Are There Jobs in Ghost Hunting?

I would like to know if there are any jobs that involve ghost hunting. I would like to know this because I am currently looking for a job, and am having no luck.

I want a job that actually has something to do with something I enjoy doing, and I would appreciate any answers you have for me. thank you.

Asked by shaina

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  1. Hi Shaina,

    The answer is generally ‘no’. Ghost hunting is a hobby that lots of people enjoy, but unless you get involved in some group who is getting paid a lot for their .. investigations .. no one actually makes much money.

    Some ghost groups make money by selling their videos .. but, I have to wonder how many of them then become ‘actors’ to ‘sell’ the videos as something spooky rather than the usual ‘was that a touch on my shoulder?’ (said with spooked eyes). My answer is generally “no, stop scaring yourself”.

    I ‘see’ ghosts, literally, or energetically, and I’ve been involved with a number of ghost groups over the past few years .. and the good ones are great, and we can have great fun, but when I am acting as ‘medium’, which I will be doing this weekend for some friends, I get free accommodation and petrol money. People tend to trust me more because of that.

    Want to make money, start running ghost tours, and develop some skill you can use in the group that runs them. Become a ‘techie’ .. but it costs a lot of money for the equipment, if you are a medium, practise until you are very sure of your gifts, and then think about going into situations where you know trouble ghosts ‘might’ be (given the types of locations you find unhappy lost souls, like assylums and prisons) … which is one of the reasons why I do this ‘medium’ work. We like to play, but we don’t like trouble being made for the public, so we tend to remove the really negative ghosts when they try and trouble us.

    I know how hard it is to find a job, sometimes we have to settle for one that puts food on the table, and have our fun on the weekends.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
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  2. Dear Shaina
    paranormal events and supernatural creatures are attractive for everyone in first step but engaging in such fields professionally needs special adjectives and abilities such as : humanity, braveness ( an extensive and strong heart and soul), related knowledge, secrecy, …
    in case of having above mentioned adjectives. following points are vital to remember :
    1- if someone enters such fields, quitting is hard.
    2- most of the people entered such fields, don’t call it job. it means they don’t look at it as a job. they evict elf and devilish ghosts, return peace to frightened families, and generally help people who don’t have enough knowledge in such fields.and for these works they don’t request wage from people. people themselves pay them arbitrarily to support them to continue their helps.i read about different groups in different countries who worked in such fields and all of them had expressed that they work just because of god’s love, humanity, and seeing peoples exhilaration. exceptions always are present but the majority is as same as i mentioned.
    3- this avocation brings out special conditions for life: several trips, maybe being awake all night, associate with different people with different cultures, habits and traditions or even different religions and maybe other conditions which depends on you and your exact work.

    nowadays financial and economic condition whole the world is critical so don’t be disappointed and try hard. i hope you to find a job just coordinated with your ability and interest.

  3. Hi Shaina

    You could train to be a paranormal investigator. There is probably a group that meets up near you. But if you want a paid job, then ghost hunting is a ‘dead-beat’ career choice. (LOL! Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    There are some folk to charge for spiritual services such as clairvoyance, mediumship, ghost busting, house blessing, spiritual healing, feng shui, etc etc etc., but equally lots give their services free of charge. There are also a lot of charlitans in the ‘business’ too, so be wary.


  4. Ho Shaina,

    I’m sure there are ‘unpaid’ groups that indulge in ‘ghost hunting’, perhaps part-timers or ‘do-gooders’, you only have to google ‘ghost hunters’ in your area.

  5. Why not go back to college and get an Associates of Science degree that qualifies you to be a forensic Technician. You could see a ghost or two and make money at it.

  6. Thank you guys so much for your comments. i really appreciate it!=)

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