t know what is his heavenly job but only know he comedown from heaven to earth in one holy night every year to receive worshipers requests and return to heaven. it has told he is one of the greatest and holiest angels or may he is a great existence except angels ). Anyhow the explanation about angels is long therefore I cut short it. But about that angel which you had asked me I don�t know more about him ,only know every kind such angel comedown from heaven ( by gods order) to earth when is bellowed soul in a fetus�s body in his mothers womb and stay alone him/her until his/her lifetime is allowed .I think this angel is a sign for death angel. Death angel has a stationary function which take back souls from humans body he don�t take orders from god for each one of humans every time. When that guardian angel flight toward heaven ( by gods order ) death angel understand that humans lifetime is finished so go toward him.

        • Hi Manss,

          Four archangels work with humanity, Michael the soldier (our guardian angels etc), Uriel our spiritual healer (also known as the gatekeeper of hell), Raphael the healers, and Gabriel the messangers (who also inspire us to be very creative). Lovely bunch. :-)

          In my experience with angels, I have never met an angel of death. The guardian angels walk us into heaven, and stay with us until we see God (by whatever name). But people love to be frightened .. and so they invent things like ‘carrion angels’ and other entities.

          AJ, have you ever seen an angel of death?

          Love & Peace

          • Respectfully Ama

            what I said was from my religion and what you described was yours . Dianna was interested I explain about an angel that is called guardian angel and I explained what I knew about him .But about death angel , he is one of the most awful angel because he is the agent of die and die but is the greatest secret but is the most frightening event for human , I have heard if one see death angel will dead .

          • Thankfully, not everyone is frightened of death, Manss, some welcome it for the healing from pain that it brings .. suicides might be seen that way, though I wonder if they think about that before committing the act.

            I was actually grumbling about an ‘angel’ lady I read about many years ago, not anyone else. It’s amazing what people will do when they are angry.

            Love & Peace

          • Dear Ama

            sometime I don’t wish to say some realities because of two reason : I worry that I made others anguished or others think I am cocky..LOL.. yes I confess , sometime I tended to be glaring but it is not relevant to my knowledge. This state is sign of a wrong humans behavior but not relevant to what he know. A sage poet say : a theologian without doing (good) is alike what ? is similar to a wasp without honey “…..LOL.. yes sometime I think this poem is about me…LOL…and apologize god that all my actions is not in accord with all my knowledge. Anyway , yes I have seen death angel and a few of his assistant. It was in a vivid dream ,I�m not interested explain that dream because it is an awful and depressing view even in my own mind but only I hint to a part of that dream . If a saint holy man relative to gods messenger hadn�t showed up and prevent of death angel and his assistant function I would have dead at that moment , he only saved me. Ama , I take an oath to god what I say is true and my distance to death was only within one breathing ! Anyhow death angel hasn�t a fixed shape in all conditions and against each person that is fated to death. His changing shape is accord with that person conditions and what god has ordered to him about that person. If he be one of the gods friend and god be happy of him , death angel change his shape to a normal shape ( like a human ) or a very beautiful human or angels shape and pull out his soul from his body easy and without any pain and affliction but if that person be evildoer and devilish ,like criminals , dictators , cruel rulers , and all other such Satanist that oppose against king of universe . death angel get so horrible and fearful shape that have never seen anybody in across the world history and so pull out their soul from their body which its pains and tribulations is not explainable. What I said was about devilish evils that instead faith to god have fight against god . oh dear Ama excuse me I didn�t pay attention how much I talked it became a scroll , no? Hope a good day for you

          • Dear Manss,

            Thank you for the good explantion.. and I’m sure you’ve read some of my Longer comments, so a little scrolling is not a bad thing. :-)

            I agree about not wanting to post certain things, because they might not help a situation, or cause confusion. To me death is a change, never to be feared .. so I guess no ‘angel’ of death will be coming to visit me when its my time to cross over.

            I am always interested in other poeple’s views of the metaphysical world. Thank you for sharing yours, I do appreciate that you have done so.

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            I see Azrael as more of an administrator, rather than the actual reaper or gather of souls. I believe it is our guides take us to God because it is our guides whom have been with us all our lives and it is those guides that we have learned to trust.

            I did see something rather purculiar once, at the very moment a dearly-loved family member departed. I was looking into their eyes at the point they slipped away and, just after they had gone, I saw a reflection of a strong but very loving male face in their eyes. This image lasted for around 10 – 15 seconds after death, then gently faded away. The face was as clear as day, but there was no one standing behind me, nor did I see my own reflection.

            Sometimes we just have to marvel at the supernatural world, even though we don’t fully understand ir=t, or can’t find the answers.


          • Who did you think you were seeing, AJ? I would probably wonder about the person’s true higher self? Or perhaps the guardian angel?

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            This is what I saw …

            A male (approx 30-40 years of age) with a completely shaven head. His neck and upper shoulder bore no clothes or jewellery. I only saw as far as the upper shoulders. He had a gentle smile on his face and his eyes sparkled.

            what I felt …

            I knew that I knew him, but I simply can not remember who he is or where I knew him from. I had a strong sense he was Egyptian but, without hair, clothes or jewellery that seemed an odd assumption to make. I got an awful lot of warmth and love from him. I also felt that he was a ‘servant’ of something – someone who assists others. Maybe a servant of God?? I felt the soul of the deceased was in good hands.

            What did I think I was seeing?
            Well – I’m guessing to describe it as an ‘angel of death’ would be a fair one (albeit, not quite in the same vein as Manns interpretation) mainly because it did appear at the point of death. I’m not sure it was a guide – my gut feeling is that it was more of a higher-self thing. But I definitely felt like I knew him well – just can’t remember why or how – been pondering over that one ever since.

            In any event, the soul of the deceased went quitely and peacefully to healing.


          • Ok, AJ, very interesting. :-)

            So, my next thought is ‘what was the relationship of the person who died to you’? Since the face felt familiar could it have been the face of the person when you ‘knew’ them in a previous life (egypt)? Are you the only person who saw the man’s face? Were his eyes open? Did he see you? It would all be a higher energy feeling? Perhaps it was a reconnection for the both of you that you didn’t achieve while the person was living? I am speculating.

            The other question would have to be why the angel of death would appear that way to you .. not that I am doubting what happened, just questioning everything like usual. They (angels) don’t do things for no reason, so what did you learn in that experience? What happened (metaphysically) immediately afterwards? Any significant dreams?

            Perhaps he was the person’s guide coming to reassure you that everything was all right on their side? ??

            Absolutely fascinating.

            Thank you for sharing this. :-)

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            The deceased had lived with us for a number of years.
            I am the only person who saw the mans face. He was looking directly at me with a gentle smile on his face. It felt very much like he was ‘saying’ “don’t worry, I’m here to look after him now”.

            I was being literal with an “angel of death” only because he appeared at the point of death. If I’m honest, I have no idea why I saw this being in such a way and even in more of a quandary as to why.

            I agree with you, angels don’t do anything without a reason. I guess I’ve just not found the answer yet.

            All I will say is, I felt comforted by the experience and, maybe, that is enough??


          • Hmm AJ … I’d go with the sense of comfort .. and ask questions after you die, if you don’t find the answer before then .. and if we are all still ‘here’ on the site, please tell me. :-)

            Love & Peace

      • Hello A.J

        I observed , you used the word ” Azrael ” it was very interesting for me that how you know this name. “Azrael ” is the same ” dead angel ” (it is his name) but I didn’t mention him before May I ask you where you learn this name and how much you know about him ?

        • Hi Manns

          In islamic tradition, Archangel Azrael is forever writing in a large book and forever erasing what he writes; what he writes is the name of a man at birth, and what he erases is that said name at death. This is why I see him more as an administrator.

          Also, in Islamic legend, Allah is said to have sent out four angels, Michael, Gabriel, Israfel (Raphael), and Archangel Azrael, on a mission to retrieve seven handfuls of earth for the creation of Adam. Michael, Gabriel, and Israfel returned to Allah empty-handed, but the persistent Archangel Azrael had succeeded in wrestling soil away from the earth. For accomplishing this feat, he was appointed as the Angel of Death with the task of separating human souls from their bodies.

          Azrael is actually a comforting angel – helping those grieving from their loss, as much as helping the soul of the departed go to God.

          Hope this helps


          • Bravo A.J ….LOL… you even explain a narrative about that four archangel that I had not heard it before …..yes I agree with you god is very merciful and may dead can be onset of comfortable and joys but it relevant to some conditions

            Tank you and wish good time for you

          • It is necessary I excuse of all . until now I used a phrase ” dead angel ” about one of four archangel now I noticed that phrase is wrong and the correct phrase is ” Angel of death ”

            pardon me

          • It’s OK Manns, no worries, we all knew what you meant!


  5. They probably meet you at heaven’s gate.

  6. Dear AMA
    I got you message, my dreams with both guys are very sweet, no sadness , no sexsual
    , they more like comtem, and conforting in away, both are very kind but the tall skinny he most of the time pick me up in his arms with a chocolate color cover blanket, the other guy is well fit with 3oclock bear shade, but he only hugs me very comfortingly, but what I have notice the most is since I start dreaming with the secon guy, I sleep more time, my body feel heavy and I sleep during the day more than before, yes the medication that I take is a bit .heavy, but I never sleep too much,

    What I also notice is that the second guy look like the very all times, like his body is dirty dusty, is very difficult to explaint, do imaging crazy?. Or the med is making me see alutinations.? Any how I will ask them were they came from and I really pray that is not something bad. U know what I meand .

    Thank you very much for listening to me, and I hope u don’t think that I’m going mad.

  7. Hi Diana,

    No I don’t think you are going mad. I think you are haunted. Please read and use the Invocation I sent you earlier.

    Love & Peace

  8. Dear AMA
    I read the pasege you cower tome ands that has help insertion way, I think between my pain and med I have forgotten to pray and paise what beautiful life is, I think you and manse are correct in certain in a way , both had remaind me tha is nice to belovebut also is good to be afraid is amidiation of life, and I’m learning, i had have some good news from my doct and I’m veru cheerful , I’m having in other surgery on sept the 6, please pray that everything is well .
    Thank you both for reply my emails and hope to keep hearing from you
    Thank you dearly for no make me feel like I was going nuts love and peace in our hearts

    • Hi Diana,

      I am pleased we could help. Good luck with the surgery. I will keep you in my prayers.

      Love & Peace

  9. Well this happened to me when i was 10 im 11 now.

    My mom told me to get her something that she needed from her bathroom. So i went upstairs and got it out of the cabnet then looked up at the big mirror in front of me. I almost screamed in shock. There was this person staring straight at me nothing else. He was black like me and had a very dark beard that went no longer than his chin. He mustache attached to his beard to. he looked like he was 30 or 31 or 29 years old. And he was a GIANT. He was at least 7 or 8 feet tall! he had a pure white robe and bare feet no wings. I quickly turned to ask him a question like “who are you” but he was gone like vanished through then air. I was like O.O Wow!

    • Could that be my angel or something? im still totally confused

      • Hello Mystery,

        Yes, it could be your guardian angel. I know he gave you a shock with his appearance in the mirror, but did the room feel very, very cold or scary before you entered it? Angels don’t make us feel frightened, usually just surprised or a bit anxious. Ghosts can leave us feeling cold and scared and very, very tired.

        Love & Peace

        • It didn’t feel that cold and he gave me a huge shock! iv’e never seen him before. and then i thought i saw him again in the garage. same man. stare. and just standing there. i blinked too quickly and then he was gone. the garage wasnt cold. Yet after that i was excited and ran in the house to tell me mom. =)

          • i was still suprised blinking at his spot he stood. I was too shocked to breathe. When i saw him in the garage i wanted to talk to him, but just like last time too late he vanished. I was tired and suprised. and then i said , awwwwww

          • You might not see him again, Mystery, but that’s ok, at least you know he’s around. We all have guardian angels.

            Love & Peace

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