Does Satan Love Me?

Does Satan love me? I mean I have a feeling he does love me

Asked by Ciara

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  1. No, GOD loves you, Satan is EVIL

    • Hi Ciara,
      Dont let these people presure you to believe in stuff that you dont want to believe in and by the way its free of religion and beliefs and also how do you guys know that satan is really bad and how do you guys know that he cant love and maybe what their telling people about satan is maybe lies who knows and Ciara if you want to be a devil worshipper go ahead its your choice, no one elses,ok, Take care

      • Nicole,

        Some people have far too much experience with demonic energy, and have met the devil and know its works, and I’m not just talking about good Christians – so while you are giving advice based on ‘guessing’, I would instead suggest you read of other people’s experiences with that entity and not suggest its ok for someone else to get into harm – just because.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (DEMONOLOGIST)

  2. Hi Ciara

    What makes you think Satan loves you? I mean, what examples can you give?

    Satan is all about self-absorbed ego, pride, evny, spite, selfishness, oppression, bondage, fear, hatred – in fact, the equal and opposite to everything that God stands for. I find it very hard to imagine there being any room left for love, in Satan’s heart, after that lot.

    I would be very interested to read why you feel he does love you. Have you made a pact with him??


  3. Satan says obviously : hey human I love you , I’m a powerful entity and can covey you to what you wish , be my follower and obey me till be one of nearest follower to me. this is a honor for you and I allow you to be so .you have two choose either me or anonymity without any protector. I know you are a wise person and don’t want to be an stupid and I love such person my best friend is who that is more similar to me and I will give my friend some power to live comfortable and unique … accept this honor !! …..
    when Satan says these say in his heart : hey human , I am hate you , god throw me down of my dignity due to you I will avenge of you and all humans I will go to the hell but I will not go alone I will drag all humans to hell along myself you are an abject existence and weak I hate you human ! you aren’t able to see fire enmity in my heart how much it is. My enemy are you and …… I scare to mention him because worry he exterminate me but you must know I will take you where that I will go , I throw you in affliction that god putted me in it, so do what I offer and follow me to convey you to a house that we both will be there permanently ,although I will torture there but I will enjoy when see you in fire too.

    Hey Ciara do you understand who is Satan

  4. Hi Ciara,

    I have to agree with everyone’s comments here. Satan is a liar and loves no one, no matter what he says. Please do not fall into that trap.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist) (listed here under Friends).

  5. Satan is the antithesis of all that is good….love included. So naturally, one would have to understand that such an entity would be incapable of love.

    I’m not sure why you ask this question but, if you could, I’d love to know so that I could delve into this topic a little deeper with you and perhaps understand what it is that makes you believe such an evil being would love you.

  6. Please Ciara, do not fall for the trap. He is the father of lies and will drag you to hell with him, to torture you, to burn you, to hurt your feelings. Ignore everything he says.
    God bless you and stay safe
    _computer love_

  7. Hi Ciara,

    In answer to your question, consider this: Scripture states that the night that the Lord instituted the breaking of bread and the partaking of the cup, Satan entered into Judas Iscariot in order to have Jesus crucified and therefore, if he did that to the Lord, how do you think he feels about his followers?

  8. Ciara,
    Do you practice Satanism or Luciferianism? I think you are mostly going to get the same comments here.

    You are asking strangers if we think Satan loves you. I tend to agree with folks on here, but I also have to admit that I’m not completely convinced in the concept of Satan as most humans see…..but I’m not going to get into that because your next sentence says you feel Satan does love you.

    Can’t help but feel you have more to say.
    So please, expound.

  9. Since satan in not omnipresent, he cannot be in all places at once. You must be a mighty awesome chick to make satan give up time from running his worlwide program of evil just to court you. All kidding aside, they cannot tell the truth and every low level demon out there fancies itself satan since there is no way for you to know the difference. This is just a minion of satan and they hate all humans period.

  10. Hello all, Im not religious in anyway but thinking about the question i think its possible. Like anybody, there are those who we have a soft spot for. Even if we are a old grump, there maybe a granddaughter, or somebody that can’t have ill feelings toward. Its funny, when I saw this question that thought of the song N.I.B. by Black sabbath.

    “Now I have you with me under my power
    Our love grows stronger now with every hour
    Look into my eyes you’ll see who I am
    My name is Lucifer please take my hand

    Follow me now and you will not regret
    Leaving the life you led before we met
    You are the first to have this love of mine
    Forever with me ’till the end of time


  11. The devil hates all humans. Don’t you know that. How do you know he loves you are you communicating with the devil? Please tell us how you started communication and why you think he loves you.

  12. Ok do not get me wrong here at all I am not at all with the devil and do not agree with making pacts with him and so on but why and how do you all know that he can not love I mean he was Gods Right Hand man and here is the sad thing he has nothing against Humans he does what he does for the pure satisfactions of getting back at God and we are just caught in the middle I look at things so different then many does so do forgive me here.

    I am also sure that there may have been many demons that revolted against Satan just as he did God so this would make not all Demons mean or human hating beings. These demons were at one time Angels of God and humans as well as other beings that once had feelings and even though they are controlled by Satan they can still feel those feelings as they did before they got drugged down below to be controlled They just can not do any thing about it unless they revolt and try to.

    the battle of good and evil will never end and no one will ever win because when one is done and over with then there will be another battle of good and evil.

    I give every thing the benefit of the doubt no matter how good or how bad there is always a turn side to them that we do not know

    • Hi LK,

      When “Satan” fell from heaven, it became the opposite of Love, in attempt to become the opposite of God. From a point of deep hatred, do you think a being can feel true love? Hatred twists our thinking, and our reality is twisted with it. A person might consider they feel love, but if they cannot deal with the anger in their heart, it taints everything the experience.

      I have dealt with demons for a very long time, experienced them, and talked to a few, and you would have no doubt of their emotion, or the capacity to even know what Love is, if you had.

      Love & Peace

      • how do we truly know if he cannot love. he had free will and he made the wrong choices but stuck with them. even if most of his heart is evil it doesnt mean there is no room for love.

        • Hi Joel,

          I agree with your wish that the devil could love, but, meet a real demon (and I hope you never do) and you will have NO doubts about its motives, or capacity to love or hate.

          Love & Peace

          • Agreed! I hope you do not either. With your current thoughts, you’d be an easy taking.

    • @LadyKiller
      In most religions that mention Satan, he is purported to be the adversary or nemesis of God. His ultimate goal being to lead humans astray, thus depriving them of eternal life in Heaven. Now when we think of love, we think of someone who cares enough about us to want what is best for us. In light of that fact, we have to assume that Satan is incapable of love, given that he has no qualms in depriving us of eternal life and happiness.

      In terms of Satanism, we have those who believe in Satan’s literal existence, in which case they believe he should be worshiped. Then you have those who take “Satan” in a more symbolic way and those individuals tend to believe that it’s more about individual free will and pleasure seeking, devoid of any connection with God and his commandments, which is seen as immoral by mainstream society, and therefore wrong, given that the means of attaining this happiness generally negates the happiness and well-being of others.

      I’m not sure what you believe but, as a person that sees Satan in the traditonial sense, I believe he is incapable of love, because as I stated before, he is the polar opposite of God, which in turn makes God the ultimate example of love. The answers you see here will most likely be in direct relation to a person’s spiritual/religious beliefs.

  13. i think satan loves me because when i call god no answer but when we play spirit of the coin IT give us response

    • Love equals getting a response? Just because some thing responds to you doesnt mean that it loves you

    • H Kavi

      “The squeaky wheel always gets the oil” ………….. or, in other words, the demonic ‘shout’ in order to be heard first in the hope you will follow them and turn your back against God. Seems their tactic works ………. doens’t mean it loves you though ……. just means its got your attention.


    • Kavi – Caretaker is correct. just becauses someone responds to you doesn’t mean that they love you. Look at all of the people who have responded to this post – we don’t know anything about you, yet by your logic, we love you because we responded to you. My dear, you have a naive misconception about God based on a lack of knowledge. At one time in our history, God did communicate very directly with us on a regular basis. We eventually made him so angry with our rebellious ways that he finally had enough and said, “i will no longer communicate with you in the traditional way”. If you read the bible you’ll see a period at the end of the old testament and the beginning of the new testament where God basically withdrew from any interaction with humans. That period spans hundreds of years. Then, God sent Jesus (who is really God in human form) to us to open a doorway between the rebellious, sinful humans and our creator. If you want to have a relationship with God (and believe me, he wants nothing more than to have a relationship with you) – you have to do it through FAITH. He will not reveal himself to you – you have to BELIEVE – that is the key to the whole Christain faith. It’s very hard to believe and trust in and then dedicate your very life to someone whom you have never seen or spoken with. God asks you for a tremendous level of faith in him – if you are able to achieve that, he will reward you with far more than you could possibly imagine – FOR YOUR FAITH. So, how can we communicate with God? Easy – first, give yourself and your life to Christ. Don’t know how? that’s what church and ministers are for – go to church and learn. second – accept the holy spirit into your life – this is God’s gift to believers. The holy spirit is another element of God – when your life is “possessed” by the holy spirit, you are possessed by God, much in the same way satan possesses people with an evil spirit. the Holy Spirit will help you understand what God is trying to communicate to you when you read the Bible. The bible is God’s word, not ours – written by men who were guided by God’s spirit in what to say. Next – pray. Not the formal prayers that you hear at church – get down on your knees and address God as you would a parent – ask him questions, be angry at him, tell him your problems, ask him for help, ask him for forgiveness of any sin you have ever committed. You see, we speak to God through our prayers and he speaks to us through the bible – but you have to read it and you have to have the holy spirit in your life to get anything out of the bible. Don’t take our word for any ot this – listen to people who have experienced the reality of heaven and hell. i suggest two short books – one is called “Heaven is For Real” – a true story about a little boy that died and went to heaven and then came back. You get a good feel for the unconditional love and forgiveness that this child experienced. the other is entitled “23 Minutes in Hell” and is a true story about a man that spent 23 minutes in hell. You get a really good picture of the “love” that satan has for humans when you see what happens to them, once he gets their souls. Look – this isn’t a parking ticket. You can’t get out of this by paying a fine or serving some time. This is about eternity – it warrants a great deal of thought, discovery, focus and effort – don’t be misled by evil beings into taking the easy way out. No question, being evil and self-centered and engaging in all of the world’s pleasures is all kinds of fun and it feels really, really good, and it’s so very easy – not a lot of work – we just have to give in to our human nature and let it take over. However, always putting others first, being a servant to our neighbors, giving what God has given us to others or using it help others, and resisting the temptation of all the world’s pleasures – is very, very hard to do. it goes against our very nature and we have satan and his demon angels constantly attempting to lead us down the easy path of sin. That’s why God rewards those that keep his commandments and live their lives for others, and punishes those that do what they want in life and live their lives in constant effort to enrich themselves and promote their own selfish desires. What is the 1st rule in the bible? Love God with all of your heart, mind, soul and body. The second rule? Love everyone else the way you love yourself. By contrast – what is the first rule in the satanic bible? Do what ever you want. Can’t you see? God is about love. Love me, love yourself, love everyone else.Take the gifts that I give you and do good things for others, especially those in prison. widows, orphans, the poor, the sick. Satan is all about me. Do what fees good to me. Do what i want, no matter how it hurts anybody else. Don’t care about anything or anyone except me. Me, me, me, all about me. if you decide to follow that path – don’t be shocked when you reach the end of this very short life we have on this planet and you end up being eternally seperated from the God that loves and created you, and instead you are in servitude to a hate filled demon that takes the greatest pleasure in seeing you in torment. Why? Because satan hates God and we humans are created in God’s image – for one reason. To find out the other reasons and to learn more about the love of God, the forgiveness of Christ and the real truth about satan, go to church, read the bible, hang out with other Christians, go to sunday school, read books about Christianity – you have to study it and learn it and then live it. Your life will never be the same…I promise…


      • Hi Stan,

        Some of your answer is wonderful .. and some of it is not. Paragraphs would have made it a lot easier to read ..

        You said: you are possessed by God, much in the same way satan possesses people with an evil spirit

        No, we are NOT possessed by God. The Holy Spirit and God do not tell us what to do, force us to do things that hurt ourselves or others, including physical injuries, suppress our will so that we cannot act for ourselves, drive us insane, fill our minds with poison and hatred, turn us away from our families and friends, terrify us in ways so subtle that we can never explain them to other people .. or prove to other people that we are possessed .. so that the ministers of the church send us to a psychiatrist instead of an exorcist. God loves us. He allows us free will. The devil takes it away. The churches first answer is ‘you are insane’ .. where is God in that?

        Please be careful how you answer questions for someone as young as this lady seems to be. She might take your literally.

        Love & Peace

    • Darn…I was hoping there was more thought put into it then that. :(

      Ok, so I asked God to make me rich, but that mean jerk of a deity didn’t follow through with my ego initiated desires……so I decided to ask for something less…..”God, just give me enough to make rent and put food on the table”, said I. God didn’t do that either… I went out and got a job!!!!! Now every night I light candles and pray to my boss…..

      Kavi, don’t take this the wrong way, but you sound very young. One day you will realize that humans learn less from their mistakes than their achievements….which seems to be around the time you learn that if someone (anyone! Including a spirit, deity, angel, etc..) just gives you an answer, then they are not concerned with you attaining wisdom, but rather propagating their own opinions and agendas (or possibly lies). Also, despite popular beliefs, love and doubt of that love do not go hand-in-hand. Love can’t thrive in doubt without ultimately dissolving hope…..that has a different name: despair.

      The answer is no. Not to the “does Satan love me” question, but to the implied question you didn’t ask, which was “if I ask God and Satan who loves me, and a nickel responds, then whatever I translate that to mean, is THE truth to live by, right?” Again, that answer is no. Not my opinion, btw, just text book logic.
      The rest is entirely up to you to discover…..never fear questioning….but definitely don’t take your first “expected” answer as Tao.

      Also, this is why I have so many issues with humanity putting God ( any being, really) into a box that it can’t define in the first place. In my opinion (which may/will differ from others on here…yada, yada, don’t be mad at my personal opinion…yada….yada) God is in EVERYTHING. The air you breath, the essence of love itself, a tree in the park, an electron, the weak force of an atom, the consciousness of all beings, the electricity that allows your i-pod to function…..etc….etc. To expect an answer from EVERYTHING is a pretty large order to fill…but it’s also exceedingly pompous and arrogant, in my opinion.


      • Hi Siddle,

        I always love what you write. However .. personally … I think I learn more from my mistakes than my achievements. When a person gets something right, its a momentary feeling of ‘great!’ .. when we get something wrong, hopefully we stop and analyse why it happened that way, and try not to repeat it (while beating ourselves up in our heads – what else is our ego for? LOL) .. But that’s just me.

        Love & Peace

        • Doh! Nope, that’s not just you….
          Agree completely….I just wrote it backwards.

          I meant to say….humans learn less from achievements then mistakes.

          You are absolutely right. It hurts I messed that up when trying to convey the point, but hey, I make all kinds of mistakes. Heck I just learned from one today (thanks again for catching that).

          The moral for today is: proofread, proofread, proofread……

          Other then that, I stand by what I said.


          • Hi Siddle,

            You should see my messages before I correct them. Some days I reverse letters in half the words, or leave words out .. and swear they are there .. until I read what I wrote after I hit ‘submit comment’ …… and then I write to CT and say “HELP’ please change that ‘something’ to whatever” LOL. He’s very good about it. :-)

            Love & Peace
            Ama (just fixing 5 errors). LOL

    • I doubt God plays games with those who invoke Him just for entertainment, however Satan and minions… They’ll appease you any chance they get to get you to think the way you are right now. At this point ‘It’ is winning the game


      • that was for Siddle, sorry I got it lost in the shuffle somehow! :)

  14. Satan is NOT human and he does not have the capacity to love or care for anyone or anything. A giant red 7 headed serpent like Satan is incapable of love. The bible plainly states that Satan has come down to earth having great WRATH meaning that he is not here to love.

    REVELATION 12:12 – Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! FOR THE DEVIL IS COME DOWN UNTO YOU, HAVING GREAT WRATH, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

  15. I would really like to know why do you think Satan loves you. But,Satan is opposite of God. God loves you,not Satan. Satan doesn’t love anything or anyone. He,better said it, can’t love.

  16. I believe there is negativity and evil; however, I do not think Satan exists…at least not the Christian version of him.

    I’ve been wrong before and could certainly be wrong this time. Ok, it happens pretty frequently…my being wrong! BUT my feelings on this is Satan was created to control the masses – herd the sheep in whatever direction Pope whoever wanted them to go.

    BUT if Satan did exist he’d be pure evil, hating humans loved by God because he’s the outcast and we have the ability to live in peace and light with God… Satan wouldn’t be a cuddly sort of chap.

  17. Ha!….you are all so wrong, and misinformed. Most likely, not a one of you has ever actually studied human religious history, and made a determination for yourselves, instead of taking all of the Abrahamic religions at face value. Your statements are all so woefully inadequate, that that for me to proceed from here in any terms of length, or depth, would completely render you all to be complete imbeciles. Sheep have herd mentality, and will always follow each other as they fall off the cliff. I have spoken as my FATHER would, and I will leave you now to scratch your heads, and puzzle yourselves in amazement. Ave Satanas!

    • CJB You want to jump in here and start insulting people and making judgements right off the bat? Does that usually work for you? It will not work here. Your complaints and comments are woefully inadequate perhaps you could expand a bit and teach us poor dumb misinformed ignorant folks what it is all about?

      You have spoken as your father would? Well I dont know who you are talking about but “scratch your heads, and puzzle yourselves in amazement” ?? Now that is funny. You are wrong bub, no one will be amazed by you, not even a little bit. In fact I see you as just another complainer with nothing to contribute to the discussion but your own egotistic bull. Amazement indeed!

      Now I will leave you to shake your fist at me and be so amazed and puzzled…. I have 0 tolerance for people like you

      • CT,
        I can safely say that I believe you speak correctly for all of us here. Me, for sure. Thanks….


    • “Ha!….you are all so wrong, and misinformed. Most likely, not a one of you has ever actually studied human religious history, and made a determination for yourselves, instead of taking all of the Abrahamic religions at face value. Your statements are all so woefully inadequate, that that for me to proceed from here in any terms of length, or depth, would completely render you all to be complete imbeciles. Sheep have herd mentality, and will always follow each other as they fall off the cliff. I have spoken as my FATHER would, and I will leave you now to scratch your heads, and puzzle yourselves in amazement. Ave Satanas!”"

      Tee! Hee! Hee! CJB thinks he/she is Jesus ….

      • No, guys, you got the wrong end of the stick ..he’s a Satanist.

        Love & Peace

        • A troll, more like!!


        • Well, that would be the first one of that denomination I have seen respond on here! Hmmmmm? Be interesting to see how others respond to him/her.
          CJB, if you are truly a Satanist, as some are assuming you to be, exactly what makes you think Satan loves you? Seriously? Are you sure you are not just a pawn in his master plan and he is telling you what ever you want to hear so that you will do as he wishes? do you really think, in the end, he will give you all he has promised and not afford you with suffering and damnation? I pray for your soul, CJB, for if you continue on this path, you may no longer possess it. I am sorry, CJB; I have patience and tolerance for most religions, but yours is one i cannot tolerate. I will say no more about this, as you are a human being and a fellow creation of God(who is your “rightful” father, because HE created you and HE created Satan; Satan CANNOT be your father.) and deserve respect if for that reason only. I hope at some point in your life you will see the error of your ways.

          • Satanist do NOT believe in a Satan. Why do they call themselves Satanists when they do not believe in Satan? I dont know makes no sense to me

          • Depends on how the person defines themselves, CT. Some Satanists worship Satan because that is what they think all the others do. They make up elaborate ceremonies and kill small animals .. or worse. They just don’t talk about it much.

            Love & Peace

          • Yeah I understand but just because a bunch of people call themselves Satanists (or Christian, or whatever) doesnt mean that they are. Now dont get me wrong I am not defending Satanism in any way. In fact I think the entire thing is ridiculous but thats just my own opinion. “I am a Satanist but I do not believe in Satan” just isnt a logical statement in my view.

          • I agree with you, CT, and if people knew the kind of trouble they can bring on themselves through these sorts of statements and actions .. perhaps they wouldn’t do it? Just because you say you don’t believe in something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t ‘believe in you’. You invite in trouble, you have to expect it will come through the door.

            Love & Peace

          • Yeah, I was talking about karma and this girl said she didnt believe in that hocus pocus. Well, karma doesnt require ones belief now does it? :)

          • Karma is gathered by what we ‘do’, not by what we think, otherwise half the world would be working off a murderous (murderer’s) karmic debt. We might ‘create’ the world through our thoughts, but it is by our actions that it is brought into being.

            Love & Peace

          • Even the Bible says you will gather what you sow – to me that is talking about karma.

            See Luna even I will stray off topic at times :)

          • It is to me too, CT. And Satan does love someone with a huge karmic debt. Sometimes they can be easily ‘bought’ (to be released from the debt .. or think they will be).

            Just to get us back on topic. LOL

            Love & Peace

          • HAHAHA, CT!!! Yeah, I can get off topic, but I do try to jump back into to topic, if I’m too far on a tangent! LOL!!! I think we all veer off topic, at times, especially if another commenter asks a question in their comment and we go off on a tangent about that question!! But Now, I will answer this question directly in a different comment here!!! :D

  18. You people actually don’t realise that this person is joking…lol…satan loves me…

  19. Direct answer to topic question: No, Satan, or whatever name he/it is going by does not love you.What you feel is his seduction, he is VERY GOOD at that! He is a deceiver and the prince of lies. He is the opposite of Love and incapable of that emotion. He wants you to “think” he loves you because that would pull you further towards him and further towards him obtaining your soul. Once he has that, may God help you. Sorry. The biggest mistake you could make is to trust the Prince of Darkness. Stay in the light. God loves you. He may not answer because he has given you free will and is not interfering with that, but He entrusted a guardian angel to you who will answer your call for help, if you just ask. I pray you make the right choice.

  20. Hello everyone!
    Please don’t get me wrong,i really like this site and find it very helpful..finally a place where you can find answers to your questions…i have learned some things too while reading some stories,but all i am saying that there may be some people that try to be funny by asking this type of questions…i mean the person has no real background to this question…however i am sorry if any of you got offended.

  21. I personally think this website is the last place where one should fool around making up stories or asking questions without really wanting/needing answers.It is simply full of persons who truly have knowledge and experience in this field.It is also the reason why I asked here some questions(ps:sorry if I overused it and asked too many!I`ll take a break…don`t mean to bother anyone..:(…) and received really good and helpful answers.Perhaps everyone can learn from it and users will really appreciate its quality,even if some persons just meant to have fun here!:)Anyway,good luck with it and all the best for you all!!

    • You feel free to ask all the questions you like. AND I agree with you, this is not a site where people should “fool around” but I generally try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for the good words and I appreciate ya!

      • Yes, BT and CT,
        There are christian demonologists, biblically educated persons, wiccans/demonologists, pagans and so forth, all who’ve had more than a few para/super-natural experiences and have discovered answers themselves through themselves, or research. All these backgrounds with these experiences in common… coming together in peace, love, and sincerity to help. Never know who’s answer is going to fit your question to a tee, but all are good for guidance.


        • Right Keith, and the more the merrier .. or the more interesting!

          Love & Peace

    • We are happy with people asking genuine questions, Blacktiti89. Hopefully we all learn something from the people answering.

      Love & Peace

  22. Well who knows he probabaly does

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