Different Methods Used by Spiritual Entities to Make their Presence Known?

There are different ways spirits make their presence known to us and I’ve personally experienced a number of them, the method which I found most odd and threatening, is when their presence affects the density of the atmosphere to a point where the darkness is unnaturally dense, impenetrable, threatening and sort of warm and stifling.

Does anyone with knowledge on these matters know why this is so and what sort of spirit entity these are?

Asked by pat

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  1. This one is similar, or at least it relates, to this one //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/can-ghosts-move-objects/

    From what I have heard and read over the years paranormal entities or spirits or whatever we may name them make their presence known by various ways.

    We may be “contacted” through dreams, smells, sounds and other experiences as well as actually seeing something. Although I have had several encounters with “ghosts” and “demons” I have never seen anything with my eyes.

    • Hi Caretaker,

      Yes, you are correct:

      - Footsteps. Many years ago when I was in my twenties, either I was being ‘visited’ by an invisible being, obviously, very heavy in stature – judging from his heavy footsteps or it could’ve been a case of a ghostal atmospheric imprint of this once living person making his way from the gate to my ground floor flat as he did when he was alive. He came at all hours of the night, the footsteps always stopped at my door. At times I would feel my mattress being depressed and the bed springs creek as though someone sat on my bed and I found I couldn’t move at all. My neighbour, Mrs “J” also heard him come many times.

      I moved from this flat into a two bedroomed cottage on the same premises and found he seemed to have followed me there too. Just as I was about to dose off to sleep, I would hear the heavy footsteps from the gate which proceeded to climb the four steps onto the verandah, turn the front door handle, open the door (door squeaking sound) even though the door didn’t normally squeak as the hinges were well oiled, then walk across the lounge floor to the locked interleading door where my bedroom was, turn the door handle, door squeak again, then nothing except a strange eerie feeling that I was being watched in the dark. When the air cleared I would hop out of bed and try the door handle – only to find it was still locked. (We are talking sounds so won’t elaborate on other things)

      - In another house, distinctive, very crisp tapping on the ceiling or cornices. Tap tap tap tap tap and after I respond with a tap tap tap tap on the spot, the sound becomes feinter as though it has receded further back into the atmosphere – all but accepting my acknowledgement. This also happened many times and on two occasions my daughter was with me – she was very shocked and frightened.

      Heavy urgent and loud rapping on the dining room window or kitchen door, always at night and mostly when the weather was overcast. We always ignored it because over time, we knew there would be nobody there.

      - We had a household of no smokers and visitors weren’t allowed to smoke in our home, yet from time to time and always at night, we would have this very strong cigar aroma which wafted into the sitting room from the dining room and, always when the smell wafted into the lounge, we would hear the dining room furniture creaking.

      From time to time and in the early evenings, our domestic workers who lived on the premises in their quarters, often saw a very tall white man standing under the flamboyant tree in the garden, smoking a cigar, the cigar aroma wafting across to where they were sitting/chatting outside their quarters. They told me, they always thought he was one of our visitors but were puzzled as there was never a visitor’s car in front of the house and, they had never seen him visit during the day.(This was when we lived in Africa)

      One evening, he was as usual, smoking under the flamboyant tree whilst they were quietly chatting and watching him, when he disappeared before their very eyes. Africans, being very superstitious people and afraid of spirits, stopped sitting outside at night as they were afraid to see him again.

      - When my mother died, I awoke one night – two days after she had died and felt a very cool gentle breeze around my face and the smell of the talc powder which she was using in the hospital.
      Also whilst preparing a meal in our kitchen one evening, there was once again a gentle cool breeze around me and the smell of the talc powder.

  2. Hi Pat,

    Everyone’s perception of ghosts and other entities is different, so onje person might feels a ghost as dark and dense, while another feels it as cold and very negative, or sharp energy near them. It is better not to pin down an experience to being something distinct, in case someone else assumes that that same reaction means the same sort of entity, and reacts in a way that gets them in trouble.

    Can you tell me when and where you experieced the entity or entities the way you did?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist)

    • Hmm.. how do I experience ghosts. Usually in my face wanting something? LOL

      Sounds, sight, voices, conversations, arguments, flickers at the corner of my eye until I tell them to stop messing about. Taps on the shoulder, a hug here or there. Cold! energy. In dreams. A sense of pulling energy from my solar plexus chakra. Fear on other people’s faces. They might have a reason for that, or they could just be imagining it, but we check anyway. On the side of the road trying to flag my taxi when I drove one. Running past me in the street oblivious to my presence, and everyone else’s. Memories of themselves that repeat and repeat .. they are not true ghosts. I don’t know. So many ways in so many different situations. I’ve had a interesting life. LOL

      Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama,

      How can one not make a distinction between the different methods? It’s only natural especially if the methods are so vastly different. It’s only since I left Africa and moved to England, I found websites such as these where the experiences I had were similar to those of others I used to get very excited reading some of the stories on the net because I wondered what was going on with me. When talking to people back home about some of my experiences, I wondered why those who claimed they had paranormal experiences had what I would call very minor accounts, unlike the dramatic experiences which I had. But now with the shared experiences from thousands all over the world, I realise mine weren’t that unusual.

      • Most people only have minor experiences, Pat, but think them major, or let fear turn them into major events. A passing ghost is spooky for a moment and then generally gone. A simple haunting, things move, windows rattle, its not like you and AJ experienced. That’s a whole different energy.

        A ghost, for the most part, is only looking for attention, a reminder that they have been remembered, and energy for food. A demon .. it has its own agenda, that has nothing to do with affirming its existence, but instead is seeking to destroy yours. It takes a lot more to stop them, and often moving house is not enough. I am glad it did not travel with you.

        I have noticed in my travels that the energy of various countries is very different. I have not been to africa, but going by the stories I have read, of people’s experiences there, and the beliefs of their cultures, the dark entities are different to say those here in the west. Even the energy of New Zealand, which is close, in relative terms, to australia, is very different. Even tasmania, our little island, is different again to here.

        Did you move to England to get away from the entity in Africa?

        Love & Peace

    • my mom did a seance when I was 6 and they same man I saw is still with me I hear him I can feel him and I know its me because I have moved a it follows me I’m always angry when I do go into a rage I can hear him laugh like to congratulate me am I going crazy I need to know what is he an will he follow my children he has never hurt me

      • Hi Anonymous,

        You said the same man from the ouija is still with you? He doesn’t have to hurt you, he’s already getting what he wants from you – negative emotions.

        We have a solution – at the top of this page, on the right, is a link to the Michael Invocation, it removes negative entities, and energy, from around us and should send you visitor into some place that he will find healing. Read it through a few times, to get an understanding of what it is asking, then say it out loud. Some people like to do it three times in a row .. that’s good too.

        Every negative entity is different so we can’t really answer what he might do. Better to get him gone, so he doesn’t do anything at all.

        Love & Peace

  3. Hi Pat

    I’ve experienced the ‘thick air’, or the sudden change to a dark, oppressive atmosphere, many times. Basically, this is something telling you you’re not welcome in their space. In other words, it is doing its version of shouting and screaming at you to get out of its area. A place which it believes belongs to it and not you.

    If this oppressiveness is coupled with a nasty ‘sticky’ feeling then chances are, whatever it is, is trying to possess you. (The sticky substance is ectoplasm.)

    In my experience, earthbound spirit (ghosts) are the main culpet for causing atmospheric changes, although a demon will also express the same kind of tactics if it choses to phychically attack.

    Where have you experienced this? In your own home? Or just when you’re out and about?


  4. Hi A J Ryder,

    Gosh! This happened to me twice in my life, the first experience was when I was home, on holiday from boarding school at 12 years old. The 2nd experience was clearer as I was more mature and in my early 30′s, my husband was present in a rented two bedroomed house.

    I mentioned earlier, the sound of heavy footsteps which I used to hear opening the doors and entering my house, yet there was never anybody. I awoke one night to this very heavy, stuffy, warm, impenetrable, unnatural darkness which felt very hostile and threatening. My husband was awakened as well. He whispered asking me if I could feel the strange atmosphere and if I was aware of the strange intense darkness. He took my left hand and held it very firmly – saying it couldn’t harm us if we held hands. I shut my eyes and tried to hold my breath as I was afraid to see anything and while we were lying in bed with out eyes shut, I could actually feel this entity leaving the bedroom through the walls. The atmosphere slowly lightened in weight as it seeped out through the walls and when all seemed normal again, I opened my eyes and the room was normal again, we could see all the bedroom furniture once again.

    Days later, I was asleep and rudely awakened one night when I was lifted and flung across the bed from my side of the bed, over my husband to the other side, my head crashing on the chest of drawers on the left whilst landing on my tummy and my arms hanging over the side of the bed and hands touching the floor. My husband woke up but was too late to prevent me from crashing my head. This happened again a couple of days later but fortunately my husband was awakened and caught me in mid air as I went flying across the bed.

    Many other strange things happened, thinking about it, I did think this entity was trying to possess me. We moved out as we feared it wanted to hurt me.

    When I think about it today, it is very hard to believe I actually experienced something like that, and why I should’ve been chosen by this entity.

    • Hi Pat

      You asked why were you ‘chosen’ by this entity … most likely because it knew you knew it was there. It also most likely wanted to ‘feed’ so knew that if it frightened you enough, it could feed off your negative energy.

      Many years ago, I had a multiple haunting experience in a house I lived in – one ghost (Jesse Healey) and one demon (we called it ‘Mandy’). The demon controlled the ghost so, for the most part it was the ghost who would cause the atmospheric changes (just as you describe) and the odd bit of physical pushing and shoving around … particularly in the bathroom, which used to be Jesse’s bedroom when he was alive.

      However, Jesse was not the one who picked me up by the neck and held me in the air, nor was it Jesse who tried to possess me … all the really nasty activity was all down to the ‘lovely’ Mandy!!! An exorcism sorted them both out … Jesse went to healing in Heaven (returned a few days later to thank me for delivering him) and Mandy went back to its dark lord and master.

      Coincidently, we did also have some minor poltergheist activity in the house … most of which was done by a ‘guide’ of mine called Emma who would do these things mainly to alert me of danger so I would be on my guide. However, although most of this was down to Emma, certainly the harmless non-scary stuff, a small proportion of polt activity was not down to her but would be the result of either, or of the other two spirits handywork.

      Sounds like you had something particularly nasty in your house. Thankfully it didn’t follow you when you moved out. I hope the next folks who moved into your former home didn’t suffer the same fate as you?


      • Hi Ama

        No, we left Africa/Zimbabwe like millions of others because of very bad politics by the government of the day which impacted negatively on the lives of all of its citizens especially caucasians – you must’ve seen media reports.

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