Do Fallen Angels Really Exist?

Do you believe in Fallen Angels? Do Angels have free will?

Asked by Big Chief

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  1. Hmm… almost done answering questions.

    No, the angels do not have free will, not in the way humans understand it. They follow orders. They were created as servants, and within the wide limitations of their creation they do a really good job of trying to look after difficult and unobservant humans.

    Fallen angels .. one third of heaven fell because God gave an angel the right to ‘choose’. It’s a short long story and I wrote it here, for anyone interested in reading it.

    Why do I know? Because I can talk to them all and have had multitudes of interactions with angels and fallen angels, some of whom are now back in the Light.

    Have a great day,
    Love & Peace,

  2. Hi all.

    I’m sorry Ama, but i have to completely disagree with you there.

    Angels where given free will. Hence how Satan supposedly rebelled. Angels suffer from all the ailments man suffers as a result of higher intelligence. Such as jealously, rage, even a need for vengeance. All these can be seen displayed by Satan, when he corrupts and leads a full third of the host of heaven against God. Angels could choose to serve God, or to serve themselves. And when Satan’s father asked him to bow to what he saw as lesser creatures, and love them more than he loved God himself, he could not do that. And so chose to serve his own interests. This resulted in Satan tainting some of his fellow angels, and leading them to war with God, and continues to lead them against man kind. (supposedly)

    In this story you can clearly see Jealously, Anger, Hatred, Arrogance, and the angels wanting revenge, or even justice for what they consider to be wrong doing against themselves. None of this can be achieved without free will.

    And it shows how we, mankind are infact not lesser creatures than Angels, because we always seek redemption, we always want to be closer to God. And that is why Christ supposedly died for our sins. even though we had essentially done the same as Satan did, we continued to seek redemption from Original Sin.

    As to whether Fallen Angels do exist, we can’t prove they don’t?

    Thanks for a great topic!

  3. Actually Ama i just wanted to apologise.

    After thoroughly reading everything you have written, very interesting stuff by the way.

    We did agree on a few key points.

    But then i can’t talk to Angels, i can only read what others have written for me.

  4. Hi BigJim,

    Apology happily accepted, I know I misread things at times. Thank you for apologising.

    Does that mean you read my book? One angel was given free will, not any of the others. One angel fell, and others followed – because it was allowed, for a very short time – that is where all the negativity came from .. after the event, after humanity was created, placed above the angels (or were they?) (the angels were asked to ‘serve’ humans as teachers and guides – why was that seen as subservient? There’s the puzzle). Samael couldn’t take it and chose pain over glory. No ‘angel’ suffers from ailments of any kind, only humans do. And humanity and the angels are not one better than the other, we are two streams of existence that live in different frequencies of energy.

    Satan, btw, was created long after the angels fell, as was Lucifer .. who was actually a bishop who annoyed one of the other bishops who was rewriting the bible .. and shoved him in as a protagonist. LOL Gotta laugh. :-)

    Think of the balance. Night and day, right and wrong, up and down, good and evil. There are two types of ‘angels’. Those in the Light we still call angels, and those in the dark we call demons. The greater demons are still angels, they are just ‘fallen’. It is their choice that humanity suffers, not God’s – and our choice, of course. I ask this question over and over – why do we choose to suffer, when loving and happiness is so much nicer .. it just takes a bit more work …

    And sadly, people don’t always seek redemption, nor do they want to be closer to ‘God’, any God. Some try to be good without a deity, which is their right, we were given free will after all, and others would rather follow the dark path, because we are all essentially lazy, and would rather travel ‘downhill’ than up (the slope is slippery on the way down, and rocky on the way up (which actually means we have work on our issues, attitudes and emotional responses). Yes, for those who choose to – and I am one of them – to serve God you have to serve others, .. how very angelic of us all …

    Love & Peace

  5. Hey Ama.

    I didn’t read all of you’re book, i read sections of it and was happy to see you’ve left a lot of comments on this web page that i through. You seem a very fascinating person with an incredible life!

    A very interesting response, i don’t argue that Lucifer is not “Satan”, or that Satan was not the first Angel. However, if Angels don’t have free will anymore, how have you been speaking to Fallen Angels that returned to the light? That surely implies that they still had the freedom to choose?
    When i said that humans seek redemption, i think i said that in a very hippie love kinda way. lol. What i meant was that humans don’t do evil for the sake of doing evil, like an evil spirit will do, the vast majority of mankind would, given a choice never intentionally harm anyone, and i think thats why Christ supposedly died for our sins, because we are flawed creatures, and unlike Satan and his devils we deserved a second chance. Mankind suffers because of Original sin. When eve par took of the fruit of knowledge, thats when bad things started to happen to mankind.

    I confess the only knowledge i have on it is from a Judeo/Christian view point. Sadly no angel has ever made contact with me or tried to steer me into the light as far as i know.

    Cheers guys.

  6. Hi BJ,

    Everyone deserves a second chance. That is what unconditional love is all about. That is why we have free will, for chance after chance after chance .. in the new Testament Jesus is said to have said ‘if someone strikes you, turn the other cheek .. 7 x 7 times” … I don’t want to know what happens after that, but I doubt it includes getting smitted ..otherwise all of us would be dead by now.

    Go and read the bit about Easter in my book, if you haven’t already .. it will explain the crucificion to you, from my point of view. It had nothing to do with ‘sins’ and everything to do with setting us free from a prison of our own making.

    You are right about fallen angels (demons in the dark) (Children of Light once redeemed and experiencing human lifetimes) still have their free will. They are no longer angels and they can never go back to being one. The angels that did not fall are still servants of God, and they like it that way. It’s not that they don’t know any other way (what one angel of their kind knows, all the angels of their kind know), and even when poked really hard (questioned deeply, which I have done once or thrice), they need and want nothing else. They have GOD and GOD is EVERYTHING. It might be a concept that is too hard for humans to grasp, but it makes perfect sense to me. Why would they choose to fall when they will lose that ‘everything? And I spoke with Samael. That was a fascinating, but nasty, experience. It totally disrupted the energy of the household while I was in England housekeeping for some friends, an elderly couple. The man would lose his temper all the time even though he was sleeping (afternoon naps) during the short time she was visiting, the lady, deep in Alzheimers, I don’t think was much affected, for which I am grateful. It was a very strange time in my life, but also very important. Oh yes, now I sound like a nut, but weird things happen to people all the time .. LOL

    And no, people don’t automatically do good things unless they are very advanced souls. Their first instinct, controlled by ego, is for survival, not altruism. And some humans (sociopaths and many of the young these days) don’t care at all for what others want or need, they just take care of themselves, including walking on people ‘on the way to the top’. It would be wonderful if everyone would think of others, as well as themselves, but … the truth is, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer .. and the middle levels struggle not to ‘fall’. And with so much focus on negativity, particularly on the tv .. not just the daily news, but lots of the movies that come out now .. including themes in kids movies and cartoons .. we are teaching our society that hatred and self-protection are all there is.

    I could rant about this for hours, but I will shut up now.
    Wishing everyone a great day,
    Love & Peace,

  7. i believe some thing totaly different. please dont critisize for my views. what i believe is that we r all god just we r not complete yet. i believe our spirits go through test which in the end ultimatley leads 2 us joing with our fifteen counter parts and is sent to the source. the source is every thing so the source is god. eventualy they will either be seperated again from the source or they will become perfect spirits who will either be spirit guides or enforcers for the astral realm to get it in order. while we go through the test our astral body which is our conscious seperates more and more until the spirit either gets reincarnated to learn more or until it get to the source. so when our astral bodies seperate we do go to places that r similar 2 heaven or hell. The enforcers decide this. So what im getting at is no no there r no fallen angels.

  8. Hey Joel,

    I’ve read this somewhere before, but can’t remember the source – could you please tell me what group you belong to .. or believe from?


  9. hey ama,

    well it is based strongly off beliefs of 1 of my friends religion. The only difference is that I believe a person`s ego becomes like a second soul 2 a person because I have had a near death experience and regular obe`s and i feel like there is a strong difference between the 2. If you would like I could get my friend`s religion`s name.

  10. Hi Joel,

    Yes please .. I would like to know the name of the religion.

    Would you share your near death experience with us?

    Love & Peace

  11. It will take a couple days because my friend is on vacation and he didnt take his cell, I should have it by the 12.

    I was 6 years old and playing with my other friend and I wasnt paying attention and I got hit by a truck while playing tag. Ronnie ( the friend i was playing with) ran in to tell my mom. The truck just sped up. I was rushed to the hospital and i was declared dead for 3 minutes. While I was ‘dead’ I saw them trying to revive me. I didnt know what was going on consciously but my Subconscious was kind of telling me you are dead. I started to drift away when I heard a voice I assume who was my spirit guide telling me “it is not your time go back to your body.” I started to drift back into my body slowly and reluctantly because I went from feeling like I was as free as a person could be to feel as if I`m being caged up. I do have 1 question though, I had no recolection of what happened until I started my spiritual journey about 4 months ago. Any light on that would help.

  12. Hi Joel

    I had a near death experience went I was 4. According to my mum I choked on a sweet and it nearly affixiated me. She said I “went limp and turned blue”. Thankfully she revived me. Obvious really, I’m still here … typing away! LOL!

    Near death experiences change the chemisty in the brain – effectively ‘waking up’ parts of the brain which would normally lay dormant or seldom be used. This is why so many near-death victims tend to become more spiritually aware after their trauma.

    Your beliefs sound a little bit like Buddism (in as much as God is all around us, above us, below us and within us.) Buddism believe we are the god-source as much as the universe is. There is no external spirit God as such – we and our environment are all apart of God. Buddists will also take themselves of on retreats and meditate for days or even several weeks at a time in isolation in order to reach the higher-conscious, or gain enlightenment, the same as Buddha did. I can’t remember them believing in ‘enforcers’ though. Rather, Buddhist believe the soul judges itself, hense the karma.

    It would be interesting to learn where your beliefs originate from.

  13. Hi Ama,

    The thing that brought my beliefs to the enforcers or guardians were my teachings in the astral realm by the higher beings that inhabit the astral plane. I was able to get in contact with my friend because he called me from his hotel (strangley I was thinking of how much I wanted to talk to him) and when I asked him where his religion got his ideas from he told me it was from many sources, like me, and was unsure if they were going to name it beacause in his opinion at least a ever changing religion should not have a name. But he told me it is ultimantly up to there leader. The basis is we are open to all religion that we can prove with our own spiritual journeys`.

    I hope I have shed some light for you.

  14. I never intend to be rude about others belief, others opinion is respectable and I wouldn’t like meet those inimical but I have to say what I know. the single angel that disobeyed about God’s will and command was an angel that was called ” Eblis” . I have heard his name was been ” Azazil “at the earliest time of the creation ( he called ” devil or satan in English word ) he was leader of all angels while praying for god ere Adam be created.when god created Adam and told that he is the best creature which is created until now and also ordered to angels to respect and pray for Adam ,”devil ” envied to him and became very irate and malcontent. he told himself : how god selected another upon me ? he opposed about god’s selection and command. god told him hi, devil why you didn’t respect to Adam who that I created him by my hand. devil told (frightened and shaky ) : you created me of fire and created him of soil , I’m better than him ( this action of devil was rude about king of universe. he wanted say to god why you created Adam he is a valueless and rubbish creature you did do hostility about me. but
    devil didn’t tongue it because of awe ). god became so angry and yelled to devil : go away ! you are cursed and my execration for you until resurrection time.
    so devil was driven of sky. therefore there was not any other angel as devil that is drown along with him to earth.

  15. Hi Joel,

    1) How did the memory of your NDE return? You might have only connected to it now because its part of your continuing spiritual journey, and you might not have been able to accept or understand it any earlier?

    2) Enforcers .. there’s a group called the Arcturians on the spiritual planes that talk that sort of language – all very much ‘war, death, violence’ and I find them a real worry. The belief patterns they express are almost science fiction to read .. doesn’t mean it isn’t true, but it does worry me that they focus so much on ‘enemies’ and not enough on love. Hence my question. True higher beings are totally focused on LOVE as a source of change, not aggression.

    I am not talking about you as a person, nor am I trying to deride your beliefs, but not everything is friendly ‘out there’ and there are beings that like to confuse the mind of the living. And someone who will not ‘name’ their belief system … even if it is ‘ever changing’ .. strikes me as evasive. All things are known in the Light, and there is no reason to hide anything.

    Love & Peace

  16. Hello Manss,

    I know that ‘angel’ as Samael.

    Love & Peace

  17. Hi Ama,

    First, thank you for clarifing that I thought it but was not 100% sure.

    Second, I`m sorry I did not clarify on the enforcers, but they are very loving creatures who have great wisdom. They are called enforcers because they are the one of the few creatures that have a great vibrational level who can do violence. The last time they were violent was thousands of years ago.

    Third, I thought the same thing when they told me that but I just really didnt really care what they named it or if they did.

  18. Hi Joel,

    Did you know the ‘enforcer’ name and explanation before they started talking to you? And the Michael can attack when needed, but only their own kind .. pity we can’t say the same about demons.

    Love & Peace

  19. No I had no idea their explanation or name. I only talked to them because i felt they were of good intent.

  20. hey AMA , Joel, manns, Ryder, big Jim, as for me i wouldn’t say av had a near death experience or i speak to angels and neither am i psychic…….but very wiered things have been happening to me lately…….. i literary see things…..i see the future of those close to me and my self………and scary enough they come to pass…..if those am in contact with feel pain or i start crying thinking about them..for no apparent reason……two days ago my dads arm had an injury since he was far from home i didn’t know this but i was feeling a lot of pain in my arm then he came home with a casted hand that’s when i put the pieces together…….i have a lot of whole other experiences…but most of the times i think am crazy…………or a freak

    • It is not far from logic which a person who is near the die see some angel especially the angel of death . but i don’t think what you say be that awful archangel or may you have only sensed him or a few of his assistance. Anyhow I don’t know more about what you have felt.
      about yours and your fathers arm injury I have not seen or heard anything but it is not far from paranormal happening too also I advise you , don’t think about paranormal occurrence anymore.because whatever you think more , involve more . it is not mean that don’t research about paranormal but I say don’t feel you are a wonder person and some bad and irregular occurrence is happened for you. be optimist and think positive. This is the key of good life and good happening.

  21. Hi Linah,

    You are not crazy, and you are not a freak .. you are clairvoyant (seeing the future), and empathic (empathy) – feeling what others feel etc. It’s all normal, and each is a gift.

    Go and read my webpages .. I am listed here under Friends on the right up the top there. It will explain some things to you. And check out the information about psychic protection, and personal energy shields, so that you won’t be overwhelmed by other people’s emotions or experiences, as you described above.

    Love & Peace

  22. Linah , excuse me what has been sent by name ” Anonymous ” was mine , I forgot wrote my name

    be safety

  23. hey
    i have been reading what everybody has been saying and all my life i have been thinking this was all in my head and made up and i was caught up in my own little bubble that my mum has been worried about me but now this is like … WOW. but how did you speak to the angel. are fallen angels evil or are they still with heaven but like gaurdian angels? soz cant spell. should i keep believing or give up hope completely?

    are angels with us in human form and when you met the angel what did it look like?
    i’m just confused about this whole thing because my everyone is saying that they dont exsist and now you guys are sayin that they are nad now im just confused about everything


    • Hey Lauren,

      It helps if you write the name of the person you wish to talk to. I’ll assume its me.

      I talk to angels because they talk to me. I haven’t always done this, they came and reminded me I had agreed to work with them when I was about 35? Before that I wasn’t sure if they existed. Nowadays I have no doubts. :-)

      One third of the angels fell from heaven to earth through various reasons, such as pride and lust and many nasty emotions. They became demons. Demons are evil, they cannot love and do not love, anyone. They cannot return to heaven until they choose to redeem themselves before God. They cannot become angels again.

      Since I don’t know what you believe, would you like to tell me .. I can’t say whether you should keep believing or not.

      Yes, redeemed fallen angels (demons) live among us as human beings. They are called Children of Light. They are perfectly capable of being incredibly nasty, but also greatly good depending on how many incarnations they have had as humans. They are also on the karma wheel just like the rest of us.

      I have ‘met’ Michael, who are tall, dark curlied haired and chubby cheeked, with great senses of humour. They are the soldiers of God and we all have a guardian from their group standing behind our right shoulder. It stays with us all through our lives.

      I have met Raphael – who are tall, thin, and usually have long noses. Sometimes they have red hair. They are the most unearthly of the angels I have had experiences with. We all have a healing angel, which they are, to help us in our lives, and if we help others with healing, we have more than one.

      The Gabriel .. come in all shapes and sizes, love to communicate and inspire us to try new things, within commonsense. They stand behind our left shoulders. Their favourite colour is orange .. no angel is particularly ‘chatty’ but my Meyer does talk the most of all the angels around me.

      The fourth angel that works with humanity is Uriel. He has many different roles, the one he has with humanity is our spiritual teacher. When life gets tough you can guarantee your Uriel is right there in front of you leading the way through, and your Michael has got your back, protecting you.

      One other ‘angel’ who works with humanity is Jophiel. They are the angels of peace, in my understanding. We could all learn to help them, even as they struggle to bring peace to all of us.

      I have then met demons, the greatest of which is Samael. She appeared to me as the most beautiful angel you could possibly image, but she could not hide her heart of poison. I wrote her story down for her, and learned a lot in the process, and I hope I never see her again .. until we ‘all’ return to heaven one day. The rest are unimportant in comparison.

      Yes, angels and demons exist. I hope that helps to clear up some of your confusion.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

      • hi ama,
        sorry forgot to put your name and i believe in angels very much and how did they come and talk to you?
        i always thought that the soft angel like voices in my head were made up but this just totaly wins me over. there was this one time when i was nearly dead but something kept me alive and i have been confused ever since. i always feel as if something is watching me and i always feel trapped even when im with my friens. does this mean anything or am i just imagining it ?

        take care

        • Nearly dead, Lauren? I’m glad your angels helped with that.

          How did they come and talk to me? I’m not sure exactly what you are asking with this question, so I’ll guess. They appeared around me in a very small room, we call it a box room over here in Oz, it was about the same size as two kitchen tables, had a small desk, a chair and a bookcase I could rest my head against if I leaned back in the chair and took the two front legs off the ground .. without overbalancing. I tried it once to look out the slit of a window, on my left, the door being on the right.

          There were twelve of them, Michael, God’s soldiers, semi-transparent, at least to me, very tall, well built, very strong, big feet and hands, curly dark hair, great smiles, some had hairy toes, some sandals on their feet, all dressed in togas or roman uniforms .. no helmets. There was no room for us all in the room. LOL I’ve told this story on TGT a few times. Bascially they asked quietly, ‘are you ready?’ and I kept saying no.

          A friend in america, who I was swapping stories with at that time .. ghosts we have met in our lives .. suggested I say yes. I asked him to ring my family and explain if I didn’t write to him again asap, just in case I died. He agreed. I said yes.

          Suddenly I was in two places at once. Here on earth typing up my experience, and in a place called the City of Light, walking into a round domed building. I remember columns around it with every language of the world flowing over them continuously. A white marble floor with a huge sun pattern on it, a central column of Light in the middle of the building .. we left that way. And 1000 other people just like me, and all their angels. We were told who we are and what we are and why we are .. securely placed with our minds, and then .. I was back at my desk and read what I had written. A description of what I had seen, not what I had been told. I have since ‘lived’ a lot of what I was told .. with lots more to come. :-) And my poor tired overstuffed brain took weeks to even begin sorting out what I had learned, experienced and continue to learn even today.

          And my one question to the Michael who is my guardian, after the others had gone was ‘Where were the wings?’ He answered – “Ama, it was a very small room”. LOL the Michael are very logical. :-)

          And so I work with them, in many different ways, to bring peace and healing to people who ask for our help. And we have developed many tools along the way, like the Michael Invocation .. given to the world, for the benefit of anyone who needs it. This is a time of great change, and its us who need to change (and I am not an ascensionist). The world is what it is, sentient, intelligent and .. has more patience that I ever thought possible.

          One last thing – no matter whether a person believes in a God, lots of Gods or no God .. the creator being loves every one of its creations. You never forget that when you work with angels. They are the love ‘manifest’ among us.

          Love & Peace

  24. hi ama

    WOW that must have been a amazing experience. you sound like a important and amazing person ama. so do you think something is watching me or is it just me ?

    i believe angels are real and will fallen angels do anything bad to us ?


    • Fallen Angels, for the most part, are demons unless the have repented and returned to heaven where they will most likely be put on the Karma wheel as humans. Can they harm you, well, can a demon? yes, my dear, but it also depends on your faith and strength. Ama works with the Micheal, but each and every one of us has a Micheal Angel over their right shoulder waiting for us as for his/her assistance, should we need it, and you do have to ask, because they never interfere with our free will. Mine has helped me a few times.

    • Good answer LunaT.

      Hey Lauren,

      I am really not unusual. I have just had unusual experiences, and lots of training.

      Someone watching you .. do the Michael Invocation .. the link to it is up on the right over ‘newest questions’. That will clear anything out of your energy that you don’t choose to have there. Otherwise, like me, you might be sensitive to ghosts and other entities .. they come and go.

      Love & Peace

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