Do the Gnostic Writings Hold any Weight?

Do the Gnostic writings hold any weight? Im not incredibly familiar with them, but have been doing a bit of reading and research and find them fascinating. I have not; however, made my mind up to their validity.

I do like the way in which Jesus is depicted as a human being just like the rest of us. He is shown to feel the normal feelings we all do and not always behave perfectly. I fancy the way I can personally relate a bit easier.

Any thoughts on this? Should it tie in with the OT and NT?

Asked by Robyn

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  1. Hi Robyn

    Gnostic writings are very realistic, interesting and to some degree there is a texture of authenticity. But even though raised as R.Catholic, I’ve been labelled a heretic. :-(

    • Hi Pat, and Robyn,

      That’s a polite response to some of the names I’ve been called over the years. LOL I’m happy being a heretic. I would rather question the reality of God than follow blindly.

      I haven’t spent a lot of time studying the Gnostic Gospels but I definitely think they are worth reading at least once and considering as part of the ‘knowledge’ we have of Jesus. We really have so little to go on, and taking the magic away from the man, and only leaving the bits deemed appropriate 1900 years ago, in this age of ‘enlightenment’ makes no sense to me. People don’t have to agree with the Gnostic philosphies, but .. since everything we know is just someone else’s opinions .. they should not be undervalued.

      Love & Peace

      • How fortunate the three of us are that they don’t get out a blazing torch to deal with us heretics these days! However, I’ve met some people who makes you wonder if things may revert back to the (not-so) ‘good ole days’ were they to have their say!

        I’m like you Ama, I’ve not studied them in great detail, but I find them to be certainly worthy of my fascination. I personally get the feeling that they are as valid as the other texts.

        What silly people to dictate what we can and cannot read. Don’t they know that just makes us want to read the omitted bits even more!?!? lol

        • Well, they treat us like children, angel .. so we respond like children, have a temper tantrum and run away .. from God??? Sigh! It’s the baby with the bathwater thing.

          Love & Peace

        • Robyn,

          “What silly people to dictate what we can and cannot read. Dont they know that just makes us want to read the omitted bits even more!?!? lol”

          Because knowledge is power….suppressing knowledge is power to control.

          I have a friend who is a principle….he recently informed me that his school is trying to acquire “history” books that omit the concept of slavery in America. What?! To some, that may be refreshing because it’s less negative and makes them feel like this can “all be put behind us now”….to me, it’s a complete loss of valuable information….information about where we came from…mistakes we have made….
          That’s how we learn….trying to squelch it only forces us to relearn.

          This is why I research everything for myself (and why I’ve become so sceptical about anything I do read) . You’d be surprised at the amount of humans that don’t think other humans should have the same information….so they take it away. Even worse then that, is the times it’s either obfuscated or rewritten completely.

          That is why I will NEVER believe the Bible is God breathed.
          Using people to convey it’s thoughts would make God a very bad decision maker….I know some humans. Words etched on stone tables via lighting makes way more sense then letting a human write on your behalf… :)


  2. Hi Ama & Robyn,

    Some time ago, I read quite a bit about the Gnostic beliefs and if my memory serves well, it was/is a belief system older than Christianity and may have been driven underground about the time when heretics were burnt at the stake.

  3. I have studied Gnosticism, particularly, Sophian Gnosticism for seven years and I have found it to be a rich and fulfilling spiritual path. Yes, it is older than Christianity but Sophian Gnosticism is Christian based. It was driven underground after the Council of Nicea called by the Emperor Constintine in 325 AD.
    Gnostic books, called the Nag Hammadi Library, were discovered in the 1940′s. You can learn more at

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