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I Need to Know What I am Dealing With

I got a black magic in me like my mother does and I have been seeing shadows and ghosts but I cant make out the ghosts and I dont know what they want from me, I dont know if they are good or bad. I come in to the room and I felt bad energy and I felt at least seven different shadows in the room where I sleep and wont even let me sleep it is like every time I tried to go to sleep it feels like they are over top of me watching me keep me awake.

They tried to jump in my body but I would not let they because I was afraid that it could be something bad I need some help on this so I know what I am dealing with so I dont have to be scared of they anymore can you please help me?

Asked by Cathy

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Ghosts Depleting Batteries for ‘Energy’ or Just to Feed off the Fear?

New theory maybe, but do you think that ghosts ‘feeding off the energy’ of a couple C batteries, maybe a 9 volt or a camera (they never seem to happen all at once) is just chance, actual electrical feeding, or – my personal belief – causing fear in the individual, which is their food of choice?

Part 2: Same goes with a house with spirits that throw things (like mine). Why do I never lose power from anything? Because I am not afraid?

Asked by Keith Johnson

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What is Haunting My Son and Me?

My child said a grandma monster brake into his window. I know my homes haunted but by what is my question? It only centers itself to me and my son I’ve had awful dreams one i will speak about but it terrifies me.

My sons woken up came in my room terrified. Shaken and could not talk. I’ve had someone standing in my door way lights off but it was darker then the black room.

So what could it be i can get more in depth if asked. Thank you, krissy.

Asked by krissy

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Bedroom Set from Thrift Store Haunted by Something?

I bought a bedroom set older four poster bed styles bed from a thrift shop that is usually donated. Since I have had this bed, the first time back in April of 2011, I cannot seem to breathe. I feel like someone is choking me. I cannot get up.

My husband says I make grunting noises and then nothing. I am not breathing. He can lift me, wake me. I am gone. He and my daughter so scared that it was just me. They called 911. Even with crash paddles to restart me is when I finally came to. They immediately gave me oxygen and brought me to the nearest hospital.

The doctors were baffled because my husband witnessed something like a seizure. But it was not the typical tongue biting seizure. I in my body trapped. I hear everything. However cannot respond in any way shape or form. After 10 days of being in the hospital and ran all test. They could not find anything.

So now it is December 22, 2011 and now again the same thing. I am laying there sleep start making a weird sound and body twisting my husband said. Then out I go not breaking again. No pulse heartbeat. Again he called 911 but this time my daughter claims she witnessed a black figure over my body. Again declared dead. But with paddles and a shock to heart along with oxygen they bring me back. Rush me to the hospital again. Now it happens three more times. But I am in my body and can hear but not respond cannot moved anything. Once again. A lot of testing. ecg, mri. They cannot find a diagnosis or prognosis.

Now I am home and last night while sleep I could not breathe again. There was a pillow on my face. I was struggling trying to get it off but could not. I felt like something was holding my hands down and pushing pillow harder in my face. I am so baffled and scared. Please help.

Asked by maryann

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Has Anyone Experienced Seeing Particles Like This?

For many years now and from time to time I am able to see rather frisky/mottled in different shades of grey and dull light with flares (very much like the surface of the sun) sweeping around the space around me. Very dense closer to me and weakening further away. This is only in confined spaces – like in a room. My husband is never able to see this when it makes an appearance.

Whatever it is can sometimes be felt with my hand although my hand goes through it. I can shoo it away in various directions by waving my hand, I can actually see these (particles) floating away in waves/flares. Sometimes I observe them around me until they fade away altogether.

It’s definitely not an eye problem and is more prevalent when the weather has been sunny and warm during the day.

I wondered if anyone has experienced these particles which seem to be invisible to others.

Asked by pat

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How Do Paranormal Entities Affect Temperature?

I’ve often wondered what happens or more to the point, how is a spiritual entity able to change normal room temperature to freezing?

And equally, how do the same entities manage to generate a mist (although no cold atmosphere)?

Asked by pat

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Wanting to Understand How and Why People Believe Ghosts Work the Way They Do

I’m curious. I’ve been in this new place since September 1st. In the last few months there has been some very strange happenings in my home, which from your comments explains is probably due to the extreme negative energy that has been here since.

Now, Im doing some research because I am wanting to understand how and why people believe ghosts work the way they do. My parents have told me that when I was much younger it appeared a lot of supernatural activity happened around me (not the good kind).

How is it at such a small age that I had any sort of harsh negative energy around me? Is it really possible that somehow (subconsciously) I am creating everything around me? All too often I am almost running from room to room because it feels as though there is something with me/behind me. Im almost willing to believe that it could be me. Is it potentially something else?

For perhaps better advice, I can give a few examples of the things occurrences

-My bedroom is always cold (only cold room in the house).

-My bedroom door always opens on its own.

-It is moving things on my window, sun catchers

-Knocks at the front door. My entire household answers the door to no one being there.

-The cat goes crazy at random times.

-Electronics are constantly turning on. The Wii, stereo (no longer because the volume scared everyone so terribly) and our vcr/dvd player.

Just a little advice would be awesome, piece of mind.

Asked by Ash

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Do “Special Needs” Children Have a Gift of Being Able to Communicate with Things We cannot See?

My Sister Lori

Hi everybody! I’m new to this site. But I have very interesting stories about my sister. Before I get started, I will give you a background of her. She is 19 years old. When she was born, she was diagnosed with mental retardation and also she has a touch of autism. However, she is a very outgoing and loving person. She loves all things, especially animals. Well anyway, here’s her story…

When my sister was 3 years old, she said her first word. We are catholic and she always had a very strong connection to the crosses in our house and little statues of saints. One day, before my mother was getting her ready for bed, my sister was saying her prayers in my moms room. Now how my sister prayed was like this: she would kneel on my mom’s bed, face the wall the cross was hanging, and begin to pray. We thought it was cute. One day after she prayed, she went to my mom’s dresser (where the little saint statues are), faced them towards the mirror, and begin carrying on full conversations with them. Now, with her condition, she can’t really speak clear. But let me tell you, when she would speak to the statues through the mirror, she spoke as clear as day.

I have heard that “special needs” children/people have a gift of being able to communicate with things we cannot see. However, it seems like all the women in my family has seen something paranormal at one time or another. If anyone has anymore feed back, please contact me so I can get a better understanding.

Thank you

Asked by Lynda from New York

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Do Children Sense Paranormal Activity More Than Adults?

Do children sense paranormal activity more than adults?

I am doing this for my year 11 PSHE project. It will get me a GCSE grade so all comments are welcome!!! thanks

Asked by Amy Turner

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Does Anyone Know About Skeletal Remains Found in North Yorkshire after WW 2?

Please I need info on skeletal female remains found on Middleham Moor in North Yorkshire after WW 2. She is said to haunt Coverham Church and the moor as well.

I would love to know her name and final resting place.

Many Thanks

Asked by Yvonne Mann

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