Name of an Angel?

Hi, there, again me. Yesterday I tried to ask my guardian angels for names, but the only name I’ve got was Sofia. And now the question: I don’t know why but I have some kind weird feeling if its not a name of ghost, so how can I know if not? And if its not a ghost name, how can I get to know which one angel’s the name? Thank you for answers

Asked by Ancika

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  1. Hi Ancika,

    Go with Sophia. We only have one guardian angel. The rest are guides. What you were doing I call ‘double guessing myself’, which means doubting what I hear or see. I had to learn not to do that. It came down to trusting ‘myself’, the angels don’t lie.

    Love & Peace

  2. You should meditate on a daily basis. If you dont know how, what you do is find a quiet comfortable place where you wont be disturbed. Sit in a crossed leg position, with your back straight, and take deep breaths 4 seconds in 2 seconds hold 4 seconds out. Dont think of anything just let your mind drift. If random thoughts creep up in to your head then you are making contact. Alternetivly, you could try automatic writing. its the same thing except get pen and paper, and then you just meditate with the pen on the paper. I would recommend the first lesson for beginners. When you find out there names you will just know.

  3. Hi Ancika

    You need to ask Sofia the following question:

    “Do your represent God’s Light? Are you of God?”

    If Sophie is your angel, or guide, she will answer the question in full:

    “Yes, I represent God’s Light. I am of God’s Light.”

    IF HOWEVER, she only answers with a “Yes” without the clarification of what she is, chances are she is not one of your guardian angels.

    Some Christian’s replace the word “God” with “Jesus Christ” when asking that question. Although this works equally as well in most cases, you should be mindful that Satan himself (although none any of his army of the fallen) can state he represents Jesus Christ in full, because he was ‘before’ Jesus when it came to God creating a being of equal to Himself..

    To be absolutely sure, you could always ask if Sophie represents Christ’s light, wait for the answer, then ask if Sophie represents God’s light. If Sophie answers in full to the first question, but not to the second – tread carefully, for you are being decieved.


  4. If you allow me, Im gonna describe you the very long proces of getting to know whos actually Sofia (it was really interesting,Im so excited that I just have to tell somebody :D ) It took me at least 40 minutes (I know maybe too much but ). I was trying to meditate but of course its not that easy as I thought :D the whole process was weird because my first question was actually wrong questioned: Do you present God´s light? (but I forgot to tell a name) and the answer was no(I asked like 3 times),but I forgot that I didnt say name so I thought thats Sofia is someone whos trying to harm me so I said: “I allow only guardian angels that represent God´s light into my circle. So if you are not one of them I order you out in the name of God. “(I said it like 3 times and felt like the danger is out-you know what I mean, I felt peace) And than I started to ask: My guardian angel: what´s your name,please? (again at least 3 times) but every time I´ve got name sofia so I was getting a little bit scared,but then I finally asked the whole sentence:SOFIA,do you represent God´s light? (again at least 3 times,you know,just in case :D ) And the answer was every time fully answered Yes I do represent the God´s light. So finally I felt so satisfied and now I can dare to say for sure that Sofia is name of my guardian angel.
    Quite funny story,ha? :D

  5. Hi Ancika

    A good start, Ancika. Always ‘test’ your guides like this before talking to them. Get into the habit. Your guardian angels will not mind you testing them this way – in fact they prefer it.

    Also, if Sofia, or any other spirit start saying things that make you feel ‘uncomfortable’ for whatever reason, asking them to confirm who they are again. If you are still unhappy with them, for any reason, send them away just as you said you did in your post.

    A couple of words of warning though – please be careful about ‘overspending’ your energy. Particularly as this is all new to you. Take it slowly, there is no rush.
    Your guides will always tell you whatever needs to be told, whenever it needs to be told. You do not need to ask. Be mindful that idle chit chat is frowned upon. Don’t get carried away.

    I have always found it useful to learn what the ‘vibration’ of my guide feels like. Their energy, if you like. It acts as a secondary form of ‘affirmative’ that you are speaking with who you think you are speaking with.

    When you are ready, and only if you feel completely safe, ask Sofia if she will let you feel her vibration. it should feel warm, gentle, comforting – heavenly. If you are still uncertain it is her, ask her to confirm what she represents and confirm it is her, whilst you can still feel the vibration.

    Do you know anywhere locally where you can learn mediumship in a group and be taught by someone who has experience in this matter? Learning with others tends to be the best way to move forward, as they also teach you protection techniques.

    Have fun but don’t try to rush things. Better to tread wisely.


  6. That’s very good advice, AJ.

    Nicely done, Ancika, you are doing very well.

    Sophia is your guardian angel, not a guide. She protects your spirit, and good to seek love and an energy boost from, when you are feeling tired and downhearted. she is a Michael, a soldier … hence the name ‘guardian’. Remember to say good morning each day to your guardian and guides, and thank God (by whatever name you feel most appropriate) for their presence in your life.

    Love & Peace

  7. Thank you for advices and warnings :) Truth is that first time while my meditation-if I can call it that way,in the end I felt tired (but I think that´s because I go sleep very very late and have to get up really early,and I exercise a lot so that might be it).But of course I won´t rush anything,Im not going to ask them every thought that goes through my mind,but I was actually asking them (Sofia) at night again because (that was really important for me) I quarreled with my dad and he was on a mission in a different country,and really angry so I was worried about him,so I asked my angels if he´s still mad at me (thank God they said no,and in that moment he wrote me message that he´s really sorry) so happy end :) :D

    And by the last time I have quite a lot of these angel stories,which happened to me,which Im happy. For example I have big problem with headaches (I usually take a pill,although I know its unhealthy) an this time,knowing “the angel thing” I asked my healing angel (I guess Raphael?? :D ) to hep me get rid of the pain,and it really helped,I was actually so surprised,because I didnt really believe it would help.So Im really blessed by having such angels :) )

    And can I ask you Ama you say it pretty often, that everybody has 4 angels: Michael,Raffael,Gabriel and Uriel. And now you claim only Michael is guardian angel?? I don understand,does it mean that the Gabriel,Raffael and Uriel are just guides??? I thought they´re angels too..

    And now one really important but at the same time really really weird question about spirit guide.Because in the previous theme I made (“Questions about guardian angels”) I aksed if its possible to have dead people as your guide and someone answered yes. I know you probably would not believe but I think my spirit guide is one famous (of course passed away) person (sorry I cant say name,though I know..) So I was kind of bored and I decided to ask some things my guide (it was not exactly meditation) just for fun I asked him if he´s that famous person (because I always had that weird feeling its him,but I didnt believe it actually) and he said yes (again there were doubts) so I asked him couple of control questions about his family (and stuff like that) (I asked only the way when answer can be only “Yes” or “No” so no long conversation,dont worry) and he always answered right. (I´ve also asked him if he´s ghost/ want to harm me,the same way as in the previous comment) and I just felt that its not ghost playing with me(you know I just had that warm feeling,really nice :) ) So my question is do you think its possible? to have these people as guides (I note,that he died at least 3 years before I was born) please dont make a fun of it, I want only serious answers,and Im not tryin to attract more attention,I just ask :)

    • Hello Ancika,

      Angels – every person has one guardian angel, the energy of Archangel Michael (as AJ says ‘from his House’), who stands behind your right shoulder. Sophia is there for your spiritual protection. That’s her job. People can have other Michael angels (the title Michael is a ‘category/group’ of angels, but we use it as a person’s name, which can lead to confusion). The other Michaels, and the Uriels, Gabriels, and Raphaels, are all ‘angelic guides’. People also have spirit guides .. they are human beings, for the most part, but we can also have elementals and other beings, but not ghost and demons.

      Now, about the person in spirit hanging around. I do not think he is a guide. What you can do is ask Sophia to FIND the man and TAKE him into healing. If he’s a lost soul he won’t be there anymore, and if he’s a spirit, she’ll check him out and find out what he’s there for – because it has to be a very good reason for spirits to stay around us. And we choose our guides before we come into the world, when the man was still living …

      Famous faces – I know a number of people who were haunted by Michael Jackson after he died, some who had known him, and some who never had. He was, at that point in time, a lost soul. He was crossed over, I am told.

      I agree with AJ .. we are not ‘special’ we are just doing what we came into the world to do .. work with our guides and angels, chat to folk, and live and learn. :-) And yes, there are more Michael in the world. One each for every human living, and all lost souls, and multitudes of others to cover all the work they do, here and in the spiritual planes. What is the portion of doctors to soldiers in the army? Now that is something I do not know.

      Love & Peace

  8. Hi Anika

    Here are my thoughts …

    I believe that when Ama talks of the Michaels this means “from the House Of Michael” – meaning that her guides / guardian angel come from that branch of the ‘family tree’ or that linege of the Heavenly realm. I do not beleive that her guardian angel is actually Lord Michael himself, but rather from that house.

    I am of the House of Raphael. This means that my guides come from that lineage of the Heavenly realm, not that my head guide is actually Lord Raphael himself, rather from that house.

    Those who are asigned to the the Michaels have a different job to do on this earth than those asigned to the Raphaels. Equally, those asigned to the other Archangel houses have their own jobs too.

    None of that, however, makes either Ama or myself any more ‘special’ or superior to anyone else – including you. All we have, which you don’t at the moment is just experience.

    That said, I’ve met more people working from the House of Michael than from the House of Raphael. I guess the ‘foot soldier’s’ have to be many in number (God’s army) which might explain why there appears to be are far more Michael representatives??

    Regards your question about the other (famous dead person) spirit – if you want my advice, stick to talking to Sofia only, for the moment. Get to know her first. Learn to trust her. Get to know yourself! Learn to trust your first instincts.

    Asking your healing guide to take away your headache gets thumbs thumbs up from me though.


  9. Im sorry but I guess we didnt get each other (or maybe just I didnt you :D ) but I wasnt asking anything about being you special to me or stuff like that and also I probably didnt get the ,,famous person,, answer from ama,because I was just simply asking if its possible (if yes/not,why?) and instead you only told me to ask angels to get rid of him,but (may sounds silly) but I kinda dont want to,I think,if he´d want to,he would do it long ago..Im just asking if its possible and yes or not, why?

    Dont get this wrong Im not complaing,I really aprecciate all answeres,I just think this was little misunderstood in answers. :)
    Peace :)

    • Hi Ancika

      When I think of the ‘construction’ of how our our guides work around us, I see it on two levels, being:

      an inner circle – head guide (overseerer), guide for healing, guide for protection, guide for teaching etc. The way I understand it, Ama describes these as the four who stand around her (two in front of her and two behind her) being a Michael angel, a Raphael angel, a Gabriel angel and an Aurial (Uriel) angel. (Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood you, Ama!)

      an outer circle – family/friends and all other spirit not given a specific task, but which could become a ‘temporary’ guide if required by you/God, for a specific task. Power animals, for example.

      So, to answer your question – it is not beyond the realms of possibility to have a famous person as your guide but ,more often than not, those in the (my) outer circle tend to be spirit who just pop in and say “hi!” and have a cup of tea and a chat, rather than have an actual role to play in my spiritual developement.


  10. Hi Ancika,

    That’s the usual response I get when someone is being ‘haunted’ by a famous person, or think they are. Even after positively proving, to one lady in particular, that the ghost wasn’t the person he said he was (that person was still living, and singing, in Las Vegas at the time), she still didn’t want him sent into healing. She was enjoying the sex too much, and had totally isolated herself from living people to enjoy the ‘relationship’. I don’t think that is happening in your case, but it an extreme example of what can happen.

    So .. to be quite specific. If the famous person died only a few years before you were born, then no, it is not possible s/he is a guide. After we die we are supposed to go into a healing place, and then have a holiday in heaven, where we spend time remembering who we really are, which includes more than just the simple person we are in these bodies. That takes ‘time’, not measured in the way we measure time as humans, but its longer than 3 years. Guides are especially trained humans, so you also need ‘time’ to get the training as well.

    But .. there are plenty of beings out there pretending to be things, and people, they are not .. so my advice is the same.

    Love & Peace

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