5 Year Olds Imaginary Friend is Telling Her to Kill Herself!

Just seeing if there’s any advice or if you guys know real people that could help us. Her friend/imaginary friend/ghost wants my daughter to somehow kill herself so they can be together.

My daughter said she doesn’t want to die but she’s also telling us ways Kayla is giving her ideas. Like walk in front of a truck!

This is totally true. We need help. I don’t want my daughter to listen to Kayla and leave this life.

Asked by Charline Lopez

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  1. Charlene – for the sake of time i won’t go into my background or history (i’ve already done it a few times on this site) and I realize that you don’t know me from Adam, but I do have considerable experience and knowledge concerning what i believe to be your situation. First, i would start by reasoning with your little girl in the same way that the entity is reasoning with her – and tell her that she and her little friend are already together – and that if she kills herself they won’t be anymore together than they currently are. Hopefully this will create enough doubt/confusion in her mind about what the spirit is telling her that it will buy you some time. What you are most likely dealing with is demonic. Demons are fallen angels and exist only to do the bidding of their master – which is to inflict as much pain and suffering on human beings as possible. The demon knows that if it can convince your child to kill herself, that this will hurt you terribly, that it will hurt God and that because this child hasn’t formed a relationship with Christ, it could mean that her soul is lost to Satan for eternity. i don’t know what your faith is -but my advice to you is to google “deliverance ministry” and find the nearest minister that practices deliverance. tell him what are experiencing and continue to look until you find one that will take you seriously and help you rid your daughter’s life of this evil spirit. once it’s gone – please examine your own life to find out what you are doing that is inviting demons into your home to attack your daughter (drugs, porn, alcoholic, any type of addiction, any type of occult activity, etc..).

  2. Charlene, I very much agree with what Stan is saying. This is not the ghost of a llittle girl. It sounds more like an inhuman spirit that is manifestin as a little girl so as not to frighten your daughter. Turn to Christ , this is the bset way.

  3. Hello Charline,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I am a demonologist, and spirit rescuer (ghostbuster) among other things. You can find my webpages listed here on the page under ‘Friends’.

    I am not as religious as the other two answers, though I still believe in God, and I work with the angels.

    Deliverance ministry might be good, although it might scare your daughter even more than she’s already experiencing, so you might consider trying this Invocation/prayer first – it tends to remove ghosts, such as the one visiting your daughter right now, quickly and easily. We help them find peace and healing.

    The invocation is here: http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/MichaelInvocation.html Please read the whole page to yourself, and the invocation over a few times to get an understanding of what it does – then say it out loud. Its my website, so please ask me any questions you want, either here on this site, or privately through the link on the page.

    Love & Peace

  4. Learn your daughter when see or feel her to say 4~5 time : ” in the name of my creator “

  5. Hi Charlene, I am not sure who Ama is referring to as the “other two people that are more religeous than her”. I am not religeous at all. As a matter of fact Jesus teaches us to be the opposite and to be skeptical of organized religion and I have a daily loving relationship with Him and my faith is in the knowing that He is who He says He is and did what He said He did for us all to the glory of God the father. So I say do not run to a religion, run to Jesus and that is it. For some people that is no fun so their faith is diluted by speculated and borrowing different pieces of all sorts of religions and cults. It is like any house divided, it cannot stand. Give your heart to Jesus and nothing, absolutely nothing will be able to come between you and the love that He has for you. Don’t dabble in every little sparkley fad that comes along, have faith in the One True God,

    • That explains a lot, JK. Thank you.

      I totally agree with you that people should not dabble in the sparkly religions that suddenly appear .. or the prophets who are popping up at the moment. We have Jesus living in Queensland at the moment. It’s very off-putting. LOL

      Love & Peace

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