Mr Gilbert Ghost or Poltergeist?

Hi, I’ve recently moved into a new flat and found that in the early hours of the morning I originally heard knocks and bangs in the first few weeks of living there. I appear to hear furniture moving, but when I go and check what has happened, nothing has moved.

A couple of weeks later,in the early hours of the morning I find that miniature objects(such as curtain hooks & pennies resting on a table) are ‘Jumping on the spot’ and making a clicking sound.

I have a few questions regarding if this is a ghost or Poltergeist

I have a Guitar in my lounge, hung from the wall & Rigged with a plectrum across the strings (so the strings don’t sound)yet in the early hours of the morning I hear the strings ringing out as if being plucked. How can this happen?

Can you please tell me if this could be the early stages of a Poltergeist or could it be a ghost?

Is there a Top 10 online of what Poltergeists or ghosts like to throw?

I also have experience with Runes and thinking of making a circle of Thurisaz(Protection), but I am concerned that Thurisaz uses gray magic & literally defined means ‘Thorn that pricks’ and may offend the spirit. How would the spirit rebel against me? Could this turn a peaceful spirit into an angry Poltergeist?

Asked by Benjamin Gilbert

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  1. Benjamin,
    First off, sorry to hear you have had a bit of delay with your post being seen. This site tends to get pretty busy with a lot of great questions and commenters willing to discuss, debate and/or help, depending on what you are after.

    I’m just a weirdo that talks about dreams and reincarnation. So I’m not qualified to directly answer your question about ghosts/poltergeists, as I’m probably the least capable. But I do have questions for you, just to get more details, and hopefully keep your question moving and readily accessible on the right (new questions/new answers) so you can see updates:

    Since I tend to work mostly with dreams, I would like to know if you have experienced any odd/out of the norm dreams since your move? Any lucid/vivid dreams with recurrent dream objects? Conversations with spirits/people you don’t know in reality?
    Lastly, is there anything else you’ve noticed besides items ‘jumping on the spot’ (that’s giving me chills just thinking about it, mate!). When this happens do you “feel” anything out of the ordinary? Any smells/odours (acrid or pleasant) that only seems to happen during the morning hours, or specifically around the time of the activity in your flat? Please spell out for us, any other unusual sensations that occur at the time. Any detail, trivial or monumental may help in providing understanding of what you are experiencing.
    Oh, sorry, but one last question, since you used the word ‘poltergeist’…I was curious if this is the first time you’ve ever experienced activity like this (in your last place of residence or even away from home)? Or is this the very first?

    Thanks, and there are several folks on here who work with ghosts/poltergeists/spirits/angels/etc…, so hopefully we can get you some answers (Paging Dr. Ama) :)
    Thanks, and please keep us updated!

    Great question!

    • LOL!!! You crack me up, there Siddle!!! I just did that right below you!!! Ama is on Australian time, so she probably won’t be posting anything until the middle of the night(US time) where it is day time for her!! :D

    • I’m here now Siddle. LOL (It’s Rev. Ama actually, but I don’t use that much LOL)

      Hello Benjamin,

      Can you bring me up to date with what is happening in your house please.

      A poltergeist is described as a ‘noisy ghost’, and is usually created by the emotions of the residence of a household, e.g. teenagers and menopausal women. Yes, things can start flying about, particularly if someone who is creating the energy gets angry. It usually goes away (or with the person) when they move out.

      In the meantime, a ghost can be wanting attention, which is what I think is happening for you. Or the being might simply be enjoying touching the things you own. In either case, its a lost soul and needs your help to cross over. It has obviously been lost for a fair while, given that it can move things .. and most ghosts get their strength through anger or frustration, so letting them hang around for a long time is generally asking for trouble. How big a thing can they throw? I’ve seen a plate levitated by one .. lifted actually .. I told him to put it back down carefully .. but they might throw knives. Don’t let the problem escalate to that. Or the ‘pushing you around’ (literally) stage.

      A circle of protection would be nice, but might trap the entity inside the house with you. I have never heard of Runes being ‘grey’ magic .. neither light nor dark .. personally, having had years of experience, Runes help you grow as a person .. help you understand your personality .. unless everything I’ve ever read about them is wrong.

      There’s an easier way to clear the house. this is an invocation that clears all sorts of entities into a healing place. Read it through a few times to see what it is asking, and then say it out loud. How it works is explained on the site.

      Love & Peace

      • To Ama,
        The Poltergeist has enough power to lift a small penny or piece of plastic before its energy disperses, I have reason to beleive I have two ghosts, one slightly more powerful than the other, if you’ll read back you’ll see I said earlier that Items seem to repeatedly ‘knock’ or ‘vibrate’ against something….but only If I block the floor or intrude on the poltergeists space, I beleive it is the second ghost which is causing this.

        A circle of protection seems like a good idea, but I will only invoke one if the poltergeist gets so intrusive that it wakes or scares me. In the meantime, I have decided to purchase a small radio for when I go to sleep at night to help me drown out the sounds that the poltergeist makes, In this way I have decided to give the poltergeist its own ‘space’

        • Hi Benjamin,

          Wouldn’t it be better to send the ghosts into a healing place, rather than letting them hang around bothering you and eating up your energy? I am not one for letting people suffer in silence .. and its is the silence, or people not being able to hear them or see them, that often forces a ghost into making things move to get our attention.

          Just a thought,
          Love & Peace

    • Hello Ladies and Gents, I’m so sorry if I havent replied over the last month or so, I usually check this site once per month and have been extremely busy, The delay didnt bother me but I really needed help with my resident ‘visitor’ I was getting worried about it, especially.when it started making loud bangs in the night. So I’ll begin :)

      Firstly, to Siddle,
      I do seem to get a re-occuring dreaming theme since I have moved in, not immediately so, but after a month or so, I seemed to have a re-occuring dream about opening a wardrobe. When I opened the wardrobe a different object would be there.

      There is a second dream that I have been having, about people using telephones, I have recently socialised with two people who have lost there fathers, and in this dream, these two people contact each other via a telephone, and then pass the telephone to me, and ask me ‘not to use my own telephone’

      I also have a lot of dreams about deceased relatives climbing and descending stairs.

      On a similar point as well I have been walking in my sleep and performing activities which I havent done in years. I have opened the curtains in my sleep and moved a shirt across my room.

  2. Hello there Ignoring,
    Gilbert Ghost? Did you decide to name him, or did you find out somehow that, that was in fact his name?
    This, to me, sounds like poltergeist activity, but possibly by a ghost. there are varying definitions of poltergeist here. Some believe that poltergeist activity is actually caused by our own energy, but most of the time, it is caused by an adolescent or menopausal female. Whether or not males can do this, I haven’t heard many accounts for this, but that doesn’t mean it is not possible. Ghosts, who have been earthbound for a while, learn to manipulate the energy as to move objects, so a ghostly poltergeist is also possible.

    Protection is always a good idea, and I know you mentioned Runes(are you Wiccan or Pagan, by chance?) There is one simple one I happen to know works and it is on the site Victorian Paranormal Connection listed here under friends. It is the site of Ama Nazra and she is a frequenter here, and may even possibly comment on this after me! She is a spirit rescuer, and demonologist and has experience in this area. Go on here site and look up White Light Shields and Angel invocations. These, I know from personal experience, do work, so it can not hurt to try! Also, you can message her directly from the site, if you have any further questions! Best of Luck and I hope you find peace in your home soon!!!!

    • I have noticed items that are lay on the floor start to ‘rub’ against the wall in the early hours of the morning, I have bought a new mirror into the bathroom and been awoken by it clanging against the wall, I have left the ironing board out overnight and heard it ‘squeaking’ as if someone is jumping on it when I listened behind a closed door.

      I have heard an old voice twice when in the flat, Once cursing my stupidity (When I left the ironing board out overnight – the same night I heard the Ironing board squeaking- It blasphemed with quite (contemporary) slang and called me a d*ckhead – On the second occasion It just called my name – This was mid afternoon.

      Things have been happening recently that I cant explain, I have experienced the phenomeon ‘Pennies from heaven’ and small objects can follow me round and drop behind me. I have investigated the science in this matter and beleive it could be something stuck to my arm, that simply loses its ability to stick to me and falls.

      I have lived in 2 Haunted houses before now, and have had experience with a very powerful poltergeist in my original house that I grew up wth in childhood.I lived with a peaceful servant spirit when I moved into my first flat, and experienced ‘Shadows’

      I have been told by a Psychic that I recently went to see that I am a ‘Gateway’ and the houses arent actually haunted, I pull the spirits toward me, and they seek me.

    • To LunaTerra
      The name of the entry wasnt created by me, but a website adjudicator, but I can give you some further information, I recently went to a Psychic who advised that when I looked at the tarot cards and asked a question someone called ‘Megan’ came to the crystal ball and she had planned for a new life in the flat I was in, and unfortunately there was an accidental death due to overdose.
      I beleive it is a Poltergeist and try not to show to much negative emotion because I know they can feed off it.

      I’m not a Wiccan or a Pagan, unfortunately I am a naughty christian with an interest in the occult.I worry about Thurisas as Thurisas is described as ‘Thorn that pricks’ in Norse . Thats why I call it Gray magic, I risk angering the poltergeist fi I hurt it and things could get much worse! I will have a look at the website and let you know how I go on, Earlier I described a Psychic that I went to see, The Psychic has told me that I should use a mirror with a candle ( and the lights off) In the early hours of the morning, the steam should affect the mirror and create an effect similar to a crystal ball. I have not tried this yet, but I am to ask the ghost questions, is there any chance I could provoke it by doing so? Also I am told that I can purify my flat with sage to ‘Dampen’ the effect of negative activity. I will try this shortly.

      In answer to your question about Day Activity. Yes it could very well be the neighbours, but you KNOW when something in your front room moves, and it isnt next door.
      I have heard an old voice twice when in the flat, Once cursing my stupidity (When I left the ironing board out overnight – the same night I heard the Ironing board squeaking- It blasphemed with quite (contemporary) slang and called me a d*ckhead – On the second occasion It just called my name – This was mid afternoon.

    • Oh, that’s funny.
      I’ll be right over.

      -Side note…sorry I haven’t written yet. Was a busy weekend, in which work wouldn’t let me be.

      Cheers, Ama!! You rule!

  3. Hi Benjamin

    Do you only experience these things in the early hours of the morning? Or do odd things happen at other times of the day?

    OK- it might be a poltergeist. But equally (baring in mind you live in a flat) it might be sounds coming from your neighbours, or vibrations travelling around the building (ie the hooks & pennies jumping on the spot) due to domestic appliances being used in the middle of the night or even traffic outside. In fact, any other number of perfectly normal explanations.

    Poltergeists don’t usually restrict their activites to the middle of the night – rather, they are happy to ‘play’ at any time.

    Have you kept a diary of when these events occur – dates and times? It might also be useful to try to determine what is happening around you at the times these events happen.

    Sorry this answer has been a bit vague.


    • Hi AJ
      Thanks for your response, I know that ghosts dont have a particular schedule, which is why I wonder if I have two ghosts – if youve read some of the other entries, I seem to have a presence which likes to repeatedly jump up and down on items Ive left out overnight – I have noticed were getting a bit of a theme here, Jumping pennies and squeeking ironing boards – What I think is this, the energy charges the item and then disperses – The other spirit does the same, is more powerful, but rinse repeats, and lathers;). I digress unfortunately, what I was trying to explain is that the other ghost/poltergeist may in fact be a time trap, only repeating an event that happened in the past, in the time it happened in the past.

      I live on a very silent road at night, the silence is so quiet it actually becomes a noise in itself, I have bought a small clock radio for the purpose of making my room less silent at night and drowning out the sound of things moving in my front room. Occurances do happen during the day, but only small things move, like a penny, or a plectrum for my guitar.

      I have not kept a diary of the events, maybee I should?

      Your answer has not been a big vague, but I tend to digress too much so I apologise for that

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