Can Ghosts Move Objects?

Things get missing in my home frequently. It happens to everyone in the house. Its like we are sure we placed it there but it will be missing.

I am the only child in the family so I get blamed for most of it though I know I didn’t do it. What do you think?

Asked by luna

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  1. Hi Luna,

    Get bossy. Very quietly, and very firmly, ask the fairies to give back your stuff. Tell them they have three days to do it. They can be really annoying when they ‘borrow’ things. It used to happen in my other house, until I told them to ‘stop’. Except things to turn up in unusual places, because they do. :-) No, this is not as silly as it sounds. LOL

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. what I kinda wonder, since Luna’s problem is fairies, is do ghosts become strong enough to pick up and move thongs? Is it something they have to develop over time or can they do it automatically when they become ghosts? Like an example of what I’m talking about is like in the movie “GHOST”, Patrick Swayze’s character had to learn how to move items using his focus through thoughts. Does that happen too?

  3. That is a good question. Are ghosts able to move objects? Are they able to interact with anything on a physical level at all? Poltergeists can certainly cause objects to move.

    I have read and heard many stories that involved objects, such as keys or whatever, being moved. Typically some thing will disappear from a spot where it was known to be and after searching all around it is found back where it was supposed to have been. Or, even more strange, it is found in an a completely different place.

    Up until recently I hadnt personally seen anything like this. We havent lived in our present house very long. Sometimes weird things happen with a light being on or a door being unlocked. I dont know what is happening exactly but things like lights and doors dont normally work themselves.

    Actually I think this is a huge question for the subject at hand, ie ghosts; is a ghost able to affect the physical world? There are those who say that a ghost cannot cause harm, only fear. But if a ghost could act upon the physical that might not be true.

    Of course there are a lot of different ‘things’ out there and they’re not all ghosts.

    I am looking forward to the comments on this one. (excuse any typos, too lazy to proof read ;) )

    • HI CT

      The science behind the displacement of objects is explained by the Nobel Prize winnig Richard Feynman. His explanation about the probability of an electron going from one place to another, is pretty complicated, however the quantum theory which that formula demonstrates is that there is a probability that an object can be displaced and replaced somewhere else due to ‘over exciting’ the electrons within that object. This, according to Feynman, is a perfectly natural occurance.

      So, it is my theory that certain ghosts as well those who (consciously or subconsciously) create their own poltergeist daemon’s are somehow able to ‘tap into’ the very nature of the universe and excite the electron’s which surround the atoms in a given object to such an extent that that object does literally ‘move’ from one place to another.

      (approx 42 minutes in)


      • OK! CT … here goes …

        Night With The Stars – full lecture. Uploaded 19th December 2011.

        Good luck!


      • Sorry chaps, the video has been posted much further down this thread.

        Approx 42 minutes into the program, Brian Cox is talking about a theoretical probability that the diamond inside the box may no longer be in the box due to Feynmnon’s quantum theory. He then gets a minor celeb – Jonathan Ross – up on stage to work out the mathematical equation in order to prove the probability that the diamand could displace itself – ie disappear from the box and reapear somewhere else.

        Enjoy the science behind the paranormal activity …


  4. Yes, ghosts can and do move things. Ghosts are low energy beings, and are only able to move light objects. The heavier an object, the more energy required to move it so ghosts are pretty limited in what they can move. Keys, cell phones, that sort of thing.
    Ask firmly but politely that your housemates stop. Usually they do these things to gain attention and acknowledgement, and once they know that you know they’re there they will stop trying so hard to be noticed. Ghosts are people too, and like to be acknowledged just like living people.
    Just to be satisfy my skeptical side though, I have to ask if there are any pets in the house? Some animals love to take their owners’ things. And some are skilled at hiding those things. One of my cats has a real knack for stealing/hiding my stuff. If I hadn’t caught him opening drawers and dropping small objects inside, I’d be inclined to say we’re haunted lol.

    • Cool, CT (as my daughter would say) you have a ghost? :-) I have a car that keeps unlocking itself, but I think that’s a fault in the electrical system? LOL

      SW, you forgot slamming doors and pushing people down stairs .. but kinetic energy is a different force to actually picking things up and vanishing them.

      Yes, ghosts can move things, but they don’t usually steal them .. just put them somewhere significant, like in the kitchen sink. They want you to notice that something spooky is happening. They want you to be scared.

      A ghost has to be dead for a very long time to develop enough energy to be able to push things around. The movie ‘Ghost’ is an illusion, the newly dead can’t do it no matter how angry they are, or how determined. They would be better influencing other people’s behaviours .. they can do that almost instantly .. once they realise their own situation and start haunting people they already have an emotional connection to .. but we are talking about moving stuff ..

      Ghosts are not just ‘low’ energy, they are also negative energy, and feed on the emotions of living people, the stuff we pump out when we are angry, frustrated, hurt, lonely, helpless, jealous, frightened etc .. frightened is the big one .. that’s why ghosts do things to make people aware of them. They feed from fear, and the other negative emotions. Think how you feel when you choose to stay angry at someone for a very long time. It can make you very sick, very churned up, very emotional, and you can react from that anger, fear or sense of helpless in trying to get someone’s attention. It ‘empowers’ you in a way that is the opposite of what we are all supposed to be, Light being .. light, not heavy, spirits.

      So, Luna’s problem is more likely fairies, simply because the things have disappeared, and not reappeared. Fairies are like magpies, they love shiny things, and things that human think are important (because they are used all the time) like hairbrushes. They will usually give them back when asked nicely.

      Ghosts, on the other hand, move stuff around to draw attention to their presence, and to ‘spook’ a person into feeling the emotions they can feed from. Not all ghosts intend any harm, but all of them need our energy to keep existing in this plane in a (un)healthy fashion.

      Poltergeist, on the other hand, are a whole different entity. In my experience, they are a human created force held together by some will or wish of someone, reacting to the emotional turmoil of a teenager, or a menopausal woman. Some people call them ghosts, or name ghosts that move things as poltergeist, but poltergeists have no real intelligence, they are just ‘all energy’, and ghosts generally do.

      You think your spelling needs work CT? LOL

      Love & Peace
      Ama (after careful editing?) :-)

      • I’m not sure that all ghosts thrive on negative energy. Some yes, but not all. I once lived in a house, years ago, that was haunted by a very sweet ghost. She would make the rounds at night and make sure everyone was in bed and tucked in. She would tuck us in herself if she thought we looked cold lol. As long as we were happy, she was happy and active. When our roommate developed an alcohol problem and became angry and violent she became less and less active. She was afraid of him. As soon as he’d come home, I could feel a little flutter of panic and then nothing from her. By the time the idiot started trying to act out his drunken threats she was gone. Other things had come in that did thrive on his rage, to the point that even when he was gone some seriously freaky things were happening. But the lady was very afraid of him. She had a sweet nature, and seemed only to enjoy positive energy.
        That experience left me believing that a ghost will seek out energy that reflects their nature. Someone who was mean or cruel in life will seek out negative energy in death. A kind soul, on the other hand, will try to find positive energy.
        As to the door slamming and shoving, I didn’t so much forget those things as that I just don’t associate slamming/shoving with ghosts as much as I do other entities. I’ve met ghosts that did those things, and thought they were jerks lol, but the more energetic manifestations I generally associate with higher energy entities than ghosts.

        • Hi SnowWolf,

          The lady ghost would still have been feeding from people’s negative emotions. Yes, they go for what makes them feel comfortable, but they are still lost souls and cannot connect to higher energies, which is what positive energy is. I love that she tucked you in at night. That’s so nice. :-) It’s also completely unusual.

          I agree doorslammers are jerks, but I’ve ‘seen’ ghosts push people, and run them ‘upstairs’ at high speed .. usually to terrify the living person they are doing it too. Boring! LOL

          Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        I would add that a self-constructed entity (such as a daemon polterguist) only ‘lives’ a very short while (typically 2-8 weeks) before it literally ‘feeds itself to death’ and the energy is dispursed. Ghosts, on the other hand, just keep on going until such time as they’re moved on – lol!

        The interesting thing about self-constructed polts is that they do learn (or, at least their creators pass on knowledge which they store). In a lot of cases, it has been observed the reason daemonic polterguist behaviour increases and evolves in such a short space of time is because it ‘overhears’ converstations about polt activity examples (maybe from a visiting priest??), then starts to acts them out. It is as if it requires suggestion in order to do more elaborate things.

        Is this intelligence in its own right? Hmm .. I doubt it, not so long as its still attached to its creator (host). But, if one breaks free and can learn to survive without its creator (host)feeding it and giving it knowledge, then it must be able to have some sort of ability to think for itself or it simply would cease to exist (thinking back to my odd little chum I acquired last Xmas which had a thing for plugs and lightbulbs – lol!!).

        Ghost polterguist activity, on the other hand, is normally much more ‘stable’ (if thats the right word?) or, in other words, the activity does not tend to increase or evolve at such a rapid rate as that of the self-constructed kind. A ghost polt is far more likely to do someone physical harm than a self-constructed polt, for the purpose of the self-made polt is to just care its creator/host enough so it can feed. The ghost polt, on the other hand, can feed of anything and everyone.

        I’ve lived with polt activity from ghosts so I know first hand that ghosts are more than of pushing you down stairs, thowing things at you, moving things or making things disappear, slamming doors shut in your face, turning ovens or tv’s on and off and all kinds of other horrible stuff. But I have ever experienced a self-constructed polterguist – thank goodness! I hate to think what my externalised negative energy could get up to if left to its own devices – lol!


        • Hey AJ,

          Stray thoughts ..

          How much mass equals intelligence? It’s something I’ve wondered about for many years, since removing a very BIG negative entity from a lady who swore it was literally killing her. It was not intelligent in the way we think of, being able to reason, but it knew where good food was and was capable of hunting for it. It wasn’t disruptive like a poltergeist, it attached itself ‘to’ the person and fed direct from their chakras, as it would have done many times before, to gain the size it had (taller than the lady). A daemon is created with a purpose, but that thing was created only from magnetic negative energy. All that energy still have the signature (energy idenfiticaton mark), in each bit, of the people it was created from when we sent it back to atoms. A daemon, I assume, would only have the energy of its creator, at least to start with, before it broke free and went hunting others. The negative energy form was capable of growing into something that faintly resembled a human .. I’ve seen a few of those too. Would the daemon end up looking like its creator?

          Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            There are two kinds of intelligence in nature; the first is very basic, it is simply instinct. Instinct is the blue print which we are all born with in order to survive. For example, it is instinctual intelligence a baby possesses in order to know how to suckle from its mother.

            The second, is conscious intelligence, or reason. Reason is something we learn through interraction, teaching if you like. This form of intelligence requires time in order to absorb knowledge and use it – ie making fire or spear heads, something our anscestors learned through time in order to help with their survival. This form of intelligence is a conscious attempt to improve oneself.

            So, regards your stay throught, I would say that any intelligence a mass of energy such as a poltergheist daemon would have, would most likely be instinctual intelligence and not conscious intelligence. Although, I would not rule out the possibility that any self-constructed entity which breaks free from its creator might be able to evolve by actually adopting conscious intelligence in order to learn and adapt. Maybe, the more intelligent the creator is, the more this manifests itself in the energy of the creation??

            “Would the daemon end up looking like its creator?”

            No! Not unless it was created specifically to look like its creator. A daemon technically has no form, just the same as every other entity without a physical body has no actual recognisable physical form of its own. We recognise it by its energy level, not by what it is ‘supposed’ to look like. It is humans who build a visual aspect to spirits – all of them, including angels, fairies, demons, monsters etc. Therefore, the ‘form’ a daemon takes is purly down to those who created it and those who ‘see’ it. Take that little fellow I had stay with me last Christmas for a few months (I posted the picture of it on facebook). It was a right old mish-mash of different things, but definitely was created by someone and not a naturally ‘born’ entity. It was like a baby when I first ‘acquired’ it, but it was capable of learning and no, it didn’t feed off my energy. It didn’t need to.

            On a side note: I’ve created daemon’s which look every bit like angels – but not to take on the persona of an angel, merely to take on the visual aspect in case the person to whom I’d sent my energy to, picked up on that energy (which they did!). I didn’t want to frighten them with my energy after all, I simply sent it there to observe and report back to me if there were any problems with the energy in their house.

            Equally, if I had a mind to, I could just as easily create a daemon which has 3 heads, two tails a body of a lizard and bat’s wings. But, just because it’d look butt-ugly, doesn’t mean that it would necessarily be negative in nature. It’s ‘nature’ is purly based on the job that I’d created it for.

            Daemon’s are indeed fascinating things!


          • Very true, AJ, great answer as usual. I wonder what the key (step) is between unconscious intention, and conscious intelligence is? I have seen demonic forms, as I told you about a while ago, the thing on the ambulance that was drawing the lifeforce out of the patient and the driver. It was almost perfectly formed, apart from having no eyes. Creepy!

            I know I’ve ‘seen’ an entity like your description one, poor little thing. People do not realise what they can do with their thoughts.

            Love & Peace

          • Hi A.J.

            How in heavens name are you able to cunjer up and project some sort of being in a form of your making? I thought that is some sort of witchcraft? And how and when did you acquire these powers?

          • Hi Pat

            Witchcraft is something which requires spells or Rites etc in order to change energy (for better or for worse) usually to have an affect on the natural order of things. I am not a witch nor do I adhere to pagan practises of any kind. I am a ‘One God’ kind of girl.

            Children can naturally make daemons at will. Have you ever heard of people talk about their children having imaginary friends? Well, some of those ‘friends’ are self-made. Admittedly, other ‘friends’ may be guides, ghosts or whatever, but a lot of ‘imaginary’ friends are literally made from that childs energy for a pecific purpose. (play-mate in their case)

            I never had an ‘imaginary’ friend when I was a child, but I have been making daemon’s for many years as an adult (making up for lost time, probably – lol!)

            I externalise energy for specific tasks – always to help me in some way, but never to ‘set upon’ anyone else or cause harm in any way. I have them ‘tied’ or ‘anchored’ to me at all times and have full control of them at all times. These externalised versions of my energy last for approx 6 – 8 weeks and then dicipate. Should I still require a daemon for the task then I make a replacement, but if I find I need them for shorter than their ‘natural life-span’ then I dicipate them sooner.

            Folks who suffer from bad polterguist infestation, such as those Ama describes, have effectively created the same kind of entity subconsciously, only theirs are totally out of control and purely negative in nature. In most cases, those people would be completely unaware that it is them whom is its creator. This is precisely why I make absolutely sure anything I create from my energy is in my total control. I certainly don’t create anything which would cause me, or anyone else any harm.

            Creating these things comes with a great deal of responsibility. Imagine what someone of a nasty disposition could do with an army of self-constructed daemons? (shudders!) For this reason, I’ll not divulge how I am able to consciously create them, only that it doesn’t require a ritual or spell or any form of Harry Potter style magical hokum-pokum!

            I honestly don’t know how I learnt to create them – lets just call it a gift from God. It was certainly not something I set out to learn – it just happened!! I’ve been creating them for years and always, without exception, for a specific purpose. No point, otherwise.

            I remember the first one who let me know what it was before it dicipated, which was something I had subconsiously created to alert me of spiritual danger from bad spirits (I was 27 at the time). It was still hanging around after it was technically no longer required (because I hadn’t realised it was something I’d created, therefore hadn’t distroyed it). So anyway, it showed me what it really was, just before it ‘went away’. It turned from the image of a little girl, which i had always identified it as, to that of a big ball of ‘earth-like’ energy. Then it vanished and I’ve not seen it since.

            After that, I started doing loads of research and discovered it was indeed a self-constructed daemon and not a spirit guide as I’d previously thought it to be.

            From that time on, all my self-constructed daemon’s have been ‘programmed’ to confirm in full “No! I am not of God’s Light.” if asked. Mind you, most of them are gagged and remain ‘anchored’ to me, so its unlikely anyone, except for myself, would ask them to identify themselves anyway. But you never know …


          • Hi Ama

            “I know I�ve �seen� an entity like your description one, poor little thing. People do not realise what they can do with their thoughts.”

            I know Ama but I think its probably for the best they don’t realise, or else …. in the wrong hands …. there’s no telling what nastiness could ensue from folks negative energy.


          • The information is already in the wrong hands, AJ. We have to teach those ‘hands’ the right things to do, to help them understand that they are responsible for everything they do, say and create .. and that some ‘creations’ might bite the hand that they feed from. Instead you and I are on clean-up duty, undoing other people’s messes, when and where we can.

            If we trained them right we’d have less work. LOL

            Love & Peace

          • LOL! Ama. That’s why its best not to divulge to all and sundry exactly how to deliberatly create them. As you say, its bad enought when folk create these things from their subconsicous mind … let alone their conscious one.


  5. Thanks Ama for clearing that up. Now I am still a little confused about poltergeist. I’ve read what you and others have written about them. So let me try to explain what I get from it: poltergeist are not actually ghosts, they are pure energy that we humans (living) manifest? Like you said pubescent and menopausal, or even maybe a human who has very strong emotions? So they can go away after a while? They don’t stay forever? Maybe after a person quits experiencing all the strong emotions they go away? It sounds like people can almost haunt themselves with poltergeist.? This is very interesting.

    • Hi Janna,

      Take a teenage boy out of a poltergeist inhabited house and one of two things will usually happen. The poltergeist will seem to vanish, or it will follow the boy (or girl) to wherever he goes. Give him something physically exhausting to do, and things might also calm down, but since its often represented sexual energy that causes a poltergeist, you can’t shut down his mind. LOL It’s the same with girls. With menopausal women its hormonal insanity .. I know this because I was suffering from it quite a lot over the past couple of years, but we don’t have any poltergeists around here, thank heavens. :-)

      Most poltergeist stories are connected to teenage people, and stop when they grow up a bit. The concept of them haunting themselves .. well, not really, but they can be their own worst enemy for a while. :-)

      Love & Peace

  6. Ok so is the strong emotions from the sexual energy teenagers feel? I say this while blushing a bit bc I can remember during my “change” into puberty feeling strong emotions sexually, that I had not experienced, didn’t quite understand, or act upon. Is sexual energy that strong? Why are they attracted to that energy so much? I’m sorry for all the dumb questions, but this really interests me. I don’t believe I was ever haunted by any poltergeist growing up. I’m just curious.

    • Hi Janna,

      There are no dumb questions, just some ‘dumb’ answers. LOL :-)

      There are three governing forces within the human mind, fight, flight and procreation. Safety, self protection and sex. They are all survival mechanisms. As a teen we are driven by our egos, trying to be grown up, in control, and noticed. The strongest being survives and achieve the most, or so our ego’s tell us. So we rebel against every rule we can find, and everyone that we love .. fearing that they will not let us be ourselves. As we mature, if we mature, we grow away from these things. There are not many people born on the world yet that do not go through this process. On the other side we learn, or try to, that Love is the key to everything .. but when you grow up in a society, or a household, that reacts from fear or anger .. it can take a lot of time to do that growing. Think how much energy is involved in all three of those activities? The output of just one person is enormous, and usually completely uncontrolled – particularly these days when the ‘rules’ that used to govern social behaviour have been tossed out the window.

      Poltergeists are not an outside force, but are a thoughtform of discordant energy .. a created entity .. AJ might name it a daemon. Some people have the ability to create them, without knowing they do. Once they are there the person will keep feeding it, usually unknowingly, by continually expressing the same energy caused by the same thoughts and fears. Once they change their mind, or their life situation, the thoughtform burns itself out. However, if it becomes large enough, it might develop some tiny amount of intelligence (as we understand intelligence) and go hunting the same sorts of energy it was created from. Thankfully this doesn’t happen very often. They can do a great deal of damage to a person when it attaches to them.

      Wishing you a great day,
      Love & Peace

  7. Hi All,

    If I may stick my two penneth in on this very interesting topic of poltergeist activity.

    My personal view on poltergeist activity (but, not as an expert on the subject) is somewhat skeptical about the normal scientific explanation, it is too simplistic at times for such inexplicably violent behaviour.

    I believe there’s more to the pubescent and menopausal emotional influences than meets the eye. I believe there are other influences by invisible entities which are attracted to adolescents or emotionally charged adults and, they use the human’s energy to move things about. Without the human energy source, the entity is powerless. Children do not have the logical acumen or training to focus their energy in the energetic and violent manner I have read about, experienced or even seen in films depicting true events, it is a combination of human energy and the unseen entity directing the available energy.

    On the one hand, if my understanding is correct, Ama explains poltergeist activity as adolescent and menopausal energy being expended, yet, on the other hand these words taken from her input “With most menopausal women, its hormonal insanity.. I know this because I was suffering from it quite a lot over the past couple of years, but we don’t have any poltergeists around here..”, this statement is a clear indication poltergeists are something other than her menopausal energies.

    I stand to be corrected.

    • Hi Pat,

      Yes, there are many other types of entities attracted to all sorts of people, that cause havoc when they can by scooping up the expended energy and using it for their own gain. Ghosts are one, demons are another. Elementals don’t need to since they are connected to ‘source’, which in their case is Mother Earth.

      Where I am concerned, at least I knew how to ‘contain’ my energy, even if I couldn’t control it at the time. If there was anything nasty around I would recognise it and not feed them. Not everyone can do this.

      Calling a ghost a poltergeist is misnaming it. A ghost is a ghost, it might use the same energy and do similar things, but a ghost can be sent into healing and all the ‘activity’ immediately stops. A poltergeist, on the other hand, has to dissapate. The activity ‘winds down’, it doesn’t vanish in a moment.

      Love & Peace

    • I agree Pat … to me the word ‘polterguist’ simply describes a kind of behaviour and not a type of entity. In other words, noisy ghost means just that … it’s noisy!!


  8. Hi SnowWolf,

    I note you mention as ghosts are low energy beings, they are only able to move light objects such as keys, mobile phones etc. As we are interchanging ideas, views and experiences, I can state categorically, ghosts do move heavier objects.

    We once shared our home with one or two of these entities, and apart from low level activity such as blowing light bulbs, toppling over figurines, unlocking doors and bolts, triggering off musical toys, playing with our indoor plants etc., we also had a particular heavy picture – approx.1 Metre long x 2ft wide in our hallway, periodically removed and placed neatly on the floor or leaning on the wall. There is no question about it, as I was the only one in the house on all occasions with all doors locked and bolted. I felt it was a clear case of drawing my attention to its presence.

    I’ve also heard accounts of chairs being moved whilst people were in the room and heavy chest of drawers sharply moved to bar the exit door to prevent anyone from leaving the room.

  9. hey, this is just what i think, could be wrong. i’m pretty sure ghosts cant move things. all they can do is show up on EVP’s, and spike EMF’s, that kind of thing. demons and poltergiests, now they can move anything and everything they want to.

    i have heard, and experienced, that dead loved ones will take your small objects and hide them somewhere, they especially love to take coins, most likely pennies.

    that’s what i have heard and experienced. i could be wrong, but that’s my opinion.

    Lil’ Paws

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