Hearing Voices Remember Dreams and Someone

Sometimes during nights when I cant sleep I hear voices, they don’t really say anything specific I just hear them, like if their discussing. I’ve always wanted to talk to them but as I think of them they fade away.

Normally when I hear this voice I always have dreams, and remember them perfectly and to be specific the one I remember the most is about love. It has even come to my attention they got chronological order, if I remember well first I meet her, then had some romantic fun, and later talk like if we actually have something going. But what’s more interesting is that I cant see her face, then after this dreams I remember when I was a kid a talk about a friend (girl). I would brag about how we where going to marry and invented my other friends, even went as far to say we are getting married again cause you didn’t attend, I cant really remember her name and nor does my parents talk about it or anything. Perhaps she was my imaginary friend or someone real.

Anyways I really want to know about what you think and if possible to give advice on how to actually see her if she’s an imaginary friend. I really like ghost stories and even wished to experience an encounter. Maybe is sounds more that a story now, but the question is simple, What is this? Why cant I see her face? Remember my imaginary friend?

Asked by Daishi

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  1. Hi Daishi,

    There are other people more knowledgable about dreams here on the site, but in the meantime I have a couple of questions.

    Are you half asleep when you hear the voices? Have you asked to see the lady’s face? Do you think you are lucid dreaming?

    Love & Peace

    • Probably i am half asleep but interestingly i always hear the voices when i cant sleep and later have dreams like said. other thing i noticed recently is sometimes i get conscious when im dreaming and for a moment i get control of it and later it just fades away, so i guess i am a lucid dreamer. i never really tried asking to see her face but for now i dont think the voices have to do much with girl

  2. Well it is probably your imaganary friend. or it could be a prophetic dream. If its the latter you may not see it because you are not ready

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