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Questions About Ghosts Sleep Paralysis Demons and Evil

So,very slowly I’m getting to “get into the picture” and getting to understand that there is “supernatural” which I have been ignoring and lots of people still do. My question includes actually a lot of questions (because you know, even I started to understand some things, there’s still huge amount of things which I don’t understand.)

So, God/our Lord loves us all and created lovely creatures – angels and love as well – right? Then from where did all these demons and “bad creatures” appear? Well, maybe this question I could answer even by myself, but still I’m curious about answers. And so I have a theory processed into question also:

Why are all these evil creatures (demons, sleep paralysis, ghosts, whatever…) so hateful? I mean every time I ask my angel to get me rid of them I have to ask this myself: Are they really so bad? And why?

You know I may be too empathic but I am always some kind sorry for them, that they had to end up like this… and somewhere deep inside, maybe they didn’t even mean to be so bad… I don’t know this is just my theory. What do you think?

Also I have very odd experience by (I don’t know if I could call it meditation, but I felt it like that) I was asking my guardian angel to get rid of one ghost which was really intrusive and I had my dog in room (I had closed eyes) and suddenly when I told out loud to order out the ghost, my dog jumped to me and with really worried face he started to jump around me and lick my hand and you know, he was just too weird – so do you think he might have seen the ghost going away, or what could scare him,that much?

Another question: what do you think of crosses? I mean do you think they can really protect? Cause my grandma has whole room bedecked with crosses, believing it could help, but I don’t know, I don’t think it could stop ghosts. But wearing it as necklace might be harmless, or not?

Also I’m going back to previous themes I created about crow totem – Okay there’s a question: Don’t worry I’m not trying to rush anything, really but do you think I could damage the connection by keeping a crow as a pet or vice versa? (now I’m talking about far far away future,not like I’m gonna get one tomorrow)

Thanks for all answers and actually mostly I’m curious about answers from Ama

Asked by Ancika

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Why Did the High Council Angels and Spirit Guides Alter My Chart?

I am 50 years old, female, live with my husband of 27 years and our two sons. From January 1982 until May 1982, my chart was altered greatly. Greatly enough, that due to the change, there is no happiness in my life. Sorrow, depression loneliness and sadness.

My husband and myself live together in a family environment, but we separated over 17 years ago. That ‘change’ in my chart, altered me from having the love of my life, and a happy life time. I want the original man, that I was suppose to be with, back in my life. The High Council, Angels and Spirit guides, had NO right to alter my chart! All it did was end up pleasing a demi God, my mother (who passed on over 17 years ago) God’s useless Angles and my more useless Spirit guides. If this was the life, that was better, then I want to know what Bar, were they at, prior to January 1982.

I want Jeff back, I want to held again by him, I want to hear his voice and spend the rest of my life with him! It is time that I as a human being be happy! No more making Demi Gods happy that thrive off of sorrow and hurt! I want my life back they way it was originally written out to be, as I completed all those years ago in the Great Ashakara Temples. Mine should of never been changed! Never!

Asked by Amie

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Are Angels Walking with us Here on Earth in Mortal Form?

Do you believe that God’s angels can also become mortal and live, work and play just the same as the rest of us?

Do you believe that God has sent down his army of angels to watch over and protect us at the present time?

If so, why do you suppose that is? Has He always had mortal angels walking this earth with us, or does He have a specific plan which requires members of His heavenly realm to be mortal at this specific moment in time?

And finally, what of Archangels? Are there a number here on earth too, in moral form?

Asked by A. J. Ryder

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Do Fallen Angels Really Exist?

Do you believe in Fallen Angels? Do Angels have free will?

Asked by Big Chief

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