Strange Drawing on the Wall

I returned home to find a pencil drawing of what looked to me like a devil. It was situated up high on the landing wall near the celling. What was even stranger was that the drawing was very damp like it had been wiped over with a cloth and on climbing a ladder to inspect it, I noticed that it had been attempted to be removed with a rubber as there were rubber shavings on the picture and on the carpet below.

No one else has a key to my house and my children (who could neither reach that part of the wall or draw that good) were all at school. I am at a loss at to how or what and why this has happened and as a result am actually quite scared.

If anyone knows of any answers of has heard of this before, please let me know. Many thanks.

Asked by Clare

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  1. Trying to wash it off the wall doesn’t sound like something supernatural.

    Maybe you’re kids somehow did it in the night and you didn’t spot it.

    Or some local kids got in and did it..

    Actually, the thought of the kids where i live having access to my place scares me more than the work of any devil lol.

  2. I am curious, what’s the colour of that drawing? Is it only have 1 colour or many colour? And how does it looked like? Can you give us more details about this?

  3. Hi Clare,

    I tend to agree with BigJim, sounds like a human activity to me, rather than a ghostly one. I would be questioning the kids, and any visiting kids, about their mucking around. I know it might seem impossible, but my two got up to such mischief at times, like climbing on the roof?

    Love & Peace

  4. I would say call the police.

  5. i think ur house is haunted. do sum reacherch on ur house. u could hav a demon. hav u experienced anything paranormal in any way before or after this happened?

  6. I agree that you should ask the children & other people around first. maybe it’s a kid’s prank. if you still can’t find suspect & find something weird instead, then please share the story to us again :) some of us might be curious of what actually happen (especially me).

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