Will Earth Magic Make Ghosts Appear?

I got a Wiki Magic Book and performed a Spell of to about Protection, love, Money. And I was wondering if I could have opened a door or something in my house because the house is creaking and there are knocking noises.

My Cat will not leave me and stairs at corners like something there then fallow in with her eyes across the room.

Am I just being Paranoid or is some thing there?

Asked by Cat Wiki

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  1. Hi Cat Wiki,

    I love cats. My lot used to be hounded by fairies .. but then we moved house and I’ve not seen either of them chase anything ‘unseen’ out of the house via the catdoor since.

    Have you had a lot of rain lately, or are you in drought? Houses move on their foundations depending on lots of small things, like the amount of moisture in the soil, or subtle earth shifts, or disintegration of the foudations supporting parts of the building. And cats often see things we don’t, without it being ghosts.

    Will doing magic draw negative entities .. it depends on the spells and the attitude of the speller. If your intentions are for the good of all, no problem. If your intentions are to harm someone, for whatever reasons, your negative emotions might draw them. The spells you mentioned .. what did you need protection from? Fear will draw entities.

    Did you do a spell to open a gate/vortex to allow some entity through? Did you entree a demon to help you? That will cause problems. If you didn’t. Quit worrying and check out the house for structural shifts.

    And if you are really worried, you could have the house blessed by a minister from your local church, or use the Michael Invocation, the link to which is located on this page, on the right over the ‘newest questions’ heading. If there is anything there, it will be taken care of.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Cat Wiki,
    I tend to think you need to get rid of that spell book. Nothing, and I mean nothing, ever comes from those. I’m with Ama, if you think something is going on, get a blessing for your home. ollow her link to the Michael Invocation under friends at bottom of page – or to the right side column.

    Stop messing sround with this stuff….please! It’s not for you, trust me.

    • Thanks Keith, I should have said that. I am not an advocate for spells of any kind, for good or evil. It’s very hard to know the long term repurcussions of our actions, as innocent as they might seem at the time.

      Love & Peace

  3. Agreed with Ama and Keith

    • Hello Janna,

      Lovely to ‘see’ you (photo). Were you supposed to be lying down? :-)

      Love & Peace

    • Was that taken whilst you were in Australia, Janna? hahaha! (Sorry – couldn’t resist)

  4. Hi Ama! Hope you have been doing lovely my friend. Lol, in the photo, its sideways, I was standing up at work. I could not for the life of me get any of my photos to rotate. I I don’t know how to bc I used my phone pics. I’m going to try tp figure out how to rotate them. It might take me a while so bear with me! Lol I have been wanting to add a photo for so long bc you, AJ, and CT were the only ones with them. Oh- I think Luna had one too. It makes for more interesting conversations and interaction when u see who your talking to I believe! Take care. Ttys!

    • Yep, (lovely photo Janna) she’s definitely from downunder this time .. we are upsidedown. :-)

      Love & Peace

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