Haunted Apartment What Do I Do?

Let me just say I’ve had experience with ghosts already. My parents’ house is home to 3, and the man has only made contact with me. He’s never done anything, he just likes to whisper and pace.

I’ve also heard the woman various times and always at the same time and in the same room. This other encounter is very different.

A few years ago I moved into this apartment. It is above the store my mother owns. At first nothing happened. Then, I would be walking through a specific hallway in the store and hear laughing. A man laughing. I would always be alone and it would be at various times of the day. It freaked me out. There is a mirror on the storage room door. I started seeing a man in the mirror. Again, while I was alone and at various times. Then he appeared with a top hat in various corners.

One night, about a year after my first encounter with him, he appeared near the stairs of my apartment. Always with the top hat. He’d mostly be a shadow. It would be at night when I would lay down to sleep, or when I would get up to go to the bathroom. Again he’d never do anything, just be there.

At one point I got so scared I spread table salt across the top of my stairs as I had read it repelled ghosts. I moved out for a few months then moved back in. Occasionally I’d see something from the corner of my eye in the shop but nothing like before.

Now, since the store has closed, and I know no one is down there, I hear doors open and close. What’s worse is I’m starting to hear a mans voice close to the door to the apartment. Sometimes I think I can hear my apartment door opening and footsteps coming up the stairs but he never appears. Early in the morning, I hear both a man and a woman. I can’t make out anything they are saying.

I know there is no one down there and I keep the TV on constantly so I can’t hear them. I don’t know what to do but I’m scared to even enter the lobby to the apartment. What do I do? I’ve already told him he’s scaring me and to leave but he’s still bothering me. It’s nothing like the ghosts in my parents’ house. They’re harmless and I haven’t heard the man since I told him to stop. Any advice would be nice.

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  1. Hi KnittingBlonde

    Does the man see you .. or is he simply present? You might be like a ghost to him in ‘his’ world.

    In the meantime .. you might consider smudging your house with white sage. It can be effective. You might also consider having the whole building blessed by a minister from your local church, if that’s appropriate to you. They can all do it. The blessing changes the structure of the energy of the building and usually repels ghosts. You might also consider having a medium come in and check out the building and talk to any ghosts and help them cross over, which is kinder – but do ask the minisiter, in his blessing, to send any ghosts into heaven.

    That’s the usual answer I give people in your situation. If the problem persists after that .. which is unlikely .. you can find me here on the site under ‘friends’ – Victorian Paranormal Connection. I also clear buildings, and people.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. That is one very creepy experience you’re having, one thing I want to confirm though is, do you live alone in the building? If you are, well I believe you have resident ghosts in your place. It’s true that salt can keep entities at bay. One thing you should have done though, is walk around the apartment while whisking or sprinkling salt in places where you have gone to. Concentrating salt in one area won’t offer much repelling power, you don’t need to pour huge amounts of salt in every room, just a sprinkle will do. Put salt on corners and places where you think the entity is lurking. It’s very likely you have a “Hat Man” in your apartment. A Hat Man is a type of shadow ghost that enjoys being seen, just try to ignore it and it will eventually go away. Don’t try yelling at it or it will bother you even more. If the ghost still bothers you, try getting in touch with psychics that may help you resolve your situation.

  3. I never heard of a hat man. Only a shadow man. But is it a demon? What do you mean he likes being seen?

  4. He’s probably trying to get your attention for something.You said he like’s being seen,so he might like attention or he wants to tel you something

  5. I have heard people speak of shadow demons or shadow ghosts, but not a hat man. Interesting. There’s alot I haven’t seen or heard of! I guess I should be grateful! :) As for the ghost in your appartment, Knitting Blonde, do try Ama’s suggestions and also, Ama has white light protection affirmations on her website that you can use in the mean time to protect yourself. You don’t know what kind of entity it is, and ghosts that have been here a while like to feed on our energy. If it is invoking fear in you, it could be feeding off it and these protection charms (if you want to call them that!) will help protect you from a ghost wanting to feed on your energy. Here is the direct link to the psychic protection: http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/SpiritsGate.html Good luck!!

  6. I’m quite surprised that not many of you know of the “Hat Man”, there is an article for it right here (//www.trueghosttales.com/shadow-creatures.php)
    As for the white light shield, it is possible to do that. I got this from a psychic friend of mine, he told me that before going into the haunted room, you must envision yourself being surrounded by a bubble of pure white light. This should be enough to protect you. One of the difficult parts I have encountered in doing this method the fist time is keeping that bubble of protection up for long periods of time. You’ll need a bit of concentration in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it’s just like riding a bicycle. You can also try expanding that bubble from around your body to fill up your entire room. With this method it’s like setting up a force field in your surrounding.

  7. I experienced something you might like to hear about. I had been reading a book by Hans Holzer that contained several hundred stories about ghosts over hundreds of years apart. Many of the stories nearly always contained a mention of footsteps going up and down stairs, through rooms, and even on the roof. I think of the “footsteps” common to many stories as just a scare tactic.

    By the power of suggestion (from the book), I began to hear a man walking on the roof of the house. At one point I stopped reading and visualized a pirate dressed up in ridiculous clothing marching up and down the roof. Not long after that, the sound of footsteps totally disappeared.

    I write that one off to the “power of suggestion.” A little visualization can go a long way to eliminate the problem.

    Please don’t forget, some people do breaking and entering to steal from you, or to do worse. Have courage, and be prepared for either.

  8. Have he ever tried or indicated that he was trying to cumunicate in the wright place you can get digital recorders for 10dollars. By the way trying to cumunicate good go bad fast but if you reach a conclusion he could go away forever.
    P.S. if he starts refering to himself in plurol(we,us legion, )get a imeadeat blessing hopefully it wount be that bad. But if he does that us demon characteristic

  9. In my opinion, if that entity creeps the beejeebees out of me I’d rather combat and eradicate it rather than try to communicate with it.

  10. Hi Buddy,

    I couldn’t agree more. If an entity tries to scare me .. its next destination is some nice healing place, where it can learn better manners. LOL

    Love & Peace

    • hello Ama and buddy
      i agree aswell.
      Have any of you seen/touched a ghost?

      • Yes, Ben, I have been touched by them, held hands with one or two, and had any number of irritating (and irritated) ones walk through me. LOL In all cases it was a chilly experience.

        Love & Peace

      • I’ve seen lots of them. I often see them walking around or just standing in one corner, but I never dared to touch them though.

        • Hi Buddy,

          I don’t recommend a person tries to touch a ghost. You’ll find them cold, and it might encourage them to latch on to your energy and follow you home. Not to be recommended. They do not know when to stop taking your energy. My times of contact came during the rescue work I was doing, to help people cross over. It was specific to the task in hand, and not taken on lightly.

          Love & Peace

  11. Strangely you mentioned a mirror several times in your post. The first thing id suggest it the old mirror your talking about simply remove it from the house and see if it all stops. Sometimes its the place thats haunted, sometimes things sometimes people.

    Are you haunted a man in a hat – usually if the spirit bother to get all “dressed” up they probably do want to be seen. A top hat? Identifies the age a little bit. Did you see him out of the corner of your eye? Were you afraid before you saw him or did he startle you?

    Old houses always creak and sound like footsteps to an active imagination-or are easier for a spirit to manipulate to make a footstep type sound pick whichever you like better.Remember this most spirits are lucky if they have enough power to pierce the veil even long enough for a whisper or to be seen they cant actually act through it.

    Tired of being afraid and want to get them out. Good luck lol

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