How Can I Talk to a Benevolent Ghost?

I want to know if anyone can give me a way to talk to a benevolent spirit that resides in my home. I really don’t want to ask a medium, and I do have a Ouija board (came in a magazine) but I’m not sure if I should use it as I’ve heard stories of it being used incorrectly and I don’t want a demon in my room along with the spirit.

I’m not trying to make him leave (I’m assuming it’s a him) I just wanna be able to communicate safely and perhaps find out why he’s here. Just to let you know I’m 14. Thank you.

Asked by Mani

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  1. My first question to you, Mani, is why would you want to talk to a benevolent spirit?I would also like to know what makes you think it is benevolent? what has it done? It is far better to get rid of it. The Ouija board? Get rid of that, too; it’s bad news! It is a portal to the void and there is no way of knowing what will come through it, and talking to this Benevolent spirit,as you call it, will only feed it your energy and then you’ve got problems. If it is a ghost, it will attach itself and cause all kinds of distress to you, including fits of anger and depression. I know you are very curious, and probably, what I am saying to you comes as a disappointment to you, but it is for your own safety that I tell you this. Send it into healing and protect yourself with a white light shield. The Micheal Invocation will bring the entity back where it belongs; in heaven for healing or wherever it came from. here is the link;


    Study these and use them; they can help you. Best of luck! Luna

    • Oh and by the way, The white light shields are Ama’s and she is a regular on here and I am sure she will be on to offer further advice or to offer something that I may have missed.

    • well i say thankyou to you for telling the little waht you did you are right to say what you did, many people think its a game to play with a ouija board, it is not a kids game. an yes it can bring in unwanted spirits. xxx

  2. Hi Mani,

    Please take the ouija and burn it. It does not connect to this plane, it connects to other places, where more negative entities exist. You cannot guarantee which ghost you would connect to, and you cannot guarantee they won’t lie to you when you do.

    Why do you want to communicate with the ghost? When you do you will feed it even more of your energy than you do today. It is a lost soul and needs your help to cross over – which is why LunaTerra gave you the link to the Michael Invocation.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • IThe reason why was because it hasn’t really done anything but try to get my attention.Somtimes little things would just dissapear, like a pencil, sometimes an old picture I drew.I’ll follow your advise.I just wanted to see what the best course of action might be, I probably should have been more clear.Thank you for the advise cause I’m new to this paranormal stuff.

      • You are welcome, Mani.

        Love & Peace
        Ama (and the rest of the gang). :-)

  3. Ok, why???? would any living person want to talk to the dead, their not pets, you do not know who they were or what they were or how they were, heres a little clue, they lie, in the end they want your energy, thats what they live on… just think about it a little. don’t give something you don’t want too.

  4. Please listen to their advice. Ouija broads are bad bad news. I wish kids were unable to buy the
    At toys stores. Without knowledge of what comes across can be dangerous to them. Once a bad entity is release it can be a big struggle to get rid of it. Be very careful once you let have knowledge that you can see them then they will feed off your energy.

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