How Can We Get Rid of this Troll or Devil Like Spirit?

There is a five year old boy explaining all day today that he seen something troll or devil like around a friends house. He’s been saying it lives down the crawlspace in the house.

Last night he saw it outside the house holding a knife.

This type of spirit has been around here for over 3 years. People have tried blessing the house but it hasn’t worked. What can we do?

Asked by Chris Georges

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  1. Hi Chris,

    The ‘troll’ is not a demon or a ghost or a spirit. It is an elemental being. Blessing a house only gets rid of evil entities .. and they are not evil, just nature spirits. As to why it chooses to live in the house? It’s dark, warm and safe?

    I would ask the five year old how big the knife was and what the ‘troll’ was doing with the knife .. carving its name? chopping up something? they have to eat too. If it was threatening a person with it, what was the person doing to the troll?

    Advice: ask it to move. Mind you, the house might be built over the entrance to ‘its’ home, so we are more in ‘its’ space than it is in ours, but you can ask, and it might move. To do this, go to the house and ask the owner to ‘talk out loud’. Explain that the troll is living in a human house and ask ‘nicely’ if there might be somewhere else better it could move to? It might work. I can’t guarantee it, because as I said, we are in their ‘world’ in so many ways, and they were here before humanity was, so I can understand when our lack of care for nature interferes in their lives.

    No, I am not joking.

    Love & peace
    Ama Nazra ( you can find me here listed under Friends)

  2. Ama, you’re quite the knowledgeable one. Your wisdom seems to step beyond the demonology studies and further into that which is uncommonly known. Commendably done.

    • Thank you again, Otherworldly Apple, its take a lot of years, and multitudes of experiences, and lessons, to fill this mind with all its trivia .. LOL .. ok, ok, bits of knowledge. :-) Yes, I do not focus on the demonology, its only one small part of a great whole that is this world we live in. Amazing place!

      Love & Peace

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