Questions About Guardian Angels

Hi, I have a few questions about guardian angels, but at first I want to please everyone don’t make fun of me if questions will sound silly, I’m just curious.

1. I’m Slovak but I speak also English and I would like to know which language should I speak, when I wanna talk to my angels? Which is more comfortable/understandable for them, or does it matter?

2. How can I talk to them (and have a response)?? (that might be first question)

3. I know this is weird but can I fall in love with an angel, or can an angel fall in love with me? I mean have some deeper feelings for me than the protective way.

4. Can be my guardian angel someone really close to me (family, friends) who died before I was born? (2 years before me). Probably I cant choose?

Asked by Ancika

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  1. Hello Ancika

    1) The angels will understand whichever language, or any, you speak, so you can speak to them any way you like.

    2) Your guardian angel stands behind your right shoulder .. an especially trained angel from the group called Michael – who are the soldiers of God. She is always there, never leaves you, always watches over you, protects your spirit and loves you profoundly. You don’t have to do anything special to talk to your angels, just talk. When you direct your words (out loud), or thoughts, to them, they hear and answer. (They do not read your mind without your permission). You are more likely to feel an answer, rather than hear words, because they communicate with us through our hearts, through the sense of love, trust, truth and freedom – so trust your feelings. Our subconscious mind always knows what they are saying, even if our conscious mind is not certain. You also might see pictures in your head, and sometimes you will have words – either as pictures or you’ll hear them. They don’t string long sentences together, unless its very important. And you can ask for a signal for a ‘yes’ answer. Mine is an intense cold shimmer down through my energy .. you can’t mistake it for anything else .. that happens when the angels want to agree with something I have just said .. to someone else usually. LOL

    3) The angels are not human, they do not share human emotions. They love unconditionally and deeply, but its not the sexual love that humans share between each other .. so no, an angel will not fall in love with you, though you might think you have fallen in love with it. My love for the angels is very deep and their love for me is breathtaking .. but its different to the love I have for my partner and my children.

    The only time an angel might pretend to love a human is if the angel is fallen, which means its a demon in disguise. Don’t go there.

    4) As I said the angels are not human, they are a whole different stream of creation, so no, a relative is not a guardian angel. When a person dies they go into healing and remain there until they find the peace they need, then they can either stay in heaven for a while, or get back on the karma wheel and reincarnate. The ‘stay’ is usually between 80 and 90 of our human years. Some of them can train to be ‘spirit guides’ for people, but they do not then guide members of their family, and they are never ‘guardians’. They work among other groups where they can use the gift of ‘divine detachment’ to help us all learn and grow. That detachment might not work as well among ‘family’ members.

    I hope this answers your questions,
    Love & Peace

    • Ama, once again you have very clearly explained everything so well. Thank you and God bless all of you (including you).

      • Hello computerfreak,

        Thank you for the blessing, I love them. I believe in God and Jesus too.

        Love & Peace

  2. How do you know if you have a guardian angel?

  3. I agree with Ama on the first 2. the 3rd 1 though my view point would be that yes they could but the enforcers that keep the peace in the astral realm would take him back to Michael to be retrained. I at least know they will be retrained for any other thing they would do because i have talked to Michael myself though he did most of the talking because his aura was like the sun in your face and i felt such a sense of commanding leadership from him. ok back on topic the last 1 can be true but it is very rare and is always a mistake by the enforcers when it happens.

  4. Well,thank you for your answers. I would like to ask if animals have also guardian angels??

    And about my dead relatives, can I some way contact them,or can they contact me??
    I mean when someone die probably go to heaven but can the soul go for “visit” to me??

    I wanted to ask also about my grandfather (which Im actually mostly asking about =D). Beacuse I think he is trying to contact me.Last night I had really weird dream where he was sitting in front of me and was trying to tell me something really important (he had really worry face) but unfornately I couldnt hear him, ´cause the room was full of people so a big noise,and then the whole scenery was misting and then I woke up. Does it mean he needs to tell me something serious,was it a sign,or just a dream?? Because it felt so real..

  5. Hi Ancika

    In answer to your initial questions, here are my thoughts …

    1. Spirit will understand your own language and will speak to you in your own tongue. In fact, when your guardian angels speak to you, its usually more of a single thought, rather than hearing a spoken word, which makes life easier.

    2. Usually, your guides will only converse with you if there is a need to do so. Idle chit-chat between guardian angels and mortals is actively discouraged. That said, if you have a question of spiritual importance which requires clarification, guidance or wisdom then yes, ask your guides to help you to find the answer.

    I work with the House of Raphael, rather than the House of Michael, as Ama does. However, it really does depend on our individual karma pathways and the ‘work’ we are to carry out whilst we’re here, as to which of the Archangel houses we are given to work with. But, to be honest, it is not important at your stage to know which House guides and influences you.

    It is important, however, to be certain that you are talking to the Holy Spirit and not something else, pretending to be the Holy Spirit. I would stongly suggest that you learn about psychic protection sooner, rather than later, to help you distinguish between spirit. There are plenty of books which give guidance on this aspect of psychic awareness.

    3. It is not unknown (although quite rare) for a guardian to develop possessive feelings towards their charge. This is the main reason why, in my answer to your question 2, I warned against idle chit-chat. If a guardian angel does step over the mark in this fashion they will be removed from your circle, either by your orders or by orders from on-high. Your guardian angel will also be removed from your circle if you become to emotionally attached to it.

    That said, your attending angels do love you deeply like a mother loves her new born child. It is unconditional love. It is pure love. It certainly IS NOT sexual love.

    4. Your attending angels may be family members who have passed over, or they may not. Either way, us mortals can not choose our guardian angels during mortality, just as we can’t choose our karma during mortality. That is all decided before we are born.

    Here are my thoughts on your other questions:

    1. Yes, animals have protectors too. Cats seem to have more than most, for some reason!! Just as a point of interest, Native Americans believe that we also have Power Animals who protect and guide us, as well as ‘the elders’ watching over us.

    2. Your dead relatives will contact you only if they feel it is necessary to do so – the same as your guardian angels. And yes, cleansed souls (those which have gone to God) can return to keep an eye on us and give us guideance if we require it.

    3. Spirit often use dreams to interact with us. Maybe he is concerned that you might be taking the wrong path over something. Or, going about something in the wrong way? But to answer that question, you really need to take a good long look at your life at the moment, the choices you have laid before you and try to find any areas in you life which currently needs you to make a decision.

    Hope this has helped


  6. As far as my experiences have went I do not believe I have EVER contacted a deceased human spirit. I have talked and come to know quite well a number of these “things” that are able to communicate through message boards and other means.
    However, I was told by a close friend entity that these things will lie to you and tell you they are dead relatives AND the way they are dimensionally they have knowledge of things far past present and even future. They will be able to rattle of VERY personal and intimate knowledge that ONLY you and that person would have known thereby being VERY convincing that they are who they are claiming to be.

    There are ways you can trip them up. Not real sure why it works but you can give then a “circle” test. It originated from the pendulum board where one asks the thing to make it’s circle. Clockwise is benevolent and truthful and counterclockwise is the opposite. Once they give you that CCW circle (even on a message board) you then start asking what their real name is.

    It’s like pulling teeth to get them to tell you their REAL name but sometimes they will. Nonetheless . . . . .
    “Grandpa” will start calling himself all sorts of different names and change personalities REAL FAST ! !

    That always seems to trip them up. Mediums and such that are paid by naive people will NOT ever test the validity of the entity contacted. Most actually still believe they ARE talking with a deceased Human. I KNOW BETTER!
    And, I also know that out of the hundreds that I have spoken with and even claimed to be people from the past . . . . . . .
    NOT ONE single one of them was a deceased Human. They something else that was always what it is.

  7. Thank you guys,for your answers,I have some other questions,if it doesnt mind =D (I will always remember during the day =D )
    1. Please dont take this too seriously but Im just curious :D Is it possible that a some soul (I dont know concretely who) can be in crow?? Or I dont know if there is ever something weird with crows because couple of times there were some situations when I felt like they´re “watching me”. Usually when Im walking out with my dogs. Once when I went straight on the grass, a crow followed me (literally walked next to me) like 5 metres,and when I turned to the crow,flew away.. I dont know maybe Im just paranoid,you know Im kind of new in these stuffs. And also crows appear a lot in my dreams.. So my questions is if there is something weird with the crow,if its somehow relative to me,or if Im just conceited?Or maybe it can be even my totem animal??? Actually I dont know anything about totem animals,how can I find out if it is crow??
    2.Can my pets see my guardian angel(s)?? I mean I have 3 dogs,2 guinea pigs and a cat (by grandma,but Im with her almost every day,and the cat is half mine) and I´ve heard that cats can sense these “things” but can sense it even my dogs or guinea pigs?? ´cause sometimes my dogs are looking at me like a little bit behind me,like they see something else,again am I just paranoid??
    3. Again Im returning to guardian angels- OK,this is awkward,but can I hug them,or can they hug me?? You know sometimes when I feel really lonely a hug can cheer me up (despite a question in the beginning now I DONT mean anything sexual,just a hug)

  8. Hi Mima, and everyone,

    Every person alive, and all lost souls, have a guardian angel. No matter what you do, or don’t do, what you say or don’t say, how you think .. whether you are incredibly bright, or mentally challenged … whether you are a “good’ person, or a ‘bad’ person, that angel, from the group called Michael, is behind your right shoulder, watching over your spirit, trying to help you be a better person, by keeping you safe from ‘unseen’ things. It is not there because you requested it, but is a gift of the Creator being that made you .. and me, and everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in angels .. because as they said to me so long ago ‘they believe in us’.

    You can pretend its not there, deny it and try and push it away, but it NEVER leaves under any circumstances, nor does it ever fall in love with you, nor develop some unnatural possessive feelings towards you. The angels do not have human emotions, they are not shallow, helpless or judgmental. To be that they have to become fallen angels, and there have been no more falls since the third, which happened long before the people of this planet were aware enough to begin to talk to their angels.

    I agree with AJ about the necessity of psychic protection for everyone .. to that end you can read these pages and learn about personal shields and house shields.

    If you have answer questions you can ask me here, or via email links from my site.

    Yes, I work with the Michael. They are the ‘protectors’ of humanity. The Gabriel inspire us, through their creativity, to become better people. The Uriel are our spiritual teachers, and the Raphael are our healers. We are truly blessed.

    Love & Peace

    • I went on the website, the book is amazing. Well done for your work.

      • Thank you again. :-)

        And have a great weekend,
        Love & Peace
        Ama (on a rainy saturday morning)

  9. Hi Joel,

    If there’s any spiritual retraining to be done .. they would be taken to the Uriel. They are the teachers. The Michael are specifically the protectors etc. Technically that makes your ‘enforcers’ Michael.

    Love & Peace

  10. Hi Ancika

    No, animals do not have guardian angels. What they have is protecting elementals (earth energy beings we humans call ‘fairies’). It’s another form of existence, specific to this planet. Very lovely energy, very strong, and very bossy at times. :-) I have met devas (the leaders) on various properties here in Australia, and elementals in London, Scotland and Cornwell in England. Fascinating!

    Your grandfather might be trying to tell you something imporant, and in that case he’ll come again. Next time ask him to pick somewhere quieter, so that you can hear what he is saying. :-) You could say that to yourself before you go to sleep, and if he’s around he’ll get the message. There are other ways our relatives can contact us. Things like someone else in your family coming up to you and saying ‘do you remember when granddad did .. or said ..’ something that makes you feel like you have heard it before. These visits should never make you feel cold, tired or frightened. Spirit visits are always very brief, and feel supporting.

    Don’t worry about granddad .. he knows how to get through. In the meantime, I agree with AJ, have a good look at your life and see if anything obvious needs fixing. If its what granddad was talking to you about, the next time you see him, he’ll be smiling.

    Love & Peace

  11. Hi Jeff,

    Not everything is nasty in the spiritual planes, not everything is a liar, and not all mediums are fakes. Some of us really can do this stuff, and we do it to bring peace and healing to the living as they go through the process of grieving for the people they have loved and lost – and also peace and healing for the dead who have not crossed over and should be.

    I am not sure who or what you are talking to, but anything that comes from an entity through an ouija board (message board of any kind) is not to be trusted. The boards connect to the Void, the place is full of lost souls and worse entities, and they will play with your mind. I wish they had never been invented.

    I have never heard of a pendulum test for the honesty of an entity. There is nothing to stop the pendulum from spinning in whichever direction, so I would not trust that test for any reason under the sun.

    There is great power in a name. It is only modern society that does not have two names for their individuals. In more primitive times people were given a secret name (known only to the family) and a public name, to protect their spirits. Once you know a person’s name you can have power of them, if you work with black magic. An unfriendly entity is going to protect their name .. because they do not want you to have power over them.

    It fascinates me that you think a being that lies will ‘finally give you their real name’. No, instead they’ll play with you until they can get as much of your energy as they can, and then tell you ‘what you want to hear’ .. and then try and entice you to come back for more ‘information’ .. and yes, they can know very personal details.

    Be careful who you speak to ..

    Love & Peace

  12. Hi AMA . . . . .
    I think we have a small misunderstanding, but not much. You got 95% of what I was saying.
    It’s just that I don’t believe I have EVER contacted a soul . . . JUST THE ENTITIES.
    Now I said that I can’t define these things so I can not rule out the existence of Human Souls after their passing BUT I can say that I have burned EVERY single entity that claimed to be one.

    As far as the circle test is concerned. You are VERY CORRECT about it’s validity ! ! !

    It’s NOT a sure thing. But, what it does it break the idea that these things ARE their false identity and it sort of shakes them up a bit. Then they start rattling off a bunch of names. That pretty much RULES OUT IT BEING GRANDPA.

    No, getting their REAL name is like pulling teeth with them and they’ll usually get angry and leave or throw a fit. Which is probably the MAIN reason I have seen so much of their malevolent side.

    Please don’t think I’m challenging you because I can tell you have real experience from the words you use. There is a local paranormal investigator that I bunt heads with regularly because he sees what I’m saying as a contradiction to his philosophy also.
    It’s been my experience that MOST people involved in the paranormal are right brain thinkers and have an emotional logic. I am VERY MUCH strict science but I cannot dispute the things that many friends, family and myself have seen first hand. Therefore I KNOW it’s real whatever IT is.

    However, I have mostly experienced poltergiestic type events and many of the things I contacted WERE indeed liars. And, I busted them and they would usually get pretty upset about the whole ordeal.

  13. Hi Ama,

    You are right about that I Accidently said Michael because he is the 1 who taught me and there were I few points where I kinda drifted off. Sorry about that.

  14. Hi Jeff

    I’ve heard of a pendulum board (not used one), Shaimens and Pagan’s tend to like using them. Similarly just using the quartz stone on a chain without the actual board can be used (have used one – in my ‘early’ days on the psychic path).

    Trouble is, and this is why I stopped using it, I could never quite work out whether it was me making it swing or circle round, or whether it was spirit doing it. I found it unreliable. I always felt ‘unprotected’ whilst using it.

    These days I rely more on what I term the ‘shiver of confirmation’ which is literally an unexplained shiver (runs quite tightly down the spine from the back of the head). This might happen if I’ve just thought of a question, or if someone else is saying something which (I believe) spirit feels I need confirmation for. The ‘shiver of confirmation, is totally different from the body shivering due to being cold. If you’ve ever heard the expression of ‘someone’s just walked over my grave’ following an untimely shiver, then that is what they’ve just received – confirmation about something from their guides.


  15. Hi Ancika

    1. The Crow (Raven)

    The raven is symbolic of mind, thought and wisdom according to Norse legend, as their god Odin was accompanied by two ravens: Hugin who represented the power of thought and active search for information. The other raven, Mugin represented the mind, and its ability to intuit meaning rather than hunting for it. Odin would send these two ravens out each day to soar across the lands. At day’s end, they would return to Odin and speak to him of all they had spied upon and learned on their journeys.

    Odin was also known as the Raven God. He had many daughters known as Valkyries who could transform into ravens . I like to think Valkyries would ride as ravens after a bloody battle and whisper to the souls of fallen Norse warriors to raise up from their bodies and come with them, where they would soar the skies to Valhalla. What a trip back home that would be.

    There’s more good news about raven symbolism from the ancient Greeks and Romans. In spite of its midnight-colored feathers, the raven was a solar animal in this culture, and was associated with both Athena and Apollo, both deities closely affiliated with the sun, and the light of wisdom .

    Apollo was also a major oracular god, which makes its connection with the chatty and (and alarmingly human-like) conversational raven a smart match.

    Raven symbolism of wisdom and knowledge-keeping is connected with the Welsh hero Bran, the Blessed whose name means raven. Bran was the holder of ancestral memories, and his wisdom was legendary. So much so, that he had his head (the vessel of his powerful wisdom) removed and interred in the sacred White Mount in London. Ravens are still roosting there (in the Tower of London), and they’re thought to keep Bran’s wisdom protected and alive by their presence.

    Ravens are humanitarians in Native American symbolic legends too. In fact, the raven was a hero to many tribes. The Inuit for example believed the raven tricked a giant sea monster into submission, and to this day its body serves as the Alaskan mainland.

    Other Native North American tribes saw the raven as the bringer of light. In fact, southwestern tribes (Hopi, Navajo, Zuni) felt the raven was flew out from the dark womb of the cosmos, and with it brought the light of the sun (dawning of understanding). Consequently, the raven is considered a venerated bird of creation, for without the raven, humans would forever live in darkness.

    Conclusion: The Crow represents transfiguation, learning, wisdom, enlightenment. The fact you are just starting out on the road to enlightenment would suggest to me that this is currently your power animal and will help you to find wisdom to more forward in the right direction. Trust your crow.

    2. Yes, animals can see and sense spirit. However, most animals accept spirit as being part of the family, so do not worry about any presence unless it causes them direct harm. That goes for all kinds of spirit, from the angelic to the demonic. That said, your guardian angels will generally remain meak and mild, melting into the background and remaining still, silent and undetected. Your angels are there to protect and guide you, quietly and with grace, and not to put on some kind of spiritual show to all and sundry to wonder at.

    It is most likely that your pets may be seeing your grandfather, as he obviously seems to be determined to talk to you about something.

    3. Hugging angels ……… well, not exactly. They do not have physical bodies. However, your healing angel (the guardian angel in your circle who’s job it is to keep you balanced) will send you healing, if you warrant it. They can do this in a number of ways, from simply placing a hand on you (you may feel a warmth and slight tingling sensation on your head) to actually stepping into you (you may feel a warmth and slight tingling sensation throughout your body.) This sensation is always, without question, extremely comforting (like sinking into a warm bath) and you become very calm and relaxed very quickly. It is like having the ‘hand of god’ being placed upon you. You will recognise it when it happens. It is like nothing else on this earth ……………. except for the warm bath, maybe?? LOL!

    Hope this helps


  16. Hi Ancika

    1. Crows .. they often creep me out. They seem too intelligent, but then so do cattle at times, and we eat them. I don’t believe that humans can become animals, but I am told that some shamans can use an animal, or bird, or insect, and piggyback their minds on them and travel with them.

    However .. knowing magpies as I do .. you go near their nest and they are going to be keeping a very close eye on you to make sure you are not invading their territory, or threatening their babies .. so that’s a natural instinct.

    Crow in dreams – – you’ll have to scroll down the page. From what you describe, it is possible that crow is your totem. See if the message applies to you? It has to ‘feel’ right instantly, not just a ‘maybe’ feeling.

    2. Do pets see elementals and angels. Yep. Ghosts and other things too, that’s been proved often enough.

    3. Hugs .. I ask for hugs all the time. I get hugs when I ask. It is not often a physical feeling, though that has happened to, its more a sense of love and reassurance when I am feeling tired or sad. I say ‘I love you’ to my angels quite regularly, and they pass it through. I also say thank you. And they answer .. ‘do not thank us, Ama, but thank Abba – which means ‘Our Father’ (Abba is not the pop group, but what the angels call ‘God’).

    Hug an angel, the feeling is divine. LOL

    Love & Peace

  17. Wow,well now Im really confused.. you know I used to “talk” to my angels out loud since I know about them,and know the only thing I can see here is that I have to be aware of ghosts ´cause they can suck my energy and play my mind-so technically everything I told out loud was told maybe them.. and now I really dont know what to do?? ´cause sometimes I can feel something like response from my angels (or at least I thought its them..) cold shimmer down through my spine,or can I be sure if its angels or ghosts?? and can I ever talk out loud when Im not sure if Im talking to angels or ghosts??? Im so confused right now..

    And again Im returning to question above about crows,if they are really my totem animals,how can it help me,what should I do?

  18. Hi Ancika

    LOL! Don’t worry about your confusion ……. all the bombardment of info used to confuse the hell out of me (pardon the pun) too, when I first started learning. The truth of the matter is, you have to find a way that suits you. That makes sense to you. That you can accept. Your own personal path.

    You will instinctively know when you get the right answers for you. As you can see, Ama and I look at it all, and understand it all, from different perseptives. But, whether you call God Abba or Yahweh, or call your spirit guides Guardians, or attending angels makes no difference. They are what they are and do what they do, regardless of how we interperet their world or what names we give them.

    As for your Crow – only your crow will know how it can help you. You do not need to do anything. The power of the crow will do it for you, when the time is right and when you are able to accept what it has to teach you. Be patient. Spiritual enlightenment takes many years of patient learning, in order to understanding and gain true faith. It doesn’t happen over night. Sometimes we wish it did, because we are impatient beings but, alas it does not.


  19. And talking of power animals …

    When I was about 4 (or, at least, from my earliest memories), my power animal was a horse
    Around 6-7 years old my power animal was an eagle
    From 9 – 11 I had a tiger
    From 11 – ? panther. Not sure how long I had that for. Puberty got in the way – haha!

    My current power animal is a snake. It made itself known to me about a month ago.

    Interesting things, power animals. I’ve never really bothered studying much about them though, I just tend to accept they are there, helping me grow, and that they can quite happily do what they do without my intevention ………. a bit like guardian angels really!


  20. Hi Ancika,

    It doesn’t matter if ghosts hear what you ask the angels, ghosts are just people without bodies.

    Every response you get from your angels is positive, even a ‘no’ is said with a great deal of love. If what you hear doesn’t make you cold or tired or miserable .. then you are getting a response from the angels, and not ghosts. So keep talking.

    The shimmer you feel, AJ and I both get it as a confirmation signal .. a ‘yes’ signal, so trust that it continues, if that is how you understand it for you.

    And I agree with AJ about the Crow comment. Take it slowly. Patience is a life lesson.

    Love & Peace

  21. Hi AJ,

    I am like that with totem animals too. Mine is Bear .. BIG brown and well .. cuddly. LOL Big as in ‘head touches the ceiling’. :-)

    Before he arrived there was wolf and owl .. and others, but I do not remember my childhood friends.

    Love & Peace

  22. Again BIG thank you for every answer,now Im really getting into the picture :D
    But still you know Im curious about some things, ´cause curiosity is still there :D
    Can I see my angel (like now I mean literally angel revealing to me) ´cause I´ve heard about couple of cases,when it happened.Why do they reveal?? I guess its not just for nothing.
    Today I had another dream about grandfather,the scenery was a lot more lighter,but again there were plenty of people (all family members(living LOL) ),I dont understand why every time I have dream with him,we´re never alone,always family around.. does it have to mean something??
    Again Im trying to understand my angels (so always really listening to my heart and intuition) but sometimes Im scared that ghost got to my intuition,if its possible like I said I´m worried beause you know there were several cases (maybe trivial situations..) like turn left or right or go there or not-you know what I mean-and sometimes even listening to my intuition I did wrong,does it necessary mean its a ghost in my mind??How can I distinguish these voices-which are wrong and which right??
    I also read about story when young dead boy was playing on the piano (or something like that)and Ama said that ist not possible beacuse he couldnt have enough of the strenght,but my friends said that sometimes when their relatives died they went for a “visit” to them or like say goodbye and they dropped a vase or turn on radio-did they have enough of the strenght to do these stuffs?

  23. hi Ama
    you seem to have a lot of knowledge about angels , i love angels alot, and i just want to see one to talk to my angel , plz can u guide me to what to do ? how did u manage to talk to ur angel ? plz i feel that am on earth for something and i dont know why? i have strong feelings that there is something am not remembering from my past life? plz can u guide me to talk to my angel?

  24. Now Ama, how did you come to know so much about guardian angels?

  25. Hi Ancika

    I believe that all spirit are capable of moving objects or getting physical with us … from demons to our guides, and everything in between – holy or unholy. The biggest difference is with, say our guardian angel, they will only do something like that if it is deemed absolutely necessary and for our own good – for example, pushing us out of the way of a truck. A bit extreme, but you get the idea. In fact Jacob (Israel) wrestled with an angel – Genesis 32.

    The rule of thumb is; if its done to frighten or intimidate then the culprit is of a negative energy. If it is done to save, help or delight, then the culprit is of a positive energy.

    Hi JK

    Those who open their hearts and listen to their angels learn much from them. That is how Ama knows.


  26. Hi Ama

    The power animal I had before the snake was a crocodile. I often dreamed of standing on its back, holding rope or reins, as it swaggered along. LOL!


  27. well AMA , she has more than feeling good or bad to know her angels there she said that she sees them , like light , and i know in my own faith that angels are from light , so plz Ama just guide me to what u did so that u could see ur angel, i have so many questions to ask my guardian angel …plz Ama help me, because i ahave strong feeling of them am aware ofthem but i cant see them , i have like what they say the 6th sense in a way , or a really good sense of expecting stuff , hope that Ama will help me :) )

  28. Hello Writer. I have the answers to your questions:

    1. You can talk to them in ANY language and they will understand
    2. You must remember that Heavenly Angels are Holy so, talk to them with respect.
    3. No, you ARE NOT allowed to fall in-love with an Angel and a Heavenly Angel CANNOT fall in-love with you. They actually stare at us human beings and wonder how Jesus Christ, the Perfect Being, can love us. Heavenly Angels do not have a gender. The “angels” spoken of in the Bible that, “…gazed upon the women of the Earth and fell in-love with them…” are demonic entities. The name “Angel” literally means, “Messenger of God” and all creatures are messengers of God.
    4. No, you cannot have a dead relative as a guardian angel; HOWEVER, your guardian angels (as well as any other spiritual being) will appear to you as you will accept them.

    • The Bible says nothing about Guardian Angels, so I am wondering where all the stuff about Guardian Angels came from.

  29. Hi Angel,

    You can ask your questions of your angels without being able to see them. Right now most people want proof they exist, and ‘seeing is believing’, and that is where the problem is.

    You see, if you believe in something you give it less of your time and energy, than if you only have ‘faith’ that it is there. That works the same way with God. We are empowered by God (by whatever name you want to have) when we believe in him/her. It is an exchange of energy. If you no longer have to have faith because you ‘know’, for absolute certain, not one doubt ever .. and even ‘true believers have doubts at times’ (don’t argue with me anyone, we are all human) .. you lose something of the majesty and wonder that is associated with Spirit and the angels .. and that disempowers them, and their ability to help you. It brings them down to the human level, the ORDINARY.

    Humans cannot live without some sense of the extraordinary, something to strive towards, something to believe in, even if it is only the wonders of science .. they lose heart, and losing heart means they no longer try to better themselves, to be nicer, kinder, more truthful .. etc.

    So .. some people are born to see angels, to help other people to search for them with faith, to learn to trust themselves and better their communication with Spirit/God, because when you communicate with the angels you are really taking to the divine, they are merely its representations in our minds.

    So talk. Ask questions and expect answers. Ask for help and believe you will receive it. Act on faith and trust and love, and expect it to be returned to you in abundance. It is.

    How do you talk, Angel? Say hello to your guides and angels each morning, and say thank you to God/Spirit for them. Gratitude is an incredibly powerful gift to the giver and receiver. Ask to dream the answers, or for your angels and guides to come and talk to you in your dreams, and to remember those dreams. Then, first thing in the morning, make a habit of writing down what you dreamed, and watch for patterns. You’ll find your answers there.

    You can do the same to research past lives, or find someone who does regression therapy and find out that way. In your case, specifically, the angels are not going to answer that question. You already know the answer. You have to find that out for yourself.

    Love & Peace

  30. Hello JK,

    You asked: Now Ama, how did you come to know so much about guardian angels?

    I work with the Michael angels, one group of which is the guardians. I was trained by the Michael from a very small, very God oriented, child. I thought about being a nun, for a long time, but was told I would be more effective out here among the ordinary folks. At 17 I walked with Jesus, in a vision, and was told about my life, the whys and ways, and so I kept my focus on God, as I struggled to accept my calling – and it was a struggle. Who wants to believe they will be a demonologist – something I have known since I was 5?

    Now, we watch the belief systems of humanity crumbling and falling away, and God becoming an illusion for the deluded – or used as an excuse to deride or kill someone, as fundamentalism takes over from reality and leaves us all grieving for those we have lost ‘in the name of God’, or ‘to keep the peace’ (or is it oil?) because the new Testament God never said ‘go to war for me’.

    But God has not abandoned us, as we (humanity) has abandoned ‘him’, and so the guardians remain behind our right shoulder .. and no amount of disbelief will ever shift them, or stop them loving us the way God does – unconditionally.

    How did I come to know so much about the angels – not just the guardians, but all of them .. they taught me. Through words, and dreams, and visions, and experiences, and directed learning, and theology, and all the other things I have studied over the years. And they are not like the fluffy folk think they are. They are far more beautiful.

    Love & Peace

  31. Well I am not Ama but I can help tell you how i learned. You should meditate on a daily basis. If you dont know how, what you do is find a quiet comfortable place where you wont be disturbed. Sit in a crossed leg position, with your back straight, and take deep breaths 4 seconds in 2 seconds hold 4 seconds out. Dont think of anything just let your mind drift. If random thoughts creep up in to your head then you are making contact. Alternetivly, you could try automatic writing. its the same thing except get pen and paper, and then you just meditate with the pen on the paper. I would recommend the first lesson for beginners.

  32. since i was a kid i used to wish or more accurately pray real hard to the creator(i never believed in a specific god since i was a kid.i only called the one i pray to creator.)when i got into a tight spot .like i didnt finish my homework or when i got into any kind of trouble with my parents to help me get out of trouble .there were many times when i was saved by the teacher of that particular subject remained absent.or my parents let me of easy.i have always felt a protective presence at that time even
    as i entered my teens this protective presence only became stronger.i gave this presence a name lance.two times i have experienced a calming touch on my hand first during my music exams.this touch erased the tension i was feeling instantly.and the second time i was going to school early in the morning about 6 am and it was dark.i found that two men were following me.i was scared sick because i thought that these men were going to harm me.then i felt a warm touch similar to the earlier one on my hand.i calmed down and turned around and found that i was alone on the was as though lance protected me.i have always felt as though i am deeply loves and cared for by someone .not in a humanly way but some other .could lance be my guardian angel?

  33. Great question Care Taker

    The belief that God sends a spirit to watch every individual was common in Ancient Greek philosophy, and was alluded to by Plato in Phaedo, 108. This Platonic belief is derived directly (just as is the Platonic doctrine of “ideas”) from standard Zoroastrianism. The idea appears in the Old Testament, although it is not specifically articulated nor delineated.

    The belief that angels can be guides and intercessors for men can be found in Job 33:23-6, and in the Book of Daniel (specifically Daniel 10:13) angels seem to be assigned to certain countries.

    The idea of guardians also extends to most every beliefs – Native Amercians, for example, belief that their elders watch over them. It is not a new idea, rather an extremely old concept.


    • I do know that it is an ancient concept. But that does not make it Biblical :O)

  34. Hello Care Taker,
    I have an opinion but no hard factual evidence to offer.
    Historians have documented that we do not have ALL of the books of the bible that were written, for several reasons.
    One being, that it’s not likely that all of the books were found. Recently, in the past year a HUGE find was discovered and researchers are examining the find even now, but they believe they are tablets that may have been some of the missing books of the bible.
    Another really important thing that I learned in my studies was that when King James came into power he had several books of the bible REMOVED becuase he felt they would cause hysteria in his people – or perhaps his personal opinions came into play and he just didn’t want those books to be read, thereafter.
    So, we really have no way of knowing if the bible spoke of Guardian Angels or not, but whether the scriptures mentioned them or not, it’s very comforting to believe…
    After all, we can’t prove many things we beleive…but we DO believe. =)

    Love and Light,
    Medium Dreamer

  35. Hi Caretaker

    The Kabbalistic scriptures, and the Torah seem to make more of the Heavenly realms than the Bible’s cut down version of them (old testament). Jesus would’ve looked to those Holy scriptures and learned from them, then taught them based on His understanding of what they should represent. After all, He was a Jew, not a Christian.

    Who’s to say how much of His teachings on this area of spirituality have either been lost in time, the meanings misunderstood or have been omitted from the New Testament deliberately? and then, of course, there are the possibilities of errors of meaning in translation …


    • I understand that but you are still talking about a different area than I am. I really think that you are making much more of my statement than it actually is. I am in no way trying to argue spirituality, different beliefs, the existence of Angels or the nature of Heaven etc.

  36. Was that directed at me CT?

    If so, I was not thinking of your posts are ‘arguments’ about spirituality rather, a healthy discussion and airing of views of where we think the idea’s originated from.

    If that wasn’t direct at me, I apologise for butting in – LOL!


    • Butt in all you want to A.J. I enjoy discussions like this.

      I am NOT trying to discuss anything about where the idea came from. My scope is much smaller than that. I am only talking about the idea that it is so prevalent in Christianity when they claim to follow only the Bible. I am NOT talking about Angels or anything general just specifically that one thing.

  37. LOL!

    Now I understand yu, CT. Afraid I can’t answer such a ‘small question’ (lol – only kidding) as that. I don’t profess to be a practising Christian, let alone know what they teach on this subject.

    Is there any ‘type’ of Christian where it tends to be more prevalent than in others, do you know? Catholics? Prodistants? Morman? JV’s?


    • I dont know about that but I think it is fairly common doctrine among most if not all of them that people are assigned a guardian Angel. I do not claim to be a practicing Christian either but I have always been fascinated by religion (not just Christianity) and especially the Bible.

      My own personal suspicion is that the Catholic church “injected” the idea into Christianity in the same way that it introduced a lot of the so-called pagan traditions and customs into “main stream” Christianity. All sorts of different denominations broke off and formed out of the rebellion against Catholic control (Protestants) unfortunately they all too often brought a lot of the traditions and doctrines along with them. (Hence the notion that Christmas and Easter are religious holidays or are in any way really about God or Jesus)

  38. Sorry peeps. I feel like I’m always butting in on peoples discussion, but i like to throw my 2 cents in if y’all don’t mind. ? ?? ? Anyone??? I feel a lot of people experiences with Christian’s church paint a bad picture on the Bible. The fact throughout the years, bible translations affects people trust in it. We still have the Dead Sea scrolls to compare or modern bibles with. Also every Bible has a preface that explains any changes made, and what for?
    To the topic. The Bible in the Old Testament gives experiences of Angels protecting man (Daniel in the lion’s pit). In the New Testament not so much due to the fact its purpose wasn’t needed since Jesus walk on earth and performed miracles. Reading the Bible, I don’t believe each one of us has our own guardian Angels. Again take the example of Daniel with the Lions. Daniel acknowledged in Daniel 6: 22 that God sent his angels. Not “My Guardian Angels helped me.” Same when Satan tempted Jesus to jump off the temple Satan knowing that “He (God) will give his angels a charge concerning you, and will carry you on their hands” (Matthew 4: 5-7). He didn’t say “Jesus your guarding angel will do that.” I’m sorry, if anyone would have a guarding angel it would be Jesus. But Angels do watch over us according to Psalms 34:7.

  39. Hi kyresha,

    Yes, Lance could be the name of your guardian angel.

    Love & Peace

  40. Hi CareTaker,

    The belief in angels was part of Judaism (among other belief systems), written in the Psalms which are said to have first been created around 722 BCE, though some of the writings could come from after 586 BCE, according to my history of the bible teachings in the NOAB bible, and so became adopted into the Christian bible because of that. The old testament mentioned two main angels that we recognise today, Michael as protector, and Gabriel as messenger. Uriel came later as the gatekeeper of hell in Revelations (new testament for those who do not know). Only talking from memory here. It seems St Thomas did a lot of writing on the subject back in the 1300′s, but I can’t find anything that says what he says .. but I’ll look later. this is a general summary.

    For those interested:

    Psalm 34:7, The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him,
    and he delivers them

    91:10-11 no evil will befall you; no scourge come near your home. 11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

    I doubt very much the Israelites were questioning whether each person had a specific guardian, or they would have added that to the bible, but 91:10-11 does show they were ‘guarding’ us a very long time ago.

    Did we invite them in, or were they always there .. you know my beliefs.

    Love & Peace

    • I dont understand why I am having such a difficult time getting this across but I am not talking about the origins of Angels. I know the Bible is full of references to Angels. I am talking specifically about the idea of GUARDIAN ANGELS BEING ASSIGNED TO EACH PERSON

      Also, I am not saying that it is right or wrong I am saying that it is not Biblical so how did it become so entrenched in Christianity?

      • Hi CareTaker,

        Technically it is biblical (going back to an earlier comment of yours) .. because the idea of the angels ‘guardianship’ is in Psalms dated between 526 and 700+, but specifically .. it appears that even the Catholic Church doesn’t know ‘when’ it became ‘knowledge’ .. I answered that on another question site, from one of the Catholic websites.

        The amout of reading involved in trying to find out the when and who would be frightening. LOL

        Love & Peace

        • Yes there is an idea of Angelic guardianship but not an idea that a specific Angel is assigned to each individual person. At least I have never found it and at one time I spent a lot of time reading and researching the question.

          • Maybe ……….. the answer to your question then, is simply FAITH.

            Faith is a funny thing – it is 90% gut feeling that something is the truth, and 10% for learning (through doctorine etc.)

            Just a thought ..

  41. Hi Everyone!

    I came across this page and read through many of these comments/responses and have become more intrigued by all this and the direction my life may be leading – by the way, this is all *very* new to me and I must admit that I’m semi-freaked out by this (forgive me, I’m very detailed and sometimes take a while to get to the point :-/). Although I’m so hesitant to just completely all this out (I’ll get to that in 2.2 seconds… promise!), “something” (<– possible pun here) is pushing to me inquire more and more about it.

    Ok, so I'm gonna *really* try and give you guys the cliff notes version because I'd really like some feedback.

    Alright, I grew up Catholic, but my family's never been super religious or anything. I was a churchgoer most of my childhood until my mid teen years. I went to Catholic school from 1st thru 8th grade – I guess now looking back, it became kinda routine. Little by little I went to church less and less… for reasons such as moving away to another state and just over time, I just never went to church and didn't think much of it either.

    I've always prayed, but never had such a strong faith that I know many, many people have. I mean like a real connection with God, or whomever or whatever else they believe in, but regardless of what/who it is, I've always had friends that obviously had a strong faith and connection with God. I then realized over time (specifically early 2009), that I don't and possibly never felt a real connection. I realized that my prayers have been kinda "the thing to do". I didn't like this. I felt lost. Was going through big changes (a big move, away from the closest people to me – my family), looking for work, adjusting to a new city, dealing with all kinds stuff that was new to me…. real world kinda stuff that everyone goes through at some point of their lives.

    So I seeked… no matter what, I'd always fall back into trying to connect and understand God. I've had a few 'close calls' in my life, where I'd realize I definitely must have an angel watching over me. Sometimes I wonder if something, something, I dunno, is trying to tell me something by these incidents and most of all, certain recurring dreams I till this day continue having.

    About 2 months ago, I started a new job, and met a couple of people that were Santero/a's. Their religion is Santeria. Now, I always affiliated Santeria with witchcraft, bad spells and just always tried to stay clear of it. I'm very superstitious so I'd always be afraid to even hear about it or be involved with it. lol It would creep me out.

    Well, come to find out, that's the misconception it's be given by those who use Santeria in a negative way. Santeria is a religion that revolves around angels…. ??? I'm still very much so in the beginning stages or learning more about it.

    Ok, so seriously to cut to the chase, one of these persons I met, whose religion is Santeria, and I converse often. Just yesterday he told me that I am extremely spiritual. *HUH???* He says I have these spirit guides and angels all around me all the time and that I have no clue. I told him about a couple of experiences I've had, but till this day, I'm not sure if I was awake or dreaming or what!

    Two incidents specifically: one night I was asleep and again, not sure if I indeed opened my eyes, or if I had opened them in my dream, but I remember opening them and seeing a what looked like a person just standing there, looking at me. Uff, I get chills thinking about it. He was no one that I could've recognized. He was like a total stranger. Within seconds I closed my eyes, opened, blinked a few times and that was it. I went back to sleep, but I didn't really get startled or anything.

    The 2nd incident that REALLY freaked me out, was when I was asleep, on my stomach and again, not sure if I was dreaming or what because of how real it felt. But while I was still lying there, I felt like someone was very, very close behind me (or above me rather), and it felt as if I could almost feel someone about to caress me or something – weird! But the part that scared me so much was the sound of an exhale in my ear – THAT WOKE ME. I got up quickly, turned on my lights, cried and prayed. What the heck????????

    I told my coworker (Santero friend from work) about that when he asked me if I had every felt like something or someone was near me or next to me or on me. He said he's sure if won't be the first time.

    I was basically told, that I have the ability to seek all the answers I'm looking for… in regards to anything going on in my life, my search for a connection to something, even my destiny as a whole.

    He told me I was fighting it with all my doubts. That these angels, or spirits, are trying to tell me something. I'm very confused on knowing if this is bad or good or if I should proceed researching about it, should I be afraid?

    How do I know if I have an angel or someone or something ( I'm not even sure what to call it) watching over me? How do I know if I have this gift he says I have… he says I have the ability to communicate with spirits, but keep fighting it with my doubts and worries because I'm afraid it's "not the right thing to do"???

    I believe everything happens for a reason and everyone you encounter is meant to cross paths with you. I believe nothing is a coincidence, but what seem like a coincidences, are in fact clues from God or angels. And if you pay very close attention, you can actually create your destiny.

    I'm just so very confused about a little shaken up after being told I'm surrounded by spirits……


    Sorry for the lengthy "cliff notes" – I tried. Thanks so very much in advance for any insight/enlightenment/feedback you give me!



    Sorry! Ok I'll cut to the chase now.. sorry sorry LOL


    • Hi Carms,

      It depends on what you define as ‘spirits’. I find the word is used far too frequently, to describe lots of different beings, good and bad.

      My definition of ‘spirit’ is this .. the energy of a living person, who died and went into heaven (whichever is appropriate to them). They can come back and visit anytime, they love us, do no harm and never make us feel cold, tired or sad .. or worse.

      Ghosts on the other hand, are the energy of a living person who has Not gone into heaven, but remains among the living, feeding from their energy. They might think they are here for a very good reason .. and there are lots of reasons why people choose to deny heaven, not just because of fear, hatred or anger. When then visit they can attach themselves to a living person and encourage them in dangerous and/or addictive behaviours. They need to be crossed over (sent into thealing) as quickly as possible. They can become harmful.

      Some churches define demons as spirits .. no. The major demons are fallen angels, and there are many lesser (powered) ones .. created by the fallen, or by humans. All are to be avoided.

      BTW, never apologise for writing a long question .. just expect something like a long answer .. particularly from me. LOL

      Everyone has spirits around them .. family members who drop in for a minute to say hi and go again. Some people have lots of ghosts around them. Everyone has angels, from their personal guardian to those who act as guides. Everyone has guides .. they used to be human, for the most part, but can also be elementals, power animals, and even an occasional alien – or what we consider alien. It depends on your point of view.

      Santeria .. from what I have read they worship Saints, not angels .. though the Christian bible does identify angels as ‘saints’ .. so that might just be the interpretation of what I have been reading.

      The incidents you speak of .. they sound more like ghosts than guides. Guides and angels don’t appear to us without a very good reason, nor do they touch us without a reason. Did something dramatic happen at the time that you needed to be warned about .. otherwise, ghosts will do anything that gives us a fright .. they feed off our negative energy.

      Yes, everyone has the ability to ‘find their own answers within themselves’. A belief I agree with is that we create our life journey, we create the trials and triumphs, and we learn from the experiences, when we let ourselves. It’s all about free will.

      How do you know if its the good side of the energy watching over you? Well, everyone has a guardian angel, and everyone has guides. They are all in the Light (the good side). When you connect to any entity you are not sure of demand that they answer “Do you come in the name of Jesus Christ” .. or AJ (on this site) says “Do you come in the name of God’s pure Light” .. I like that one too. Either works. The entity must answer ‘Yes, I come in the name of …. (whichever you used). Then you can ask them their name.

      Are you a medium? How often do you see ghosts and do you hear them talking to you? A medium is a person who can act as intermediary between this world and the spirit world. Is it something you want to do? You can continue to block yourself, if you want to and that is what you are doing, or you could go and get some training on how to do this .. and actually help lost souls cross over, rather than just having a general chat with them .. pretty much about nothing .. because they will keep you talking if they can .. and keep you giving them your attention, which means your energy, for as long as possible.

      As you might have guessed, I am a medium. I am also a Spirit Rescuer .. pretty title for a lady who busts ghosts and sends them into healing.

      If you want to follow the Santeria way of doing things, remember they also have a dark side, and it is very easy to be led into the dark side of anything. You might also consider a spiritualist church development group. I also think some of the Christian churches have groups that do this work, but under a different name .. the revivalist bunch.

      To me its not something to be worried about, because I grew up the way I am. Life has always been a little unusual.

      To check me out .. I am here under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection. Look up psychic protection, and the Michael Invocation on those pages. That will clear any unfriendly entities from around you. And if you have any problems, you can contact me from the site.
      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  42. Now see what you started, Caretaker! See??? See??? LOL

    • ;0) I think you were the one who started it. I tried to make a simple statement/question but you expanded it to much more. But that’s cool, I wouldnt delete anything at all and I see it as a great discussion. mwa ha ha ha ;0)

  43. @ Caretaker

    Hee!Hee!Hee! I’m such a trouble-maker, me!!

    Trouble is, I struggle with ‘simple’!

    MWA back!


    • I enjoy trouble makers and have been called one so many times and for so many years that I am starting to believe there might be something to it. I really enjoy it as long as anger doesnt come into it. Too many people get angry and upset when they “discuss” a thing that they do not agree on. I believe that adults should be able to have it out without getting angry. I mean hey we are all here to exchange ideas and to learn from one another and to have a place to express our ideas and maybe get advice. No need for anger or hard feelings anywhere in that! I get the feeling that you would agree with me.


      While I am at it I want to try to make it clear to any and all that although I am the owner/moderator of this site I strive not to show any preferential treatment to anyone regardless of whether or not I believe them or agree with them. I dont always get the time to comment as I would like to but when I do I will be blunt and forward. I express my thoughts and opinions just as I hope everyone else feels they can do. No one has to agree or even believe what you say. If I disagree with someone or state a different opinion I am speaking as an individual person not as the “mouthpiece” of this website. I have been accused of censoring those I did not agree with and I have been accused of commenting under different IDs. No truth to it. ALL of my comments are CareTaker and nothing else. One person is convinced that I am the same person as Ama and Trolldoll. Why? I have no idea but I am sure those two will think it funny.

      We should always try to stay on topic in the comments. My apologies for taking this one off topic here a bit.

      • Yes CT – I totally agree with you regards to “No need for anger or hard feelings”. Mind you, I confess I do find the angry rants penned by some on here quite amusing .. particularly when they’re aimed directly at me. But I don’t take any of it personally because they don’t know me. Bless their little cotton socks …

        Anyway – enough idle chatter ….. back on topic before I get banned …….

        (Nope! still can’t think of an answer to your question)


        • Hmm.. well, you are definitely not me CareTaker .. we don’t even live in the same country. LOL So whomever .. I am not Trolldoll nor am I Caretaker and I think he does a good job with his site, and I appreciate him letting me vent here on occasion.

          Going to have breakfast before I start diving into questions.

          Love & Peace
          Ama in Australia

  44. caretaker,
    how do you add a picture to i guess it would be the profile pic.

    • That is a thing – go there and create an account and you can upload an avatar that will be used on any wordpress site with avatars enabled (like this one). You dont have to create a blog or do anything else and its free. I am not associated with wordpress but the site uses it

  45. Ancika , you questioned somethings and I want reply you based on some facts . you cant see angels or speak to them in ordinary way it is not possible for you and other common people that haven’t any deeply connection to god and live in people world . angels are serious and haven’t option to appear ,connect or talk to common humans directly . they are not emotional or affectional to get effect of human states . they are god’s agent and his functionary and absolutely do what god has ordered to them . they love god and love who that god love him/her and has particular attention to him/her( like messengers ,prophets and very pious humans ). But angels haven’t an optional and individual sense to fall in love with ordinary humans . even some especial angels haven’t any soft and pity affection in their essence , that is to say they don’t know what is mercy and kindness ( angels that are functionary of hell ).Therefore banish this thought of your mind which you can talk to angels and etc . although god is merciful to human but don’t forget he is very pride and imperial and all greatness is little against him also he is actions is so much logical and grand and he never create angels to be like a toy for human

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